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Infiniti G35 Accessories and Modifications



  • Andy,

    did you need to get any special cables to integrate the Parrot with the factory stereo? I have heard that an special cable is required if the car has the bose stereo?

    also, where did you have it installed? Dealer?
  • you know theres a couples sites that sell Sat radio kits so you dont need a sat radio adapter. Like i believe. And what i want is to install a PSP onto that part of the center console. Anyone know how I could get one wired from the Sony products (only USB and headphone jack output/input slots) to some tvs in the back?? aka LCD screens on headrests....? let me know_
  • Hello, I have Lojack on my '04 G35 coupe. I also have the early warning Lojack. I highly recommend the early warning upgrade in addition to the Lojack. It costs another $300, but it makes more sense. If you go on the site, you will see all the information on each of their upgrades.
  • como2como2 Posts: 2
    I have a '03 G35 with the Navigation System. I find it very limited because you can't enter information while driving. The dealer has told me there is a new disk available for $250 that supposedly permits you to enter information while driving. Has anyone upgraded to the new navigation system? If so, was this feature available? Is there a cheaper place to buy the upgrade disk other than the dealer?

    Thanks for any information.

  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    I'm interested in the answer here as well. I have a new 2005 G Coupe but I checked and the DVD is last years version. There is a new DVD out, (as of Oct 05 I think) but as far as I know it only updates roads and PI's.

  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    4000 miles now on my 2005 G Coupe (auto trans). In 60 days the winter tires will come off. I used the original 17 in wheels for the winter tires. I went with 17’s because they offer better traction in ice and snow and a slightly softer ride for this guy (me, an aging motoring enthusiast with a bad back).

    I’ve driven a lot of different cars, most recently a Porsche Boxster and I have to say I am absolutely delighted with the Coupe. Comfortable, tight handling and almost enough power ( I had the Boxster supercharged). The light curb weight lets the Coupe pull to 60 just a tad quicker than the Box did before I had it supercharged. I think a supercharger for the Coupe is in my future. :-)

    But that’s not why I am writing today (sorry to ramble on so long).

    Tires and wheels......

    I will move up to 18’s for the summer and risk a firmer ride. I decided to go with 18X9 in the front and 18X10’s in the back. Will likely fit 245-40s in the front and 275-40s in the rear. That should give me the grip I want and also fill out the wheel wells, something manufacturers never do quite right in my opinion.

    For wheels I bought Touge glossy black 5 spokes with a polished rim/lip. My Coupe is red so I thought it might look nice. (Never bought anything other than painted silver in the past so this is a move to the wild side for this old guy). Also I don’t want to look at a chronic "low tire pressure" light so I coughed up the $400 for tire pressure monitors to put in the wheels. Geez they are expensive or what!

    As for tires, I’m a bit stuck, (read: thoughts or suggestions welcome and solicited). Not all manufacturers make the sizes I want. I’m looking hard at Avon Tech M500s What I like is the high rating for comfort and low ride noise while getting grip a little better than the standard all season tire. I am also looking at the Kumho ECSTA SPT for the same reasons but the SPT will probably ride just a little firmer. I also liked the Falcon Azenis ST115 which is touted to be one of the quietest performance tires available on the market, however they don’t currently make the rear size I want. I’m not sure if I can get by with a slight change back there to say…..35's rather then 40’s without really firming up the ride.

    I am always interested in the opinions of others and glad to help with other’s issues if I can. I was a prolific contributor to a Porsche board I frequented for 6 years and look forward to reading/responding to this board.

    Something I learned recently that maybe common knowledge on this board…..the right passenger hand strap will fit perfectly in the mounting holes of the useless card holder over the drivers door. I ordered one at about $20 since I need the strap and can’t find a use for the card holder.

    I would also like to move the card holder under the passengers sun visor (that I do find useful) to the same spot under the drivers sun visor. Anybody find a way to do this?

    Thanks all…… and "Respect the G"

  • Hi Andy. I've been researching alot about the Parrot and our car ('04 G35). Is yours connected thru the car radio? Does it mute the radio when the calls come in? What phone is it paired with and does it copy all the phonebook contacts automatically? Sorry for all the questions but i've read about some limitations with the Infiniti factory radios (Bose) as well as the bluetooth functionality of some phones.

    Thanks in advance,
  • blaublau Posts: 1
    Where do you buy this part from? It would be amazing if you could either find out or know where to get one.

  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297

    If you work out a solution for the foglights please share your solution.

  • Hi Andy. I was wondering the same question. i want to put blue tooth in my G35 i have a 04' with the navigation system. i have the whole works with the bose system. If u could get bak to me with some info i would appreciate it. thanks

  • Hi Como2,
    Don't listen to the dealer ... this time. The navigation system you have was designed to keep you safe ... eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while you are moving that 3,468 pound object. A new navi disc will only update your map and POI info, not the way the system operates. You can contact Zenrin directly for a new map disc, I think they are only $190 ... take your salesperson out to dinner with the extra $60. Keep your car and trade it in on the 2007 G35 ... check out the Infiniti website for pictures of the new coupe and interior. Let me know if you have any questions. :)

  • Hi Faenor,

    The best product I've found is Venture Shield ... LIFETIME warranty! Good Luck! :shades:

  • como2como2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response. When I called back the Service Rep., he changed his story....and said that this feature wasn't available. I actually think the ability to enter info into the Navigation System while driving is useful when you have a passenger in the car and I know it is available in other car manufacturer's systems since I've used it in the Lexus and BMW.

    Will the 2007 model have that feature????

  • larryallen707larryallen707 Posts: 171
    Anybody know good after-market products to add Navi and also add blue tooth to my '05 coupe?
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Garmin makes a nav unit that has blue tooth capability.
  • go to
    the guy has an excellent HOWTO.
    Good luck
  • one17one17 Posts: 6
    I'm in OC CA. I have a G35 with graphite interior. Great car! But, its so hot here. I park the car in the open at work and it just bakes out there. Its gets close to 100F on some days, and I get burned on the leather and the metal trim.

    Anyone know if tinting the windows makes a noticeable difference and know of a good price for quality tinting? I hate to put it up and see it fade in a few years.

  • rollbarrollbar Posts: 297
    Can't say if tinting will reduce your heat buildup but I can say I had mine tinted and I'm impressed with the quality of the product. Even and clear, can't tell exactly how they did it. It does not appear to be a film but I think it is based on a comment regarding a computer program they use to produce the exact shape and size for the Coupe. Anyway I am pleased with the result. The car has only been on the road for 6 weeks so no data on lifespan of the product.

  • csholst03csholst03 Posts: 20
    I just finished installing the factory painted rear spoiler myself, (dealer wanted 725 for spoiler and installation) I paid 445 plus tax from the parts department. Very distressing drilling big holes in a brand new car. However it turned out great, no regrets. Template if fine for hole pattern on each side of the spoiler itself, however, double-check the spacing between the left and right side. The templates are designed for lining up on the edge of the trunk deck. When I did this the holes would have been space about a 1/4" too far apart, I readjusted the template about an 1/8" in from the edge of the trunk deck and holes lined up fine. The holes you have to drill are huge, two 3/8" (forward hole on each side, a stud on the spoiler goes through this hole and cap nuts are installed on the underside of the trunk. The studs are a 1/4" they oversize the hole for margin of error, I ended up with a 5/16" hole). The two rear holes are a whopping 11/16" (a snap-in-insert goes here and a plastic stud on the spoiler goes into the insert, there is adhesive tape on the rear portion of the spoiler gasket that sticks to the trunk deck, this is because it is a blind hole and you cant attach a nut on the back side of the spoiler the way the trunk is stamped and welded). A fifth hole on the right side, 5/8" is for the electrical lead that supports the brake light, a rubber grommet goes in this hole. Electrical connections are easy as it is prewired for the wing. Like I said it looks great now, but it is kind of stressful drilling a new car. By the way I center punched holes lightly, used a new sharp 1/8" drill bit for a pilot, stepped up to a 1/4" drill from there and used a "unibit" graduated in 1/8" increments to take up to final size. The unibit makes nice clean holes but cost about $40 at home depot. Make sure you buy bits intended for metal cutting and not wood. The instructions call for a hole saw on the big holes, but the unibit makes a nice clean hole.

    You also get two rear underbody air diffusers, plastic pieces for under the vehicle, they mount inboard the rear tires and just ahead of the axle, easy bolt on installation.

    Next I'm going to try to install myself the clear bra on the bumper. I had this in my prior G35 (2003.5) and it worked great for eliminating paint pecks (about a $180 for a precut piece of film, $325 if you have it installed by a window tint shop).
  • murrowmurrow Posts: 72
    The splash guards are the single biggest thing you can add to the car to make it look hideous!!!! Why does ANYONE pay a penny for these things????? Why do ANY Infiniti dealers buy cars with these installed from the factory???? I can understand if an insistant customer REALLY wants them, the the dealer can install them, but to have a whole fleet of cars with this disgusting option on the lot is incomprehensible to me. The rear splash guards/mud flaps on the coupe are especially horrendous.
  • Has anyone replaced the Bose front speakers with an aftermarket brand? I am not to happy with the sound from them (no highs, no lows, that's Bose) I know they make it as difficult as humanly possible to swap this stuff out with built in band-pass filters and what not. But I wanted to see if anyone had tried it and if they were happy with the change.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Some posts have been moved to Infiniti G35 Tires - let's continue there.
  • Getting ready to purchase 06 G35 Sedan, wanting to know if the NAV system is worth the extra $$$$?
  • Thanks for the description of the spoiler installation! I'm going to try to install one myself on my G35. I saw some aftermarket ones that are about $200, woner how they compare to the $400 factory units?
    Also, I've seen some cool raised trim on the sides running along the doors of some G35's. Anyone know what this is called, and if it can be added?
  • Also, I'm trying to design a goosneck docking station mount for a small tablet computer to stash in the upper glove box. Plan on using this to as a nav system and DVD player. I hope to get the goosneck or other reticulating mount + base station to fit in the upper glove box. And mount a GPS receiver though the glove box. I can carry or stash the small tablet elsewhere, and pull the docking station out of the glove box as needed. I've used a laptop with a GPS unit in the car before, and this seems like a cool alternative to the Nav system I don't have. Anyone have any suggestions, or done anything similar?
  • Has anyone installed clear bra on his/her G35? I am thinking about getting it too, just want to know if it affects the exterior cleaning, will I still be able to use automatic car wash?
  • mnrep2mnrep2 Posts: 200
    I put a clear bra on the hood only a year ago. Best investment yet :D No dings on the hood anywhere. On the bumper where I didn't put protection on, there are black dings from stones.

    Keep wax on the clear bra so that you can wash off the bug juice. Mine looks like new after 14 months.
  • dboedboe Posts: 69
    Clear bra is an excellent accessory! You will not regret it..key to it looking good is a good installation to start with. Check out the retailers carefully. Keeping it wax/polished is a great idea. I recommend the newer polishes like Zaino, Mezzerana, NSX, etc. These tend not to build up on edges like conventional waxes.

    On the tinted windows, unless you are into dark windows because it looks cool, spend some money and get a ceramic tint done. It can cost almost double a standard tint job and will not be as dark.
    The reason why is that it blocks specific portions of the light spectrum. It does not rely only on darkening to reduce heat and protect the interior.
    Huper Optik is one of the most well known, and there a couple of others. Just like the clear bra, get it installed professionally by folks who know what they are doing.
  • can someone explain what a "clear bra" is? also, where can i get it? should i go back to the dealer for installation (i know they'll charge me exhorbitant sum of money)?

    i'm a new car owner and i would like to do what i can to minimize the body damage.

    the bumpers on the g35's are like craypaper...very, fragile...
  • i've got the model with the beige interior...

    can you guys recommend something i can use to protect the interior. light interiors are notoriously hard to maintain.

    thanks! :)
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