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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • harry013harry013 Posts: 8
    Just bought mine today with micro filter, splash guards and floor mats, nothing else. MSRP per Edmunds + $540 destination fee = $19876. Invoice with the destination fee = $18588. I requested quote thru internet and was offered $100 over invoice with the total "out the door cost" of $18594 plus sales tax & tags. I went to the local dealer whos best undetailed offer had been $18905. He essentially matched if I would buy today (which I was prepared to do as it was my 2nd visit). Total $18600 "out the door" plus sales tax and tags. When it went to the finance office they calculated payments. As credit was good I was offer 0.9% for 36 months. He started quoting what a great low rate and low overall interest over 36 months etc. I then questioned him as to what was the total I was financing. Thats when I spotted the $349 "delivery charge". Hold it, I was told "out the door" cost of $18600. He declared no knowledge of this as this is a "standard" charge. The salesmen was called and he fessed up and went to the front desk to straighten things out....which he did. Be very careful as with all the fast talking, I almost financed an additional $349 "standard" charge which was nothing more than additional income to dealer. Despite the games, I got my price, got my interest rate, and got a car I love. Many thanks to Edmunds for all the helpful tips which were invaluable. Harry
  • vwsucks1vwsucks1 Posts: 11
    That is a good price if it was an automatic. I just bought Altima 2.5S, with floor mats, micro-filter, splash guards, mirror with compass and temp, and it is a manual transmission for $17,000. The dealership wanted $18,700 for the automatic even though the MSRP was $300 more than the manual shift. So far we are very happy with it. Much better the the Jetta we got rid of. I'll never buy another VW.
  • ndeguyndeguy Posts: 3
    Here are the particulars...
    Polished Pewter 2.5 SL, ABS Air Bag PKG, 5 piece floor mat set, power glass sunroof, side sill and rear splash guards, in cabin microfilter. With destination charge of $540 the MSRP was $25,784. Paid $24,091 after they added the wheel well protectors and a dual black pinstripe kit. Had a heck of a time finding one equipped the way I wanted in the Seattle area. It had to be this color and had to have ABS brakes and side air bags package, which I think is called the Option A package. Couldn't care less about a sunroof but dealer looked two months out and nothing like it without the sunroof. You get it sold to you whether you want it or not, I suppose unless you ordered the car from scratch. Also has the automatic trans... BTW, but I don't think you can get an SL without an automatic. It's an absolutely gorgeous car with the sill trim and the splash guards and the pin striping really sets off the look as well. First impressions... don't get the V6, (I didn't) it's almost dangerous due to the excessive torque steer. Darn near put it into a Jersey barricade on a test drive accelerating around a corner from a stop light when I punched it. Hey, it was a test drive, OK. You gotta push it to find this stuff out. Salesman was white knuckled and I'm sure unimpressed. Didn't buy from him anyway... he kept pushing the hail damaged fleet he had in the back lot and man were they damaged! Even had dents in the sides of the doors! What a joke. Anyway... the 2.5 has gobs of power. Bose stereo is awesome. Has a little more road noise than I expected and the steering is touchy cruising at 70+ on the interstate highway. Hard to relax. You actually have to pay attention to driving, but this may be due to having to get used to it. Did an 1800 mile, two day trip in a 2003 Buick Park Avenue rental last summer and you could drive it while sleeping... beautiful highway cruiser and super quiet. Had to put that in for you old fogies looking for a cruiser... Let's see, what else... Fit up on the door armrests leaves a little to be desired. Don't know why the fit is so bad, but it looks like a two piece design of molded plastic that just doesn't quite fit together. Minor point but you notice it right away. Seats are very comfortable. It's quite roomy for 4 and 5 wouldn't be too bad as long as they aren't big people. Other thing is it has like VERY little headroom and I'm only 5'9" tall. Only has about two inches of clearance, if that... Could be annoying if you are a tall person. I'm used to my '94 Quest where you have about a foot. Again maybe sedans are like that these days, I don't know since I haven't had a sedan since 1975. That's about it for the first 250 miles... havent' even checked the gas mileage yet. Will do that tomorrow. Oh, I forgot to add that I came within about a hair's breadth of pulling the trigger on a VW Passat. Had actually told the Nissan dealer I had decided on the Passat. Then... I started looking on the internet regarding VW's and Passats in particular. Got some really vocal people regarding the VWs on the net. The 7/8/04 JD Powers reliability study results did it for me though. The VWs ranked way below avereage... down there with the Kia etc. Nissan was above average... VWs can be VERY, no, make that hideously expensive to repair. One guy said his 2K Passat had the tranny go out and it was out of warranty and it couldn't be repaired and had to be replaced instead... are you sitting down? $10,000!! I think I'd just shoot myself instead.
  • ndeguyndeguy Posts: 3
    Kiplinger's Magazine did a story on car buying sometime back. The bottom line was if you can buy a car at 5% less than the MSPR you have a pretty good deal. Some people may get more, some less but on average it's a reasonable figure according to them. friend of my just bought a new BMW 530 and got 3.4% off MSRP and he said normal for the Bmers is about 3%. The Altima I bought was 6.6% off MSRP. Hope this helps.
  • ndeguyndeguy Posts: 3
    Do these things really mean anything? The ones I've seen in the last few weeks were just computer print outs showing the MSRP and the "dealer cost". You could gin one of those things up in under 5 mins, even if you couldn't type. I don't put a whole lot of stock in them... "Mr. Salesman, could I see the factory invoice?" "Sure, sonny..." "Hey Joe, whip me up a 4 percenter for an Altima, would ya..." "I'll have that for you in a few minutes... why don't you and your lovely wife help yourselves to some of our free coffee while you are waiting."
  • valli2valli2 Posts: 10
    Too many choices for one person to make.Help. I have researched like crazy and it's making me crazy. What price should I pay, in New York State for a Nissan Altima 3.5 with leather and ABS and traction? Should I even get it at all? OR should I get the 2.5 with same? Oh my! What to do. What to pay. Thanks
  • Hello, i will soon be purchasing the 2003 Nissan Altima SL model which has a msrp of $26,132.00. the dealer offered me a price of $24,388.00. he said this was only $350.00 over dealer invoice. does this sound good or should i try to haggle more off? please help Paula
  • entrrtentrrt Posts: 13
    none of local nissan dealers around here have any 5 spd. SE's?!! and...i live in orlando,fl. what the heck?! i want to have control of all those 240 ponies!! anyone else have any problems finding a 5 spd. SE model?? thanks!
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Posts: 393
    You would have control over 245 hp not 240, even better!! Good Luck.
  • entrrtentrrt Posts: 13
    yeah!! point taken! wish me luck!
  • ramped1ramped1 Posts: 159
    Check Universal on the Trail. I believe I saw several SE manuals there when I did a dealer search from the Nissan site on Wednesday.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 158
    Yes, they are rare, a friend of mine has not been able to locate one here in central MASS.
  • entrrtentrrt Posts: 13
    ive been talking to universal this week and they dont have any SE 5spd.'s. they also said they "couldn't locate an SE 5 spd.. i bet if i was there in person they would find me one asap! as far as the online inventory...i was looking at ferman nissan(tampa) and thier online inventory of altimas are ALL 5 spds.' had to have been a misprint. i emailed them about it, but havent heard back yet.
  • entrrtentrrt Posts: 13
    really? they are rare? the thing that tee's me off is that the 5spd. is the STANDARD trans., NOT the auto !! i want to row my own gears, thank you! i am still holding out for one, though.
  • I was looking for a used 2000 Altima (GXE or SE), the tricky part was trying to find a 5 speed in Connecticut. Auto was out of the question.
    Anyway, long story short - I found two examples, started a bidding war between the two dealers that had them, and finally settled on one for $9000 (Under $10k out the door).
    -2000 Altima GXE
    -Alloy wheel/Sport suspension pkg.
    -Premium audio pkg. (cd + tape)
    -Emerald metalic paint
    -Nissan Certified
    -40,000 miles
    The original asking price on this car was $11,995... so I think I got a fair turn. It had sat on the dealer's lot for some time, so they were VERY negotiable.
    I spent about a month researching cars to find out what make/model I wanted, and about two weeks searching/negotiating, so I certainly worked for my deal. Always walk away at LEAST once!
  • Don't fall for that window vin etching BS!
  • Please explain your caution about window etching..TIA
  • tapiatapia Posts: 1
    I'm about to get an Altima and the guy at the dealership is adding $147 for "vin etching." I would also like to know what the story is on this.
  • ramped1ramped1 Posts: 159
    What mziegler is referring to is the dealer's overcharge for the window etching service. Even though some states require it, you can do it yourself by purchasing a kit either online or at an auto parts stores. The kit is, I believe, around $20 and the process is simple.
  • I had the etching done May 1, 2003 on a Ford Focus wagon for $50. They didn't do the windows that would be broken in a theft attempt.
  • aireginairegin Posts: 1
    I'm new to the board and a new Altima shopper. I'm hoping to have a 2.5s auto w/convenience pkg soon. I'm also hoping that someone here can verify that I have been offered a couple of good deals.
       I have a rough trade-in, a '91 Bmw 525i with a ton of miles. $1353 is the listed trade-in value.
       The first out the door price was for an '03 2.5 with nothing but A/C: $18,487.
      The second out-the-door price was for the '03 2.5s w/convenience package, sidesill & splash guards, 5 pc floor carpet and trunk mat, and microfilter: $20,500 The salesman suggested that the convenience plus (sunroof) on the above car would be: $21,500.
       These include my trade-in, are on new cars, and out-the-door meaning me waving goodbye as I drive off the lot.
       Thank you for any advice you may have.....
  • The six-cylinder SE model, barely any additional options (flaps, moonroof, mats), no leather, standard single CD/no cassette. Sticker price was some change over $25K. Paid $22.7K (not counting tax & title), I figure maybe one or two hundred south of invoice.
  • i have to get a new car this week and i am in love with the altima. Here is the question - is this a good price?

    2003 Nissan Altima 2.5S
    silver .9% financing
    micro filter, 5 pic mats, splash guards?

    email me with suggestions:
  • I put a lot of time and effort into figuring out a fair price for a SE 3.5 Altima 2004. It was funny to see just how many dealerships were trying to rip me off. Anyway, I did searches on a few sites and edmunds is pretty close with invoice pricing. So, after a few hours of fighting I got my new 3.5 Altima 2004 for $22,400 out the door. I think I could of gotten another 250-400 off but it wasn't happening at the dealership I was at. Has anyone had better luck then me? I like my Altima, anyone having any problems?


  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Curious-where are you located/what options does your 3.5SE have?

  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,983
    That does sound like a good price. What equipment do you have?
  • It's impossible to know if you got a good deal -
    is it auto or manual ? what options ?? what is your definition of out the door ??
  • Just bought a 2004 paid 24,900 automatic w/ leather package and ABS/ air bags/ and Traction control system ... is this comparable?

    Also bought gld premium extented warrenty 72/1000 for 1,300 ....???
  • After doing some more checking I found that the 24,900 couldn't be matched by anyone else, so I was happy about that. However what I did find was that the extended warranty that you can purchase through Nissan varies greatly in cost from dealer to dealer. I went back to the dealer and told him to cancel the Gold premium warranty from the contract since he wanted $1,300 and I found it through another dealer for $775. He decided to match the price. Amazing what these dealers will do when you push them.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I wish you the best with your new Altima...I hope to get a 2005 sometime in March when they come out.

    Again, congrats
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