Why shouldn't I buy a 1996 LINCOLN MARK VIII?

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I'm thinking about buying a used 1995/1996 Lincoln Mark VIII. What is the common problems with this vehicle and what should I be looking for
(high miles, etc.)???


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    CRG3-- along with waiting for answers here, you might do a "Board Search" (see left of this page, in the blue background) for this car and see where else people might be discussing it.

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    Your knowledgeable and informed auto friends will be very envious. The LSC is a wonderful motorcar.And, if you really want to appreciate it, drive a 96 T Bird first.
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    The 1996 and older Mark VIIIs used regular halogen headlamps. Due to complaints from onwers on how dim the head lamps were, Lincoln used 4 high-beam #9005 bulbs, but the low profile head lamps still did not provide enough light. My father had a base model 96 Mark VIII.

    In 96, the LSC Mark VIII came with HID (high intensity discharge) head lamps and this was a great improvement. In 97 and 98, a higher profile HID headlamp system was standard on ALL Mark VIIIs (including the base model). Another problem on these cars is the imfamous Ford/Lincoln/Mercury tranmission shudder caused by rather smallish clutch surface area that thends to overheat the transmission fluid (this has been going on from 1992 to present on RWD Ford products). Ford's cure is to change the tranny fluid and sent you back on the road. They have updated the tranny fluid over the years and now Ford recommends Mercon V fluid.

    My wife's car has had several trannys done under waranty and my brother's 2001 Navagator just had this problem at 40K miles. I put Mobil 1 synentic fluid in my wife's car and so far (knock on wood), it's okay.

    If you want Mark VIII, I would try for a 97 or 98 as a little more money now will get you a lot less problems later.
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    I have a 94 Mark and it's been a very good car.

    No one has mentioned the air suspension. That can be
    a problem. As the cars age, the rubber bladders on the
    air struts dries out and starts to crack. One the struts leak
    they must be replaced. The parts are fairly expensive
    (about $350 for each front air strut) but it is a simple repair
    to have done.

    All in all, I definately recommend the Mark 8. The car
    is long, so that takes some getting used to, but there
    is plenty of room and power.

    Good luck,
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    My air suspension went out and the dealership charges were around $1300.00 for the 2 front air struts. After searching the internet, I found a website (airnottindustries.com) that sells these parts. I order and have not had a problem since. They also recommend replacing the dryer when replacing the air struts. The air struts are on $149.00 each and compressor and dryer is very affordable.
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    I have a 97 Mark and I have been having problem finding aftermarket replacement parts for the air ride system. I tried airnottindustries.com but that site no longer exists unless that is the wrong URL. Does anyone know of any site that sells replacement air ride parts?
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    We have a Mark VIII 1994 that may be available for sale by the end of August. Is anyone interested? redlincoln
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    where are you? How many miles? How about a link to some photos.
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    Do you still have the lincoln for sale? I am looking to purchase an early Mark VIII for my mother soon. Please respond. Thanks.
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    There are lower costs ways to get around but there in no better way than in the Lincoln Mark VIII, especially the 1998 LSC. If you want sporty driving, lots of power ... 290 hp ... and good comfort, go for the Lincoln. I have driven Lincolns for several years and the only problems I have had over the years have been brakes. A heavy car and high horse power equals high braking loads. Otherwise, no real problems. I like the way the 98 LSC squats lower ... an inch ... when over 60 mph. It will pass in heavy traffic like a motorcycle. Sounds like a stock car when it goes into passing gear. I like the voice activated phone which will talk to me, when no one else will. Actually, it is too much fun for an old man like me.
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    on the OR coast highway? With over 100,000 on our Towncar the Mark is still attractive to me.
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    Yesterday while out and about on my 99 Valkyrie motorcycle, I pulled along side a beautiful old Lincoln, being operated by a guy of my vintage. I asked the year, and he replied "1957." It was absolutely a gorgeous restoration.
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    A guy I know has one of these things and loves it but says be careful about the air suspension-the bladders are available - according to him - only from ford and cost $1K each plus installation.

    Also i would not say ford has a great reliability record but some people love them.
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    Sounds like you haven't had a Mark, or even a Lincoln..... and you have an opinion on Ford's build quality? I know a gal who will never own another Honda too, but I have one with >150,000 miles on it, and it's still going strong.

    Anybody who doesn't like Ford's build quality has never owned a Town Car or Ranger. There are turkeys in their line, and they get what they deserve from that. Explorers, Crown Vics, Grand Marquis, you can't find much better on the road, especially for the money, overall.

    I wonder why you're on this board? Well, welcome anyway. Maybe we can win you over! (Hint, don't buy an old Continental, ok?)
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    My 98 Mark VIII LSC has what is called the handling package ... a much firmer suspension ... and it squats an inch above 60 MPH, so it handles better than most. It will not corner with a lighter car ... I suspect the tires would let go with horrible consequences ... but it sure feels good and is fun. It will not lean in a turn. I think you would need a fork lift to tip it over. Actually, it feels a lot like a Mercedes 250 which I once owned but the Lincoln is a much nicer car. Can not imagine what I could move up to.
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    I agree 100% with the handling of the Mark VIII. The only thing close is probably the LS, in an admittedly smaller package. It is a real driver's car though. I rented one for 4 days last month....was sorry to get my wife's car out of the body shop and let it go!
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    I had an interesting mechanical failure with my 98 Mark VIII LSC recently. At 52,000 miles it developed a hard miss which would not go away. I suspected a serious mechanical situation and was relieved to find that it was, as is usually the case, an electrical failure. This shows my ignorance of modern engines but I was surprised to learn that the engine in the Lincoln has a coil on each spark plug. The part which failed was the rubber boot which connects the coil to the plug. One of them had developed an electrical leak. It could have been worse, I suppose, but it seems to have been a premature failure. Is this a common problem with the Ford line or was I just lucky?
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    You were very "unlucky", as I have never heard of this failure before. The coil on plug technology is vastly superior to plug wires & distributor, because it eliminates the myriad ways and places to lose voltage with the old system. But, you found one anyway! I wouldn't worry. These are great engines.
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