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Daewoo Maintenance and Repair



  • if anybody has done this before, please tell me, ive taken out the disc brake i cut out the old cv boot. but i still cant seem to take it apart to put in the new cv boot, ANY SUGESSTIONS????
  • you can also go to the closest buick dealership they should be able to help you with the warrenty repairs, they took over all the deawoo warrenties and can do the repairs on the deawoos, at least when i had the daewoo that is where i was told to take it to by the daewoo website at
    hope this helps
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,197
    I stumbled in here by accident...

    Hoe can any Daewoo still be under warranty? When was the last year they sent them to the U.S.?
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    Last year of manufacture was 2002 model.Some were probably not sold until 2003.They have a 5 yr 60,000 mile power train warranty.Hence -covered.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,197
    Gotcha. The dealer we had here pulled up stakes years ago.
  • My brother has a 1997 daewoo lanos sedan 1.4L and needs a fuel injector, fuel pump, spark plugs and wires. Noone sells parts for that year. Need help finding a parts dealer or see if the 1999 parts will fit.
  • Try E-Bay. Lots of Daewoo parts there including new and rebuilt. It's worth a look.
  • ok first of all make sure it is a 1.4l i never heard of a1.4 but there are 1.5 sohc or 1.6 dohc either way e-bay is the way fuel pump you can find for a bout 75.00 dollars wires and plug your nearers part store gm dealer or e-bay good luck . :sick:
    hey be happy soon i`ll be ok :)
  • klaidhklaidh Posts: 3
    The 1.4L engine was introduced only for the 1997 lanos, and I cant find parts for it anywhere.
  • ok, i didn`t know that 97 had that engine but i will look into it and i will get back to you i have a daewoo part store phone # i`ll give them a call tomorrow and see what they said.
  • I am looking into purchasing a used 2001 Daewoo Nubira CDX and I am a bit leary. I have had problems with used cars before and I want to make sure I make the right decision. Are Daewoos good vehicles overall? :blush:
  • lynnb1lynnb1 Posts: 3
    They might not be bad cars, but they're still orphans. Parts will get harder and harder to find until you're just stuck with something nobody can fix and you can't sell. I don't see them ever becoming desirable classic collector cars, either. They were meant to be cheap transportation cars, and at best, that's all they'd ever be.

    Personally, I wouldn't touch one with a ten-foot pole.

    I can speak with complete authority here. At this moment, I have a friend's '02 Leganza in my garage patiently waiting for me to bolt on the newly remanufactured head that I found on E-Bay for her. I'll finish it up this weekend or shortly thereafter, and my wife can park in the garage again. She'll be thrilled. It's been COLD here.

    Hope this helps,

    Lynn B.
  • cmatt2cmatt2 Posts: 17
    The engine is the same as the Isuzu 2.2 4cyl .Most mechanical parts are easily obtained and relatively cheap.Body parts could become an issue though.Fortunately ,for those in need of body parts,due to people not changing timing belts on time many parts cars are available.
    The head replacement being done is probably due to this.An expensive fix.
  • my opinion is not to buy it, my daughter had a 2001 nubria cdx and she had alot of problems with that car, even a blown bulb was not a simple task with that car we had to have the car rewired before the brake light would work, we have had to have the battery replaced 3 times and she did not buy the car until 2003, brand new never been owned, had 128 miles on it when she bought it and at that time we did not know the daewoo corp had gone out of business and now we are hearing it is hard to find parts we also had problems finding people to work on it. that car was a smooth riding car and it drove really well, it also had alot of bells and whistles on it.but at your own risk is my advise, she owned the car until nov. of 2007 and traded it for a 2006 chevy cobalt SS they allowed her $800 for it because it had been declared a total loss due to a hail storm that came thu the area she lived it served it's purpose it got her back and forth in nursing school
    think carefully and do research
    hope this helps
  • ok, i don`t know where you are but, i ask the guy at the daewoo part store and he said that they didn`t make those cars for usa so i asume that your not there either he did sayed that the fuel pump and wires, spark plugs are the same but not the injector so korea is were they are or take it out and see what you can match let me know how serious you are good luck :sick:
  • ok, i ask the guy at the daewoo part store and he said that those cars were maid for those caribean islands but that engine was probably a 1.5 and he didn`t have books for it find out where every thing else comes from let me know because im curious good luck :sick: im in puerto rico this is usa region so we don`t have those problems here.
  • klaidhklaidh Posts: 3
    You are right... my brother lives in europe and I live in Michigan, USA. I am trying to buy some parts here since they are cheaper with the exchange rate and easier to find. I am very serious about finding parts for it, and I appreciate your effort. I will send him the wires, plugs and pump.
    Thank you
  • OK, I'm glad that i was able to help you if you get a chance go to e-bay and on your browser or search use this number is for a walbro fuel pump lifetime warranty 160172524883 your not alone i own two lanos 98 and 99 i like them both good luck i`ll keep looking to see if i can find that injector i don`t know how much luck i`ll have i know some people that i left back in the states so i will give them a call later. :) hey is not the end of the road yet.
  • ">link title2002 Nubira has two problems. 1) - O2 sensor bad - check engine light on - report is O2 sensor not functioning properly. Can be loose, bad, bad electrical, and which one is bad is also not indicated. Suggested we start with the least expensive one - around $50. Problem is - car is listed as 2002 and 2001 - in two different places AND engine says on one place it is 2.0 and another place says it is a 2.2. Original sensor has a 4-wire plug (heated sensor). Every computer says a 2-wire plug is the replacement. Repair technician does not feel that a universal O2 sensor should be used (wires apparently have to be put together independently and plug cut off, not sure). So, am looking for a place to help find the right O2 sensor for this car. 2) - Second problem. Headlights go completely OUT. Fuse under hood (15) keeps blowing out. Wiring problem? Switch problem? Help!!
  • man i personally hate problems like that, OK first all cars have a production date and that's on the driver side door jam [ two samples 6-97 is 98 7-98 is a 99 see this are my two daewoos lanos]now yours must of been built late 2001 but on the serial it must said 2002 so you go by that , OK second have some body do a real diagnostic the car they will tell you wish sensor is the one if they can`t tell you then they don`t know how to use the scanner they should be able to see if it is a circuit problem or lazy o2 or not switching at all or bank one then you buy an original or a bosh o2 sensor wish you will find in e-bay i just bought one for 31.50 including shipping now that's a deal 4 wire heated the dealer toll me that it was 180.00 dollars they are crazy OK now the wire problem sounds like a dead short it means that a hot wire its hitting metal or something melted like a switch do what some people do disconnect things like your head lites then try putting a fuse and so on this is if you don`t have the money good luck. :sick:
  • The original sensor is what we cannot find. The one with the 4-wire plug. Only can find the universal and mechanic does not want to use that type. Still trying to find original type. According to the computers at the auto supply stores, the sensor "should" be another type that has a 2-wire plug. Did you see my note on the engine - one place it is stated that it is a 2.0 and another place it says it is a 2.2. That's crazy. Anyway, checking web-sites looking for a sensor that is designed for this engine that has the 4-wire plug. About the lights - DID find a fuse that keeps blowing out - am thinking it it is a problem in the switch (the stick on the left side of the steering wheel). Seems both times my fuse "blew", I was using the switch, pushing and pulling it foward and back - switching from low beam to high beam due to oncoming vehicles and watching out for deer. Both times, the switch was used multiple times in close succesion. Have to keep shopping and looking - this is a whole new process for me. Have not shopped on web-sites in ernest for anything this important - ever. Mechanic is searching, also. Does that headlight switch (stick thing) come apart? I think not. And I know you have to have a special tool to remove steering wheel to get it out, right? Thanks for your help and encouragement. There is two major O2 sensors - the cheaper one is for the front - the expensive one is for the back.
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    The 2.2 engine found in the Leganza is the same basic block as thed 2.0 found in the Nubira.Parts are mostly interchangeable I believe.Checking on ebay I found a front sensor-with plug ins for about $30 including freight,The rear was about $40 including freight.The front was a 2 wire -the rear a 4 wire.The rear was listed in the parts section under Leganza oxygen sensor-the front under Nubira parts oxygen sensor.
  • Thanks - I will keep looking. My front sensor is listed as a 2-wire one, but it is actually a 4 wire one. Weird. Was told the back one was way more expensive than the front one, but I do not know how many wires that one has. Was trying to find the less expensive one first to see if that fixed the problem. Thanks again - will check e-bay.
  • NOBODY does Daewoo warranty work - no matter what paper work you have that says otherwise. Daweoo no longer pays ANYBODY in the US for doing warranty work. Any dealer that performs work is not reimbursed. AND, if you call GM's Main Headquarters, they will tell you "GM has absolutely 'no relationship' with Daewoo". Period. No GM dealer has anything to do with a Daewoo. Even some that "used to" work on them in my area, now, no longer take them at all for any service. Sad for some of us stuck with these cars. My car still runs, heats, air conditioner works (knock on wood!), and wipers work. Hopefully, I can finally find the O2 sensor that I am having trouble finding and get that "check engine" light out, soon!
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    GM never was the source of dealer warranty reimbursement.A separate entity was set up to handle warranty work at the time GM purchased DAEWOO.GM funded this entity as part of the purchase agreement.I know that there was a SUZUKI dealership in Spartanburg SC who honored these warranties.I'm not sure want the time limit was.I would check with JOE GIBSON Suzuki in Spartanburg SC.They may be able to help people find dealers in their area.
    The warranty covers the power train for 60 months or 60,000 miles from DATE OF PURCHASE.My son had some work done about 16 months ago.His is a 2001 purchased Jan 2002.If the car is out of warranty any good shop can work on them-parts are easily obtained.Also,the engine is the same as the ISUZU 2.2 4 cyl.
    I hope this is helpful.The engine in the SUZUKI Forenza also is a Holden motor with a shorter stroke then the Leganza --2.0 rather then 2.2.Most of the parts like camshaft sensor,egr valve.gaskets etc should be the same,
  • Great Info! - WOW, can't wait to get busy looking again! Where did you find out about the Suzuki engine being same as Nubira. And what is that about "Holden" motor. Is that a maker?

    New Problem - Headlight fuse blowing regularly under hood. 15 amp. Lights go completely out. Did find that I can "pull" the switch stick towards me, hold it - and I have "brights". Something must be shorting out in the on/off switch stick thingie. So I probably have to shop for one of those, also. DID find out that if I DO NOT switch the "high-beams" on and off, the fuse is not "blowing". So, for about two weeks, have been only using low beam to drive at night. No soooooooooo bad, but would like to get that fixed.

    Thanks for the great help! I will stay in touch. This has been great - first time I have tried this type of site for help.
  • Got the part today - so happy you could help. It looks right. This is a great way to get help. I am a fist timer on this type of bulletin board message thing. Great way to help one another out. Sooooo thankful for your comments. Part going with car to shop on Thursday 1/17. Thanks, again!
  • Hi Friends - wanted to chat with someone interested in Falcons. I still own the first car that I ever bought which is my 1963 Ford Falcon Convertible. It CAN run, but is not currently running. Gas tank has been removed - needs repaired - relined - or replaced. That is one question I wonder about - should I get a plastic type that is fitted for my car, or should I try to "send out" the original and have it relined and repaired. Or, sometimes people do that themselves - but usually I heard it was something smaller and easier to handle, like a motorcycle gas tank. Any comments? I bought the car in 1970. It is garaged but not tended to much in past 5 years. Not planning on selling it. I like it. I can't part with it. It is kinda ugly, but kinda cute, also.
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  • I have a 2001 Daewoo Nubira. Once it warms up it starts to miss. I have had it at the dealer 4 times. They replace the Coil Pack, Spark Plugs and wires. The catalectic converter and the O2 sensor the cheapest one $80.00. It is missing on 2 and 4 but has missed on all four at times with the computer hooked up. The compression check and fuel pressure check came out ok. The check engine light comes on. If you give it more gas it goes away for a while then back in 5 within minutes until you push hard on the gas again and it does it real bad going up hills.
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