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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    To be honest, I've just started looking for '14 Camry SE. Did you get a recent graduate rebate or any other rebate in this price?
  • Could you give me the name of the person that gave you that quote? I'm looking at buying a 13-14 camry in Dallas area. I'll update here if I get any good quote.
  • ncalerncaler Posts: 14
    I brought a 2012 Camry LE 2 years ago and it included 2 years, 25k miles maintenance. Now, the 2 years is up and they are offering 2 more years up to 45k miles routine maintenance for $299. What do you think of the price?

    They say the 30k service would cost over $250.
  • I just closed a deal for se sport 2014 after got quotes from every dealer in the area. MSRP $26125,the invoice they all gave me is 24800, but I used Costco invoice which is 23800, I negotiated down to 23500+TTL -500 rebate- 750 student recent graduate plus 0% 60 months. Good deal? I am in Seattle area
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    The list is in your owner's manual of what maintenance needs to be done and when. They say 30k service is over $250?? Well, the only thing you need is oil & filter change, rotate tires, change engine air filter, and cabin air filter. That's it, and it is MUCH less than $250. By the way, the cabin air filter part costs $15 from a dealer, and takes about 3 minutes to install. The directions are in the owner's manual - VERY easy for anyone to do. I hear dealers charge $50 for this!! The engine air filter is a 5 minute job, about $18 part cost, but dealer probably charges at least $50 for this too.

    Add up the costs for doing two oil & filter changes, and both cabin and engine air filters. The original tires that came on the car will need to be replaced by 40k miles, so add the cost of only one or two more rotations.
  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    What package did it have? Convenience package? moonroof? navigation? What options?
  • One week ago, I managed to talk one dealer down to $27,000 for the "basic" 2014 Camry XLE V6. This is the high end Camry model without the upgraded sound, and without the blind spot monitor. (The only two upgrade options available on this model).

    They came down to 27,350 while in the showroom, but I was insistent at 27k even, and walked out the door when the manager told me they could not come down to that price.

    Flash forward a few hours, and the dealer calls me back, and after trying to get me to come up a bit, conceded and said that they would sell me the car at 27k if I came back.

    I was at another dealership when I received the call, who matched it, and since I have very good credit, gave me this price and 0.0% financing for 60 months. (I would have paid cash, if I had not gotten that rate)

    I might have been able to push this price down farther, with the two dealers competing for my business if I had more time, but I needed to get rid of my trade in ASAP, as the car has been having transmission issues that it is expected will be expensive to fix, and my mechanic (personal friend), advised me to get rid of it before it completely died, rather than putting the money into the car to fix it. I waited a bit too long, and it is misbehaving more and more often, and have become really concerned that it will demonstrate it's pending failure during a trade-in appraisal. I think I was lucky, and when I received the call, the dealer who had evaluated my trade-in did not see an transmission issues, which allowed me to negotiate a decent/acceptable deal on the trade-in value.

    I decided not to go back to the dealer who called me, primarily to avoid having to get my car re-evaluated, which might cause any savings I made on the car price side, disappear due to the transmission malfunction.

    I would not be surprised if someone with more time could negotiate below 27K, or negotiate the same deal for the model with the blind spot monitor.

    I hope you find this helpful.
    If/when you finally buy a car, please come back to post your negotiated purchase price.
    We all benefit by be better informed, and can then better counter the dealer's information advantage over the buyer.
  • This is the se sport so it has sport package in there with 18 inches wheel and moonroof. No navigation or other options
  • I purchased my new 2013 Camry SE in June from Jim Barkley Toyota in Ashville, NC with 12 miles on it. I live over 650 miles from Ashville in a suburb of St. Louis. The best price I could negotiate in my area was at Seeger for $23,900. I bought the car from Jim Barkley in Ashville out the door with no dealer costs or other incentive/rebate BS for $19,877. I now have 5,000 miles and am sure I could get $22,000 for it used! Not sure of Jim Barkley's 2014 price but worth checking their website if you are within 1,000 miles. They picked me up at the airport and treated me like Family!
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 58
    What's the most I should pay for a Camry L? I don't want any options, basic basic basic.
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 58
    Is this the lowest anyone has gotten on a camry L, seems like a great price.
  • Can you detail the TTL part of the $22,500? Sounds like about $20,950 + TTL for the $22,500 OTD (6.25% Tax +TL)?
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 58
    The latest offer I got for a 14 Camry L is $20,300 + TTL and free oil changes for life. Should I bite?
  • Not sure what part of the country you are in but I can tell you where you can buy the SE which is the BEST model for under $20,000. That is about $5,000 under MSRP!!!! Toyota has free 2 year service and road side assistance. This dealer offers the lifetime warranty at no charge as well! Oil changes for life doesn't excite me as Toyota only recommends an oil change and filter every 10,000 miles. I paid the dealer $42 to do mine at 5,000 miles since the free 2 year service doesn't cover it. Not a bad price for 0w20 synthetic and an oil filter cartridge.
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 58
    I'm in Austin, TX. Should i be able to get a Camry L for $15,000 then?
  • vly1vly1 Posts: 7
    edited November 2013
    I had brought a 2013 Camry XLE with factory leather and tint for $24,000 OTD with 8.75% tax included at the beginning of this year in New Orleans and had put 10,000 miles on it since. MSRP was $28,300 so I brought it for about $6800 under MSRP.

    It drives really bumpy even after playing with the tire pressure for a month and it seems 31.5 psi is the most comfortable with 27 mpg. I drove my friend's Civic yesterday and it handled way better and smoother than the piece of trash Camry. So I'm just venting and letting yall know that the build quality of the Camry is worth $16,000 or equivalent, no, worst than Civic. The Civic handled the expansion joints smoother without jolting like the Camry. Even though the Civic sound insulation is poor but everything else makes up for it.

    The passenger side leg room is designed poorly too bc there is a steep incline at the floorboard from the engine which raises the passenger's feet and is uncomfortable for the passenger's leg.

    I really miss my 2008 Camry and regret not getting a Civic. Yeah, a Civic.

    Just warning my Camry shoppers. :)
  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    We have newer camry LE's in our family. None of them ride the way you are describing.

    It's probably just might want to look into your tires, balance, etc...because tire pressure is really the least likely factor to cause a "really bumpy" ride.

    If you have a '13, your still under warranty. Take it to a Toyota dealership, and have them fix the problem. If they do not fully address your problem, take it to another Toyota dealer.
  • I know where you can buy a 2014 Camry SE with a MSRP over $25,000 for under $19,900 OTD with no other costs.
  • I agree. I have a 2013 Camry SE and it is the best riding and driving Camry ever. I drove an Accord, Sonata and Altima and they can't compare to the Camry ride or the quiet interior.
  • cpmdcpmd Posts: 13
    edited November 2013
    I'm looking for a '14 SE. Can you please let me know which dealer this is at? Thanks
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