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Ford Mustang (2004 and earlier)



  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Had one of the two turn signal bulbs blow on the right tail light of my 2000 Mustang convertible. Opened the trunk, popped out the trunk liner and couldn't figure out how to get the bulb out. Went to the owner's manual and it stated "to change tail light bulbs take the car to a qualified repair shop". Guess what...they had to unbolt and drop the entire tail light fixture to change the bulb! Wow...hope they are using long life bulbs!

    I wonder if the people who design these things ever have to fix them.
  • Just advance your timing to 12-14 degrees and run 93 and you won't have a problem and you'll gain a little power. This is just as bad as the whole 5w20 thing...
  • The best picture that I have seen was on the Ford website at: After getting to that page go to the bottom and click on the "2003 auto show"link and it will show all of Fords concept cars at the Detroit Auto show. The picture is a concept but is 90% final (I was told some of the "toys" may be added or removed) but besides that this is it. I was also told that they will not be out until June 2004, but I think its worth waiting for. May I remind you this is a GT and the price should be similar to past GT's, from what I was told. As I was reading other peoples questions I kept hearing about a Mercury version. If mercury can survive over the next few years they might have a car that is similar to the Mustang. At the Auto Show they had a Mercury Messanger (also on the ford site), the car is strictly concept, as of now there is no discussion of production. The car looked like it could go for around $35,000-45,000 easily, But who knows. Have a good time looking at the pictures.
    Few pics over there. I tried and tried to find something else that would fit my wants and wasn't a Mustang but there it is :). I looked at 87-89 300zx turbos and 87-90ish rx-7 turbos. The 300zx turbos were hard to find and every one I did find was beat to hell. The rx-7 turbos were even harder to find and their reliability scared the hell out of me. There were a bunch of other kind of cars I considerd and shot down without ever driving before I settle back on the Mustang.

    I decided if I did have to buy a mustang it atleast had to be a coupe just so it would stand out a little in the sea of mustangs(notice my dad's 02 GT's tail light poking out in one of the pics) :). Took me awhile to find a really nice clean one that wasn't way over priced but I am happy I took my time. This one isn't perfect but the few problems it does have pretty much all fox body stangs have, cheap interior parts, and are fairly easy and cheap to fix. Its an 89 and I paid $3500 for it with 133k miles on it. I haven't driven it a lot yet since it been nasty out but it is a lot of fun and has plenty of power. Its going to be my summer only fun car.

    It already has headers, off road H-pipe, 3.73:1 gears, performance clutch, and a aftermarket short through shifter. Next up are summer only tires and sub frame connectors.
  • well, presently im in the market for a new Ford Mustang GT. I was gonna wait til november of 2003 to purchase - but it looks like i should just wait for this new one to come out.

    I went to the NAIAS show in Detroit to see the concept first hand - and I have to admit - that retro throwback styling is great. Even though I do like the current mustang's design too. When i first saw the convertible concept, I was very much disappointed - but the coupe concept is just great. (I never really like convertible stylings)...

    I think the car should come out april 2004,(as a 2004 1/2 model) to mark the 40th birthday of the mustangs introduction back in the worlds fair - and not wait til the summer or the fall.

    I just hope Ford keeps the mustang within reach of the average joe, and doesent put that 400 HP engine in there - i mean 400 HP?

    The mustang was never meant to be the fastest car on the market - its market segment is and always has been, a great, racy looking coupe with decent performance above a normal car, that is affordable and insurable - that you can use for daily driving and picking up the groceries.. save that 400+ HP engine for the niche market SVT cobra...
  • checkmecheckme Posts: 73
    I love the convertible- to me, it looks even better than the coupe.
  • jeffer2jeffer2 Posts: 35
    I have the stock 16 wheels on my 03 V6. If I switch to 17s will that make my speedometer inaccurate?
    Mind you I think it may be off as it is now.

    No problems with the car. 2500 miles in 2-1/2 months and I have not had to take it to the dealer for any problems.
    Thanks for the help. - Jeffer2
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,882
    personally I can't conceive of buying a hardtop Mustang. I've always been partial to Mustang 'verts. Owned one, may buy another.

    April 2003 will be the intro date of the new production Mustang. The should be in showrooms.
    by late spring or summer '03. The 64 1/2 designation was never actually used by Ford Motor.
    Those early Mustangs had data plates and titles that said they were officially 1965 models.

    I was wondering wether history would repeat itself in '03. I imagine the early ones will officially be "2004 Mustangs" but we can call them 2003 1/2s.

    Happy anniversary Ford Mustang!

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • ambullambull Posts: 255
    I thought it was 2004 April 2003 is in just three months!
  • Also, I just switched to Mobil 1 synthetic at 5000 miles and the engine sounds and runs great with it. I ain't looking back!

    Have you guys heard of the dust covers you can get for your K&N filters? I hear that some are using them not for dusty situations but just to improve filtration quality. Here is the link, let me know what you think!
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,882
    It will be April'04 the 40th anniversary of the public intro of the original Mustang ( the day after ny 21st birthday).

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • As long as you have the same overall outside diameter wheel/tire combo, your speedo will be fine. I went from 225/55/16 to 245/45/17 (16x7 to 17x8) which equaled everything out.

    thedarkwolf... you have a good start. I have a stock black hood laying around if you're interesting in losing the red on yours. I also have some other stuff for sale from my GT hehe... anyway, get rid of the yellow headlights and at least get some caps and you'll be off to an even nicer car. It also looks like you have an Edelbrock throttle body, probably either 65 or 70mm. Also 9mm ford racing wires and possibly some underdrive pullies.
  • I don't either. I'd try and take it off but I am affraid it would just mess things up even more. I was hopping to find a stupid kid with a black stang that would like to trade :). If your near the South West corner of Wv I'd consider buying yours. I don't want to ship one though.

    It does have atleast an underdrive crank pully on it. I forgot to mention that. I know my lights dim a good bit at idle. I have been assuming the TB was stock and its just an Edelbrock sticker on it but who knows. The last owner didn't know anything about what had been done to the car and I am not super familiar with mustangs yet myself.

    BTW do you know anybody that sells just the center caps? Aftermarket? I figure a Ford dealer can get them but probably charges a decent amount for them.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    So how do you REALLY feel? ; )

    Anyone know if the new Mustang will properly be an '04 or an '05 model? I trust it'll be a 2005, just like the original was a 1965. I'm nothing if not a sucker for historical symmetry...

  • checkmecheckme Posts: 73
    If it was a 2005 model, the Mustang will be a "40 year old car". I personally would not emphasize this when introducing a new model. I'd call it a 2004 and play down the 40th Anniversary- everyone knows that the Mustang has a ton of heritage; we don't need to pile it on and make the car look dated just as a new model is hitting the streets.
  • john_324john_324 Posts: 974
    Re the K&N filter cover, 'Flag wouldn't that just restrict airflow, probably to the point where you're negating any benefits of the K&N? You'd probably be better off just going with the stock paper filter in that case...

    If you're not going off-road, do you really need the extra filtering capacity anyway?

    I've never heard of anyone using one on a Mustang. But my experience is admittedly limited.
  • I live in central PA. I have a friend that ships on a regular basis and I could get you a shipping quote, just email me with your address. I don't want much for it at all since it's just sitting around collecting dust as i've had my Cobra R hood for over a year. The reason your charging low is due to have the full pully set with the alternator pulley. I can tell by the bronze of the alternator pulley that it has the full set. You'd be running a different size belt than stock if it just had the crank pulley. To make sure that it's not just a sticker on the throttle body, take off the inlet tube and look at the bronze butterfly inside the TB and it should say edelbrock. If it's stock, it'll have a sticker on the TB that says something to the effect of not being able to clean it blah blah.
  • I e-mailed you and I will check the TB out as soon as it gets above freezing :).
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Ditch the K&N setup thats on there, go for a March ram air or anything that gets the filter into the fender. Nothing I hate worse than seeing an air filter sucking up warm engine compartment air. :)
  • Hi Everyone...

    I have just purchased a black 2000 Mustang GT this week. Living in the cold and snowy Great White North, I have been told that it would be best to purchase a set of snow tires for the vehicle. Here is where my problems start!

    When I was test driving the car, I went to a highly respected tire shop in my area and asked them about snow tires for the vehicle. They told me that, for this vehicle they would put P205-65-15 tires on my car along with new 15 inch steel rims. However, when I called them back after purchasing the car (about 3 days later), they informed me that they were out of steel rims right now.

    Armed with the tire and rim size, I went to my local Canadian Tire Shop. When I asked them about the 15 inch rims and tires however, they told me that the tires wouldn't fit on my car. When I went home, I then called the customer service people at "The Tire Rack", and they told me the same thing, that 15-inch steel rims would not fit on the 2000 Mustang GT because of the sixe of the brakes/calipers. It this true? I mean, I have read alot about the tire rack, and the gentleman I spoke to sounded like he knew what he was talking about. I just wanted to know if anyone out there has any suggestions on what Tire size and rim size to buy, and also if anyone else has had problems trying to fit 15 inch steel rims/winter tires on their vehicles. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!
  • Oh yeah... one last thing... the tires I currently have on my vehicle are Goodyear Eagle ZR 45's -- 245-45-17. When I called Ford Canada to ask them about compatible snow tires they were absolutely clueless... the dealer told me to call Ford Canada and Ford told me to call the dealer!!

    I did however find out that the Base Mustang comes with the P205-54-15 sized tires on an alloy rim (this is the exact tire and rim size that I want my snow tires to be). When I asked them if the brake system was any different from the Base model to the GT, they said no. So I then asked them if it was possible that a 15-inch alloy rim would fit, while a 15-inch steel rim would not, and they said that, yes, this was possible. They said that alloy rims and steel rims are totally different, and while a 15 inch alloy rim might fit, a steel rim might not. Please help!
  • Correction... the base mustang comes with 205-65-15 sized tires
  • jeffer2jeffer2 Posts: 35
    Congrats on your Mustang purchase and welcome to the board.

    I don't have any personal experience with Tire Rack, but I know many people here have. In fact whenever someone has a question related to winter driving, other Stang owner recommend going Tire Rack for a set of Bridgestone Blizzarks.
    I went to and searched for your car, and only 16 and 17 inch alloy wheels and tires came up. So perhaps you can't even put steel wheels and 15s on a GT. I have a V6 so I can't help you there.
    Others will probably have more info for you.
    - Jeffer2
  • Definetly forget about those 15's. It'll look awful as well. Just keep the stock wheels and throw on the Bridgstone Blizzacks. They are amazing and will do you fine, well, as good as that car is going to do.
  • gt4megt4me Posts: 58
    *Pushes to front of line* MOVE OUT OF CANADA EH?!


    But seriously, Blizzacks are nice. And if you strike out there, I can sell you a few links of chain...

  • you tell 'em. If they want the bubble stuff, there are a zillion cars with that styling out there, don't bring down the Mustang.
  • they don't fit our models and Zues said they are not a good idea. I emailed Mobil 1 to get their perspective and they said they think the K&N is the best air filter on the market. That's a pretty good endorsement!
  • NSORICNSORIC Posts: 33
    click on the following link to read about my experiences with swapping out my factory 245/45HR17's for a set of Blizzak MZ-01 225/55-QR16's...
  • Personally, I have quirky tastes.

    I find the 5-door Saab 9-3 hatchback a very cool looking car. I like the looks of the Passat station wagon, and think that the new Mazda RX-8 and 6s are tres cool...

    With all my sissy platitudes out of the way (couldn't resist) I must say that the new Mustang is THE MOST IMPRESSIVE design Motorica Americana has given us in a long, long time.

    This car is instant classic and might give me a reason to buy American again, something I never thought I would do.

    Then again, the proliferation of 18-year old trust fund swags who tool around the beaches in Mustang converts might ruin a good thing. Guilt by association is a tough thing. Accords and Jettas may not have the sex appeal of the new Mustang, but anonymous driving does have some advantages.

    At least Ford didn't drop the ball on this revisioning of the Mustang. They somehow distilled everything good about the classics and infused that raw look with a serious shot of modern automotive technology. Way to go Ford!

    Personally, I am not sure a coupe is my best choice for everyday transport. Not sure what a Mustang gets for mileage, but I wanted to go up, not down, with my new car purchase.

    I am awaiting the BMW 1-series, being a fan of Tuetonic precision and understated designs...but I could see myself in the new Mustang, which for a Euro-hag such as myself, says quite a bit. At least, I think so.

    Keep the faith, ignore the happy that you aren't in love with the new Cadillacs...yuck, what is wrong with GM?
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