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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Currently, tc send quote for 33.7k ... 32k seem to be a great price, where ? :)
  • I'm interested in leasing a 2012 Pilot EX-L, 15K per year.

    I believe Honda's December 2011 money factory was .00056 w/ 55% res. Can anybody confirm the January 2012 money factor & residual for said vehicle, for Preferred & Super Preferred credit?

    Also, do money factor's and residual's vary with region? If so, I'm located in Northern Illinois for ref.

    Thanks a bunch!
  • ekcekc Posts: 32
    edited January 2012
    I got a '12 4wd exl for $32k (excluding TTL) out the door from St. Louis Honda of Frontenac and had it shipped back to Texas. Even with shipping cost, it was still a better deal that what I could find in here. Note that that price was with the $750 down payment assistance which is subject to availability. The internet manager at Frontenac is great to work with. Good luck.
  • I want to lease a 2012 Honda Pilot EX-L with 15,000 miles/yr. My local Honda dealer provided a 0.00075 money factor, which is a sizable jump from December's money factor. Can you please confirm the current Honda money factor for a Pilot EX-L?

    I have also seen quotes listing an EX-L residual value of 55% (labeled as "book"), as well as quotes listing an EX-L residual value of 57" (labeled as "adjusted"). Do dealers have discretion when it comes to the lease residual value? Is 57% the best available for an EX-L?

  • nj550inj550i Posts: 19

    I find your posting with great interest. Why, because I was at Planet Honda on the same day as you, Monday 1/2/12 (1:30-4:30). I purchased a 2011 Ridgeline for about $1500 below dealer invoice. And this is the second truck I got from them, first one was a 2005 Pilot EX (another great deal). I know you're upset what had transpired on Monday. BUT, as car buyers, we all know those ads are ways to get car buyers into the dealership. I do have to say Planet Honda is the most aggressive dealer in central NJ. But you have to be well prepared when you walk in to negotiate. This is just my opinions.

    1) You know you're going to lease a 2012 Pilot LX on that day. Did you check their website inventory before you went in? Planet Honda's website inventory is updated on a nightly basis (that is a fact). I went in knowing they have 2 white Ridgeline RTL w/nav in stock. I followed their Ridgeline inventory for the past month.

    2) As for the ad on the low monthly payment of $229. IF, you notice on newspaper ads, tv commercial, other website ads - the AVG. monthly payment for a LX is around $279-$329 with $xxxx.xx of down payment. If you want a monthly payment of $229, then you have to expect to put down a huge downpayment in order to achieve the $229 monthly payment. I'm not taking sides, I just don't know the fine print on the $229 ad.

    3) As for the BS fees, I saw those fees on my contract. I told my sales guy I decline the $300 fee and I'll give him the $60 fee. I also told them I'm not paying $995 for pinstrips and door guards. Certain fees can be decline, you have the right as the buyer - just tell them.

    4) As for the salesman, well, they are car salesman. You happen to have a new, inexperience salesman. And if he did what you said, he won't last long. We, as consumers, have to cut them some slack. In this economy, it's tough to get a steady job, especially car salesman - they work on commission and they do need to feed their families. When you test drove the Pilot, was it a LX? If not, then because they don't have any in stock to sell. Then as any salesman in any business, they will try to sell the next model up. The person you should negotiate with and get upset with - is the sales manager. They have the final saying.

    Well, the good thing is you got your Pilot and based on the currently offer for a 2012 Pilot LX (2wd) - $340 monthly (+ttl), $0 down - you got a great lease. So, congrats and enjoy your Pilot. ;)
  • Cool. I will look for them.
  • Hi EKC,

    Thanks for the reply and sharing the shipping cost info.

    Pohanka Honda in Maryland matched the quote from Frontenac for 2012 Honda Pilot 4wD EX-L and also included the all-weather mats. So I placed the order with them on Fri, Dec 30. I am waiting for the SUV to arrive at the dealership this week so that i can go and pick it up.

    On the road price including TTL is 35K.

    Thanks for your help.

  • I was offered the following deal in IL ( It is very hard to get the color you want, this one is in Silver)

    Vehicle price- $34,300
    Dest: $810
    acces: $1288- All weather floor mats, premium running boards with lights and remote starter (dealer option).

    Price before tax, title transfer and fees is $36,398.

    They have offered me high trade-in value for my 2007 Pilot (EXL with RES) with $66K miles, the car is in excellent shape= $18,500. KBB value is around $17K for trade-in.

    What do you guys think, a good deal or not really?
  • Cowboys,

    I just got a quote for my sister, a 2012 EX-L 4WD With RES and no Navi for 36,010. This is before uncle sam. I don't know if it will come with the all weather mats, etc like you but its the cheapest I found in NY
  • Thanks ingman for your quick response, I think it's a good deal I'm getting because other dealers will give me $17K for my trade and$500 less on the new car price. I'm not 100% sure about all the access prices.
  • Hi,
    Yes, it is excellent deal.
    Can share the residual value of the LX you got.
    if possible the the distribution of fees you paid in $1000.

  • ct44ct44 Posts: 8
    For what it's worth, be careful on the remote starter. I got my Honda Pilot in Brewster NY with a remote starter added at my request, and they installed the cheapest one there is - no two way communication to know if the vehicle has started on not, and it used up the valet key when now most systems can be programmed as to not require a key left in the remote starter. Good luck with your car!
  • Thanks ct44, that's a good point, I think I will go for the honda version for the remote starter as my wife wants for her car and it has a two way communication built in it...
  • Seem that it start from mid 27k. Have anyone able to get one at below 28k ?
  • I think this is a fake post by someone from PlanetHonda, not an actual car buyer.

    1. I checked the inventory and was told when I got there that the Blue LX listed as in stock on the website was sold a few days before I arrived. I also called before heading over and was told that it was in stock.

    2. The average figure you cite is for a Honda lease, which is 12K/yr. not 10k/yr. The fact that the ad is misleading is what makes it reprehensible. Telling people responding to your ad that they should know a lease offer is too good to be true is disingenuous (it's also criminal).


    3. Yeah. You can just decline fees. Okay. The salesman I spoke with said the fees were mandatory and required by the 3rd party leasor (both lies). He offered $700 off in total, but said that was only if he could somehow get his manager to agree to it. I know the fees are [non-permissible content removed] and the intention is to make customers spend all day going back and forth fighting to get them removed. That's a really [non-permissible content removed] way to run a new car dealership is my point.

    4. The salesman was belligerent. His goal was to browbeat and intimidate me to make a sale. Your attitude that I should expect to be abused when I buy a car and should cut the saleman slack because of the economy and his inexperience is assinine. When I leased my car from a dealer down the road, the entire negotiation took 15 minutes. I told them what I wanted to pay, they came back with something very close, we split the difference (which was $5/mo.) and I signed the papers.

    I think I got a very good lease as well. I also got the 4WD LX not the 2WD.
  • I just got a quote for a Pilot EX-L 2WD with Navi for $34,500 + TTL. This seems to be the best price I can find in Austin (quote is from San Antonio). Does this seem like a good price?

    The other quote was for a Pilot EX-L for $32,625 + TTL. Again, is this a good price?

    Any chance you think I could get the price lower or get extras added?

  • nj550inj550i Posts: 19
    hmmm.....are you working for Route22Honda and trashing your competitor? (lol - j/k).

    No, this is not a fake post. I'm an actual buyer. As I mentioned in the prior post, I bought the Ridgeline on 1/2/12 @ Planet Honda. I'm here in this Pilot forum to provide information for forum members of the deal I received for my sister's 2012 Pilot Touring (See post# 15027 - 12/20/11). Again, let me emphasize I'm here to learn, help & assist, not to critic or debate anyone.

    1) Good that you checked their inventory. Calling them is useless, because they'll say yes to everything, then when you walk in - they don't have what you want.

    2) Based on your knowledge of Planet Honda's reputation, the 2.5 stars they received in the Edmunds' dealer reviews (some are pretty bad reviews) and your understanding of the bait-n-switch ad - Why would you even think of going to that dealership? If I knew all that information before hand and I never dealt with Planet Honda, I would not set foot in that dealership. You have to admit, you took the bait ($229 monthly lease payment) but didn't like the switch they did on you. I would say the main surprise was this is not a Honda lease. The closest Honda dealer is 3 miles from my house and I would not set foot in that dealership for purchase - only for service.

    As for the legal problem of Planet Honda - I'm way ahead of you. I was part of a class action lawsuit against Planet Honda - "Dawn Mohrle v. Timco Inc. d/b/a Planet Honda." This is due to my Pilot lease back in 2005. This past Saturday, I received a final notice of the class action settlement. This is what I received under the settlement:
    a) a $15 Cash Certificate.
    b) a $100 Service/Parts coupon or 4 oil change voucher.

    3) As for the fees, I don't play the back & forth game - I told my salesman either take out the fees or I'll walk. As for the $229 lease - those fees must be in the $4500 range. Hey at least you didn't end up @ the finance office - you would have a field day. They offer 5 or 6 warranty/maintenance packages. I was cordial and listen to all the packages - at the end, I declined. The finance guy told me today is the only day you can buy the Honda Care warranty. I told him - NO - the last day I could buy the Honda Care warranty is 12/31/2014.

    4) My attitude is NOT for car buyers to be abused by salesman, should never happen. I have my fair share of rude, obnoxious, arrogance, racist salesmen. I'm an owner of several retail businesses and I always preach to my staffs - #1 Priority - "Customer Service". Why cut them some slack - I have seen customers that are rude and belligerent to my employees and they don't deserve that kind of treatment. That is where I step in. In your case, you have to do what is right for you.

    Here is a part of an email I received from the internet manager - "Just ask for me when you stop by and I'll be certain to get you one of our better salepeople, to save you some time." I guess there is some truth to that statement.

    One last important point. After I wrote my reply to your post, I received an email from a customer service representative from Planet Honda. She thanked me for my purchase and my response to your post. She also mentioned Planet Honda reached out to you and extended their apologies. They were willing to work with you on the Pilot, but you had already purchased from Route22Honda. So, If they did reach out to you and apologize, then I have to say that is "Customer Service".

    Anyway, Congrat again and enjoy your Pilot. I know my wife and son are enjoying their new Ridgeline. If we ever meet, drinks on me! :)
  • Hi all,

    Just got an off from a dealer in for a EX-L as follows: $379 (including tax). $3000.00 down. They threw in a roof rack, mats and 2 oil changes. They used 55% residual and .00075 money factor on their worksheet. I tried to negotiate lower but they refused. I called a competitior who told me to take the deal. The cap cost that they appeared to be using was $30,984 after rebates and CCR(wich i didn't understand). What do you all think?
  • I just got back from the dealer. He also used .00075 and a 55% residual. This was for a 15,000 mile lease 36 month for an EX-L. $379 including tax and $3 grand down. I negotiated lower but they refused. I am still trying to figure out if this is a good deal. I posted these figures to the board for feed back.
  • This is offer I got today. Does it make sense? Payments seems high:

    MSRP- 41630.00
    Invoice price- 37771.34
    Sale price- 37032.00
    2 Flex cash cert. (250) (500.00) taxable
    Internet sales price- 36532.00
    Doc fee- 161.39
    Lic and title- 219.00
    Sales Tax- 2605.29
    City tax- 7.50
    Total- 39525.18

    Money Factor- 0.00075 Super pref. rate to qualified buyers
    Residual- 22063.90

    36 month lease 12k per year
    549.00 per month with first payment of 549.00 due at lease signing
  • what did u receive for trade in?
  • There isn't much activity on the thread with this name so I come here looking for some figures. For years it seems like people are very pleased or very unhappy with the MPG. We are looking at a Pilot and wonder if anyone can share some recent MPG consumption on the 2012 AWD Pilot?
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,595
    I own a 2011 Pilot EXL w/ NAV 4WD. I bought it in May 2011. I currently have about 12,000 miles on it. So I'm well past the 2 traditional "engine break in points" of 5K & 10K miles. We LOVE our Pilot. The ride, the ulitity, the passenger room, the cargo room are all fantastic. The gas mileage is just awful. My wife gets maybe 15.5 driving around town. We usually get about 360 miles per tank. I just took a weekend trip from our house in Stamford, CT to Pittsburgh, PA (about 400 miles each way). I averaged about 17.5 mpg for the entire trip. Cruise was set at 75 going there and 65 coming home. My best tank was a little over 19 mpg & that was literally driving the Pilot as if it was a hypermiling Prius (Set cruise at 60, let everybody pass you...)

    The thing is, whether you get 12 mpg (my wife driving all city miles during break in), my PB 19.2 mpg, or even the EPA sticker claim of 22 mpg, it costs the same amount to fill the Pilot up every week.

    Don't let the Pilot's poor gas mileage send you fleeing to another marquee's dealership. We do LOVE it. In our mind, there was no better 3 row, 4WD SUV out there.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • Thanks! We have been loyal to the Honda brand and currently have an 03 Odyssey and an 09 4cyl Accord. Had an 07 V6 Accord just before the current one and I was REALLY disappointed in the sub 20 MPG it consistently provided. I felt like I was feeding the thing constantly!

    We will frequently do 300 mile round trips to another state so as much as I would love to get the pilot for the third row and was convinced last night it was the vehicle for us, we might have to settle with an Outback and forgo the extra person space. I guess I need to look at the Highlander as it seems like Toyota owners don't gripe as much about the MPG. I do love the lack of complexity when negotiating for a Honda but I'm equally as frugal when it comes to looking at the fuel gauge.
  • We have a 2011 EX-L 2WD with about 12,500 miles on it. When we bought it (new... I think it had 12 miles on it), I reset both of the trip odometers (which also show fuel economy). Since then, I have reset one at every fill-up and left the second alone. So effectively, I have a "vehicle lifetime" MPG figure and a "per-tank" MPG figure. The "lifetime" figure currently reads 18.6 MPG (i.e. my avg. MPG since purchasing the vehicle). The "per-tank" MPG number has steadily improved since we purchased the vehicle. Initially, we were getting 16-17 MPG. Now, we get 19-20 MPG. We've gotten "per-tank" figures as high as 23+ MPG on trips with nothing but highway driving. (Note that these figures are for 2WD.)

    All that said, I agree wholeheartedly with nyccarguy. We couldn't be happier with our Pilot. The buying experience, the service experience, the quality, the room, the ride... It's all been very good with very few complaints! We tried to talk ourselves into seriously considering something else, but we kept coming back to the Pilot.

    Unless you're looking at a substantial improvement in mileage on some other vehicle, I would recommend the Pilot.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,595
    The Pilot is our 3rd Honda as well. It is my wife's DD. We bought it primarily for the room. We have 3 children 5 1/2, 3, & 2 months. They are all in child safety seats. The Pilot allows us to seat all 3 of them in the 2nd row, leaving the 3rd row stowed away for cavernous cargo room. There's even a set of LATCH anchors in the 3rd row where the boys (5.5 & 3) like to sit. I also bought it for the reliability, it's a Honda after all. 4WD was a top priority for me too.

    Don't write the Pilot off due to its abismal gas mileage. You should drive it back to back with its competition. You are a Honda guy & might not like the softer ride of the Highlander (which is 10" shorter than the Pilot).

    Read the consumer reviews here on edmunds. Everybody who owns a Pilot really loves it.

    The other 2 Hondas in my current stable:

    2010 Black/Ebony Acura TSX w/ Tech pkg 5AT (47K miles)
    2001 Milano Red/Black Honda Prelude Type SH 5MT (145K miles)

    Good luck & let us know what you decide.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • Hi,
    I'm looking for the February money factor & residual value on the Honda Pilot EX-L W/Navigation. Does Honda have any customer loyalty or customer incentives going on now?
    What would be considered a good monthly payment on this vehicle.

    We currently have a 2009 Pilot EX -L without navigation that we're probably paying too much for (385.00/month). This lease is up in March.

    Any and all help/information is appreciated
    BTW: I agree with the poster about Planet Honda. We went there in 2009 and were given such a huge runaround (including lies & stall tactics) that we left. Went up the road to VIP Honda and were told the price we wanted was "unrealistic". We were long term Honda customers with excellent credit. We left there as well. Continuing further up route 22 we walked into Autosport HOnda and within 10 minutes we had an even better price than what we were asking for! We're heading back to Autosport Honda on Rt. 22 in Bridgewater NJ.
  • We purchased a 2012 EX-L 4WD Pilot in December 2011. It has almost 3,000 miles on it. Here's our mileage so far:
    1. Took a trip to CA with 7 passengers and luggage inside the vehicle. Trip computer reported 20.x mpg on mostly freeway driving between 75-80 mph.
    2. We do a lot of freeway driving (80% of the time) and we've been getting 22.x mpg on almost every tank of gas. This is with 5 passengers and no luggage load.
    3. Overall mileage since we bought the vehicle = 21.x mpg. We haven't reset trip computer B yet.

    Granted this is a 4,500 lb vehicle and not aerodynamic as a car but we're very happy with the mileage. We didn't buy it for gas mileage but for passenger capacity and neither me or my wife wants to drive a minivan.
    Hope this helps.
  • Hey everyone,

    I've been reading these posts for a few days now and I just wanted to get your opinion on my deal here. I'll try and not feel if I have buyer's remorse but in the end...I'm still going to love my new Honda Pilot. Alrighty, here is what I clunked down $500 bucks for... It's a 2012 Honda Pilot EX-L w/Nav 4WD, Dark Cherry Pearl II. Of course they didn't have it in stock, it's actually being built from the plant, just for me. I didn't get any extras as I have a "special" contact for that. Anywho...after extensive negotiating and a lot of back-n-forth e-mails, I finally settled. I settled on $36,440. This is the out-the-door price....everything to include tax, tags, applicable fees...literally OUT-THE-DOOR, nothing more. How'd I do? Thanks for your feed back. Oh, also, many may wonder where and how I got a dark cherry pearl...Honda of Tysons in Vienna, VA is where I got the deal. Also, like I said...not in stock, I should have it by March. Thanks again everyone!
  • after researching and driving different SUV's, (it was between pilot, highlander, 4-runner and Murano) we decided on the pilot. We had a 07 civic si that we traded in for this one. How is that for one end of the spectrum to the other. Time for this grandma to step of to a baby hauler. Purchased a 2010 with 31,000 miles on it, black cherry pearl EX model (we did not want leather). paid $25,100 for it. Gonna fill it up tomorrow and will see what kinda of mileage we got out of our first full tank. We do both city and freeway driving so good mix as I can see.
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