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Mercedes-Benz SL and SLK (all models)



  • I just put my name on the list for a black 03 SL500 which i will receive in November. Im paying a delivered price of just under $100k. I am able to recieve my car relatively fast because one of my new friend's parents own a Mercedes Dealership and when i found that out i quickly got him to make arrangements for my purchase. I had my name on a waiting list for a CL600 at another dealership for way too long, and i got frustrated and had my name taken off and my deposit refunded. Im getting rid of my old Testarossa due to lack of driving it in favor of an SL i hope to get more use out of. I love the way how people stare at the new SLs as they cruise around, a very classy car indeed. Everyone tells me im buying too many cars too fast, but i try not to listen to them. In the past year or so ive purchased an Escalade,G500, and my H2 which i picked up on friday. My wife hates me for that, but ill let her drive the SL and get rid of my Escalade soon and hopefully she can forgive me.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Must be nice.

  • HSTEI.. I have that address at home in my file cabinet.. I'm at the office now.. I'll look for it and post it in here for all to see. I just found out another bit of disturbing news. A friend of mine that works for the same dealer network that sold me the car told me that Mercedes has SL's lined up at the docks already here in America, but releases them a few at a time to keep demand high. That bites.. but again, capitalism is for the In the end, I honestly have no regrets, especially after seeing base model SL's in Robb Report, DuPont Registry, and e-Bay selling for more than what I paid for mine fully loaded. I can't blame the dealers. I'm a businessman myself, and if I owned a MB or other ultra luzury franchise, I'd do the same thing as long as people were willing to pay for it. I'm still happy.. and driving it to much.. miles.. but oh well.. I didn't buy it to look at it.. I bought it to drive it..:)
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Anyone know if the SL350 is coming here?

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,696
    I believe the last of the V-6 powered SL roadsters was sold here as a 1997 model...I don't think you'll see it again on our shores. The V6 powered SL roadsters have that infamous "sluggish" tag attached to it.

    The price would be way too close to the CLK 55 AMG Cabriolet (now granted that car isn't for everyone). If you want something softer than a CLK 55 AMG, but not as expensive as an SL 500, I'm sure your locar Mercedes-Benz retailer (dealer, center, or whatever they're called these days) will be happy to point you to a CLK 430 Cabriolet (or a CLK 500 Cabriolet next year).

    I don't know...just thinking out loud.

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  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    True, but CLK55 Cabrios are going for 80K, this SL350 would come in at about 70K, just guessing. I think it would work. Lots just want the SL for it's looks and features, not necessarily the hp of the V8s. I think Mercedes should have one more go at a 6-cylinder SL and S-Class in this country, but they new to be with the next generation engine, not the stop-gap enlarged 3.5L version of the current 3.2L V6. There is a new DOHC, 24V V6 coming soon.

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,696
    I also read that the next generation of MB engines will be DOHC 4 valves per cylinder (like they used to be and how I think it ahould be). They should show up relatively soon (next 2 years?) because MB always tests new engines in the current body style before releasing them with the new body style.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    SL350 may be the only chance for customers to experience a six speed manual transmission in this model.
  • Mercedes tends escalates luxury content with engine trim; in that sense I'd wonder about the luxury value of a SL350 if, in addition to engine, it were decontented on interior trim and amenities. Whereas the SL500 is extremely competitive at its MSRP, I'm not sure a SL350 would be nearly as competitive unless the engine were truly the only difference.

    Also, what are the ratings on this 3.5L engine? The SL is a very, very heavy car; what's going to make someone choose it over a SLK320 if the difference is nearly thirty thousand dollars? Yes, the SL would be a better car, but is it that much better? Plus, I remember reading somewhere that the old SL300 was dropped in part because it's higher availability was dragging down dealer premiums on the SL500.

    Personally rather than a SL350 I'd like to see a redesigned SLK with the same powerplant.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,696
    If they do bring the SL with a V6 to our shores, you can bet there will be no available six speed manual transmission.

    sphinx99: I agree with you 100%. You make some excellent points!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    Why not a manual trans?

    MB gave up and offered a manual on the SLK first and then on the C. Very soon, we may see the manuals on the Sl and the new E. This may be part of the whole turning-the-image-around thing.
    Now all MB has to do is develop better manual transmissions than the ones they already have. Maybe by taking some advice from their cross-town rivals, BMW.

    and this sequentronic thing, what kind of trans is it? Like the one on SL55, or is it an SMG type?
  • kdudekdude Posts: 22
    Picked up my SL500 today. Paid MSRP. Another person took delivery of an SL55 while I was waiting for my paper work. He had paid over $174k for it (according to listing on my dealer's monitor)!!
    One interesting point: I have a 21 year old son. He drives a 99 CLK430. I offered him my current/previous 2002 Lexus SC430 as a replacement at no additional cost. He drove it for a week, and turned down my offer! I was driving his CLK (it used to be mine for a few months), and I can not blame him. It is simply a differnet experience. I have only driven the SL500 for a couple of hours, but it seems the CLK is sharper. He test drove the new CLK 500 while we were at the dealer and says it offers a "softer" and less agressive drive than what he has! We are considering placing a deposit for a CLK55 (expected delviery next summer - first ones expected this December).

    SL500 is not as sharp as I had expected. The total experience is fantastic. The Nav system is no-good. It gave me simpy wrong directions when I was driving it home (told me to go south on two occasions on two different freeways, where my home was way north). I hope I did something wrong, otherwise, I know I can not depend on it. Lexus Nav systems is way way better!

    I've also paid 2k for a phone system. You have two choices (here in LA), AT&T or Verizon. The two phone systems are different. You can not change your mind after you buy one, or you are out another 2k!! They are sending someone to my house next Monday to install it.

    Also, they no longer take deposit, even on SL500. According to my guy, they are pre-sold for their next two year's allocation!, and they are turning away people offering less than 10k over. I had said before: something is really wrong here.

    More later..
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Sequentronic is like SMG, a clutchless, converterless manual. They offer it on the C-Class in Europe also.

    The SL350 would be a hit here, right now. People want into an SL and the SL350 would be a much cheaper way. When the new SLK arrives (2004) it will share the same engine and that *might* cause a problem with the SL350 as they share the same showroom space after a few years.

    The SL350 is rated at 242hp and 0-60 in 7.2 seconds. I seriously doubt we'll ever see a true manual in any SL or E-Class here, sequentronic is about as close to that we'll get, if that.

  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    I just stopped by my MB dealer this morning to see if they had an E500 to test drive. I drove the E320 a couple of weeks ago. I have an E500 on order for an early December delivery. None on the lot to drive, but I did take a new CLK for spin. Not the best effort in my opinion. But the real news was a guy was taking home his SL55 and I got a chance to take a look (everyone at the dealer was drooling) and what a machine. The sound of the engine was incredible! I asked my salesman (a friend) what the guy paid, and he after taking a look around, told me his total with state excise and sales tax was just over $196K...I couldn't believe it. Also the owner of the dealership is talking with VW about a Bentley franchise and I asked about the response to the Bentley GT and the same thing is happening. Long waiting lists and years pre-sold. Even for a car that will come in around $160K...I am doing very fine economically, but wow, there is a lot of money being thrown at autos well above the MSRP something I would never do!
  • "The SL350 is rated at 242hp and 0-60 in 7.2 seconds. I seriously doubt we'll ever see a true manual in any SL or E-Class here, sequentronic is about as close to that we'll get, if that."

    That's quite a bit faster than I thought it would be. Perhaps there's a market for it after all. However, I can see the SL350 becoming a thorn in the company's side when it's time for the SLK redesign. In my opinion, MB should push the SLK away from GT and closer to sport, leaving the GT to the SL.

    As for transmissions, I drove a SLK230 with a manual and a 320 with the auto. I liked the auto better. MB seems to have mediocre manuals but best-in-the-world autos.
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104 there any chance for this transmission to make it at the more powerful models? ..namely the SL55?
    Isn't this transmission a sign that MB may be warming up to the idea of manuals? after all, this is a manual transmission, only the clutch is absent.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    That is very true. MB can't do a good manual to save their lives.


    I doubt it, but anything is possible.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    (1) Mercedes has always had great difficulty in matching BMW in the quality and feel of their manual transmissions. Drive a 6-speed M3 or M5 back to back with the SLK320 6-speed and you will see what I mean. To their credit, AMG's automatic transmissions are about the best in the world, performance wise. I have driven the C32 and SLK32 and would put those auto transmissions on par or above the best BMW has to offer.

    (2) The SL generally appeals to an entirely different socio-economic demographic than the SLK. The SLK32 will already outperform the SL500 and damn near the SL55 for about 50% and 30% of their respective cost. Few of my "SL" friends have ever seriously looked at the SLK, except as a curiosity. That said, I think an SL350 with decent performance will clearly give the Lexus SC430 and Jaguar a run for their money.

    (3) An SL55 for $175k+ is a poster child for "more money than brains". As a old timer who was one of the first owners of a 300SEL 6.3, I know how strong the desire to be first can be. But that premium is going to hold up like a bowling ball in a swimming pool. The SL500 is a nice, slightly overpriced, $90k car. The SL55 is probably worth the $28k MSRP premium over the SL500 (considering other AMG and BMW "M" premiums).

    (4) I've taken performance driving courses through BMW and Porsche, and I still can't realistically use more than 80% of the capability of my M5. I wonder how many SL55 buyers paying those premiums could actually drive even a SL500 to its limits? And where? I suspect that an SL55 that gets driven around town is going to have severe engine under exercised health problems in a few years. These are autobahn cruisers that will not hold up well if they never see more than 2,000 rpm at our highway speeds. Just a thought from past experience.
  • Excellent point epn2. In an effort to stem the premature demise of SL55s, I hereby volunteer to drive your SL55 at very high speeds for health reasons. This service is free of charge (although minor fees may apply). Please be prepared to have your sedentary SL55 delivered to my home in Michigan; it will be put through a rigorous SL55 Basic Training; after three months time, your SL55 will be returned to you healthier than ever before. A complementary car wash will be provided.

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