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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • have you had the recall taken care of, it could be the sensor they recalled my daughter had a 2001 nubria and the check engine light came on and she had it checked out and it would show nothing was wrong, nothing showed up on the diagnostic tests, she finally traded it in after several trips to machanics that could not fix it
    know this is not any help
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    Mine did the same thing-it was a coil pack.I would suggest you have it checked again.
  • My Nubira runs a little rough, also, but not a real serious problem. Seems too noisy inside because I think it rattles other things in the dash area - depending on the rpms it is idlying at. I DID have the cam "thingie" replaced - thing that was recalled - but my exact cam "thingie" was not the actual item that was recalled, however, it was bad - said the computer - and needed replaced. It probably WAS the one that was in the recall, but the dealer probably did not want to argue about warranty stuff, cause Daewoo has not been paying for warrant work. So, if they agreed it WAS the recalled part, they would probably expect - that I would expect - that I would want "not to pay" - and that would end up them doing work and not getting reimbursed at all. Had the timing belt replaced when everything was apart - recommended for sure. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT A COIL PACK IS.
  • Cam Sensor - that was the part that I had to have replaced - deep inside someplace - they said.
  • Coil Pack is like the old distributors. It controls the spark to the spark plugs in order. If you look on top the engine to the right side you will see where the four spark plugs come out and go under the valve cover. I also had the cam sensor replaced twice and the Coil Pack twice. They still cannot find the problem of why it is missing on 2 and 4. But remember the Catalytic Converter is covered up to 80,000 miles or 8 years. I had mine replace with 61,000 miles on the car.
    It is headed back to the shop Monday for a complete tune up again and replace all belts. You can also find parts at a junk yard. These cars are starting to show up like crazy as no one seems to be able to fix them so they are getting junked.
    Hope this helps with your problem. And I will continue to work on mine and one day we hope to find the problem.
  • Thanks for the info on the coil pack. Tell me how you know about the catalytic converter and a warranty you discussed. Do you have a dealer doing the work for you "under warranty"?? I can find no-one to do the work around here. I am going to check NE Philadelphia area again on internet. Good idea on the junk yards. I work on a "junk yard road" in my area. I drive a school bus and bus yard is on same road as all of the junk yards. Cool for me. Yes, I should check them. Even for the O2 sensor, possibly. The one I got that I thought was going to work - Suzuki Rodeo engine type - was not right - bummer - plug was wrong. I have to shop more for that. You have great info. Thanks. Did you read my post about my headlight problem?
  • Darn! Part not right. It was fun trying, however! Plug was wrong. Different shape. Oh well. Found a place in NE Philadelphia that supplies Daewoo parts. Talked to them tonight - am calling back in the morning when their computer "is back up" so they can help me. They feel that they probably have the part. They also own a bunch of "dead Daewoos" for parts. So, am still looking for the O2 sensor, but maybe will have some luck soon. Thanks for ideas! has a site that gives ideas on who to contact in your area.
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    I'm sorry the o2 sensor from the Rodeo would not fit-are you sure it was for the 4cyl engine?The same Daewoo site you mentioned has an 800 number for tech support you mechanic can call.It also has an option where you can find out if your car still is under warranty and who does warranty work in your area.
  • The computer looked up the Isuzu's. Seemed the only one that was 2.2 and 4 cylinder showed to be Rodeo - so that was the part that I got. But, you know, I am at the mercy of the person using the computer system that I do not have access to. So you just sort have to trust that they chose it right for you - or are reading it right. In my area, dealers that sold Daewoo's, for a while, would only do warranty work on cars that were sold from their location to the same owner - as they said - as a courtesy - to their customer - because they would not be reimbused for the work. So, they would not accept my car for any work or repairs. Others in area are the same. But, I might find some help in Philadelphia area. The local man I have is very willing to work with me - but needs help finding parts - he has a very small shop and cannot devote many hours on phone and online. If I finid something promising, he will call and talk to them. I will have to do the leg-work in the beginning. He is close. Other help may be hundreds of miles away. Not good. Am making a call tomorrow that looks promising. Can't wait. You didn't comment about my headlight problem. Did you read that one on earlier post?
  • Car is past warranty - years and miles - anyway - unless the catalytic converter has a different warranty - I need to check into that.
  • 2000 Leganza... check engine light comes on ALL THE TIME.....when I take it to pepboys and they check the problem... it is ALWAYS the temp. sensor... what is that??? Anyone else having the same problem?? How do i fix this?
  • well pep boys not a good choice for good diagnostic { my advice find a good tech and have it ck again you may have a circuit problem} but any way that tells right there how much they know temp sensor well my friend there's a temp sensor that tells you your temperature but that's not it your problem more likely is what most tech call cts it means cooling temp sensor it tells your computer or ecu at what temp your engine is so that it can give your engine the best fuel together with or info from other sensors good luck .
  • I changed the thermostat, if the seal isn't good then it will leak out towards the back of the motor? It looks like it is coming from the top back side of the motor.
  • Finally found out "why" there were problems locating the right O2 sensor. It is now ordered and paid for - waiting for it to arrive - problem was - the car was made to comply with California emissions - so - apparently - the computers on the east coast do not reflect that possibility. Found a person at a business in Philadelphia (from the Daewoo web-site) that knew a lot about the cars - apparently deals in parts and used Daewoos - and he made some phone calls - had to wait for days for return calls - and finally found out (for himself also) that the problem was that this type of O2 four-wire sensor for the front is different because of the California emissions thing. So - don't have the part yet - hopefully in about a week or so - and hopefully - it will be the right one. Not sure if that is the one that is the problem, but if not - then I will have to get the one for the back, also. Thanks for all help everyone had for me. I have made notes - and will not forget ya'll.
  • hey whos this guy in the east coast that your talking about that help you out im from the east my self and want to know for future reference i own a hatch my self and we love it later and good luck.
  • Hope you get this and can respond. Have already replaced head twice on my daewoo from timing belt breaking and then slipping off again. Have replaced the entire fuel system practicly and now the car went dead while I was driving it. I had hit a dog the night before but the car made it all the way home with no problems. The next day I make it less than a mile and the car just shuts warning, no lights, nothing. I thought it might be the fuel shut-off control on the passengers side, but tripped that switch and even replaced it to no avail. Is the orange wire your speaking of on the passenger side? What was yours doing when it died?

    Thanks so much for any help from anyone.

  • did you check your crank sensor or can sensor before you keep pulling your hair ?? it seens that the computer in`t getting a signal from one of this so it doesn`t now that it needs to send and spark and fuel or your fuses and connections if no power its getting to your ecm then you got nothing stick with basic all ways good luck.
  • i am having the same problem with my 2002 daewoo laganza. I brought it to aamco hooked it up to there comp and it said i need my trany fixed and the only way to do that is to drop the whole trany . i walked out cause i was afraid that wouldcost me$$$$. was the prob theEGR valve gasket? or any other ideas or how much woul dit be to do the trann work? i only have 53,000 miles on it i bought it with .50 miles on it .must of been a show car or sumtin any ides ?? thanyou
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    Check your coil pack.Also pull a plug to see if any oil is leaking fom the valve cover gasket.New coils are available on ebay for around $50 and gaskets for $20.Also pull your egr valve and clean the plunger area(carbon can build up)with some carb cleaner.
  • Probably already figured it out but your a.c. drainage valve gets clogged and backs up runs under the thick foam under your carpet on your passenger side. Can cause the wires to corrode and cause instrument cluster and ignition problems. If you cut the rubber drain hose about an inch up that should let it drain properly. Try to clean out the area around it while your at it.

    Hope that helps.
  • hi, im from the uk. recently bought a daewoo leganza 2.0 cdx auto petrol, and auto gas conversion(lpg), the engine light came on after i drove a couple of miles, and stayed on forever, i took it to a local garage, he checked using a computer and diagnosed to be the 02 sensor, so i bought the 2 wire 02 sensor brand new and fitted to the car (direct fit) still the light stays on, u rekon i need to change the other 4 wire sensor aswell, rekon it cud be because of the lpg?
    Also the fuel consumption is pretty high!
  • Found out my Nubira was built with California emissions. That is why my front (upstream) O2 sensor was a 4-wire one. Very expensive - $170.00 with PA tax. No other way I could purchase it except through a dealer that could determine the problem (CA emissions) and identify the part (a GM part). A GM dealer tried looking up the part (by number). He could not even access the part information. So I have to go exclusively through the Daewoo person (found on the Daewoo web-site) to get help. Put in new part, engine light still on. Currently waiting for pricing and availability on downstream (back) O-2 sensor. Was told that usually the back one is more expensive - oh goodie! Also, installation is going to be longer and more expensive because wiring goes through some flooring someplace. Goodie, goodie again!! Was told if O2 sensors are bad and need replacing, gas mileage suffers. Engine getting wrong messages.
  • jaf2000zjaf2000z Posts: 2
    Hi the car lost power on the highway and heard a dragging sound. After getting it towed the auto mechanic said with a sad voice that its the timing belt. Im guessing this is expencive work. Does anybody know if this is a disaster or can this problem be fixed under one thousand dollars? Thanks.
  • Well I have tried everything possible and now my car sits on my drive rusting away despite spending hundreds on the damn thing and it still won't start.


  • Yes this problem can be fixed. If you go to a local Mechanic and not a dealer, it will cost a lot less. The valves are bent and a new belt with new gaskets. It is about 7 to 9 hundred dollars or maybe find a head in a junk yard. I just changed my timing belt. After reading this problem I will be changing my belt at 45,000 miles from now on. They are suppose to be good for 55,000, :) but I am not going to push it. I was lucky and got through 57,000 on the first one. Sorry you did not catch the problem before the damage was done. Anyone else get a new belt before you destroy your engine. New belt with Labor is 170 dollars. I also had to have new plugs wires and the valve cover was leaking oil into the spark plugs causing it to miss like crazy. I spent 495 dollars and it was well worth it.
  • raywooraywoo Posts: 16
    Happened to me with my 2000 lanos, I actually made it to 80,000 miles. Found all the parts on ebay for about 300.00 did the work myself. it been almost two years, still runs great.

  • jaf2000zjaf2000z Posts: 2
    This is a wonderful site. Thanks very much for the info on the nubria belt situation. jaf2000z
  • My middle break light is working but the other two break lights on the rear bumper will not come on. I have changed the break switch and nothing. has anyone had this problem and can you advise me on how to correct. I need to take this car through inspection next week. HELP!
  • redlanosredlanos Posts: 1
    I have a 02 Lanos with 58,000 miles. Loaned it to mother-in-law for couple months (I know...) came back with engine light. Plug wire #3 had signs of scorching. Replaced wire/plugs, car ran fine for coule weeks. Engine light back, local parts store scanner shows codes for CAT system, car runs rough and wont go past 40mph. Anyone have ideas? (new CAT, O2 sensors...covered by warranty?)
  • grndpndrgrndpndr Posts: 1
    My Lanos idles smoothly and runs smoothly at low speed,under load or over 15-20 MPH it begins to buck/misfire similr to bad/fouled plugs etc.Ive pulled the plugs since this began and noticed oil on the threads
    and some on the electrodes that hadnt burned off.All are the same as far as oiling and the motor has less than 85,000 miles.i clean the plugs with a carb cleaner or replace them and the car runs 80mph w/o a bit of hesitation.I cannot really detect the valve cover gasket leaking and cannot imagine all 4 cylinders rings or valve seals failing simultaneously.Ideas?
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