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Infiniti G35 Coupe



  • panterapantera Posts: 1
    Don't know if you are still out their vipbarr, but you are not the only one who has had brake/wheel problems. I have a 2004 G35C, and the defective vehicle has been in the dealer service shop 6 times (at a rate of 37 accumulated days) with less than 13000 miles and the service shop has continually consulted Infiniti representatives without yielding a remedy for the problem.

    BTW, I purchased the vehicle in VA and wrote a letter to Infiniti Consumer Affairs invoking the lemon law. An Infiniti Representative told me yesterday that "Infiniti is not in a position to buy back the vehicle," even though I never asked for Infiniti to, and only asked that Infiniti replace it with a comparable nondefective vehicle. I cannot believe I have had this much trouble with a vehicle not only in this price range, but it is also supposed to be new. In addition, the Representative failed to address the fact that my vehicle has been in the shop more that it has been on the road and I have had to pay the car note and waste my time going back and forth to the shop.

    ">link titleThis lemon should be the poster child of Buyer Beware! Any advice from vipbarr or others would be appreciated.
  • Queaky wheel gets the grease.... Keep after them! Threaten civil lawsuits. Call, letters, emails, faxes... to dealer, Infiniti, governemnt, do posts on here NAMING the dealer, etc.... Keep it truthful and/or state your opinion but GO PUBLIC and tell the world. Infiniti will take notice. A friend of mine just had his big BMW bought back from BMW but not before having to hire an attorney. However, attorney was able to get him enough (even after attorney fees) that he basically drove the car for free the last two years (aside the fact it was in the shop 50-60 days). He is out here in Cali so that won't help you but I would look for a local attorney familiar with lemon laws. Check the web. I should say I am an attorney so am probably more comfortable and supportive of hiring attorneys than others. If you want to be the squeaky wheel hire a professional! A good attorney will get it resolved for you! Good luck!
  • carjimcarjim Posts: 155
    This response from Infiniti, "Infiniti is not in a position to buy back the vehicle," is the same old smug, condescending attitude that would cause me not to buy a G35. At present I have driven a new BMW 330 and the G35 back-to-back, so I am in the market.
    I said, "old...attitude" because all of you will remember Toyota/Lexus had the nerve to blame their engine design flaw on their loyal customers when the engines developed sludge. Even when customers who produced their records and receipts proving they had followed the schedules to the letter, they would not acknowledge a problem. That nixed Toyota for me.
    Well, Infiniti could shoot themselves in the foot right here.
  • Hey guys, I have a question that I really hope can be answered (even an estimate) because I am seriously considering trading in my 2004 FX45 with every option besides the DVD entertainment for a fully loaded manual 2005 G35 coupe. I want to ask what you guys think I will lose if I do the trade in right now. Regardless of whether I do the trade in, I will be selling the car in May 2007. I have been looking at and here to look for resale values and I suspect that by 2007, my FX45 will be worth around 35k and the G35 will be around 29k (by looking at the resale of 2004 G35 and 2003 FX45). Does this look accurate to you guys? If these seems right, I will be thinking that I will be losing an extra 6k if I change the FX for the G35. Thanks in advance.
  • jayellesevenjayelleseven Posts: 150
    Hey, im serious bout this, i wanna distinguish my car from ALL the rest, n im willing to spend the $$ for it! Lamborghini doors please, info ppl!!
  • colonel35colonel35 Posts: 108
    A whopping 3-second google trick did the job: Sounds cheap, and I'd be concerned about the safety and proper operation of the doors after such a mod. Another vendor's ( - erId=596) door hinges--33 times the price of the first--suggests these might be more quality, but, hey, 'tis the price of "distinction."
  • dbsa35dbsa35 Posts: 1
    Wondering if anyone has noticed the same problem as me? I have an '04 auto coupe and sometimes when I am driving on level surface at constant throttle, the car hesitates for a fraction of a second and then goes to back to normal.
    It feels like the gearbox thinks about changing, hestitates for a fraction of a second and then doesn't change. Anybody else seen this or have anyidea what may be casuing it? I understand the G35 has a "fly-by-wire" throttle and thought maybe there was a fault in the switch.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, dbsa35,

    Another place you might want to ask about this is in the Infiniti G35 Owners: Problems & Solutions discussion. The folks there might have some answers for you.


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  • jayellesevenjayelleseven Posts: 150
    NICE, thanks colonel, the doors like pretty nice. It will definitely distinguish my ride from the rest... And as for the other post that was up here, man Im not 16 but 19! And I WOULD spend the money on those doors, there's nothing wrong with them, its not like im putting a HUGE spoiler on it and racing down the streets like other young guys Still i got a fly whip, jus need a fly chic 2 compliment it...
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    LOL I love your posts. :P I am thinking of buying a G35 coupe, black, with no spoiler. I think the spoiler ruins the lines of the car.

    If I was 19 and had a G coupe with 300 horses, I would be dead long ago :P
  • CRJCRJ Posts: 15

    I currently lease a G35 coupe and I was wondering if someone can tell me if Infiniti will expect an OEM windshield as a replacement? Will they consider replacement with a non-OEM part excess wear?

    Last week I was driving on the highway and a stone cracked my windshield. I contacted my insurance company and they recommended Safelite to repair it since it was smaller than a dollar. Safelite tried to repair it but it didn't work, so they offered to replace the windshield. I asked for an OEM replacement, which I waited about a week for, but they replaced it with a PPG #FW02367. The person who replaced it did a great job, but I now realize that PPG is not the OEM part. After driving today I also noticed some distortion and rippling in my line of sight. I'm going to call Safelite on Monday to see about replacing it again, but would like to hear some opinions on OEM versus non-OEM windshields, especially on a lease.

  • Darn it frisco but I have to agree with you. The G is one of the first cars ever, in my opinion, that looks much better withOUT the rear spoiler. I think I am just getting old to think it but I guess another old guy agrees. I got mine without the spoiler as I really like the lines without it. If I was 19 and had a G coupe I would be _______ ______ A LOT! :)
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    LOL Larry!!! ;)

    The spoiler is large and completely changes the look of the car. :cry: The coupe looks great without the spoiler, I especially like the black exterior. :shades:
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I have come to a decision, I am going to buy either a G35 coupe or a BMW 330ci. What a great delima! :shades:
  • I had that same dilema, couldnt resist the coupe, a couple other factors but yeah it was pretty much BMW or Infiniti. Ah, if your from Cali, get the Beemer, that way my G35 Coupe wont be too common, or get the Coupe, then ill get them Lambo doors! N my fly spoiler, that was free! will still be tight fellas!!
  • jetta6ajetta6a Posts: 33
    2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe & Sedan
    With a major facelift in 2005, the Infiniti G35 eases into the 2006 model year with minor changes and a new exterior color: Liquid Platinum. Changes to the Sedan are few and far between with Bluetooth® hands-free phone system and satellite radio being added to its Premium packages. The Coupe, though, gets a few nice wrinkles. The two most significant additions: the Intelligent Key and Rear Active Steer (technology already in the M45) will be available as options. According to Infiniti, the “system’s electronic control unit calculates the desired vehicle dynamics from a series of sensors, including vehicle speed and steering angle, and directs the system actuator to change rear geometry by moving both rear suspension lower links.” The Premium Package, at least for the AT, now includes Intelligent Key, Bluetooth®, driver’s seat and steering wheel memory, and automatic entry/exit assist. At this point it is unclear if the Intelligent Key will be available on the 6MT Coupes. All Coupes with the Sport-Tuned Suspension Package will have a unique front fascia, side sills and newly designed optional rear spoiler (standard on 6MT models). Project-beam bi-xenon headlights, vehicle-speed-sensitive power steering, and 15.1:1 steering gear ratio are now standard as are redesigned taillights and aluminum accent rings on the door panel speakers.
  • Can Bluetooth be easily added to a 2005?
  • jetta6ajetta6a Posts: 33
    There are aftermarket Bluetooth kits for your car.
  • klei14klei14 Posts: 9
    i am considering purchasing a 2005 G35 coupe and haven't found any info on the 2006 G35
    Where did you get that info?

    Does anyone know when i can get an 06?

    thanks Tom
  • Whew, I am actually relieved. If infiniti had increased horse power by another 20 hourses as they did last year, I would be really pissed that I did not wait to get a 06.

    The other features I can do without, even though bluetooth would be nice.
  • sd_diversd_diver Posts: 20
    The other features I can do without, even though bluetooth would be nice.

    Unless of course you have verizon service. Seems that their Bluetooth phones (like the Treo 650) don't play well with the M class. If the G has the same Bluetooth chipset, probably will have the same problem. According to my dealer, there is a class action lawsuit starting up against Verizon...
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Hi, Tom,

    They're talking about this in the G35: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion here:

    Is it better to wait for the 2006 G35?

    Read the post and responses for info on when the car will be available.


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  • Hey, where'd you guys get all that info on the new Coupe, does anyone have any pics, im interested in those new tail lights, they already look flawless on the Coupe...!
  • 4444444444 Posts: 8
    as message #2029 wrote there is some changes but not enough to pay for. You would be well advised to buy either the 2005 coupe or wait for the 2007 GTR it will have a bigger back seat (leg room) plus++++.
    I do not know the options you want #2032 KLEI14 but if you go with a 2005 I went with the tiptronic,sport suspension pkg., premium pkg. aero pkg.$550,
    splash guards and trunk mat. MSRP is $38,250.00 Dealers are definitely dealing
    some on these coupes I was out the door. for $33,500.00 Now the state I live in
    has only 3% sales tax on cars which is great I general pay half or less then most states. I do not work anymore and I helped my aunt in Kansas and told her to pay no more then a certain number but to go
    after this lower number
    she showed her paper to the salesman and said her nephew said this is all I should pay.MSRP was 33,450.00 invoice $30,721.00 out the door for $25,471.00 if you need any help e-mail me through edmunds
  • niceg35niceg35 Posts: 6
    33,500 OTD. Thats a great deal. :D Please post the dealership or website where one can get such a great deal. The best I have seen is 34500 plus all taxes and fees.
  • snailsnail Posts: 7

    I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm also in kansas and was wondering where your aunt went to purchase her G35 to get that deal.
  • duntov7duntov7 Posts: 4
    Any suggestions as to best buying sources for Winter Tire / Wheel Sets for the 2005 Infiniti Sport Coupe (automatic)?

    Such as ASA JH3 17" Wheels, and Pirelli Snows 225/50-17 Fronts, and 235/50-17 Rears....for Toronto, Canada.
  • ej1111ej1111 Posts: 48
    44444- please post some more details about the deal you negotiated if you dont mind. Appreciate it!
  • rocaroca Posts: 8
    Does anybody know how does TPMS work? I plan to change my OEM wheels and I have no clue what to do with this TPMS.
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