Toyota Tacoma ABS antilock brakes

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I've been interested in purchasing a Tacoma and have noticed that none of them have antilock brakes which is an option. Anybody know why they aren't putting these on them and is this something I should be concerned about? I've looked up dozens of them on the Toyota dealer's web pages and haven't found any with ABS brakes and none of the ones at the dealership have it.


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    I believe the Tundra also comes standard without ABS, but is there as an option as well. You might get a better answer by posting to the existing " Tacoma Problems " thread.
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    I am currently awaiting the delivery of my 02Dbl cab Pre with Limited and TuRD with ABS. The dealer could not find a Dbl PRe in So Cal with the options that my wife and I wanted. ABS was a must for us. So now we wait. They are next to impossible to find on the lot. The wait time is six to eight weeks here even with the plant in state..... X-Mas morning that never comes.....
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    i had to get one of the build schedule to get the color combination/equipment that i needed. when we considered abs, you also had to buy the power option (power windows/locks, etc) in order to get abs. this option invoices for $450 plus the abs of about $250; 3x the cost of abs alone. Why they don't make this important safety feature available alone; go figure!!
    If you want to get abs, locate a truck on the build schedule, and have the dealer add the options you want, and wait/wait/wait!!
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    That TuRD package sounds pretty cool!
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    to bwaffle - hope your wait is shorter than mine was.
    They told me the wait was 6 to 8 weeks too.

    Ordered just before Thanksgiving 2001, picked up 5/5/02. A 5 1/2 month wait.
    ABS was a must for me also and apparently they make very few Tacomas with this. So the wait is LONG! Mine was a 4x4 with out TRD (or Turds!), maybe that will make a difference...
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    I've had 8 Toyota trucks, currently a 2001 Prerunner V6 XtraCab w/o ABS... and 2 of the prior ones had rear ABS. I also bought a new 97 GMC Z71 with ABS. My experience with the ABS that GM puts on their big trucks was enough to convince me that ABS has some advantages and disadvantages... so I could care less if any future vehicle has it. Because of some of the problems inherent with ABS, some insurance companies even charge more if the vehicle has it. When ABS engages, because of the pulsation, it can take more time and distance to stop a vehicle, and if you're not allowing that extra distance between u and the vehicle in front of u, that adds up to a CRASH ! ! ! The GM ABS was hard to predict when it was going to engage, how far down on the brake pedal u could push before it was PANIC TIME. When it engaged, it was absolutely frightening... and every owner should have been taken for a test drive with an experience of it engaged before they were allowed to take the vehicle home ! ! ! Instead, they provided a VHS on the ABS that didn't warn u about any of that. Bottom line here, if u have ABS, make sure u get it to engage some time so u will know how to react to a panic situation when it actually engages.
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    I'm presently driving a Ford van with ABS. This is the third vehicle I've owned with ABS and I've had trouble with them all. They have their drawbacks in repairs and routine maintenance. I think they are a great safety item, but personally I won't by another truck with them. It's like having another very expensive repair to worry about.
    Mine cost about 800 bucks to replace the HCU and after 6 repeat visits to the dealer I still have air in the system. You can't bleed them yourself if the HCU has been replaced, special procedure needing special tools and electrical components to purge the air out of the ABS part of the system.
    That's why I'm in this forum to get info on the Taco, I'm planning on buying a pick-up that doesn't come standard with ABS.
    I don't know about accident prevention, I've heard insurance companies are stopping the ABS deduction. I've driven half dozen cars, trucks with the ABS.
    I like having them, but too many problems for me. Not trying to talk anyone out of getting them, Just relaying my personal experience.
    I've heard Toyota is having troubles with their engines forming sludge prematurely. Any one help me out on that, like what engine, and have they solved he problem yet? I was all set to hit the toyo dealer when I read about the problem. Thanks in advance for any info on the sludge problem.......Leo
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    The truck engines (2.4/2.7/3.4) were not affected by the sludge problem. It is only the 3.0 found in the camry and the minivan. Toyota is covering all engines even as far back as 8 years no matter how many miles on the engine. The issue has been well addressed. Toyota finally stepped upto the plate after a lot of consumer heat.
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    This isn't the first time I've heard people say how hard it is
    to find an ABS equipped Taco. Here in CT that is all I could find... and I didn't want it!
    I ended up putting in an order for a V6 auto w/o ABS, it took 3mo to come in.
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    I actually bought a Taco without ABS, but my insurance company said "Well, these new cars all come out with ABS now, so we'll give you a discount anyway". And the ABS unit takes up all the empty space under the 3.4L Taco hood where I have my aircompressor mounted.
    As for sludge:
    3.0L Sienna engines are the ones being talked about in the news. 2.4/2.7L I4s are practically bulletproof and have been around for ages. They are a safe bet. There have been a word around a couple of 3.4L engines sludging up, but nowhere near the magnitude of the 3.0L. 3.4L has been around since 95.5, 7 years now, so it's more than likely alright. If you're looking for a Taco, wait a year. It seems that 2003 Tacos are going to remain the same as 2002, but 2004 ones will be redesigned heavily: new engine and all. So you can either buy a brand new 3rd gen 2004 Tacoma with 3.7L V6 a year from now, or can buy a 2003 Tacoma with 3.4L for real cheap next summer.
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    I work for Toyota. All 2003 Tacomas standard with ABS.
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