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Toyota Sienna Future Models



  • steveb84steveb84 Posts: 187
    The ones I posted are Toyota Financial residuals for a 5346 XLE with FE & GJ.

    Toyota uses the base MSRP then adds set amounts for each additional option package.
  • steveb84steveb84 Posts: 187
    Every dealer in the country is supposed to have at least one 2004 Sienna on March 14th. I wouldn't be surprised if a few show up on the 13th. But they are embargoed from being delivered to dealer until the 14th.

    Your best bet is to surf here and elsewhere on the net to see what you can find. Several reviews have already been published and they are very positive.

  • overtime1overtime1 Posts: 134
    The info is appreciated. My wife and I will investigate :).

  • Live in Southern Indiana 15 miles from the plant, saw one this last saturday on the road beside the Toyota dealer, and on on US 41 driven by engineers tooling around and going back to the plant.
  • I like what you are writing about Toyotas (I have always hankered for one but thought they were too expensive to buy and maintain)but want one car to go for 10 years, I'm tired of putting new transmissions in my Chryslers (one Voyager, two GrandVs, three transmissions)although I have loved my living room on wheels. I have no image issues, SUVs do not tempt me, I don't think minivans look like boxes on wheels but comfort for my WHOLE family and safety for my WHOLE family really do come first. We LIVE in our vans, we live in the country and drive a lot. Sometimes the inside of the van looks like we have no other home :o}

    I really have a tight budget and I really want this van. I want an LE with the BW package. Do you think the Kelley's invoice prices are more accurate than the ones that are posted elsewhere on the Internet? I have researched on the net and driven everything out there and this van has all the features that I could have chosen off other vans, and it is a Toyota, and the prices are reasonable, and articles say that Toyota wants to get van marketshare back so wants to get a lot of these on the road. (The only thing not perfect is I want the package BW but without the one sliding door. They seem like something for lazy people, another gadget to break, etc. Just my opinion, no experience with a slider, so I am uninformed.)

    I live between Fredericksburg and Richmond, Virginia so have lots of dealers to tap onto. I want to make an offer like the one you plan to. I just put a new trans in my '95 , so I have no immediate need for a new car, and would probably freak out the first time sand or chlorine got in my new vehicle, so I have no problem waiting till fall if the price is right. Do you mind sharing how much over invoice you feel is fair to offer? Is is reasonable to go to dealers and offer $200 over invoice, offer to take the van whenever they chose to order it (say by Sept. hopefully) thinking they can put in my order to make any month's quota they want look good, I can pay cash, they will have a guaranteed sale? Should I throw in the trade at KBB as a neccessary? I don't mind selling it myself to make a little more $$. I just cannot manage the thought of paying MSRP for anything. Am I dreaming?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me!
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    harry: I believe you may be correct. Note that I didnt say dual POWER sliders, just dual sliders. vahome: I would completely agree with you, save for those with disabilities, I dont see a need for power operated doors or hatches.
  • Alas, I live in N.Y.C. and have not been too impressed with the few dealers I have spoken with(pretty slimy actually). Has anyone had good dealings (or at least know of someone who has) with a dealer in New York City (Manhatten/Bronx preferred) or even in Northern N.J.? Looking to buy the '04 pretty soon.
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Try James Toyota in Jersey.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    In order for me to get these, i have to go
    xle ltd i wonder as time goes on that these will be available on the other models. i really don't need the moonroof or laser cruise. i like the parking assist, dual power doors and hatch, indash cd changer and leather.
    I won't be buying till 12/03 or1/04
    what do you think, will option packages change?
  • jimmymkejimmymke Posts: 13
    We decided to save a few thousand and go with a CE with HX and tow for $21K and change. A good buying experience. The dealer we bought from gave my wife a quote over the phone and nobody else we tried could get close enough to that, or there was too much extra junk on models they had that we didn't want to pay for. The extra $500 off that came through Tuesday from Toyota helped, too. Thanks for all the input. Need help now with hitch and wiring from anyone who's done it.
  • danhirschdanhirsch Posts: 20
    As far as what is reasonable to offer to a dealer for a sale - I think it would be tough to get a dealer to sell you a recently released Sienna for just $200 over invoice, depending on the factory dealer incentives. I think that to figure out what is "fair", one must compare the MSRP and the Invoice prices and figure out the built-in margin and work from there. For instance, let's say I am looking for a base XLE . The MSRP on this is $28260, the invoice is 26188, for a difference of $2072 of markup, or about 8%.

    Now, we know that a certain fleet company was willing to "drop ship" the Sienna for just 2% over invoice, we most of us agree is a very good deal. This is equal to $523.76 over the $26188, for a total of $26711.76. Would it be "unreasonable" to expect Toyota to meet in the middle (of 0 and 8%) at 4% - or should that be in the middle of (2% and 8%) at 5%. At 5%, the cost for the base XLE is $27497.40 ($27,500 for all intents and purposes), for a very nicely equipped vehicle. 4% is approximately $27250. 3% is about $27000 even, and makes for a nice start at negotiating.

    The problem comes with the vehicle on the lot coming with "options" you don't want to pay for. This is where you can negotiate down a percentage point or two.

    The main thing is to go to the dealer well informed and willing to say no if you're not 100% comfortable. As I always say - "Another day, another Dealer" ;) and the price is bound to come down as time passes...

    Good Luck.
  • danhirschdanhirsch Posts: 20
    I have bought from three different Toyota dealers in New Jersey, but have shopped at several others:

    I bought my 1994 Tercel and 1998 Sienna from Route 22 Toyota in Hillside, NJ. This is a depressed area economically, so when someone comes in eager to buy, they are more willing to move to close the sale, although they can be slightly high pressure - I was there negotiating for 6 hours when I bought the Sienna and started to walk away twice...

    I bought my 1992 Corolla from Dayton Toyota. This was my first new car purchase and although I got a good price, I felt I could have done better - my in-laws buy all of their cars from them and I felt some sense of loyalty. When I shopped for the Camry, they were very obstinate in negotiations..

    I bought my 2001 Camry from Brunswick Toyota in New Brunswick for under invoice, because it was one of the last of the 2001's on the lot. They were very professional and very polite. This is where I am going to give them the first chance to sell me a car.

    I have also shopped at Autoland on Route 22. They are high pressure and if they gain a sense that you know what you are doing, they politely ask you to leave, or at least, they did with me when looking for the 1998 Sienna. More or less, at that time, they quoted me sticker price and said that that was what everyone was going to pay. I proved them wrong, of course. I will not even visit them this time around.

    I also shopped at Sansone Toyota on Route One for both the Sienna and the Camry. They are high pressure - In 1998, they asked for my driver's license "to run a credit check" and then wouldn't give it back so I couldn't leave... They changed their tune when I began to call the local police.... Now I know to bring a copy of my driver's license.... I returned to them in 2001 for the Camry and they only wanted to sell me a 2002 for MSRP+.

    I've also dealt with Freehold Toyota in 1994 but got a much better deal on the Tercel in Hillside.

    Hope this helps.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    We were very pleased with our purchase of a 2002 Camry at Brunswick Toyota in NJ. Fair price, good negotiations, we worked with a great guy who I gladly recommend- gentleman named Mike (Anyone who cares for his last name can email me, I will have to look it up). But recently went shopping there with a friend, was not impressed by the sales staff (Mike wasnt in).

    I REALLY liked how we were treated at Dayton Toyota, but they didnt have the Camry we wanted in stock (LE 4 cyl, ABS, alloys, pwr drivers seat, keyless, floormats in Stratosphere Mica)so we did not wind up purchasing from them>

    Hudson Toyota on 440 in Jersey City should be avoided at all costs, as should Freehold Toyota (interesting, because it is owned by the same company as Brunswick). Terrible experiences with rude, uninformed sales staff at both places.

  • Hi All,

    I live in Ft Wayne, IN and have been calling around to find out allocation etc. on the 04 Sienna, what a joke. We have 2 dealers in town, both are without a clue. Has anyone dealt with a fair dealer w/ some knowledge in Indianapolis, Detroit area, or Toledo area? All are a short drive away and at this point welcome the idea of speaking to someone.

    I asked about allocation and they said there is no way of knowing, even better they said it would be 3 or more months to actually get a van...Oy Veh!

    Can anyone help?
  • wardewarde Posts: 26
    For those of you who are Costco members, check out their auto buying program. The 2004 Sienna is listed in their Vehicles.
  • dyh555dyh555 Posts: 30
    warde have you tried???

     I had tried their service last year for odyssey and got MSRP ...
    I decided not to buy the Van...
  • LuzerLuzer Posts: 119
    Autoland - just like their radio ads.
    Bait and Switch all the time. 3 hrs to negotiate back in 1989 - Bought once, never went back.

    Bob Ciasulli's in Little Falls, near Rte 3 and Rte 46 - okay, gotta watch, sale staff and sales managers don't give a crap after you sign. Also took 6 months to give me back the part of the registration fee they didn't use - 3 phone calls. Wonder if they would return it without a call - doubt it. One hour to haggle.
    Also charged with something about lying - do not remember outcome, maybe settled without admitting guilt.

    Crestmont in W Caldwell(?) Smaller, gave a no haggle higher price than BC. May be okay.

    Green Brook Pontiac (Vibe) Gave okay pricing on phone, asked for better and they said to show up.
    Got a little better, but their doc fee was $299.
    Decent service, and the registration check showed up in two weeks, no calls.

    Honda - Rte 46, or something else in Pompton Plains - 20 min for an ad car, ad deal, back in 1991.

    Doc fees -
    Other doc fees were $150 or less.
    Had a Nissan quote of $95 for doc fee and @invoice for an Xterra three months ago.

    Doc fees = dealer profit.
    But at that point, most people do not want to negotiate.

    James Toyota advertises as a good place with no haggle prices.
    Never went there though - yet.
  • overtime1overtime1 Posts: 134
    It looks like some dealers have them in inventory already. Mods - I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this but this sight also has some nice pics in a pop-up window:

    Don't mean to break any rules here but that dealer shows the car as being in inventory. If so, other dealerships might have them available for evaluation.

  • $36,700 for a mini van seems like a lot of money judging by the window sticker.

    What's the invoice on that?
  • wardewarde Posts: 26
    No I have not tried, We are waiting until August to buy. I did fill out the form for the Ody., Pilot, and the Sienna. It said only the Sienna was offered and I would get a call with in 24 hours. I did call one of the dealers that works with Costco and they said that the Sienna SHOULD be on the list and it SHOULD run from 250 to 750 over invoice, depending on demand and stock. But nothing was very definite. But I thought it was worth a try. I have also been told that each region negotiates separately in vehicles and price, so that information might be different depending on where you live.
  • dyh555dyh555 Posts: 30
    from what I observed .. only Le 8 are presold..
    maybe thats going to be the most popular model...
  • hexnhexn Posts: 16
    I can understand Toyota charging some advertising fee to each vehicle, but what's the usual amount?
    I got quote from dealer that has 800 dollars of "Add" fee, sounds off too much. A couple of hundred dollars is alright, but 800??

    Ken, what's the going number for add fee these days?

    Thanks a lot.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    I honestly don't recognize the listing of an "Add" fee as something that is from Toyota. However, I am in the NY region, so there may be differences in other regions, although I don't think so. The only legitimate advertising fee assessed by Toyota (which is truly assessed by Toyota to the dealer and has to be paid by us) is TDA. This differs by region and sometimes districts within a region but is always listed on the factory invoice. What I would suggest is to request a copy of the factory invoice and base your pricing on that. If they want to add additional fees, that's up to them, but base the price you're willing to pay on "x dollars over" or "x %" over factory invoice. If they want to include their own fees to that pricing, that's fine as long as the total price to you is the amount that is the specified dollar over factory invoice.

    Hope this helps.

  • This discussion forum has been fun lately.
    I really think the 2004 Sienna looks pretty good from the side view and top view.
    Yes, I think the Sequoia is a lot cooler than any minivan, but I think DVD Navigation system is the coolest! I like the way Honda/Acura puts these babies on a lot of their vehicles. I wouldn't buy another vehicle without DVD Navigation system. WHY? Because it looks cool and it's fun to play with--not because I can't find my way around town. To be quite honest, I may be buying a larger vehicle for my growing family (4 of us now), but since I'm the one driving it, it better have exactly what I want at the right price.
    Oh yeah, this is a Sienna Future Model discussion so I better talk about it.
    I just bought a 2003 Odyssey EXL with NAVI for $2000 off MSRP, but maybe in about 5 years, I may want to experiment with a new Sienna unless they are still charging $36,000 for one with Navigation system! Toyota needs to copy Honda's pricing strategy as well as their Odysseys! Toyota should have a Sienna XLE+Leather+Navi for $30,400 MSRP and keep their destination fee to $460 instead of $535 in Oklahoma and some other states.
    Oh, and since I love my wife more than any vehicles, I wouldn't want to upset her by buying a Sequoia.
    About the new 2004 Sienna, my wife thinks there will be a few bugs with this very first year model. I can't blame her thinking that way.
    Bearpamplin, I think you already know the power of a woman on your car buying/leasing decision.
    But next time, go all the way with Navigation system! It's really cool.
    I just saw an MDX with Navigation system yesterday--parked next to my LS400. The NAVI alone makes it look so much cooler than my LS400.
    Toyota, I hope you are reading this: Make a Sienna XLE+Leather+Navigation system for $30,400.
    The economy sucks right now so most of us are very careful with our money these days.
  • deg856deg856 Posts: 120
    I want to have 3 doors on each side - perhaps suicide doors for the third row. Well, if not on both sides, at least the passenger side. Wouldn't that be awesome? Wonder who's gonna do that first. ;-)

    San Jose, CA
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    Is that true an ody with nav/leather is 30k, and to get the sienna with nav is 36k wow!!!!
    Does ody have hid
    i want nav/leather/hid/power liftgate/autodim rearview mirror,parking assist. I think the nav on the sienna gives you a rear camera.
    see i feel sienna should share the nav with other models and more flexibility with options, see i dont want the moonroof, but that's the package.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Toyota is now advertising the 2004 Sienna in its spring sales event.
  • apd969apd969 Posts: 1
    I had my name on a list in the DC area. All dealers in the area are selling for sticker. They are supposed to be getting the first shipment in next week. I am getting the LE. I was hoping to go through the United Buying Service but because of the demand dealers did not anticipate having discounted vehicles available for a few months.
  • No, the Odyssey does NOT have hid/power liftgate/autodim rearview mirror,parking assist, but it has standard Traction control, Electronic brake distribution, dual front side airbags, and HEATED front leather seats.
    But for now, you would have to pay $36K for a Sienna with Navigation with rear view camera and pay $28,860 for an Odyssey with Navigation without rear view camera.
    If I were rich like some people, I wouldn't
    I think Toyota tries to please most people, except for the weirdo people like me who has to have DVD Navigation but don't care about the other stuff.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    Why buy when the demand is high and your bargaining position low?????? wait a while and you will be able to get a bette deal. as i said before the early bird gets the high priced worm since the only competition is the ody and as ody starts to repond to sienna, there price comes down., now you don't compare ody at full msrp but less 2k therefore the sienna costs an additional 2k!!!!! apples to appples. ody won't be at msrp anymore as sienna comes out, the sienna will do the same. remember that extra $$$$$ can't be deducted from IRS as a donation so don't make one to the dealer.

    I bet the ody for 04 will come close to the features of the sienna and other minivans coming out SO I WILL WAIT.
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