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Toyota Corolla Maintenance and Repair



  • poliva2poliva2 Posts: 25
    There is not one Period or Comma in this Post!!! :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • Its interesting that this problem occurred so soon after replacing the fuel tank...hmmm. If the tanks vent system was kinked or not properly reconnected, the tank would tend to go into a vacuum and thereby starve the engine. Does a big suction sound occur when taking the gas cap off? (test very soon after engine dies). Ive heard of tanks totally collapsing because somebody replaced the old cap with one that was of the wrong type! - (like drinking a pop without stopping). If your car will run fine with the cap off or very loose, you should look into ventilation very much. Some heavy debris from the old tank could be intermittently floating up inside your fuel line toward your fuel filter while fuel flow is active, cut the engine, then drop back down the line allowing to mysteriously restart at idle speed but die at the higher fuel velocities. I would disconnect the fuel line input to the carburetor and pointing it in safe direction watch the fuel stream as you crank the engine over- repair manuals will quote pressures and volumes/time, but, just make sure that it is a robust strong stream (this will probably purge any debris 'floaters' out of your line too). Replace the in-line fuel filter: sometimes you can get ones with a semi-clear body to allow you to see if its clogged. Sometimes the carb has its own fuel filter too; check its inlet screen where the fuel line hooks up for blockage. If the fuel pump is mechanically activated by a push-rod off of the cam, I have seen these rods wear down short and will drive you nuts with fuel problems- compare the rod to a new ones length and you will be surprised at how much it has worn (limiting its stroke/pumping action). If it is an electric fuel pump, check it for loose electrical connections (common!) and just do the visual 'flow' test described above. Water in the gas will stop an engine too; some 'gas line antifreeze additive' aka 'gas dryer' will help with some water contamination. -Good Luck !
  • This sounds like a classical vac line problem for sure to me. I knew a guy who was tortured with these symptoms for years before he finally found out which 'one' it was. I wouldnt try to figure out "which one", I would take a blanket approach to the problem and just replace them ALL in an afternoon, just to be done with it. Be VERY sure to get the proper inside diameter hoses, get a few feet of the various diameters your car requires, and then slowly methodically replace them one by one. They probably needed it anyway, and this will cross that gremlin off of your list if further troubleshooting is required. -Good Luck!
  • Mike,
    I am having the same issue with my 1996 corolla, although we never got to the point of replacing the solenoid. when I realized that the fuse was blown I replaced it, and for the past three weeks have had to continue to do so.
    I spoke with an all asian repair shop ( NOT A DEALER), and they basically told me that there is a short SOMEWHERE (big surprise), between the brake switch and the brake lights themselves. In order to find it the lines have to be thoroughly examined, so that is the point that we are at, when they locate the exact spot, I will post again, and maybe that will help fix your issue. :) Good luck
  • What is the most mileage I can expect to get out of the original clutch on a Corolla? About how much does the clutch replacement run?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Mostly depends on the driver. 150,000 or more should be no problem, but very poor clutch technique can kill a clutch in 3,000 miles or less. I have heard replacement is $1,100 at a dealership, but only around $700 at a good mechanic. Why do you ask?
  • A friend of mine told me around $1200 and I didn't believe him. He also stated about 80,000 to 100,000 miles was about the maximum life. I think your figures are a bit more realistic. I have a 2005 Corolla and got the 5-speed for the mileage benefits. It averages high 30's to low 40's MPG.(I have gotten 44 twice) I think it is the best buy around for combined economy, performance, and reliability.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    "I think it is the best buy around for combined economy, performance, and reliability." I completely agree. I have a '99 LE 5 speed, and I would only replace it (in another 6 years) with another one.
  • I had the same problem with my 2001 toyota corolla. In fact it's at the dealership at this very moment due to the issue. I kept taking it in and they said they could find nothing wrong with it and to keep driving and keep an eye on the oil consumption. Now the crank is gone, number 4 piston is shot and who knows what else is wrong with it. I am not being covered under warranty because they are claiming I "ran it out of oil." This is of course ridiculous. I am now looking at paying out over $3000 for a rebuild. I've seen articles claiming it's a defect in the short block and should be fixed by the manufacturer but the mechanics at the dealership don't see it that way.
  • Hi,
    I had the same problem and your problem is that your altinator is bad. You need a new altinator. My new problem is that I can not start the darn car. If you do the job yourself don't forget to disconnect the battery. I forgot this and got a spark while taking off the old altinator and once I replaced the new altinator I tried to start the car and It would not start. I just got the battery lite on and nothing. No clicks no sound just blanke. I tried to jump it and still nothing. I hope that helps you.
  • I replaced my altinator and while I removing the old altinator I forgot to unhook the battery. I saw a spark and then unhooked the battery and put in the new altinator. After I replaced everything I tried to start the car and nothing happened. I tried to jump it but nothing. No sound, not clicking noise just the battery lite shined brite and nothing else. What could be the problem? Can someone help me?
  • I have an unfortunate situation. The thermostat on my 1999 Corolla is in a very difficult place place to reach. The dealer wanted 300 Dollars just for the Thermostat job and 49 for the Collant Flush. I postponed the Thermostat for next year and just settled for the Collant flush. I had my Thermostat changed 3 Years ago... Any advice??
  • I can understand flushing and replacing the coolant, but why are you replacing the thermostat? They rarely fail. My advice is don't worry about it if there are no other issues like overheating or a coolant leak.
  • I have an 04 Corolla LE and like almost everything except the ugly fake wood trim. I'm starting to talk to service departments about parts needed and labor costs for replacing it with the standard black trim that comes in the CE, but wondering if anyone has had this done.

    Anyone have a general idea on cost? Thanks.
  • Hi, when i close the drivers side and passenger side windows it sounds like they are going to break -i just bought this 2003 corolla LE and love it ---also my engine light went on at 51,460 miles and the book said to see the dealer--any ideas??
    thanks carrie
  • Thank you journeyman7 for your response to my problem. I figured I'd start with the simple stuff first. I added some dry gas and carb cleaner and the car runs fine now. I did check the gas cap as you suggested and it does make the suction noise. (This is probably why I had to have the tank replaced.) I'm pretty sure that the cap is a replacement cap so I'm going to contact Toyota to see if they still make caps for this car. I suppose a junkyard might have one as well.
    I really appreciate your advice. If I have to take it in for service for the same problem, I won't feel clueless.
    Thanks again,

  • My situation:

    *1998 Corolla with 120K miles
    *Was driving in stop & go traffic when smoke suddenly started pouring into passenger cabin.
    *Pulled into a parking lot, opened hood and there was an electrical burning smell (along with lots of smoke).
    *After the smoke cleared, everything looked OK except for the main wire(s) coming from the positive terminal of the battery... all of the wires that are bundled together and connect to the positive battery terminal are burned and melted.
    *Right now, with the battery still connected, the car won't start - and nothing electrical works (even door light).
    *If I hook up a starter battery to the car battery, all of the electrical components (windows, radio, horn, locks, lights, etc) WORK - but when I try to start, the engine makes a clicking noise (doesn't turn over).

    I think it's an obvious short-circuit that caused the wire bundle to fry. The same bundle that comes from the positive terminal of the battery runs along the bottom of the engine block - I'm thinking the wire broke free of a plastic harness/mount, the insulation melted against the engine block, and a short-circuit occurred.

    Ideas? ALSO, does anyone know if changing out the wire bundle that is connected to the positive battery terminal is expensive? I'm hoping the wire was compromised and all I need to do is purchase the same bundle of wires...

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Hey
    I just took my 98 corolla in to have the engine looked at today because it was burning oil like crazy. I currently have to check it every 800-1000 miles. My engine was fine, apparently my car just burns oil. This has been a problem for a couple of years only this past year has been the worst. When i get my oil changed i just buy an extra 5 quart bottle and keep it in my trunk and fill every week the necessary amount.
    I've been told there is not much else i can do.
    (By the way, just had my timing chain replaced in the spring but that is because it is something that needs replacement every 60-70 k miles).
  • My problem is.......When i press on the gas i get a a fluttering sound and when i take my foot off the gas and just coast i get a sort of popping sound. Does anyone know what this could be?
  • Hey ya'll,
    I am a college student loving my 95 corolla automatic but am having some troubles out of it. One day when I was driving home, my interior lights went out. After I pulled over to make sure my exterior lights were ok, my car would not move out of park. So here I am stuck in a dark parking lot and my car stuck. The only way I got it home is that some man was able to yank the gear into drive. Days later I find out that none of my back light come on. I was advised by some other web site it was my brake light switch, but we tried that and my brake lights still don't come on and I still have to yank my gear out of park. What could be the problem? Has any one else ran into this problem and was able to get it fixed. I love my car and really don't want to get a new one, not to mention I don't have money for a new one. Please help!! :sick:
  • Hi everybody, looks like a great forum. I have recently put a transmission in a 87 Corolla. 1.6 FWD . Carburated . Here is my question, this little car ran like brand new before the tranny job. after i finished off the tranny job i started the car up and it runs like crap, wont idle. not much power at all going down the road, the tranny shifts out fine. i have went through the whole car looking for vacum leaks. plugged off the egr all those sorts of things. i dont know where to go next, any help would be greatly appreciated..I might add, this car sat for about a year prior to the tranny swap. Hammer
  • Hi folks,
    I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla CE, with 4 Kumho Touring tires of dimensions 185/65/R14 .

    Can anyone please tell me what should be the tire pressure, I feel my mileage is going down. Its giving me around 22 miles per gallon.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Well i had a very similar problem. One day a cop pulled me over out of nowhere and said i had absolutly no braje lights. I freaked out and took it to my mecahnic, he told me it was my brake light switch. needless to say it wasnt that. I went through at least 6 in about a 2 month period. So my mechanic finally figured out that my car could no longer handle four brake light bulbs (weird enough for ya yet?). So we took one bulb out of each one. A week later they went again. I took it back and my mechanic put repeaters on them and now they work great. Now for your tans the part i belive they put on my car for that is called a sylanoid (check spelling and pronunciation). That is my experiance i hope this helps. Joe
  • toyocoroll95,
    Just went through this with my 96...
    First check your brake light connections. You are going to need to unscrew them from the trunk, and check all bulbs and wires. There was a short in my brake light connection on the passenger side, first bulb in, the wires were fried, and we replaced them with something called a pigtail connector.You are also going to need to replace your 15amp fuse that runs your brake lights, as when there is a short it blows the fuse. This is why the car would not come out of park, there is a safety feature that will not allow you to drive it without brake lights . As a side note, if you are ever in the position that you cannot get it out of park again there is an override button to the right of your shifter, pop the little plastic piece off and push the button in with a screwdriver, and viola :) can shift into drive.
    Hope this helps !!!
  • Hi,
    I just wanted to know if the engine in a 1995 Corolla has the "Toyota" name embossed on it. I am looking to buy a used one, but i saw that the engine in that car does not have a toyota name or symbol on it. Can some one confirm if the 95 corolla engines have the label on them or not.
  • obie2obie2 Posts: 20
    The outside edges of the front tires are wearing out on my '05 Corolla (9000 miles). Has anyone else had this problem? I am wondering if it should be a warranty issue. They are worn completely through the tread.
  • My 1995 5 speed manual transmission just started to jump out of fifth gear into neutral, usually under a bit of load. It's fine in both 3rd and 1st gears. I can't remember the last time the tranny oil was changed and was going to do that. However, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and whether it just needs a linkage adjustment, or a $$$ overhaul?

  • I have a 2000 Toyota Corolla CE, with 4 Kumho Touring tires of dimensions 185/65/R14 .

    Can anyone please tell me what should be the tire pressure, I feel my mileage is going down. Its giving me around 22 miles per gallon.

    Thanks in advance.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    It does not. You can also check the VIN # on the engine - (I can't remember where it is on this generation.)
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    More than likely a worn out synchronizer ring, requiring a rebuild. Probably $500-800. How many miles? This is unusual.
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