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Pickup Trucks for Women (Experiences/Opinions)



  • Thank you for your prompt response. I lost my Golden three years ago after twelve years of companionship. She was a bit more mellow than this one - this one is tough. Nothing cuter than a Golden in the back of a pickup though. Looked into the Aliner and am really researching my options. Don't need real big; something light. Even though I have a greater towing capacity it does not mean I have to use it. Like the Casitas, but hard to find a 13' unless I buy new - not ready just yet. In time. The old Tacomas inspired me to buy this one. They run forever.
  • I'm ready to trade my '95 Tacoma used for my truck-type needs and my '00 4Runner used to pull my trailer in on a truck that can pull the trailer. I've looked at the Toyota Tundra (which has only fair towing capability) and Ford F-150 (which is rated with poor reliability by Consumer Reports) and have been reading about the Nissan Titan (which sounds like it has major brake problems). I definitely want something that can tow at least 6000 lbs, is comfortable for a long trip (and I'm only 5'2"), and is 4x4 or it will never get up my driveway in the winter. Any recommendations? Reliability is important to me. Also, any recommendations about gas vs. diesel? What's the long term cost difference? Thanks for any input you may have. :)
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    This is just my opinion and is based on past experience/ownership and some recent test drives. At the moment we only own Wranglers (which the Army always considered a truck).

    I loved an old 3/4 ton Chevy pick-up - it hauled a 4-horse trailer with ease all over Texas. However, we recently test drove a loaded half ton Chevy (right after trying a Ford F150) and I had a problem getting the seat comfortable. I'm only 5'1" and find many of the modern vehicles designed with seats that are too long in the leg - the seat bottom edge hits me below the knees.

    However, I drove a friend's 2 year old 3/4 ton Chevy diesel from Idaho to Las Vegas and had no problems at all. I would definitely look at the Chevy/GMC heavy pick-ups more seriously.

    Just my opinion, but all vehicle manufacturers make some excellent vehicles and all make lemons. Considering how many happy Ford F150 owners there are out there (and I know a few of them), I would still consider buying a Ford (on the back-to-back test drive, I found the Ford's seats easier to adjust to my comfort).

    My friend who let me drive her Chevy pick-up had previously owned another diesel Chevy for something like 20 years. It was still running with several hundred thousand miles on it before she traded it in for the new truck several years ago.

    Finally, the gas vs. diesel debate can go on and on. They both have advantages and disadvantages. The people I've known with diesels love them, and they do seem to last forever. My firend always said that she got much better gas mileage with the diesel, though I've never actually seen the figures (if anyone knows where to see some comparison, let me know). If all this is true, then long term the diesel would be cost effective. However, there are so many variables and if diesel continues to be so much more than regular, then it you'd never re-coup the difference in initial cost. I'd look at both and then decide which one (diesel or gas) that meets your towing needs.
  • Re: Titan, Nissan should have fixed the brake problem on the later build 05 models. There's a sticker on the driver's door frame that gives the build date. If not fixed, they do have a service advisory about making the repair if the customer has the symptom.

    We have an 04 Armada, the SUV that's based on the Titan. It's had the brake judder problem a couple times, dealer adjusts it, and it goes away. The judder has NOTHING to do with safety. I drove my 4Runner with a brake judder for a year or more before fixing it.

    The Titan is a great truck for towing and I'd have one today except my wife wanted the Armada. Didn't like the idea of driving a pickup. Biggests issue with the Titan is the mpg, but it's the case with any large pickup or SUV.

    Recently purchased a Nissan Frontier Nismo and my wife made the same comment as she did regarding the TItan. Then, she drove it. She loves it since it's much easier to drive and park than the Armada and reminds her of the Xterra she had a few years ago.
    Dealer added the side rails so she can get in easier.

    If interested in my experience with the 2005 Nismo, look under posts for that truck.

    81 Trekker
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