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Kia Sorento



  • we are actually getting our o7 sorento's in stock as i speak. kia has a staggerd release for all of the 07 vehicles :confuse: (never understood that). right now what we are getting is the 07 rondo and the 07 sorento's and some fully loaded sedona's. we dont have a clue when they get released until we see a truck and they have kia's on them. price wise they are about the same or a little less than the outgoing 06's
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    Kia Sorento
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  • py_py_ Posts: 5
    I am looking at picking up an 4x2 06' Sorento LX model from carmax. It only has 7,500 miles on it and they want $14,950 for it. Does that sound about right? I am debating whither or not to get their warranty that comes with it or not ($1,200 extra).

    Also, I have never purchased a KIA before. Are they getting more reliable now than what they were in the past? How hard is it to get parts for them? I have only driven Ford so I don't know much about this manufacturer.

    I looked at consumer reports and they were not too impressed with the Sorento so that makes me worry as well.

    What we were impressed with was the size and the price.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I'm not sure about the answer to your first question I would need to know what the particular vehicle had as far as options went. I would venture to say that it would be about 2K too much, as it is used and has mileage on it. You can get a NEW 06' for the same price if not several hundred dollars cheaper. Again, that's just and educated guess not knowing options. Also, NO! NO! NO! to the "warranty". As far as getting more reliable, YES! YES! YES! I hope this has been of help in your decision making process. PS A new KIA would have the warranty with it. I believe a used KIA is "AS IS".
  • py_py_ Posts: 5
    Thank you for the response!

    I believe it is the basic LX package.
    3.5L w/ automatic
    Electric doors, locks
    Leather steering wheel (with cruise controls on wheel)
    Leather shifter
    cloth interior
    roof-top luggage rack
    remote keyless entry

    The reason i question the warranty is because it is a used car and i believe it is "as is" as you stated. Carmax offers their warranty so i was considering getting it.

    I am going to go to a KIA dealership tonight to look for the same model and find out how much they are askign for it.

    I absolutly hate dealerships because i cant haggle worth anything that is wy i was trying to go with carmax (they dont haggle from what i understand).

    I am a little worried because it looks like someone duck-taped some plastic over the rear passenger window because i see the remains of the tape still on the black trim. That makes me thing either a wreck, or possible break-in. Who knows.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You may want to run a CarFax on it - often a wreck will show up on their reports (but not always). There's a link on the main page, where you'll also find links to True Market Value.
  • py_py_ Posts: 5
    I thought about CarFax. I always heard it was free but i tried to run it on my current vehicle just to check it out and it asks for a credit card number. Apparently it just shows if it has records on it and you dont know if it is good or bad untill you pay for it. Is that right?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Yep, it costs money for the full report - around $30 iirc. Sometimes the car dealers subscribe and will give you one, so you may want to ask Carmax. I got one on my last car, and I knew the seller pretty well. ;)

    Check the numbers over in the Kia Sorento: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion too.
  • py_py_ Posts: 5
    Thanks for the value link! Here is what it says for the one i am looking at:

    Private Party:$18,701
    Dealer Retail:$19,822
  • py_py_ Posts: 5
    Welp, looks like the one i was looking as was too good to be true. They actually let me take the vehicle to get it check out. Come to find out, it has been wrecked of some sort. They pointed out many things that i never looked for. Stuff that i would not have noticed without knowing what to look for. It seems quite a bit of the driver side of the car was damaged. I guess its a good thing i found out now. I guess the damage was not enough to show up on carfax or they hid it. Who knows.

    Thanks all for the help. The things i read here will help me find the right one for me.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    one more consideration about KIA..I have an 03 Sorento fully loaded EX AWD. KIAs are fairly maintenance intensive for scheduled maintenance in order to maintain the warranty..that includes differential and transmission flushes as well as timing belt changes....fluid flushes are generally every 30k and timing belt is 40-60K depending on the year and the model....tune ups on sorento is pricey as well based on access to the plugs.....also the sorento doesnt get the best MPG about 16/20....getting better but not much.....I like ours.....but it can be pricey to maintain if you are looking to keep it for more than 3 years and you drive 15k a year or so.....
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Hi py! There's true. Parts and maintanence are pricey for Sorento. I should say for Hyundai/Kia vehicles since there aren't too many aftermarket parts competitors. Plus due to the engine component layout and design of the Sorento, a simple spark plug and timing belts replacement can be time consuming and experience when compares to Japanese brands. Most dealers want $500 to $600 for timing belts replacement alone plus $400 to $500 for a 60K mile service.

    I have tons of warranty repairs on my '03 Sorento EX AWD, original owner with 53K miles now. Beside regular oil change, I spent $600 on Michlin tires at 48K miles, $200 on Kia OEM front brake pads & resufaced front rotors at 46K miles, $100 on Sears Die Hard battery at 52K miles. I am saving money for 60K mile service now.
  • Your welcome py

    The only way carfax picks up info is if insurnace companies get involved. I'm pretty sure about this.

    The extended warranty issue is a no brainer because of all the LOOP HOLES in them. This just dosen't apply to cars. It applies to anything that offers an extended warranty. Also, warranties will be bought by another insurer and that changes everything as well. Just say NO!!

    And last, more than likely the tape was just to hold on a piece of molding that either came unglued or may have been knocked loose in a collision of some sort. Regardless, your better off buying from the dealership NEW or buying from a reliable source ie. friend or a close relative if possible.

    Good luck and remember, do your homework before buying anything and when it comes time to the "haggle" part, there really isn't much to haggle over because you have all of your info. right there with you. Cold hard facts you can't haggle over :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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  • when i first changed the engine oil in our 05 sorento i used synthetic oil.
    the oil was from verius major mfgs, execpt those from Amisol and and their direct compeditors

    since i have to change the oil every 3 months to keep my warrenty in place, it never gets to 3,000 miles

    the engine synthetic oil never got too discolored, but it was twice the cost. so i changed back to conventional motor oil

    what i have noticed is that conventional gets much more discolored quicker, so understanding the not so great difference between regular and synthetic oils (except Amisol and like types) why does this happen ?

    i have noticed this in our chevy/astro also

    i can only come up with two reasons

    one, the synthetic does less of a job of keeping the engine clean
    (but i don't think so)

    two, the conventional oil is breaking down faster and, for the lack of a better term "cooking the oil"

    it looks at this time i will be switching back to common synthetics
    (within 4 miles of our house is a "general store/hardware store" that sells Amisol for $6.50 a quart too much for the sorento but i do use it in our emergency standby generator, lawn tractor and snow thrower

    what are your thoughts ?
  • kari2kari2 Posts: 1
    I have a 05 Sorento with 37,600 miles on it and I just got it out of the shop with a $1200cdn invoice. I was told that there's no warning system for the brake pads and that I've worn then down too far and therefore warped the rotors with too much heat. The only noise you get supposedly is when the brake pads are totally gone and all you hear is metal on metal. At the last visit 29,800 miles (4 months ago) my brakes were at 50% front and 70% in the rear. In 8000 miles is it possible to do that much damage to your brakes and rotors???
  • goldsuvgoldsuv Posts: 51
    I run synthetic in my Sorento too. The synthetic molecules do not oxidize like conventional oil. This url has a good explanation.
    Look at the pictures of the camshaft covers.
  • goldsuvgoldsuv Posts: 51
    No. On the US Sorento and I assume Canadian Sorento there is a wear indicator that makes a high pitched noise when the pad is almost worn out. It doesn't do any damage to the rotor.If you keep on driving, it wears the pad down to the rivets, which then scores the rotor and makes a very loud metal scraping noise. My Sorento has 42k miles and the front pads are about 60% worn.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I replaced the front pads on my '03 Sorento at around 48,000 miles in last June/July with another set of Kia OEM pads. I also re-surfaced the front rotors. They were wrapped and needed to be replaced or cut. I could feel the steering wheel vibration when braking with the wrapped rotors. The whole job was about $200 at a local shop.
  • How reliable is the recent Sorento 2006? I am considering buying light SUV. I might get Sorento 2007.

    Does sorento have major mechanical problems such as transmission, power steering, engine failure?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    no more than any other..the only thing I would advise is that the regular schedule maintenance is rather intensive as compared to others....the differentials and timing belt....check into that and weigh the difference

    the maintenance must be done in order to maintain the 10/100 drive train warranty....03 sorie here with 85K on it and no problems..other that fair wear and tear
  • Does the Sorento engine run quietly on hwy & in city streets?

    Is interior cabin quiet during cruising?
  • mine sounds like a "thrashing machine" 3.5 v6, very noisey on accelleration even light accelleration as reported on some consumers road tests, the most noise of any car i have ever owned

    constant ticking at idle and the kia rep would not fix it, called it "normal"

    this vwhicle has been nothing but trouble, wish i had purchased a better vehicle, something like a used "Yugo"
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    same answer like beyond_help for 3.5L V6 in 2003 to 2006 model years. overall, this is a truck based SUV.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    go test drive one..I have an 03 Ex fully loaded and completely happy with it..and 85K on it....yes its a truck based SUV....but I find it no noiser than a Explorer at full acceleration or cruising speed.....
  • it came upon the two year mark for our sorento (a very bumpy road so to speak)

    so i drove to the closest Kia dealer, Alexander Kia in Williamsport Pa.
    99.9 miles away, but only 4 traffic lights and 3 stop signs, LOL !

    the antifreeze flush and fill was $29.98 labor (1/2 labor $60 hour rate) and $11.76 for antifreeze (the green stuff) plus tax

    they also fixed the center dome light problem (diode problem) warrenty

    while i was there i also purchased some extra engine oil filters and drain plug gasgets (real Kia ones)

    about the drain plug gasgets the "MORONS" at Burlington Kia in N.j. sold me after marked drain plug gasgets that were crap poorly made and kept leaking DON'T ever go there or you will be sorry !!

    total time at the Alaxander Kia was 1 hr 10 min and they even wanted to wash my sorento free !

    big thumbs up for Alaxander Kia !

    the same service in N.J. would have cost an arm and a leg ! and would not have been done properly
  • Yeah upscale which means they take it from being affordable to the point where less people can buy one , that is the current vehicles strongpoint it's ultimate affordability . They should worry more about the longterm quality of the vehicle .
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