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Chevrolet Colorado



  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I had a 2WD S10/Sonoma ext cab and then got the 4WD Canyon Crew cab with Z71. I have also owned two full sized Chev/GMC pick ups. I can't do a direct comparison but the Canyon drives, rides and handles a quantum leap better than my Sonoma. It is also much more comfortable to drive.
    I suggest a test drive and you'll be able to really tell the differences.
  • menglertmenglert Posts: 1
    I have the same issue with the Harmonic Sound, Only when the Fan is on for Heat or AC. I also have a humming sound, that I only here when accelerating slowly up a hill, I does sound like a bee hive. I have gone to the Dealer and their statement is they do not have a fix for it and want me to wait at least 3 months until GM get a fix “Recall” for these Issues. It has only been a month so far, I can not wait to see what they do about the issues. On a different note, this is the first time I bought a 1st year truck, is great so far. I really enjoy it. Hope for a resolution soon and nothing bad happens in the mean time. Please let me know if yours gets resolved and I will do the same.
  • antoninusantoninus Posts: 2
    I've had my Colorado now for awhile and have approximately 2500 miles on it. In the past I have owned an S-10 ZR2, 1500 Z71 4x4, and an Avalanche Z71 4x4. My Colorado is a Z71 (NOT 4x4), Crew Cab with the 3.42 rear end. I ordered this truck with the 3.42 to get the best possible fuel economy. (I don't do any trailering.) It is a 1SE package with leather bucket seats, auto-dimming rear view mirror (with map lights, temp gauge and compass), 6 disk CD changer and XM radio. I also ordered the snap-in contoured floor mats, sliding rear window, tonneau cover, and bed extender.

    As far as fuel economy goes I get about 1 mile more per gallon than the factory specs on the highway. I suspect this is due to the 3.42 rear end and the tonneau cover. This is what I was hoping for. :-) I've tried regular, mid-grade and premium fuels. Regular fuel produced pinging under heavy acceleration and lower fuel economy. Mid-grade fuel improved the fuel economy and eliminated the pinging. There was no noticeable improvement when using premium fuel. I kind of thought this would be the case since it is also true of the in-line 6 in the Trailblazer.

    So far I haven't had any problems. The engine is smooth and quiet and there are no rattles or squeaks from the body. The truck actually exceeds many of my expectations and I am very happy with it overall.

    While mine was ordered with the black body side moldings these were taken off the order by the factory. Apparently, GM is having problems with the body side moldings pealing away from the body. New side moldings will be available soon.


    Let me begin by saying that I had every intention of buying a Toyota Tacoma, but in the end the Toyota fell short in many respects. The Colorado bests the Toyota in both ride and handling. The I-5 engine is smoother and more refined than Toyota's V6. The Colorado is more roomy and comfortable on long trips, and its power leather seats are far better than anything the Tacoma has to offer. When you take into account better fuel economy the Colorado is the clear winner between the two.

    I have a very bad back and seat comfort is high on my list when purchasing a new vehicle. I would much have preferred cloth seats in my Colorado, but the cloth seats were poorly bolstered and constructed, a step down from my 2000 S-10 ZR2. The material was corse and the padding felt more like a sponge than a tougher bolstering filler. The leather seats are not just the standard seats covered with leather, they are a completely different seat with firm bolstering and padding. If you have back problems take a close look at this.


    1. The cloth inserts on the door panels don't go well with the leather interior and should be replaced with leather or matching vinyl.

    2. The Amercian General tires are poor quality and bubbling on the side walls. Chevrolet should have used the BF Goodrich tires used by Toyota, similar to what was on the S-10 ZR2.

    3. Ride and handling would improve even more with 16" or 17" wheels.

    4. A/C system capacity should be incrased. The truck has problems keeeping-up on hot 90+ degree days in Atlanta. Don't get me wrong, the A/C is adequate but could be better.

    5. The Delco 6 disk XM radio is great, but the speakers are awful. The overall sound quality is more like a tin can than a stereo. The Toyota is even worse! The speaker locations, however, are excellent and just need to be replaced with better drivers. (Note: I did not have to upgrade the factory speakers in my other trucks as they were adequate. The Colorado is truly poor.) On a side note Kenwood and Clarion make a small self-amplified sub that will fit under the rear seat. It's not a BOOM BOOM type of sub but helps fill-in the low frequencies.

    6. The center console needs a slightly wider arm rest and padded rubber inserts in the two front storage trays. (I made some inserts from the black rubber tool chest inserts they sell at Lowes.)

    7. The sun visors are so thick that a garage door opener will not stay clipped onto them, and they could use lighted vanity mirrors (my wife hates this!). Overall these visors and the roofing material used in the cabin are of much better quality than what was on the S-10. They will not begin to separate 10 years from now because they are molded from some type of fiber material.

    8. A light under the hood would be nice :-)

    9. The rear seats need more of a recline. Granted, they are better than the Toyota and decreasing the incline will eat into the rear leg room, but there is more leg room than is necessary already.


    If you own an S-10 and like it, you will love the Colorado. No one makes anything like it in the 2004 model year. If you need more space but can't justify a full-size pickup then the Dodge Dakota is your only other choice. The 2004 Ford, Mazda, Toyota and Nissan (yep, I looked at all of them) are not up to the Colorado.

    I think if GM refines the Colorado a bit more it will make life hard for the other small truck manufacturers.
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    Took a Canyon (crew, LSE) on a 24-hour test drive. Got caught in a torrential downpour. When I got home I discovered that the carpet on the left hand side of the truck is pretty well saturated from the firewall to the back seat, and from the left side doors over to the transmission tunnel. Up to that point I was impressed with the truck and the incentives on it. But this makes me nervous. My inspection seems to indicate that the leak did not come from faulty door seals but from somewhere underneath. Have any of you had this problem?

    P.S. I didn't see a GMC Canyon thread, so, since they come from the same factory, I thought I'd ask. Sorry if I've broken any protocol.
  • Does anybody have any advice on nice bed liners and bed covers for the Colorado crew cab? Thanks.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I had an Arma liner sprayed in and Its been great. I had Line-X also before and it is just as great.
    As for covers. Lo-Rider makes a solid fiberglass one for the crew cab Colorado/Canyon and I just got mine installed. It's got lift assists and is easy to remove.
  • have been having tons of problems with my Z-71 Crew Cab Colorado. The transmission has gone out while driving 3 times. Major water damage due to drivers door not being attached properly. I have the same problem with my A/c unit the dealer told me that there was nothing they could do for the noise and assured me there would be no damage to the A/C unit it self. I have filed several complaint with the NHTSA. You might want to file one also about you A/C. They look into complaints and make the Manufactures repair or replace parts to the vehicles they have built. problems/recalls/recallsearch.cfm
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    GM markets this truck to the personal use pickup buyer, but two people in just a couple of posts have issues with a leaking door? That is not the way to attract new buyers to the brands, especially when Toyota, Nissan, and Dodge are coming out with midsize pickups. I know first year models have their problems, but this almost seems comical. I mean you have to be kidding me. Let me clarify that I am a GM car owner and probably will be again, but the imports are looking really good.
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    Tell me if I'm reading previous posters right, okay? Both the Colorado and Canyon are built in the same location by the same people using the same parts. Yes?

    Here in the NE, there are more Colorados on dealer lots than Canyons and the Colorados are priced slightly lower. So, it's silly to limit my hunt to Canyons. Yes?

    So far, my hunt has prompted me to pass up the current rebates (but limited selection) and look again in Spring 2005. GM will have had more time to practice building these trucks and, with new compact trucks coming from Toyota, Dodge and Nissan, the market should be very buyer friendly. Here's hoping GM makes my choice easy next May.
  • jbmayesjbmayes Posts: 4
    The sound is coming from the A/C expansion valve used in the Caynon/Colorado system. This is new for 2004 and replaces the old fixed orfice used by GM for years. The A/C doesn't have a compressor cycle switch like GM has used in the past, instead the PCM 'Power Control Module' cycles the compressor. I have had my Canyon in for service 3 times because of this noise and the fact that the compressor cycles about every 20 seconds blowing very cold to tempid air between cycles. The shop has had 3 GM engineers on the case. They replaced the expansion valve and the PCM and still NO Fix. They tell me that this is normal due to the fact that the Canyon/Colorado A/C system has no real mass, both the evaporator and condensor are very small and then entire system only holds .5 lbs of R-134a. This is in an effort to save on the enviroment less is more. So the A/C goes from extremes in temp, which is why they had to use the computer to control it. I am still not happy with their reason and the fact that there is no fix. I don't think I should have to run the A/C on MAX with high fan speed just to stay somewhat comfortable on a 80-90 degree day.

    If anyone else has noticed that the air temp goes from cold to somewhat cool. Please voice your concerns to your dealer.
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    The Chevy and GMC are identical except for the grill. GMC wasn't even supposed to get this truck in it's lineup, but the dealers wouldn't have had a compact pickup to sell. The only real difference between the Colorado and Canyon is the way the standard/optional features are packaged. I think the GMC comes with more standard stuff, thus the higher base price. GM will probably build five Chevys for every one GMC, that's why the Colorado will be easier to find.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    is hard to believe, my 99 Sonoma has 1 lb 12 oz but I will admit at even 90 deg you have to modulate it with heat. My 04 Malibu has 1.1 lb and I thought that was too little but so far it cools ok, but no meat locker.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I haven't noticed it changing except when at idle in stop and go. I am noticing it seems to take a while to get cold air going on the hot days, but wrote some of that off to the crew cab with a std cab climate control. I rate it barely adequate and it reminds me a bit of the a/c on older 4 cylinder vehicles - sort of putzed out as you accelerate or going up hill.
  • My 2004 Canyon has a very weak AC. Seems to blow very cold to tempid air all the time. Since I live in MO where it is humid this make it worse. Since the tempid air is humid. This means to remain somewhat comfortable I have to leave it on Recir. I don't this is acceptable but GM says it is normal, but they had dealer replace the expansion vavle and Engine PCM.

    I have had mine in the shop 3 times for this problem. They have replaced the expansion valve in the ac and also the engine PCM. The Colorado/Canyon have a new ac system that is controlled by the PCM instead of a pressure cycle switch. The shop has talked to GM on all 3 times it was in the shop and they have not fixed it yet. The final answer was the it is NORMAL along with the fact the system blows very cold and then tempid air all the time. The cycle seems to be every 20-30 seconds which is when I feel the very cold air along with hearing this whirring noise. I have seen others have decribed this noise as a wet finger going around the rim of a glass. The guys at GM say it is the gas passing thru the expansion valve when the compressor comes on. The PCM then turns off the compressor when the evaporator gets to 32 degress to keep it from freezing. Since the entire system is so small (ie effort to reduce use of R-134a) this happens very fast, hence the 20-30 second cycles. Quoting GM "Them problem is the system has no mass, making it get very cold fast, then it has to warm up to keep from turing into a block of ice."

    The service mgr and I drove 3 2005's as they didn't have any 2004's left. All 3 did the warm/cold cycle and only one really had a noticeable whirring noise. The Engineers answer for that was "Well they all should have it, I can't tell you why the 2005's had less noise than the 2004's we have not made any changes" And from what I gather, they are not going to make any. I will continue to talk to the service mgr every time I have the truck in for service and I hope all you do they same.
  • I purchased a Z85 2WD Reg cab model 3 months ago. It gets good gas mileage 27mpg highway and the 5 cyl engine has good torque, although it lacks quick acceleration. The downside is that I have had vibration problems with this truck since day one. Had it in the shop 3 times and they can't fix it.
    I searched on other forums and found that at least eight others with the same model have the identical vibration problem that I am having. I think the truck can be a good truck down the line if they can ever get the bugs worked out.
  • >>The downside is that I have had vibration problems with this truck since day one.<<

    Other owners of reg cab models have had the same complaint, and the diagnosis seems to be a drive shaft problem.
  • Dump the I-5, odd numbered inline engines aren't very good. Add the I-6 and supercharge the I-4. The I-6 would give a lot of horsepower for a small pickup. The I-4 I-5 I-6 share width and cylinder capacity just differ in length. The I-6 should fit.
  • It isn't as simple as just shoe-horning a longer motor block into the same space. Dropping the I-6 in will require repackaging the radiator and it's cross-car support metal (among many other things), and moving most ANY structural metal will require FMVSS re-certifications. Unlike a shade tree mechanic, automakers have to satisfy a bewildering number of Federal requirements every time they modify an approved design...all of which must be proofed through physical testing/FEA/etc. Yes, the I-6 can be made to fit the compartment, but it takes a hell of a lead-time. GM legal wouldn't have it any other way. Also, odd numbered cylinders aren't a difficult design problem...they just need additional components to balance the system. In the I-5, this is accomplished with a counter-rotating mass inside the block that cancels the 'moment' of the fifth piston/con rod assembly. ALL engines (except-arguably-boxer designs) lack 'primary' balance.
  • I have a 2004 Colorado. I4, 5spd, reg cab, Z85
    The problems never stop! Both front shocks were replaced at 525 miles. (leaking oil) The fuel leveling sensor has been replaced twice. (fuel gauge not reading) Both front tires are cupping, even after an alignment. (dealer is ordering 4 new tires) The paint is peeling off one of the wheels. (Dealer ordering new wheel) Bad vibration at 45-55mph (Dealer has no idea! They might all do this! The dealers in the area don't have another regular cab 5spd to compare it to,) And the best of all, after a day of rain, the drivers side floor is completely saturated in water! (Door closed and windows up, my seat is dry) My truck only has 2900 miles on it!
    The Most Dependable, Longest-Lasting Trucks - Chevy Trucks
  • panther8, sorry to hear about your problems.

    I have had my 2004 Crew Cab Z71 2WD, auto, I-5 since the beginning of May and the only problem I have had is with the noise from the A/C. Been discussed before, it isn't very annoying, especially with the radio on, but it still shouldn't be there. Also, the temperature in the rear view mirror isn't accurate at all 15-20 degrees off at times. Nothing major.

    Anyway, I took my truck in to the dealer yesterday for the first oil change at about 2500 miles. (Dealer provided first oil change free at purchase.) I had looked in my manual before, and it states to only use oil that meets GM spec GM6094M. I asked the service guy about it on the phone when I made the appointment and he had no clue. When I took it in I showed him in the book and he still had no clue. He had never seen that before. He said they use Quaker State synthetic blend in bulk in the back and he "imagines" it meets GM specs. What kind of answer is that?

    Anyone check out there "oil life" in the dashboard display? If the truck is on, all I get is odometer and tripmeter. If I have truck off, but key in the on position, I get "oil life", but it still shows odometer reading. According to the manual, it looks like it should display an estimate of oil life left.

    In the manual, it says the truck should be off with key in on position to reset, but doesn't state anything about that for viewing oil life remaining. Anyone had luck with that?

    Cracks me up too. They add this oil life system, and even seen GM talk about the benefits of this conserving oil. The dealer still puts a sticker in the window to come back in 3000 miles or 3 months.

    I've gone on long enough.

    Have a good day!
  • gw2gw2 Posts: 1
    I've just had my 2005 Colorado 4WD crew cab for about 3 weeks...950 miles with no problems, although I haven't had it underwater yet. Very happy with it so far.

    I too don't see in the owner's manual where it says that the oil life remaining can be displayed. Apparently a message is only displayed when the oil should be changed.

    This is unlike my Cadillac STS which displays the percent of oil life remaining, and subsequently "change oil soon". I'll play with the system some more the next time I'm bored waiting for my wife in the supermarket parking lot.

    Any one else have comments on oil life messages ?
  • The water leak was found! They didn't finish the body caulk under the wipers at a main seem. They started to caulk it, but didn't finish it at the factory.
    Outstanding quality control!
    I got the oil changed today at the dealer.
    Four new tires!
    A new wheel!
    and they are still working on the vibration issue.
    I made it to my first oil change,
    maybe I should celebrate!
  • I recently took my 2004 Colorado in to get the upgraded rearview mirror installed and asked about the "oil life" issue. In my manual it says that the percentage of oil life remaining should be displayed when you scroll to the flashing "OIL LIFE" on the display but this doesn't happen. When I asked the tech about it he said it's not supposed to display the percentage and he thought I made it up until I showed him my owner's manual. He said it's not in the manual that they have/use and that the "oil life" message should only come on when the oil needs to be changed. However, I was at 5800 miles at that point and the message never came on so I decided to go ahead and change the oil myself anyway. The tech even checked it on the Colorado they had in the showroom and it did the same thing.

    If somebody out there has had the "oil life" message come on please post here to let us know and also at what mileage it came on at. Personally, I wasn't willing to let my engine burn up just to see if it really worked. I normally change the oil every 6-7K miles anyway but I'm curious to know when the truck says I should change it.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Does anyone know if there are plans in the pipeline for an Avalanche-esque version of the Colorado crew cab? I like the versatility of the Avalanche (and the look), but it's really too big for practical, daily-driver use (which is a shame, because the cross-over nature would make it appealing for such purposes). It occurred to me the other day that a Colorado-sized version of the Avalanche would be almost ideal (assuming you could gain enough usable space from the rear seat to make extending the bed worthwhile). Just wondered if anyone knew if that might be offered at some point down the road.
  • In other non premium GMT's I have seen the light come on and go out as the engine warms up. For what its worth, I'd stick with 7500 normal/ 5000 severe use intervals. I drive too much much for that though, so I switched to Mobil1 and change it every 10k
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    I'm not a big GM guy. Actually, I've been pretty much an rabid anti-GM guy. But recent positive experiences in a few Chevy's made me look at the Colorado today. I've been thinking about a crew cab minitruck. However, I must have seating for six. Fullsize is out of the question (unless someone offers a small diesel). I VERY STRONGLY prefer a 4 cyl and manual. Who would have thought you couldn't get a crew cab 4 cyl and manual from Toyota? This is the only way it comes in most of the world.

    Thought I was going to have to wait for an oil crisis or perhaps an oil catastrophe-- like we aren't in one right now? Yet the manufacturers still produce v6 and v8 in minitrucks and small cars???.

    Looks like Colorado is the only game in town!!! And the things seem to have nice HP in addition to the best in class mileage. Nice looking truck and GM is producing it on state of the art machinery. Can't wait for a test drive.
  • Incentives help bring surge in Sept. auto sales
    GM leads the way with 24.9% jump

    Your descision to buy a colorado helped Bring GM back to life! We don't need you toyota, nissan, America can make her own cars and trucks!
  • tyronetyrone Posts: 4
    America can make her own cars? Ha Ha Ha! That's pretty funny! In the last year or so, the big three and Magna International have jumped on the Chinese slave labour bandwagon, building stamping dies over there for pennies. Who knows- someone is most likely trying to figure out how to stamp out parts over there too! Will these savings be passed on to the consumer? I don't think so.

     No doubt if this trend is to continue, the North American automotive industry will be destroyed just like the electronics industry was- by having manufacturing done by third world slave labour! Being a tool and die maker, all I can say is that this is not good. Who knows- maybe that all American Ford or Chevy will say Made in China on it with final assembly in North America in ten years time! I think this is well on it's way to being fact-the Chevy Equinox has a made in China motor in it already!
  • I agree with you completely, therefore we must think of ways to save our industry...

    The solution to this problem could be to increase the cost of doing business abroad and decrease the cost of doing it at home.

    This could be done by warning China and Japan that if they don't let their currencies flow (in the present state the lower their currency in relation to ours the more money they save manufacturing goods, then shipping them here) that we would post a tarrif, like the steel tarrif but longer lasting.

    At home we could reward companies who dismantle offshore businesses with tax breaks and liability differrals, and discourage union operations, which any accountant could tell you reek havoc on the balance sheet.

    We need to act or else we will become a retail nation...
  • I have a Z85 regular cab 5spd. Can anyone tell me why the driveshaft doesn't have a balance weight on it. I would assume that GM's supplier has made perfect drive shafts? I have a vibration coming from the drive line.
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