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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vthakorevthakore Posts: 20
    I did the same thing.

    I checked pricing at the following dealers, with the same options:
    Darcars AutoGroup
    Antwerpen Toyota
    Toyota of Bowie
    Bill Kidd's Toyota
    Waldorf Toyota
    Carmax Toyota in Laurel
    Jerry's Toyota.

    But my one big thing was color, it had to be Majestic Grey and it had to be a 2008 inorder to receive the $1k rebate.

    Initally Darcars gave me the best deal but by the time I was ready to buy (Sat), they had sold the last two Majestic Grey's available from there three md/dc/va dealer, then I remembed that Antwerpen had one, and they too had sold there's the evening of Sat. I had one dealership left that had the ONLY 2008 Majestic Grey available and that was Jerry's Toyota. I called them at 8pm and spoke to the salesperson and confirmed it had the options I wanted and threw an offer to them with free floor mats. I was on hold for about 10 mins and then the salesperson said he could the deal and for me to come in right away. I got to the dealership at 8:50pm and the place closed at 9pm. I had the deal wrapped up by 10:50pm and was walking out the door happy! Got her for $21,748.32 Out the Door after rebate.

    Had a great experience! :)
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    If I was to get a brand new 08 Camry LE auto 4cyl including power moon roof and spoiler, what is the out the door price I am looking at? Is it possible to get it for around $18,000?

    You should spend some time reading through previous posts. 18K (out the door price) is NOT even possible for a base LE unless you have no sale tax in your state. :confuse:
  • Being that there are no Majestic Grey Camrys, your quest could go on for a very long time. However, if you were looking for a Magnetic Grey, you would probably be able to find one. ;)
  • trevorrtrevorr Posts: 3
    Good evening. sounds like a great deal!! who did you deal with at Team Toyota? Congrats and have lots of safe miles!

  • vthakorevthakore Posts: 20
    LOL! I keep getting the two mixed up, your right...Magnetic Grey! ;)
  • jatmobilejatmobile Posts: 22
    I dealt with a James Cockcroft.... nice guy...
  • It's a great color though, whatever they call it. :)
  • vthakorevthakore Posts: 20
    I couldn't agree with you more. :P
  • These numbers are taken from a dealers invoice sent to me. SHould all these fees be included in the vehicle invoice price or are the just add ons to inflate and give them more money in the pocket?

    Vehicle Base $22054
    Accessories $2276
    Destination Charge $660

    Here's where it gets confusing...
    TDA $529
    Gas $10
    HOLDBACK $ 507 ( I thought toyota actually gave them this)
    WSHL Financial Reserve? $253

    Total invoice $26289

    Are those last 4 fee's actual fee's that I should consider or just junk charges?

    Thoughts? Facts?

  • What kind of camry, ce, le etc. And what kind of options?
  • any Camry... I'm not worried about the options as they are cut and dry. It's the dealer add on's the invoice that I'm questioning. THose last 4 of the post that I wrote. Where it says here's where it gets confusing.
  • jatmobilejatmobile Posts: 22
    dude.. if you are absolutely sure that these are fees that they want to charge you, atleast the holdback and the financial reserve, is what they want from you, then take these crooks to court.....

    holdback is something they get from the manufacturer for selling the car in due time... there is a toyota dealer advertising fee, which i believe they pass on to the consumer, but even that can be negotiated.... good luck... i would say use this as leverage now, rather than avoiding this dealer like the flu...
  • vthakorevthakore Posts: 20
    Those Fees are b.s.

    HOLD back is guaranteed profit for the dealer, from the manufacture for moving the item.
  • wowlywowly Posts: 2
    Was the car brand new (not demo and etc..)? Seems that you got a really nice deal. That's about $1k below invoice AND rebate.
  • vthakorevthakore Posts: 20
    Brand New; or else I wouldn't have bought it.
  • r9973r9973 Posts: 13
    I am in the same boat, all dealers around seattle metro are including the 4 charges as part of the invoice and are not budging at all on those charges. :confuse:

    Best quote I got was $28625 for MSRP of $31,940 with Edmunds Invoice of $28193 on a 2008 Camry Hybrid with leather / navi / bunch of other packages.

    Anyone have a recent price point about a 2008 TCH purchase?
  • vthakorevthakore Posts: 20
    Why not just buy from one of the neighboring states and eliminate the fees and get a possible better price?

  • mikecmikec Posts: 40
    Camry Hybrid, either 2008 or 2009.

    These are still going at a premium, and will likely continue to do so:

    With Nav/Leather Option, you are looking at 28,400 to 28,900 (most toward the higher end of that range.) 2008 models get 1,000 rebate on top of that, 2009 models do not. Obviously, add any options, plus your tax, licensing and doc fees to that.

    I've surveyed about 30 dealers in the Western US, and it's all about the same.
    Edmunds number don't mean much (I would be glad if someone can provide a dealer who is lower.)
  • mikecmikec Posts: 40
    Buying from another state can be tricky; most places charge you tax and fees based on your residence, so you get stuck. If you have a "brother" that lives in that state, then he buys the cars and registers it.

    This is a common scam in states that border low sales tax states. (ex CA and OR). However, the govt likes "its" (I mean "your") money, so they will get you when you transfer title, etc.
  • 3150lsd3150lsd Posts: 2
    Go back through the posts. I posted a message a few weeks ago about pricing and was $2500 under you best quote. It included the $1000 rebate.
  • mikecmikec Posts: 40
    Can you reference your post? We can't search by user ID, so it makes it a bit of a needles in a haystack.

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I've seen ads in the local Sunday paper for the last few weeks showing 2008 Camry Hybrids discounted 3,000 off MSRP plus another $1000 off for the factory rebate.
    So, they are not selling well enough to command MSRP or even close to it.
    It's still early in 2008 and the 2009s offer zero new features, so not much reason to get a 2009 at this point.
  • mikecmikec Posts: 40

    Not sure what part of the country you are in. Int he West, 2008 Camry Hybrids are in shorter supply - only certain colors available. (I guess it depends on your price elasticity related to color; I have a hard time coughing up almost $30K for a color I am not thrilled about.)

    The price for 2008 vs 2009 is essentially only the rebate (1,000) and maybe, the couple hundred bucks. At least that's what I've seen from Western US dealers.

    For resale it's better to have a 2009 than a 2008, even with the rebate. If you can get a really good price, this may change.

    3,000 off MSRP is pretty much normal for the TCH; as I said, I'm seeing 28-29K for the loaded version.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I was looking at ads in a major California newspaper.

    Resale will not be much different because if you buy a 2009 this early in the year and resell it within a few years the mileage will be very high for it's model year and will be deducted from the value. Many people bought 2007 Camrys in March 2006 are selling their "1 year old" car this year with 2 years worth of mileage since it is really is 2 years old. Mileage that is normal for one model year is excessive mileage for a year newer car.
    If you keep it for several years, the difference between a 2008 and 2009 won't be much at that point. So either way not a big resale advantage for cars purchased now.
  • billw1billw1 Posts: 3
    I live in the Boston area, which is affluent but also has a lot of Toyota dealers (i.e. lost of competition). I emailed about 10 local dealers for quotes on a fully loaded 2009 Camry hybrid and a 2008 Cambry hybrid. Several have emailed back offering to sell the 2009 Camry for invoice and the 2008 for $1,000 less than invoice (reflecting the rebate). Basically, they are all willing to sell the car and invoice and keep the $500 holdback as their profit.

    My questions: Has anyone bought a Camry hybrid in the Boston area recently? What did you pay? Also, do dealers typically insist on keeping all of the holdback or is that negotiable?

  • mikecmikec Posts: 40
    Newspaper adds are nice...but reality varies.

    As far as resale, it's true that mileage is a key factor...but so is model year.

    Example: Let's take a similar high demand car: Prius (same options/config). I'll use Edmund' numbers for trade-in, even though they are not perfect.

    Used 2006 Prius - 100 miles (basically "new") - ~16,900
    Used 2006 Prius - 10000 miles - ~$16,700
    Used 2006 Prius - 20000 miles - ~$16,250
    Used 2006 Prius - 30000 miles - ~15,900

    Used 2007 Prius - 100 miles (basically "new") - ~17,450
    Used 2007 Prius - 10000 miles - ~$16,950
    Used 2007 Prius - 20000 miles - ~$16,400
    Used 2007 Prius - 30000 miles - ~$15,900

    The difference looks small...only a few hundred bucks. But let's take both cars with 30,000 miles - is a private party, given the choice between the two, going to take a 2006 (regardless of release date). No, they will take the "newer" one. This translate to a high price.

    Human nature is to expect to pay more for the "newer" car. Mileage is less a factor today - these car run like champs for 100,000+ miles - compared to 20-30 years ago.
  • mikecmikec Posts: 40
    No news on the Boston front, but I think as far as holdback, dealers are just keeping that. $500 profit for something high in demand. No reason to negotiate it (from their perspective) on the Camry Hybrid.

    I think the fact Camry Hybrid sales in January 2008 were 34% higher than 2007 (second to only the Prius's 37% for the same period) make it hard to get a "good" deal.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    So, they may pay a little more at 30,000 miles the value is $0 and at 10,000 miles the value is $250.

    People do care about mileage and would rather have a 2006 with 25,000 miles than a 2007 with 30,000 miles. Most people will want the one with the most warranty remaining whether that be time or mileage. There are people who are racking up miles on 2009s from a month ago and there are some 2008s that won't even be sold for a couple months.
    If they were both bought on the same date (because the dealers had both model years on their lots at the date of purchase like has been the case the last couple of months) no warranty benefit to the new buyer will be realized on the 2009 at resale.
    If they both have same mileage they may want the newer year, but your own numbers show that to be of limited value. Certainly way less than the $1000 rebate you get on a 2008 today.
    Sometimes there are at least minor improvements made on the newer year that will make it a better car to buy, but between a 2008 and 2009 Camry, there are no improvements. That would be different if it was a 2006 vs 2007 Camry or even a 2009 vs the updated 2010 coming next year.

    It's pretty dumb that a "2009" model was even released in January 2008 when they made no changes whatsoever.
  • vehiculavehicula Posts: 30
    I recently leased a 2009 Camry LE. When I got to the dealership to sign all the papers, the numbers were exactly as the dealer and I agreed over the phone. However, the way the numbers were calculated was convoluted. For example: There were certain fees I wanted pay upfront (bank fee, GAP, others), and I did pay them at the signing. But on the lease contract, the dealer added these fees to the gross capitalized cost of the car and then subtracted them as a capitalized cost reduction. So the net effect was zero, but it makes it look as though the price I agreed to was much higher than it actually was.

    Here in Massachusetts (and probably in other states) we pay sales tax on a capitalized cost reduction. In my case there was no real capitalized cost reduction - just numbers - so the dealer had to do re-allocate part of what I paid at signing as tax on a capitalized cost reduction that never took place. Once again, the net effect was zero: The amount due at signing did not change, just the way the amount was categorized.

    Why would a dealer do this? I was thinking perhaps there's some incentive to show a higher gross price for the car?
  • mikecmikec Posts: 40
    "People do care about mileage and would rather have a 2006 with 25,000 miles than a 2007 with 30,000 miles"

    I respectfully disagree. I think it's the opposite. You can control the number miles you drive, not the passing of time.

    I agree it's silly to really the next year model 11 months in advance, but c'est la vie.
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