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Dodge Ram Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Don't kill yourself trying to "leverage" something for a "once in a lifetime" or "insane" bargain. Chrysler /Dodge may be an exception, but the RAM has commonly sold for 12k off msrp for many years,for an average deal.

    For several years, dealers in Detroit and perhaps other cities were selling them for 50%+ off with employee/family discounts in the may-sept timeframe. The MSRP has recently become even more inflated on the higher end models, and perhaps the lower end making 50% off even less motivational.

    If you really really like and want the RAM, go for a 50% off deal. Just don't get a ticket driving to the dealer for 12000-13000+ off. That has been an average deal for quite some time.

    Chrysler has been shedding employees and in difficulty for quite a while, the build quality and reliability of the vehicles weren't exactly stellar in previous years, much less those with build dates in the last 12 months. The motivation and morale of the employee base may have been less than usual.

    An "insane" deal would have to entail considerably more than 60% off msrp.

    Good luck

    I'm wondering what the lowest price paid for a o frills single cab ram 1500 is. I'm trying to leverage this whole Chrysler bankruptcy in an insane deal on a dodge ram.
    I live in SAcramento CA, and so far the best deal I have found is 14,000.00 before tax+fees (15800 out the door) on a Ram 1500 with an MSRP of 22,170.
    I'm not eligible for the dodge loyalty deal (they could have offered 12500 if i was)...

    so im wondering if anyone has had success getting a better deal, and if someone could point me in the direction of a dealer in CA that can sell one to me for
  • stmfttr05stmfttr05 Posts: 7
    where is this happening? i'm so fed up with the dodge dealers here in new jersey. i'm looking at $44,000 trucks for $34,000- $36,000 and no one wants to deal with me. you say $13,000 off has been going on for years but i cant even get $8,000 off the price. i had an easier time getting $100 off the monthly lease price on a nissan for my wife. i'm looking to pay in cash and trade my jeep and no takers. where do you live, i'm about ready to fly out there for $10,000 off the msrp. sorry just fed up with wasting my time out here. just about ready to give up.
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    I would say $8,000 off a $42k sticker is pretty good. I got supplier discount with my deal. I guess 13k off MSRP could only be in Detroit where eveybody gets a discount. Even with that I bet dealers don't have anyone that can afford a truck in that area with the current econonmy.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I'm not sure I know where its happening. Assumptions of great deals to be had with automakers "in trouble" haven't materialized. With govt cash propping them up, and the most recent situation with chrysler dealers.

    Many Chrysler dealers are bankrupt, the factory (hidden and otherwise ) factory incentives of 8000+ or so per truck may be gone, leaving creditors and dealers with lots full priced vehicles that moved slow for years at $12000 off msrp much less $3000 or so. Obviously with such a situation you would be up in the air over what to do if you were in their shoes.

    Perhaps, just let them sit and slowly let them go for $5000 or so off for a year or so. At 12000 off msrp the avg turnaround was perhaps 120 days, So let them sit for a year and sell off at $6000 off. New production is zero so thats it. Not a great deal on the truck but doable. Lots of bell clanging about 'out of business sales" "once in a lifetime" deals in television ads and such may help, making the $5000 off seem more than it is.

    So beating your head against the wall trying to get an "insane" or even average deal of previous years may be unfruitful. Or premature.

    Good luck

    where is this happening? i'm so fed up with the dodge dealers here in new jersey. i'm looking at $44,000 trucks for $34,000- $36,000 and no one wants to deal with me. you say $13,000 off has been going on for years but i cant even get $8,000 off the price. i had an easier time getting $100 off the monthly lease price on a nissan for my wife. i'm looking to pay in cash and trade my jeep and no takers. where do you live, i'm about ready to fly out there for $10,000 off the msrp. sorry just fed up with wasting my time out here. just about ready to give up.
  • ja812ja812 Posts: 33
    Bought last day of April.
    Listed for 37,950

    Employee disc - 5014
    Dealer Disc - 1576
    Cash Back - 2500
    Dodge Loy - 2000
    Credit Union Dis- 500

    Total Disc - 11590

    Purchased @ Schaefer Beirlien in Frankenmuth,Mi.
    Dealer also threw in 14 oil changes.
    Awesome truck Deep Water Blue w/bucket seats.
    Get compliments everywhere I go.

  • wooglin7wooglin7 Posts: 3
    MSRP: $37,485

    Dealer offer after tax, title etc.: $31,250

    Still debating this offer. There is no more employee pricing and I dont qualify for Dodge loyalty bonus so its really just factory incentive and dealer discount.

    I will definitely pull the trigger if I can get them under 30k.

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Read several of my previous posts. $12000 off msrp was the std discount on these vehicles for numerous years, and definitely they weren't giving them away at that. 7400 off is nothing.

    Look up the trade in value of the vehicle used 08 on This is what your 09 will be worth in 12 months. If it is under 20k you may find paying $10000+ to drive a Ram the 1st 12 months is a bit sobering.

    Good luck

    MSRP: $37,485

    Dealer offer after tax, title etc.: $31,250

    Still debating this offer. There is no more employee pricing and I dont qualify for Dodge loyalty bonus so its really just factory incentive and dealer discount.

    I will definitely pull the trigger if I can get them under 30k.

  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    Since you are not getting loyalty and employee discout and not live in Detroit, I would say it's an OK deal. The '09 is drastically improved from the last 10 year cookie cutter styles.

    If you hold out you might find one of the dealers that are going to lose there franchise that are willing to unload. I am pretty happy with my purchase.

    Good luck.
  • stmfttr05stmfttr05 Posts: 7
    here it is, finally after searching for over 3 months for a truck this is what i got.

    Dodge Ram SLT Crew Cab 4x4
    deep water blue
    protection group
    big horn package
    remote start and security
    3.92 axel ratio
    5.7 HEMI
    chrome side steps
    ram box
    class 4 receiver
    sirius sat radio

    after all discounts final price was $32,998
    savings of $10,307

    this was the best i could get and im happy with the price and the truck. the only thing i didnt get was the mygig, which i read is easily installed aftermarket.
    sad to say i had to go to another state to get this deal, my local dealer wanted to sell me a truck with half the options for $34,000. so for everyone out there, take your time and you will get the truck and deal that you want.
  • brian2009brian2009 Posts: 1
    I'm looking to buy a 2009 Dodge 2500 SLT Quad Cab, 4x4, 6.7 liter diesel with automatic transmission. The MSRP is $49,320.
    What would be a "Good" price to pay for this truck?
    The dealer said the lowest price was $37,000.
    Thanks for your help.
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    Take it. I've seen them as low a $35,000 but there may be differences between what you're lookin at and what I'm seeing.
  • RI32360RI32360 Posts: 24
    I am wondering what I should expect to negotiate off MSRP for a Ram 4x4 TRX 4 (Off Road). I am in the northeast and I found only 1 dealership willing to take $10,000 off MSRP on a $39,500 truck. Several other dealers told me they were not interested if I was expecting that kind of deal. There are no recent posts in this forum and I am wondering if the days of 12 to 13,000 discounts are over. The 10,000 off that I was quoted does NOT include the 4500 CARS discount. Any other experience would be greatly appreciated. Seems to me the dealers are keeping the prices high knowing that the government is throwing 4500 into the deal.
  • You Should be Getting more than 10,000 Off. I'm working on a Deal my MSRP is 48,520 I have been offered 36,560 so far.
    Heres a great Dealer with some Really nice Prices airparkdodgechryslerjeep

    They even post there prices online so Goodluck.
  • I just purchased a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, Crew Cab, 2WD. My truck has the TRX package, and the Ram Boxes, with basic power equipment and premium cloth inside. The MSRP on the vehicle was $37,605.

    Thanks to the great research available on Edmunds (and a few other places), I was able to get this truck for $27,550 - about $75 below the TMV price. AND - they threw in a couple of accessories that weren't already on the truck - running boards and a tonneau cover. The price does reflect the $6000 rebates currently being offered. Clearly, they're still making money on this sale, though they did try and tell me that my specific vehicle had no holdback as it was transferred from another dealer.

    I got this deal at Hendrick Dodge in Cary, NC (suburb of Raleigh). This was my first time using Edmunds and being a firm, but respectful negotiator. I think it paid off very well. The price I got was about $4000 below what they first quoted me, and then about $900 below their second offer.

    In case there's any other newbie negotiators reading this, the main thing besides knowing your prices, is to keep the negotiations for the cost of the car, separate from the cost of your trade, and also separate from the cost of the money.

    Good luck!
  • I recently went into negotiations to get a Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie and talked with the two dealerships that had the versions I wanted. I ultimately ended up getting an Acura MDX as a result of these negotations.

    The first dealer i went to, Christopher Dodge, was really first class. The only thing I was disappointed with was that their two nicest Laramie's were demo's that their managers were driving. Times are tough in the auto industry and I didn't think it made a whole lot of sense for their managers to be driving these cars when they could have been using much less expensive demos. I would rate my overall experience here a B. The only reason I didn't think it was great was because my sales associate was not well educated on the Ram 1500 Laramie and the dealership didn't seem to want me to work with anyone other than the first guy I met. The manager, who I believe was Jeff Baker, was incredibly professional and while we never came to any agreement on a vehicle or price, I felt that the overall dealership experience was first class.

    Now, dealership #2 was Valley Dodge in Boulder. This was a pretty laughable experience. My buddy and I stopped in on a Friday night to check out a Laramie I saw they had online. The dealership was much smaller than anything I had been to previously and had the feel of some rundown used car lot. the appearance of the dealership had little bearing on my overall opinion of it though. I was met by a man named Chuck who identified himself as the manager and set me up with a sales rep. The sales rep was a really nice guy, but just wanted to tell me what a mistake it would be to get any other vehicle than this truck. He knew a lot about the utility value of the truck but didn't have the answers i was asking about the bells and whistles you get when you are buying a laramie, mainly the multimedia console. After my test drive, I was immediately pressured to come in and get a deal done right there. They did an appraisal of my car and drove it around and told me they considered it worth $7500 at trade in. They also told me they wouldn't let the truck go below invoice, but would expect between $500-$1000 above invoice. I said I would get back to them and I did. I called back the very next day and unfortunately Chuck was not available. This is where my experience went from a B to an F. I began talking with the other manager, Tyler Grubich. This kid graduated college in 2004 and in my opinion, is not qualified to be the manager of anything. He told me that they likely couldn't honor the trade in quote the other night and that the only price they would sell the truck for was the posted price they had on craigslist, not a dollar less. I asked him about what the other manager had told me and he said I should just come in so he could see my vehicle. I agreed to come in and after checking out my vehicle, was told they would only credit it at $6300. They then told me they could get me out the door at $33,000 before tax tag and title. This was essentially the first real offer they made to me. I came back to them with $32,500 and he went back to the back room and sent out his finance manager. While they were gone, i noticed the dealer fee of approximately $490. When this finance manager, who was a total character and funny in a really bad way, came out to talk to me, I explained to him that I would not pay more than $32,100+dealer fee+tax. He immediately pressured me into signing that number, and as an attorney, I'm sitting there laughing to myself wondering why this guy cares if I sign my name next to a #. It just left a bad impression overall in my mouth. He should have just gone back and asked if he could get it done. He came back and said that it couldn't be done and I ended up just getting up and leaing. I left so fast I left my registration on the sales rep desk, and like I said, this was a nice guy and he ran out to give it to me. The next day I had to decide on the MDX or their truck and I wrote an e-mail to Tyler, the manager through nepotism (his dad owns the dealership). I said, I will come in and buy the car for $33,000+tax if the $33,000 includes dealer fee and to not call me back unless this # works for you and that he had until 6pm to do so. For whatever reason, he read this and thought it meant, call me back and try to negotiate some more and let me know that I wouldn't get his truck for less than $33,000+dealer fee+tax. I hung up immediately and got ready to off to Acura. I called them back one more time at 6pm to give them one final chance at $33,200+tax, they refused. This offer was $300 less than their initial offer so clearly Tyler has no idea how to negotiate. I ended up buying my MDX that night and couldn't be happier with the purchase. The very next day, they have a sales rep call me up and ask me if I am still interested. Were they trying to imply that I was lying to them about buying the MDX that night? It was incredibly offensive. I should also mention that this entire week, they have sold one car according to their website inventory. ONE CAR and they tried to strong arm me over $300 and pressure me with numerous old school tactics. It's really laughable and a carnival over there. I felt really bad for the sales rep who called me because he sounded really disappointed and the managerial staff really screwed him out of a sale. I hope Greg Grubich gets around to reading this and does some managerial re-organization.

    If anyone wants more details on the specific #'s involved I would be happy to pass them along or any questions regarding this dealership, feel free to contactme through edmunds.

    Stay away from Valley Dodge. I highly recommend you take your business to Christopher Dodge World.

    Note: I did not visit any other Dodge dealerships in the Denver area because they had no Ram 1500's I was interested in. I am sure they are all run better than Valley Dodge though.
  • m10rm10r Posts: 1
    Here is the deal I am contemplating. Any words of encouragement/discouragement would be appreciated.

    Dodge Ram SLT Crew Cab 4X4
    Deep Water Blue
    3.92 Axle Ratio
    Chrome side steps and bed rails
    Luxury Group
    Technology Group
    Remote Start
    5.7 Hemi
    uconnect phone

    MSRP: $42,250

    Deal: $31,915 plus taxes, tags, etc.
  • these guys are killing me......the dealer i bought my 04 1500 called me said they had a nice 09 2500 in stock with a boss v 8.5 and would by my 04 back in trade...
    sticker is 41.385 for a not very loaded slt +++++ 6700 for the plow grand total 49.000,,,,,,, ok so i get them to give me 12.000 off the 49 ==37k wow thats high but i think im doing good.... do a little research find out these trucks are only about 36.500 blade about 4.500. so i search the web for this truck find it at the dealership it was brought down from, so i call this dealership knowing the truck is not there but just to see something,,, dealer says yes i am looking at it right now thru my window and there is a fellow looking at it as we speak(thats odd i know the truck is right down the street from me because i just looked at it 15 minutes ago) anyways i ask him what the price including the blade........he says 41.385 ok so were did the extra 6700 for the blade go no it is included in the price he says the truck was 36.500 he added the blade and now wants 41.385 for a car that is not on his lot i call back my buddy and say whats the deal your trying to get me for an extra 6700 that has already been factored into the price 36500+6700=roughly 41.385
    so anyways what should i be paying for a 2009 dodge ram 2500 quad 4x4 slt missing some options like runners, clear. lites,
    i am thinking 29.000 out the door is a fair price including the blade
    the problem is everyone is at rock bottom the best line of them all "im not even making anything on this deal" we just need to move it........
    any help would be appreciated basically what is a good price and is 12.000 off the msrp to much to ask right out of the gate
  • Anyone recently price a 2010? I have seen the posts here where people have gotten over 10k off, but that's on a 2009. I am looking at a 2010 Laramie with a MSRP of $48,135. The dealer without negotiating gave me a price of $42,500, I asked if he could do better, he came back with $41,500. This includes the $2500 rebate. Dealer is located on Long Island. Any thoughts on these numbers?
  • I have been looking into some of the new 2010 2500 diesel bighorn editions crewcab short bed 4x4. The lowest price I have been offered is 46000? I am looking for a better deal than this. I have offered as much as 43000 but no takers. How much should I pay for this model? Anyone price any of the new models?
  • Back in Feb 2008 I leased an 2008 Ram 1500 TRX4. I got in to a 27 month 12k a year lease, no money down, they paid first payment for $339 a month which included tax. I think after all the rebates my MSRP was around $26,000 and my residual value after the lease is up in May is $18,500.

    I'm now looking at leasing again and know that things have changed quite a bit since Feb 2008 both with the economy and leasing.

    I'm just curious if anyone has leased a 2010 Ram 1500 SLT or TRX4 and what type of lease payment you ended up with. I'm trying to find something in the $339 range including tax with nothing down and at least 12k a year for miles. The dealership I leased this truck from said they can't get me in to a comparible truck for $339 a month anymore.
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    I priced out a 2010 Laramie MSRP $47,980. I am at $39,563.

    Still working on the trade delta.
  • gege7754gege7754 Posts: 6
    Hi there,

    2010 Ram 1500 Crew Laramie 4x4
    Bucket Seats
    Media Center
    ParkView Rear Back Up Camera
    32-Gallon Fuel Tank
    Rear-Seat Video System
    Under Rail Bed Liner
    Class IV Hitch

    Net MRSP $47,545

    With the $2,500 incentive released in the last day or so, TMV is suggesting a shade under $42,600.

    I have not gone to a dealer this a good price or should I be aiming for better? Thanks vm
  • Forget the 2500 quad, ended up getting a 2009 MEGA cab msrp $47k for $31.500 out the door..........the deals are out there you just have to shop EVERY DEALER i shopped as far as Texas, dealers will deliver and pick up your trade without even looking at it.........DON'T GIVE UP I BELIEVE 10K IS A GOOD STARTING POINT MAYBE EVEN 15K THEN YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH 10-12K OFF MSRP.......THEY NEED YOU YOU DON'T NEED THEM..........
  • shawnh3shawnh3 Posts: 1
    2010 Ram 1500 TRX
    32Gallon Fuel Tank

    MSRP: $35,500
    Purchase Price: $26,800 + tax & title
    I also purchased the added care plus lifetime warranty for $1335
  • 2010 Ram 1500 SLT Crew Cab 4X4
    5.7 HEMI MDS VCT
    Big Horn Package
    Deep Water Blue Pearl
    Premium Cloth Bucket
    Remote Start w/ Security Group
    20" x 9" Aluminum Chrome Clad Wheels
    Class IV Hitch

    MSRP: $40455

    Deal: $31500 (not including TTLF)

    I also got the lifetime warranty ($1995) and 1.9% interest. I had an already pre-approved loan from my bank but they wouldn't match/beat the 1.9% interest. Price included a $3000 rebate and a trade-in of my damaged 2004 Dakota Club Cab SLT V6 4X2 (would have required $4000 to fix based on estimates from separate body shop). KBB had appraised my Dakota as "poor" value. Fair value would have been about $5400.

    So considering that I needed a bigger truck for the family and the repair costs associated with the Dakota, I think it was a good deal for me.

    One thing I found surprising is that my auto insurance only went up by $2 from the Dakota to the Ram.
  • pd2icepd2ice Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    2010 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Crew 4x4

    Deep Blue water blue
    5.7L V8 Hemi
    Sport Group/Sport Performance Hood
    Remort Start& Security Group
    Power Sunroof
    Package 26L Sport
    Luxury Group
    Navigation/backup camera
    Mopar Chrome side step
    Leather trimmed bucket seat

    MSRP $47,290

    $35,500 not including (doc fee $129 and tax). The dealer gave me military discount and installed tghe bedliner for free. I've been shopping around for 2 months throughout the noreast area. (NY,CT,NJ,PA). I've fallen for couple of bait and switch. Finally found the truck I wanted and it was hastle free thank GOD.
  • 70dodge70dodge Posts: 2
    SLT , Quad Cab , only extras were the towing package equipment. $23,300 after all the rebates and incentives. Baltimore , MD.
  • Im interested to get either crew cab or quad cab SLT (whichever cheaper). Anyone in Socal could get 1 for under 22k plus ttl recently?
  • 2010 Dodge Ram Big Horn Edition Crew Cab 4x4 with 5.7 L. Hemi Engine

    Austin Tan Pearl
    Premium Cloth Seating package
    Remote Start/security
    20" Wheels with 9" OWL Tires
    Luxury Package
    Technology Package with Alpine Stereo and Park Assist
    Protection Package
    Class IV Hitch

    MSRP $40,450
    After Discounts and Rebates I paid $29,600 before trade
    Was given $4200.00 for 2004 Chevy Venture Van in trade
    $25,400 after trade
    2.69% Finance for 72 Months
    We paid cash for taxes, fees, etc
    Did not buy any extended warranty
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