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Ford Expedition Maintenance and Repair



  • enoch777, you need to get the towing package because it comes with a hitch. If you already have a hitch then I dont see why you would need it. I have it on my Expy although I dont tow.
  • bodymanbodyman Posts: 23
    Sorry to keep you waiting for an answer. I stopped seeing the smoke after about 800 miles. I saw no noticeable oil consumption in that time. It now has over 3000 mi. and one oil change, with no problems. The dealership has not seen the truck since my initial complaint, as I am not convinced it won't reappear. My guess is that I had a valve seal not seated correctly. The only other concern I have is the overdrive and converter lock-up engaging at such low speeds (around town). I frequently use the OD off switch. It also takes only the VERY slightest pedal pressure at highway speeds to make it kick down momentarily. I see the tach go up several hundred RPM and then drop again, like the trans, is slipping. Is this normal with other owners? I have the 3:55 rear. Good luck with yours, and keep us posted.
  • fordownrfordownr Posts: 1
    I assume that you have already fixed this problem, but I had the same problem - it turned out to be a defective solenoid in the transmission housing.
  • jaredfjaredf Posts: 1
    I purchased a new 1999 e. bauer expedition, at 32xxx miles i developed an oil leak and had to have a head gasket job. it was under the factory and all was ok. that was approx. 10 months ago. then my second oil leak developed. I was out of factory warranty by 4100 miles and ford thought i was being totally unreasonable to expect a $40,000 truck to go at least 100k miles b4 a major engine problem. in any event, i had purchased an extended warranty through a 3rd party company and after 6 weeks without the vehicle and no cooperation from ford we finally got the engine replaced. I have had the truck back for 1500 miles and the tranny is slipping!!! What a piece of garbage!!!!! I have bought ford vehicles for 20 years and this will be the last time. Ford motor co took no interest in resolving my problem and my only saving grace was a good ford dealer who was quite patient thru the whole GD mess. ......BUYING A CHEVY NEXT TIME!!!!!
  • ogasogas Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Expedition EB 4WD with 5.4L engine. The engine was replaced at 30,000 miles due to a defective head. Now at 60,000 miles a spark plug blew out of the head spewing gas and damaging two coils. Repair estimate is $2000. This same problem was reported on the NHTSA web site ODI#743868. This sure sounds like a defect to me, but Ford does not want to own up to it. Has anyone else heard of this problem.
  • that its just your Expedition thats messing up. I just hit 100k miles on my 4.6 V8 and no problems. I had 78K miles on my mustang gt 4.6 V8, my dad has 140K on his grand marquis 4.6 V8. I guess that Fords arent that bad but there are always a few that are lemons. I will never buy a chevy. Never.
  • 74elsinore74elsinore Posts: 1
    Just to add my $0.02 worth to the discussion - I've had several Fords, starting with a 77 Mustang II up to my present Aerostar and Explorer. I am now looking for a used Expedition.

    My Aerostar has 160k on it. I have had to replace a lot of parts on it, mostly engine accessories: two starters, two PS pumps, water pump, both heater cores. All of this came at well past 100k miles. The transmission died at 112k so it was rebuilt ($1700). Nice ride, plenty of room, carries 7 comfortably. Difficult to work on, though, due to tight layout.

    My '91 Explorer has 160k on it as well with no major problems at all. Most expensive problem so far was the A/C condensor - $450, and the clutch, another $450 but that is a normal wear problem. Bought an '88 Bronco II brand new and put 125k on it with no problems at all, and I mean none, before selling it because I needed more seats.

    Like everyone else I know of folks who've put 300k miles on their Dodge and/or their Toyota or Chevy. I really think it depends on how the vehicle is cared for, at least from the longevity viewpoint, and how it is used. You can't reasonably expect a vehicle that is used for towing, operated in hot weather or dusty conditions, etc. to last as long as one operated under easier load conditions.
  • debsw1debsw1 Posts: 1
    this messages is for anyone,
    does anyone know if the Ford Expedition flips over easy.
  • bodymanbodyman Posts: 23
    To best answer that question you should log on to and click on "Crash Tests", and go form there. They assign "star" ratings to different vehicles according to their research and crash test results. I checked for myself, and the 2002 Expedition is listed. You can compare the ratings to other vehicles listed and decide for yourself. BTW, I own an '02 and I am pleased with it.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    In contrast to your 99 Expedition problems. My 99 Eddie Baure has been a terrific vehicle. I have not had any problems with it and I am at 60,000K. As Gasguzzler said there are always a few bad apples out there and it sucks that you got one of them. Coincidentally all of my GM products have been lemons. So I switched over to Ford. I have been very happy with all of them except my 2000 Ford Explorer. Its caused me some grief with the timming chain rattle ordeal but its a lease and up in one month!
    Here is a list of my Ford Experiences:
    2000 Ford Explorer- (29,000K) been a good vehicle and fun to drive but has that stupid timming chain rattle that the dealer can't seem to fix.
    1999 Ford Expedition-(60,000K) Love this vehicle. Very comfortable to drive and has been trouble free.
    1996 Ford Explorer sport-(90,000K)Very good vehicle but has a terrible ride (even after new shocks). Just had to replace the fuel pump as my first problem.
    1996 Ford Thunderbird (102,000K) 4.6 V8. A blast to drive and has been mostly trouble free except for a intake manifold blowing up on me (YIKES! stupid composite plastic intake manifolds).
    1979 Ford F-150 (125,000K) Still runs like day 1. Alot of fun to drive believe it or not. That little 302 puts out.
    With all of my good Ford experiences I have to wonder if you bad Expedition is a fluke? Anyway I hope that it shapes up for ya. Car problems should be the last thing on anyones mind. Goodluck.
  • jcumellajcumella Posts: 1
    Havig really enoying noise problems with my cb. Getting engine noise... not a high pitched whine sound, but rather a low pitched tat-tat-tat-tat sound ther increases w/ engine speed. So far I tried different power sources and grounds, even direct to the battery (this was the worst) Lowest noise so far is when using the dig/lighter adapter. But I was trying for a more perm or polished install.

    I also tried 3 or 4 noise filters/traps that were being sold at several auto parts stores. None worked. Have not tried the Rat Shack yet.

    Interesting thing is that if I disconect the antenna from the back of the radio... the noise goes away. I had thought that if the noise was from an electric source that the noise would still be there. Can the coax or antena be picking up the engine noise. Have tried different routes for the coax to no avail. Are there antena filters?

    The radio is a new Uniden pro540xl w/ Workman 5" mag mount supporting a 2' K40 Flexwhip ontop. I tried to tune the antena using a Rat Shack swr meter. The best I could get was a 1.5 on both 1 and 40. Vehicle is a '99 Ford Expedition w/ elec ignition and fuel injected.. I have read that some electronic ignitions and fuel injected engines are problematic with noises, and in some trucks they place some type of filters inline to the fule injection systems. Not sure what Ford will think of this.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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  • 3dglasses3dglasses Posts: 11
    I bought a used 99 EXP and have a vibration from the rear at 40 - 55 mph. I had the tires balanced and the problem got better but it is not gone. Anyone have suggestions? I read somewhere about exhaust dampeners and having the driveshaft and rear end balanced. Anyone kow how to do this or where to go to get it done? Suggestions on what it might be? Could it be the brake rotors out of balance?
  • co_daveco_dave Posts: 16
    I have a 99 Expedition XLT and have no problems with noise. I have heard about problems with other vehicles and the placement of the CB and the antenna. My CB is mounted by the driver's calf/knee. I tap power from the middle seat port (just behind the driver's seat). I run the antenna cable back behind the driver's seat and then out the left rear door to a 3 foot whip on top. CB is a optimized Uniden. Don't know much about what filters might help because I haven't needed to try. Good luck.
  • always loved Fords. My first car was a jeep but after that I switched to ford. Here is a rundown...
    1. 1996 Thunderbird 3.8 V6-sold with 40k miles when I found out that it was to be redesigned. never had a problem.
    2. 1996 Mustang GT 4.6 V8-sold with 79k miles with no problems for my need for a pickup
    3. 1998 F150 4.2 V6- 40k miles, currently running with no problems
    4. 1997 Expedition 4.6 V8- 101k miles, currently running with no problems

    I think I will be sticking with fords for a while. My experiences have been great with them. Next, I will probably find a nice notch 5.0.
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    I to had a vibration problem with my Expedition when I first purchased it at a dealers auction. However it vibrated only at higher speeds (70-80MPH). I had the tires rotated and balanced and still there was a vibration but not as bad. I took the thing back to a different place and they reblanced the tires which took care of the problem 100 percent. What they found was that the previous owner had nicked a chunk out of the alloy wheel (on the rim) and was causing all of my problems. I don't know if a rebalancing will solve your vibration problem, but heck, it might be worth a try. If that doesn't work then you may have a bad alloy wheel or even a bad tire. Some vibrations can be hard to pin down but thankfully mine were not. Goodluck with those nasty little devils (vibrations) :- )
  • steelpedsteelped Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a 2000 eddie bauer expedition, but I noticed that all of the expeditions i looked at (6) all had rust forming on the bottom inside of every door. In this day and age, that is absolutely unacceptable. I supply steel to the automotive industry and know they are using two sided Galvanized steel. Obviously there is a design flaw or a problem at the stamping plant. I have contacted Ford and they will not stand by their product and replace doors. Any suggestions? Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  • lanemlanem Posts: 3
    I have just bought a 2000 Expedition and the reverse sensors are not working correctly. The signal (buzzer) stays on constantly anytime I'm in reverse - even if nothing's around me - unless I turn it off. I've tried cleaning the sensors. Any advice? I've already learned a lot from this message board, thanks.
  • rookie102rookie102 Posts: 2
    Would Ford replace the rusty rear chrome bumper of 99 Exp XLT under chasis rust warranty? I've used 'BlueGel' many times. The rust returns within 3 days after shinning. Is rusty bumper a common problem? I decide to post this after reading about the rusty doors from phall3 and steelped. The chrome of the front bumper and rear view side mirrors are shinny and OK with half of the care. I bought this EXP new in Oct 98, and now it has 32,000mi. My four year chasis rust warranty expires at the end of Sep 2002.
    Thanks in advance for your info.

    Rusty rookie102
  • gulfcoasgulfcoas Posts: 1
    Do all expeditions have problems with the black trim under the windows turning grey. Is they anything that you can do. My 2000 looks great and I am very happy with everything but the trim under the windows on the outside of the suv.
  • pearsonrjpearsonrj Posts: 51
    Thanks for your long post on your new 2002 Expedition - but let me get this straight - your wife drives 1.5 MILES each way to work, and she takes the Expedition? Now I would not wish to presume anything regarding your circumstances, but couldn't she WALK or RIDE A BIKE? Does she have alot of stuff to take with her? That it an extremely environmentally-unfriendly way of using a large SUV...
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    What business is it of yours who drives how far? Did we miss some sort of ceremony where you were appointed to judge who could do what with their vehicles?
  • pearsonrjpearsonrj Posts: 51
    What business is it of yours that it upsets me when people consume unnecessarily large amounts of gas in a time of national concern over the impact of US foreign policy (i.e. support for countries from which we import oil) on terrorism? Besides, I did qualify my statement - I don't know what waarce does with his Expy beyond what he alluded to in his post.
    BTW - did we miss some sort of ceremony where you were appointed to judge who could engage in free speech and who couldn't? Not much point in having a public forum in that case...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Why don't we take this over to "I don't like SUVs..." or "Social issues..." where we do discuss these issues. Here we discuss Ford Expedition Problems.

    SUVs; Aftermarket & Accessories
  • pearsonrjpearsonrj Posts: 51
    Fair enough Tidester. Although fuel consumption is a 'problem' with the Expedition (actually to my mind, its probably the only problem - otherwise a very good vehicle in its class), and has been commented on in just about every review of the 2002 Expedition ;).

    Don't get me wrong all you pro-SUVers - I'm actually thinking of getting an Expy myself - for towing a travel trailer. I just wouldn't buy one to commute in...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Of course I understand fuel consumption is a concern in the Expedition and, in the context of performance etc., it is a valid topic here. The discussion had digressed into the realm of environmentalism and that is the discussion best conducted elsewhere.

    SUVs; Aftermarket & Accessories
  • Sorry bro but this is not the place to start this discussion. It always starts with one post then the whole nation joins in on the hate of SUVs. Everyone has the right to use their vehicles however they want and no one can say they cant. If our nation wants to control the fuel economy then it should proceed to talk with the dealers. If vehicles like the Expedition are offered then people will buy them.

    I bought my Expy so I can travel with my two dogs and tow when needed. I hate when people tell me that Iam spoiling the environment when they have no suggestions. Sometimes people say get a small vehicle but there is no car that can tow as much as an Expy or pack 6 people and 2 large labs. I always hear these get an electric vehicle ideas from people as a way to consume fuel use. They say that it is much cheaper to own one and they get 40mpg. But what they dont say is that after 3 years this battery needs to replaced with a new $3000 one that is not under warranty. If they want us to buy vehicles like this then they should make something that is cheaper and more reliable. Iam at 102k miles right now without a single problem. I with you the best of luck with finding the perfect Expedition for you. Sorry about the long post.

  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Still resisting the urge to say something........
  • co_daveco_dave Posts: 16
    I was really hoping to get some suggestions. I've been waiting and no replies. Then I realized I probably didn't give enough information.

    I'm pretty sure the wiper was still working when we packed up the kids, gear, bikes and went biking in Idaho and rafting in Montana. I think it was working when the family went camping in Colorado. Luckily we had room for all the gear on those trips.

    When the grandparents were in town the extra seat was handy for going on a hiking trip. I don't recall using the wiper on that trip. A few weeks later when the neighbor had to borrow the Expedition to haul a bunch of 9 year old girls to a birthday party he might have used the wiper, I'll ask if he did and if it was working.

    Now there was the trip to the nursery a few weeks ago where I was loading shrubs and flowers in the back, along with supplies like stakes and mulch. Or the trip to Home Depot to pick up some lumber and a 30" whole house fan. I guess with the tailgate opening and closing the motor could have been damaged.

    Any trips on the backroads could have bumped the motor too much. But with the snow just melting in the mountains we haven't done that too much so far this year. I haven't heard about any problems with snow, but I suppose perhaps during some of our snow storms maybe the wiper froze in place when the wiper was turned on and damaged the motor. I'm pretty sure it has been working since the last bit of freezing weather though.

    I hope this extra information helps.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Did you get a chance to check the fuse? The other spots that occur to me that could cause you trouble are where the wiring bundle leaves the rear of the body and goes into the lift gate, or in the steering column where the wires from the stalk go down towards the firewall. Do you use tilt a lot? I don't think your issue is from rattling the motor or binding it up on ice.
  • co_daveco_dave Posts: 16
    I think it's correct to say that we all have our reasons we bought our Expeditions. If we care to discuss them we will on other Expedition/SUV boards. If we have problems with them, we can discuss them here.

    My rear wiper just stopped working. I'll start by looking at the fuse and the power to the motor unless others have had a similar problem.
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