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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • sumerisumeri Posts: 1
    My 03 EB's owners manual says the fuse box is located under the control panal, but there is nothing there?
    Any ideas? My right blinker is fricking out and I think I need to change a fuse.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    If it is just one blinker it may just be a burned out bulb as opposed to a fuse. If one of the right blinker bulbs is burned out it will flash really fast, where as the left will be normal speed.
  • Thanks for your time, sometimes we just look right past the little things. I went and checked the battery cables, and there was some corrosion on the neg post. I cleaned both post and the cables, I hope the problem was that simple, we shall see, thanks again... Joe
  • bruce23bruce23 Posts: 1
    I have had my 2000 Expedition for over 3 years and now it is chiming whenever it is started. 5 sets of 6 chimes about 20 seconds after it starts. No warning lights just the chimes. The seat belts are secured. I have even followed the manual regarding turning off the chime for the belts but it did not work. Someone said it is because I have hit 80,000 miles. Anyone else have this happen.
  • fundadfundad Posts: 27
    Wow. Just found this sight. Its amazing! Anyway, heres a little background. 2003 4x4 Expy E.B. I have a suspension clunk from the front, drivers side area. This is the 5th expy I have owned and the clunk has always been sway bar endlinks. A simple $20.00 repair. I looked at the sway bar end links on this one and they look fine. Although they look totally different on the newer ones. Anyone have ball joints make clunking sounds on these? How about the shocks? Also, We have a steering wheel shake that starts at 70mph. Had tires balanced to no avail. Has anyone had this issue fixed? It doesnt shake the truck, just the wheel. I can live with it but its just annoying. Thanks, King Craig.
  • Hi everyone! I own a 99 ford exp 2wd and it runs flawlessly except for a "knocking" noise at idle. I have isolated the noise to be coming from one of the parts in within the intake manifold area. I am not familiar with domestics, have had and worked on imports all my life. Could it be the egr valve? Would it knock? By the way thankx for any responses... :confuse:
  • I read and saw on the DVD that when switching from one 4wd to another 4wd, it may make a noise. What about switching from 2wd to the AWD????? There is no light onthe dash for it and no clicking noise to ensure that anything has been switched. I know the 4wd HI and 4wd LO work cause i switched to them to make sure i feel and hear it. . .and YES. . but when switching to 2wd to AWD i hear nothing. The only thing i noticed is that the miles till E went WAY low in only a few miles. . .HAHAHAHA. . .i know AWD can be bad on the gas, and the feel of the truck felt a little stiffer. Dont wanna gun it on a stop to see if i spin out. . .im afraid of breaking something. . . not likely on the new Expy, but just wondered if there was or should be any tell tale noise. :confuse:
  • expymanexpyman Posts: 4
    I have been hitting a lot of blogs trying to get an idea of why my 4wd system stopped working. Your description is very similar to my 99' eb expy. Just before the 4x4 stopped working completly, it became VERY 'finicky'. A couple of times it looked like I would'nt be able to get it out of 4x4. What I'm going to try is: remove the rear cover on the xfer case shift motor. You will need to get tamper-proof torx for this. Clean the contacts, disk and fingers using a pencil eraser. Replace and see what happens. I have seen this several times in these repair blogs. Might work for you. I will probably try this tonight.
  • Does anybody else have any experiences where the AC makes a hissing sound and then stop blowing cold air? I just had my AC serviced, recharged, checked for leaks...the whole nine yards a month ago but still does the same thing.
  • fundadfundad Posts: 27
    That setting is NOT all wheel drive. It is AUTOMATIC 4 wheel drive. That said, it just readies the systym to activate 4 wheel drive when there is rear wheel slippage. When that occures, you whill hear it ingage into 4 wheel drive. A4WD is just a automatic setting so you dont have to keep switching from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive when ever you need to. It does it all by its self.
  • marlonemarlone Posts: 4
    We have two 2003 Foed Exped. One w/ normal idle rpm at 1,000. The other w/ only 500. Engine stops during heavy traffic. We replaced spark plugs but problem still persisted. Anyone who has the trick to correct this problem, guys?
  • gc3184gc3184 Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 eb expedition,when i started the truck this morning it was very rough,when i put it in gear the shaking was so violent i had to shut it off anyone else ever had a problem like this!really feels like the truck is about to stall.... :(
  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39
    The problem you described is the same one I had a couple years ago. At highway speeds the condenser freezes up and the a/c will blow warm air and hiss. After the condenser thaws, the a/c blows cold again. There is a tsb on this and I don't remeber what they replace. I want to say some kind of valve. Do a search on a/c problems in this thread and you should come across the tsb.
  • goody31goody31 Posts: 2
    it sounds like the air ride suspension is just deflating. I would take it to your local tire and brake dealer and talk with them, most of the time they'll check it out for free.
  • goody31goody31 Posts: 2
    I was told that it was just the air ride suspension pump engaging, the guys i my local tire and brake center said that it was normal for them to make that noise. :)
  • yalegradyalegrad Posts: 6
    I have the same noise with my 04 Exp. My nephew also has it in his 03 EB. WE have this noise at the same speeds that you do. It is coming from your axels whether they are engaged or not. There may be some Ford 4x4s that do not make this sound but I do not know of any. It was very annoying at first but I have learned to live with it.
  • Yalegrad,
    Its a misalignment of the gears in the rear differential. You need to get it realigned before you create a more severe problem. Dont let them tell you you need to replace the whole axle because they all have that possible defect. It happens even in the Crown Vics, etc. Just a simple, same day thing that the dealer can fix. Its been an ongoing issue with Ford since 2003 so they know the problem is there.
  • cshaw1cshaw1 Posts: 1
    1998 E.B. that the rear suspension will not air up and the power windows and the interior lights are not working. Has to be a relay of fuse but I cant figure out what one.
    Please Help
  • tottot Posts: 3
    Yes I have had that problem twice with my 99 expedition. I just turned it off and restarted. In addition my engine really rev'd up. Very dangerous but once I restarted it was OK. Kind of like windows. I had to reboot.

    happeded about two years ago and then about a year ago.
  • Thanks for the help. Please let me know if that worked for you. Thanks again I hope it works...
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