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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vkoppuvkoppu Posts: 11
    I'm in Omaha, Nebraska. And my dealer is WOODHOUSE NISSAN.
  • tictac3tictac3 Posts: 78
    Concordville Nissan in Delaware County
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    "The 'interest rate'(kind of) used to calculate the financing is also set by Nissan and the dealer does not change"

    Dealer can add on to the money factor and create more profit for the transaction. So let say the current month money factor of 36 month lease is 0.00242, dealer can quote you a lease with 0.00342 money factor. If you sign up for the lease, the dealer just laugh all the way to the bank. That is one reason that Car_man service is so great. There is no real way of finding out the true money factor that Nissan charge even if you shop around a lot.
  • rik4rik4 Posts: 90
    sales tax is 6% but a lease is 9%. try another dealer. and go near the end of the month too. maybe try one north or west.
  • lili1lili1 Posts: 44
    I hope you are right with dealer pad the money factor & we all have to be careful but that does not seem to be teh case based on what I know.

    If the lease is a Nissan lease, I was of the understanding that the money factor is set by Nissan. You go to the Nissan site and use the estimator, you will get more or less what the dealer will quote you.

    topgun7, are you sure you are talking about Nissan lease or third party lease?

    See this example under a different thread:

    Re: 2007 lease question [cand1unc] by Car_man HOST Dec 13, 2006 (3:23 am)
    Reply | E-mail Msg
    Replying to: cand1unc (Nov 16, 2006 2:22 pm)

    Thanks for the additional information, cand1unc. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2007 Maxima SE with 15,000 miles per year are .00124 and 67%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical lease of a 2007 Maxima SL are .00152 and 67%. If you were to lease either of these cars with only 12,000 miles per year, their residual values would be 1% higher.

    Prices Paid Forum
  • lili1lili1 Posts: 44
    topgun7, here is more about manufacturer's money factor being pre-set. (I sense you are talking about third party lease which allow creative dealer to pad the money factor whihc is not the case with manufacturer lease. )

    Can I negotiate the price of a lease?
    Different dealers and manufacturers will offer different lease rates and are willing to negotiate for your business. While the residual value and money factor are set by the leasing company, the capitalized cost is essentially how much the car costs. You'll want to negotiate this figure just as if you were buying the car. Shopping for a lease from several different sources can help you get exactly what you want.

    Your best bet when leasing is to choose a model with a subvented (manufacturer subsidized) lease. Subsidized leases allow dealers to lower payments by artificially raising residual values or lowering the capitalized cost through dealer incentives. You can easily recognize a subsidized lease. Any nationally or regionally advertised lease is generally subsidized by the manufacturer to keep lease payments low.
  • jautojauto Posts: 3
    What can i expect to pay for an 06 altima se? Should I use a buying service to get the best deal? Purchase used (low miles) or a leftover? I have excellent credit and willing to finance for 4 yr.Any feedback or x-tra information will be greatly appreciated.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    "topgun7, here is more about manufacturer's money factor being pre-set. (I sense you are talking about third party lease which allow creative dealer to pad the money factor whihc is not the case with manufacturer lease. )"

    All the manufacturer's lease work the same and allow dealer to pad the money factor to make additional profit. May be you folk should hang out in the Lease thread hosted by Car_man. He has a little packet of information about leasing that is very informative. And on every lease thread, there are tons of example that dealer give higher money factors than the "buy rate" from the manufacturer. I have personally lease 6 Lexus, one Mercedes, and a Honda and each company operate more or less the same. Here is the link to Car_man thread for Altima and in msg 144 he discussed the money factor aspect:!make=Nissan&model=Altima&ed_m- akeindex=.ef9dd85

    "#144 of 195 Re: 2006 FandF Lease Question [altima11] by Car_man HOST Oct 19, 2006 (1:35 am)
    Bookmark | Reply | E-mail Msg
    Replying to: altima11 (Sep 29, 2006 8:54 pm)

    Hi altima11. The only really negotiable aspect of leased vehicles is their selling price. You have already assured yourself of getting a good price on this car, so you don't have to worry about that. The other main aspect of leases that dealers try to make money on is vehicles' money factors. Dealers are often allowed to mark vehicles' money factors up to add additional hidden profit to deals. Fortunately, the factor that you were quoted is right in line with Nissan's current buy rate for this car. So basically, this Altima lease is not negotiable, but it is a good deal.

    Prices Paid Forum "

    When you tried to get quote for a lease, instead of asking just for the drive off and monthly payment only, ask for the cap cost, money factor, residual, and other fees (document, acquisition etc.). And what you will find is that everyone come back with the same residual. Money factor, cap cost and fee are all over the place.
    They are the one that you can negotiate with dealers and they all affect the end lease price.

    Lexus and Infinite allow you to put up to 9 desposit with each deposit reduced the money factor by 0.0001. Honda reduce the money factor by 0.0001 if you put up one deposit (and sometime they waive that requirement). BMW and Volvo also allow mutiple desposit (but don't know how many deposit they allow one do). I have personally lease two lexus with 9 deposit on each and a Honda with one signle deposit to reduce the money factor. There were quite a bit discussion on the G35 lease forum about infiniti multiple deposit program. Look at msg 941...

    sprinkler13, "Infiniti G35 Coupe / Sedan: Lease Questions" #941, 3 Jan 2007 9:58 pm!keywords=allin%3Amsgtext%20limit%3A.ef9da24%20deposit

    Good luck.
  • We just purchased a 2007 2.5 S from a dealer in Houston, TX for a OTD price of $23,800. It has the convenience plus package, rear spoiler, fog lights, mirror w/compass, floor mats, and splash guards. Is this a deal???
  • lili1lili1 Posts: 44
    topgun7: I called two large Nissan dealers and Nissan 800 number. They all confirmed that the Nissan lease have pre-set residue value % for each model & pre-set money factor as well not allow dealers to change/increase money factor on their own. The dealer run the calculation on the Nissan computer program....

    The only thing you play with is the final selling price before TTL.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    Heh heh, lili, Look like we need to agree to differ on this items. I leased six lexus, one mercedes and one Honda. When I asked for quotes for all these cars, I never have one time that all the quotes come back with the same money factor. Take my comment for what it is.. It is your money at stake if you don't think money factor is negotiable. But I would strongly encourage anyone interested in leasing hang out in the repective lease thread that car_man hosted. He has been being saving a lot people a lot of money.

    I am waiting for the hybrid, anyone know when will it come out? When I went to the SF Auto Show in Thanksgiving week, a product specialist mentioned first week of Jan.. But so far no annoucement yet..
  • I am looking for recent purchase prices for the 3.5 SL, 2007. I thought we were set with a 2.5 SL but my wife feels the lack of traction control on the 2.5 is not good, so we are now looking at the 3.5. I know sticker 29015 and invoice 26880 but what are people paying if I may ask? Anybody else upgrade due to traction control not offered on the 2.5? She seems to think it is very important----Thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 122,984
    The only reason the 3.5 has traction control, is because the extra power overwhelms the tire's ability to grip the pavement.. Not for any sort of inclement weather capability.

    Since the 2.5 has less power, it isn't needed. The Honda Accord is the same way. Traction control on the V-6, not on the 4-cylinder.

    It isn't an added feature... just needed to control the power delivery of the V-6.

    The V-6 is great, but if you are happy with all aspects of the 4-cylinder, then moving up in price for this reason wouldn't be a good move.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Thanks for your help on this kyfdx. I have a friend who leased an 05 and he mentioned the tires spinning when he needs to cut into traffic quickly from a stop, especially on a slight incline or turning. He thought it felt like the gear ratio might be too high for the power surge. I have heard they have modified the transmission for the 2007, I am curious if they addressed this issue in the 2.5. As of now, we are back on the 2.5 as our primary focus.
  • CNV package and zero down. Is that a good price?

    When I do the math it looks good, but when I read the paper and see lease deals for $99 and $199 then it seems like way to much. Thoughts?
  • hey all, i bought my car a month ago but i came to know about this msg board only today. i live in LA and i've been waiting for this car for like 6 months. I did all my research on edmunds but nothing helped me when i went to this first dealer (SantaMonica Nissan). Man, pls keep away from these cheats. First i test drove the car and they didn't come down to the invoice price, so i waled out. after 2 weeks, i spoke to their internet manager and he promised to sell the same car for the invoice price. when i went there to negotiate the price, that car was completely opened up and put lot of extras like etching, fabric protection for like $1000. this time the dealer was demanding the MSRP+$3000 markup price. I really laughed at them. this time i got little frustrated and i immediately called another dealer. I went to his place (LA downtown Nissan) 30 mins b4 their closing time and got the deal. he offered me the car for $23,400 which is likd $198 below the invoice price quoted by edmunds. but that guy didn't have the color i was asking for so i had to pay another $100 more for driving it from another dealer. All I say is, pls shop around b4 u agree to close the deal with some dealer. I was happy driving my car for like 10 days and finally i figured out that its a lemon. I couldn't believe that one of Nissan's hot cakes have problem within 10 days of buying. I spoke to the dealer and he refused to replace a new car. he asked me to talk to nissan by saying that only selling the car is their responsibility. i spoke to nissan about it and they too dont want to replace the car. at the same time they didn't have the spare parts to fix my car and they decided to keep the car in the dealers lot for 27 days until they get the parts. finally i got back my car after 27 days but the california lemon law entitles me a new car only after 30 days of out of service. does anyone know how to handle this problem now? I'd appreciate your help.
  • Those dealers can be tricky, I was quoted 23,3k before tax, and taxes and etc knocked up the price to 25,5k, was that the price of your car with everything? I'm may cancel the order, man I see you really have to do your research before you buy cars. My advice is to go online and find a california lawyer, and call one in your area and tell them of your situation. Also post your question here, they should be able to help

    Everything with God's help will be fine. God Bless
  • What is the lemon problem, if I can ask. I just picked up a 2.5 SL with the connection, might be nice to know what I may have to be looking for.

  • lili1lili1 Posts: 44
    What is the max you have knocked off the MSRP/sticker price on a 3.5SE with a few more grand of options added such as a premium package. Like to see your MSRP figure and how much knocked off. (MSRP is to include delivery charge but nothing else, no dealer added package like fabric protection, paint protections, etc.)

    No need to reply if you only have monthly lease amount figure.

    Many thanks.
  • map70map70 Posts: 1
    Hey guys, great to read all of this info. I was quotes a latest price of $29,624 with destination included. How is that comparing to some of your prices??

    3.5SL w/ VDC package & Tech package

    Also, What financing rates did you guys get?

  • phx08phx08 Posts: 8
    2007 Black Altima 2.5 S w/ CVT / REAR SPOILER AND SPLASH GUARDS

    Quoted a price for $19,900.43 without tax and fees. WITH TAX and FEES it comes out to $21,218.40 Out the door.

    Did some playing around with dealerships, not letting them fool me into anything and DOING LOTS of homework with pricing got me that price.

    Please guys do your homework before you go out there or else they will chew you up pretty badly. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    Also this pricing was given with the(Nissan and Infiniti Vehicle Purchase Program) Which is great.
  • phx08phx08 Posts: 8
    Don't know about the price, but the financing rates seem to be high over here at least. The Average rate given to people was at 8.49% (that is WAAAAAAY to high) The lowest right now with a good rating is probably 5.99% if that.
  • Hi Guys,

    I just received a quote from NYC dealer for the following:

    2007 Nissan Altima 2.5S
    CVT Transmission
    Anti-lock Brakes
    Conveince package

    $20,300 + TTL

    I appreciate comments from the group regarding this deal.

  • phx08phx08 Posts: 8
    That deal seems pretty good, damn, thats almost as close to mine, and i don't even have a package, how did you get that deal?
  • Just by phone haggling to various dealers to get the lowest possible price ;)
  • I drove my 3.5 SE off Garlyn Shelton Nissan's lot in Temple, TX on 12/21/07 for $25,406.16 total--they had retrieved a burgandy with blond cloth from a dealer in Benbrook, a little over 100 miles away--an elderly, retired gentleman had driven it, so that made me feel better. They'd allowed me $14,442 on my '04 VW NB TDI with 18,500 miles on it, which was 80% of what I'd driven it off of the floor for in May, '04. I've just put a little over 500 miles on it so far, but I may go to Dallas tomorrow if the weather doesn't deteriorate.
  • Just sealed a deal with Legend Nissan in NY for $19500 + TTL

    They threw in the carpet mats
    Going to sign on Saturday :)
  • jrubjrub Posts: 12
    This is by far the best way in my book!
  • jrubjrub Posts: 12
    With the MSRP of 29550, i got the actual agreed value of the vehicle to 26984.86 When you add in the taxes and acquisition fee, total was 28025, the total payment came out to 399.33 a month.

    This is the SE 3.5 with the premium package.

    I think i did ok..... ;)
  • I have been lurking for a while. Not much action on pricing for the 2.5S compared to the 3.5's. Anyway just a few opinions and your response. I drove both the 2.5S CVT and 6 Speed. The 6 Speed seemed quieter. Also, it seemed to accelerate a little better but I know the numbers. Just felt quicker. Coming from a '96 Civic this car is very quiet even under acceleration and vault like at cruise speeds. All a matter of perspective I guess. Plus, I like to hear the engine rev while I am shifting gears. Roomier car, more power and the same mileage as my Civic. :D

    Anyway just signed the deal on a 2.5S

    Dark Slate/Charcoal interior
    6 Speed Manual
    Convenience Package
    Splash Guards - Winter in NY you have to have them
    Aluminum Kick Plates
    Floor Mats

    MSRP $21,935, Edmunds Dealer Invoice w/Dest. $20,408

    Price Paid $19320 + TTL :)

    Picking up Saturday :shades:
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