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Ford Freestyle - Taurus X



  • ANT,

    You asked what other engine from the Ford Famity would of been better?

    Well, the Freestyle was derived from a Volvo chasis,why not the 2.5 D5 (5 cyl Di turbo) in the Volvo V70 from Europe? If people are happy getting 19-24 MPG in an AWD version of the Freebie, they should be estatic about getting 30mpg. I'm not saying this torque beast would go well with the CVT but I would pay an extra $1500 to have this engine with a 5 speed auto.

    As for the extra noise, I think people would be willing to deal with it if they were saving this much money at the pump. Plus from what I hear it settles down after the first 10 minutes of driving.
  • lenwlenw Posts: 14
    Yesterday we took are Limted AWD on a 600 mile round trip to Houston. I reset the Mileage indicator just after we filled up. Round trip was 22.2mpg averging 70+ miles per hour.

    Now I have more than 5000 miles and need an oil change. Ford recommends
    5w 20 Synthetic Blend. In my previous Explorers I was using Mobil 1 full synthitic 5W 30. My oil change place does not have any 5W 20.

  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    "Well, the Freestyle was derived from a Volvo chasis,why not the 2.5 D5 (5 cyl Di turbo) in the Volvo V70 from Europe? If people are happy getting 19-24 MPG in an AWD version of the Freebie, they should be estatic about getting 30mpg. I'm not saying this torque beast would go well with the CVT but I would pay an extra $1500 to have this engine with a 5 speed auto."

    That would delute the Volvo brand since that's an engine that is specific to them. Also, american's wouldn't appreciate the unique 5 cylinder configuration. Already, the Chevy Colorado has received much negative critisizm over that. Remember, on a Volvo it's "Cute"... If Ford used it, the media would say the sky is falling and that Ford is going bankrupt.

    Also, the D30 has lower long term operating costs, over the 2.5T, and doesn't require premium fuel either. Also, your able to use the 6 speed automatic which is a plus. The current automatic unit in the Volvo, I wouldn't put high in my list for reliability.

    Out of the engines available throughout Ford, there really wasn't any option other than what is being used. Of course, in a feasable state of investment. Pretty much ANYTHING can happen, with the right $$$.
  • The only thing I know about the plate is that the dealership had done it before for someone, and they are ordering it for us. Maybe ask your dealer to contact Ford and find out about it? If they are unhelpful, I can ask my dealer for specifics. Obviously, we'll keep the console for later years or resale.
  • Hi all,

    To try to answer a couple of questions from this carseat thread...

    LATCH is VERY easy connect, and having had seatbelt connection seats and LATCH seats before, I'd go with the LATCH anytime. LATCH seats are much easier to get in and out if you move them around (2 clips, one belt), and they tighten down rock-solid with minimal effort. I feel like it's a much safer setup.

    As for the "plate" for the center console, our Freebie doesn't have the console, but there is a small plate on ours, maybe 6"x4" slightly raised. It looks like we could've gotten the console if we really wanted it, even though it didn't come from the factory.

    If yours is factory installed, and you have the option of removing but keeping the console and the dealer will install the plate for you, that sounds like the way to go. You have some flexibility as your needs change, and this is what the Freestyle is all about. As is, we didn't want the console, and I don't think we'll ever need it until we're ready to trade this vehicle in at the point that we shift over from hauling babies around to hauling around teenagers. :confuse:

    Very happy with the Freestyle so far!
  • canuck6canuck6 Posts: 24
    I've seen comparisons of the Freestyle to both the Volvo XC70 and XC90. Not that it matters much, but what's the right comparison to make? Personally, it seems to me that the Freestyle is closer to the XC90. Comments :confuse: ?
  • Oh, one last thing on carseats... We really beat up the backseat of our Escape with our last carseat, this time around with the Freestyle I'm putting in Prince Lionheart seat protectors... It's a semi rigid vinyl seat cover that should catch most of the spills and prevent the Freestyle seats from getting molded into the shape of the carseat. The packaging indicates that it's shaped to work with LATCH seats so that the anchor points aren't obstructed by the protector.

  • barnstormer64barnstormer64 Posts: 1,106
    Motorcraft makes a 5W-20 synthetic blend, and you can buy it at any Wal-Mart.

    I think Pennzoil and/or Quaker-State also have a 5W-20 out now, too.

    Yep, just checked, and Pennzoil has a 5W-20 synthetic blend.

    Ditto for Quaker-State.

    Both are shown as synthetic blens for SUVs, trucks, and 4x4s
  • barnstormer64barnstormer64 Posts: 1,106
    Well, as I understand it, the basic design of the Freestyle came from the 70, which they then stretched in all 3 directions.
  • northlakesnorthlakes Posts: 368
    I just got the Motorcraft 5W-20 synth blend from Auto Zone ( a chain). That might be another option. I paid $2.39 per quart, which sounded like the usual synth oil high, but their petrol-only oils were going for $2.19 per quart.

    Earlier, I got a quart of Pennzoil 5W-20 oil just to have in the back of the Freebie, but I learned it was not synth blend. Perhaps they have the synth blend out now. :shades:
  • lumber2lumber2 Posts: 184
    We have an xc70.
    I've looked closely at the xc90 now as well. Ford did a smart thing stretching the chassis length for the Freestyle. Legroom in the 90 with three rows of seats is minimal by my severe standards (6ft 3 sitting behind myself).
    As for using the xc70/90 T5 engine, we've never seen 30mpg out of it. 22-23 tops in everyday use. xc90 users get a little less. Its had its share of Aisin Warner gearbox troubles. Funny how no journalist says the xc90 is slow with similar hp to the freestyle
  • Where does your dog ride in your Freestyle? We have a golden retriever and are considering a 7 passenger Freestyle. Does your dog ride in the back with the 3rd row folded down? In the space created by flipping the second row forward? On the 2nd row seat? Does a dog crate fit? I don't want the dog to be a flying projectile in an accident. A minivan would probably be a better ride for the pup but I really like the Freestyle. She really won't riding in the car much except for short trips but she does go along on an annual 600 mile roundtrip vacation.
    Your comments would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • lenw,

    I have a Ford 4.6L V-8 and use Mobil1 0W 20 in it. This weight is designed for Ford's requiring 5W 20 oil.
  • lenwlenw Posts: 14
    I saw on the Mobil1 web site that they offer a 5w 20 for 2001 & up Ford cars.
  • We got the split 3rd row seat, and we fold half down and put the dog crate there. I don't know if our crate would hold a golden though (our Keeshond only weighs about 40lbs, though she has more room than necessary in the crate.). We also have a "dog seat belt" which we don't usually use, but she prefers that and the second row. She thinks that the closer to the rest of the family, the better.
  • We were at our local Ford dealer today and were told that the 2006 Freestyle will start production on Monday July 18th at 9:00 a.m. I believe the order window will open in a few weeks. No info on pricing, changes, etc.

    We plan on ordering a Limited AWD.

  • kbrown2kbrown2 Posts: 7
    I just bought a new Freestyle and the same thing happened to me! I have had it 3 days and the dealer has had it for 8 days. Apparently the problem is electrical and not a transmission issue. They said that there is a solenoid issue (that does something with the transmission) and that this is the third Freestyle that they have had with this problem. They have had some problems getting the parts but I am suppose to get the car back today. I sure hope that this is the FIX!
  • kbrown2kbrown2 Posts: 7
    Had the same thing happen to mine. It has been in the shop now for 8 days. Dealership says it is a solenoid problem dealing with the transmission. Hopefully this is the fix and I will get thew car back today. I have only had it 3 days since we bought it.
  • lumber2lumber2 Posts: 184
    Order books open soon, minor changes only, eg more paint color choices
  • saramsaram Posts: 34
    We have had our FreeStyle four weeks now. Still haven't seen another one on the roads. Seen plenty of them at the car lots! I was at the gas station Friday and a man came up and asked me about it. He really liked the looks and wanted something a little roomier than his Ford Focus. We really like our FreeStyle. I got a Husky Cargo Liner for the rear. I have a second seat liner on order but they still don't have the front seat liners yet. Can't wait for them. They sure do save the carpet. I ordered the cargo next from our dealer as the SEL doesn't come with one. We also ordered the vent visors and bug guard. They should come in soon! We have 1446 miles already and averaging 21.2 MPG. Only two short highway trips, mostly in town driving. :)
  • sallygsallyg Posts: 2
    yes, we've had the same problem and it seems to be wide spread. We are trying aftermarket brakes which are softer. They are putting them on today. I hope that at least cuts down on some of the noise! It's quite tiresome when you pay that much for a car that sounds like a jalopy when it comes to a stop!! Did your new brakes help? Thanks,
  • crscrs Posts: 17
    Motorcraft 5w-20 is no longer available at Walmart. They stopped carrying Motorcraft products. I had been purchasing it there for a couple of years now because it was so cheap. I am now buying it at Autozone for considerable more money.

    I did the oil change last weekend and found it to be almost the easiest car that I have ever changed the oil on. The remotely located oil filter makes it very easy. The car only had 1500 miles on it but the oil was pretty dirty already. I always like to do the first oil change on my new cars earlier than recommend because of the wear during break-in.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    I don't know about Ford, but some companies have an additive in the oil to help during the break-in period. Removing that early could cause premature wear.

    My car calls for 5w-20 and I have just switched to 0w-20 Mobil 1 (the bottle of 0w-20 says that it is designed for cars that normally use 5w-20)

    Mobil 1 sight has a nice oil determination tool for those interested.
  • crscrs Posts: 17
    I have read that Ford has already ran some 06 models through the Chicago plant. They must have been pre-production units. The only differences noted were optional rear heated and cooled seats and an available navigation system.
  • crscrs Posts: 17
    I don't know if Ford puts a break-in additive in it or not. But I wait to change it until the oil is visibly dirty so some break-in has occurred. I know you should never put an oil additive in brand new engine because it would prevent it from break-in in properly.

    Why are you using 0W-20. I'm pretty sure using the wrong weight oil would void the warranty if you ever had problems.
  • northlakesnorthlakes Posts: 368
    I looked through my Freestyle shop manuals and found nothing about a special break in period or restrictions on the oil change interval for the first time. 3 months or 3,000 miles or 200 engine hours for my usage.

    The Ford spec on the oil is the key. Some of the 5W-20 synth-blend brands I looked at (not Motorcraft) say they are good for 2001 and up Fords, but they give an older oil spec number than the Freebie calls for. I went with Motorcraft with the matching spec.

    I can't comment on the full synthetics, like Mobil 1. :shades:
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    Why are you using 0W-20. I'm pretty sure using the wrong weight oil would void the warranty if you ever had problems.

    I'm using the recommended weight synthetic that would be equal to a 5w-20 dino oil.

    Synthetic oil does not require the same weight as dino oil. It can be run at a lower weight due to it's better lubricating properties.
  • willie19willie19 Posts: 139
    I read somewhere the latest motor oil designation is GF-4 by ILSAC (Int'l Lubricant Standardization and Approval Commitee) approved Dec.2004. I have been using full synthetics of some 5W-30 national brands, eg Mobil, Castrol, Valvoline, but they have an API rating SL and ILSAC GF-3 which is ok for my 2001 Explorer Sport Trac.
    The new API SM rating is due anytime and I notice in some auto stores sell some with SL and GF-4 ratings and somewhere in the label it says exceed SM,SL,SJ,etc. So why not state it as SM unless this is delayed to allow some of the smaller outfits time to formulate the new additive package with lower phosphorous and sulfur content to meet the newer lower emission standard.
  • lenwlenw Posts: 14
    I just had my Oil Change (5100 miles) yesterday for the first time. My Oil Change place said people were concerned with the 0W-20 labeling so now Mobil 1 has the 5W-20 recommended by Ford. I always use the Full Synthetic because of the RPMs these smaller motors turn.

    BTW (by the way) did you know the Frebbie takes 6 quarts? I though they made a mistake. But I did a quick check of the owners manual and sure enough it takes 6 quarts!
  • northlakesnorthlakes Posts: 368
    The 6 quarts the Freebie takes may affect your ability to get oil change sale prices. (The fine print on many ads says 5 quarts of oil + filter). Then again, an extra few bucks for that last quart is still cheaper than a new engine.

    Now if anyone can tell me what oil filter number to buy, I would be happy. I couldn't find it in the manual, but I do now know where the engine block heater electrical plug hides (lower front grill, driver's side, under a hinged cap). :shades:
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