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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jr2890jr2890 Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    I'm in the Houston area and looking to buy a 2012 Camry SE V6 base model with no options added. According to Edmunds, the MSRP is $27,400 and Invoice is $25,003. So far the lowest initial quote I've received is $25,655. I was wondering if this is a good deal and how low I could expect to get it down to. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • 3c33c3 Posts: 74
    There may be regional differences, but I would say that's about $1000 too high.
  • dfwdewddfwdewd Posts: 14
    Did you ask the dealer for their invoice? I did some research online and found something interesting: The invoice from multiple websites are about $900 lower than the dealer invoice here in Dallas. You can verify this invoice between dealerships from their exact quotes. Dealers here are advertising $3,500 off MSRP plus $500 Toyota financing rebate discount. I imagine Houston dealers are doing the same. Be prepared to pitch one dealer against another to get the lowest price. You have nothing to lose. Good luck!
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Hi, I'm in the Delray Beach Area and I bought a Camry V6 SE 2012 with the Convenience Package and Display Audio Navigation and Leather Package and Power tilt moon roof with mats and tinting for $28K out the door. I was very happy. BTW, I have been driving it for about 4 days now and it is absolutely terrific. I had a Camry LE 4 cylinder..and there is no comparison..the V6 is awesome and the SE is so much fun to drive. You will love this car.

    Jimmy Drew
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    I bought my Camry XLE 4-cylinder (Convenience and Leather packages, Wheel locks and carpet/trunk mats - No Entune (save $900), No trade-in and No manufacturer rebate at the time) on 04/01/2012 from 355 Toyota, MD. They are our preferred dealer because they had been providing excellent service on our 2004 Matrix. Based on my shopping around at five other dealers, their price was the lowest.

    I made an offer of $26K Out The Door (MD 6% tax, tag, title, delivery -included). The GM said $26.6 was the best that they could do. I walked away. I came back two weeks later and got it for $26.5. In finance, they said the price was $26,480 because of the automated calculation. Because of the electronics in the car, I also got the platinum warranty 7 years, 125K miles for an additional $619.00. The GM had gone home, so the finance guy had to call him at home to get his approval.

    This is how I did it. I locate the car I wanted from their web inventory. I requested for an eQuote. I subtract another $500 from their best ePrice. I went to the dealer, bypassed the salesman (I just said that I had a salesman) and went directly to the GM. I told him the stock number and negotiate. I told him that I will send buyers to keep him busy (lol). So you can say that professor Trang send you (, so you want the best price. Good luck, just don't tell him how you calculated the price.

    Needs more info, email me or
  • mr4242usmr4242us Posts: 2
    I'm in Houston, TX.

    What is a good price? Looks like I'm being offered 30,500 plus title/taxes.

  • dfwdewddfwdewd Posts: 14
    I paid about $29,500 plus TT&L. MSRP $33,694. V6 XLE with HDD Nav w/JBL, Blind Spot Monitor, Safety Connect, carpet mats and tint. When I got the car, it came with vehicle shield package but they did not charge me since the price was already agreed beforehand so I would look for one without it. I am in Dallas area. I think you should shoot for $29,700 range or less. Title and fees should be about $300-$350. Good luck!
  • myrandamyranda Posts: 1
    That seems like a great deal. Do you mind sharing the name of the dealership. I want the same options as you. Here in San Angelo, Texas, my husband got a price of 29k plus ttl for the same car as yours. I am the negotiator, I might have to take a trip to FL to get what I want.
    Thanks for any info!
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    Based on my numerous times calculating the cost of ownership between a hybrid and a gas car model, it costs more to own a hybrid based on the following parameters. My latest was on a Camry XLE, 12000 miles year driving, $5.00 gas, battery replace $3000 (more over time), mixed city-hwy driving (average), car insurance cost, the cost difference between models.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    I provided my cost for buyers to use as basis of negotation. I found 355 Toyota in MD to have the best price when I shopped locally. They were $1400 lower than CarMax (lol)...

    Maryland tax is 6%. What is the current car sales tax for Houston? Maryland tag and title registration is $389.00. What is the current cost for Houston? Backing out my state tax and Title&Tax cost will give you the base. You should check out to see if Houston dealer's cost is higher than Maryland as there may be regional cost. The holdback from Toyota is only 2% but I track and buy as soon as the car is on the dealer's lot because they get the full holdback (the longer the car sit, the less they will get)....

    Depending on the options - $30,500 plus title and taxes, in my opinion seems too high... Get a quote from CarMax to see what you get.

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    Sorry for the second reply.

    I fed the MSRP $33,942 into my spreadsheet that I used to calculate my negotiation price. I got $29,087.48 (Delivery included) for the base, then plus tax, title and registration...

    I get my best price by going to the GM (if he's on the floor) or see which salesmen are the top two for the month... they get monthly bonus based on volume. If the 2nd guy is only 1 or 2 away from the top spot, he has a lots of incentive (especially at the end of the month), and the top guy needs the sales to stay ahead.
  • ahuahu Posts: 14

    I bought 2012 Camry SE 4cyl or I4 in Houston for $23000 drive out, 21350 + ttl. If you are interested email me at ahtexas07 at gmail and I will send you the dealer and sales person name & phone number
  • jr2890jr2890 Posts: 2
    So I rechecked the online invoice numbers and discovered that there is a GST administration fee of $797 and a GST destination fee of $85 that I had overlooked. Apparently Toyota sells cars to the regional distributor Gulf State Toyota and then all dealers in TX, OK, AR, MS, LA have to get it from GST with these amounts tacked onto the invoice. I think this would explain the discrepancy you're seeing.
  • dpurwindpurwin Posts: 3
    Purchased a new Camry SE 2012 from Russel Toyota in Maryland today for $23200 On the road, out the door, whatever you want to call it. I'm fairly certain that I could have gotten it for $23000 even, but considering I got the 2.9 financing and the entire transaction took 1hour to complete, I can't complain. For those that need a price breakdown, here it is:

    sale price: 21,430.18
    processing: 200.00
    MD tax 6%: 1297.82
    title charge: 20.00
    tags: 252.00

    Good Luck.
  • nflguynflguy Posts: 90
    I live in the dallas/fort worth area.

    My wife wants a 2012 4 cylinder XLE model with all the bells and whistles.

    Whats a good "out the door" price for this car in the dallas area?
  • nuke365nuke365 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your hard work. I was able to use it to get the price down to $21,889 with power seat,mats,spoiler and some nets.
    It is amazing how the fees add up in California!
    Does any one have an opinion on the extended bumper to bumper warranty of 7/100,000 for $1888?

    Thanks again.
  • dbabladbabla Posts: 10

    For extended warranty, POWAY Toyota was selling third party extended warranty for $1300 for 7 year/100k. We bought original Toyota care 8yrs/125k for $1350 from Molle Toyota in Kansas City. Try to contact Dan Drabek at Molle Toyota. Another dealership is Midwest Toyota (jerry johnson)in Kansas. They were about $50 higher but same price range.
  • gnartgnart Posts: 36
    I don't know what 3rd party extended warranty usually sell for in San Diego. I bought an XLE (see my previous post on 03/29/2012. The dealer said the Platinum extended warranty coverage for 6/125k usually cost $1335 but I could have it for $650 (their cost). The finance guy enjoyed talking with me about investing in stocks. I guessed he appreciated the time.

    I offered $600.00 for 7/125k. Apparently that was lowered than their cost, so the finance guy had to call the GM (he just left us to go home around 8:30PM) for authorization at $621.00. I paid $621.00 (Maryland state) for 7/125K Platinum end-to-end no deductible.

    Good luck - let us know how it worked out for you.
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    Tried to send you a contact person and that is not send me an email...and I will forward to you. Palm Beach Toyota is the dealer..and be forewarned you have to be firm with your price. If you send me an email...I will give you more information. Yes, I think they gave me an excellent price.

    Jim Drew
  • Jim,

    i am looking to purchase a 2012 Camry SE. I negotiated a 25,000 (EVEN) "out the door" price for the SE with a few options. The sticker price read almost 27k, so with tax, tag transfer and other small fees, this appears to be a good price. I was going to "pull the trigger" this Tuesday morning. BUT after reading your post, it sounds as if you're a better negotiator than me. If you could forward me any info that would help me get a better deal, than please email me at I live in Palm Beach county, so getting to the dealership that you're speaking of is perfect.

  • Did I get a good deal? Leather package, entune/nav, moon roof, conv. pkg.

    Sticker 28,635

    OTD Cost 26,200 (3.2% VA Sales Tax, Delivery, yada yada)
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    I think I got a good deal...but not the best I said I got the 2012 SE V6 with all the packages and the Display option for 28K$ OTD...I'm sure someone sharper than I am could get another $500.00 off or so....but I am happy and the car is absolutely terrific.

    Jimmy Drew
  • Jim

    BTW, the deal that I got for the 2012 Camry SE (with some options) of 25,000 "out the door" was for the 4 cylinder.

  • Thanks Jim for the speedy response!

  • Dennis,

    What options did you get? I just bought the SE 4 Cyl with leather package, convienience package, navigation/Entune package and moon roof. 26.2 OTD.

    MSRP 28,635
    Paid 24,400
    Taxes, Tags, Title, Dest. Fee, etc. 1,800

    Used to be terrible about bargaining but I made some changes and now really enjoy the process.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    edited April 2012
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  • hanzo1hanzo1 Posts: 2

    I am also looking to buy a Camry SE but in Northern CA. You got a great price but you mention fees. To give an idea of what fees I'll be facing can you list them? I know tax should be 1925.00 and registration 254.00 but if you can give an idea of other fees you paid it would be helpful . Thanks.
  • phxvickphxvick Posts: 2
    hofflike, I am also in market for Camry SE or XLE, please let me know if you found any good deal in Phoenix area
  • Hey dpurwin, how much was the MSRP.
  • I am looking at the exact equipment and a camry se like the one your bought but have not been able to get to the price you paid. can you let me know where this was purchased,etc to help.
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