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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rock70592rock70592 Posts: 2
    After much debate and research throughout this forum, I was able to get what I thought was the best deal possible in louisiana.

  • Good deal?

    38,700 (includes dest and black side steps)
    229 administrative fee
    4 lien fee
    1 tire fee
    3,367.36 (KS sales tax)

    Total: 42,301.36

  • ilepf123ilepf123 Posts: 4
    Is it a 2WD or 4WD?

    I got one of $30800+Tax+Doc fee($300) at Utah.
  • rock70592rock70592 Posts: 2
    It was 2WD, so far we love it. Well it is for my wife with our expanding family, we were needing something slightly bigger than the accord.
  • verybeegverybeeg Posts: 19
    I just got 2 quotes in PA (phila area). Both provided money factor of 0.00039, which is about 0.9%. Residual % was quoted at 53% for the EX-L and 50% on the Touring. The residual on the EX-L is $20,537.50.

    I got 2 quotes for the 4wd EX-L with Entertainment Pack: $35,067 and $34.992. I was also quoted for a Touring for $38,349.

    I saw 2 people got the Touring for about $36,000 in May. Still waiting on other quotes to see if I can get something close to that.
  • ilepf123ilepf123 Posts: 4
    I got a quote of $30800+Tax+Doc fee($300). How is it? Thanks
  • verybeegverybeeg Posts: 19
    I got more quotes today. One dealer in NJ quoted the the EXL4W with Entertainment for $33,462, more than $2200 less than other quotes I got in PA. Yet, that dealer charges quite a lot in fees, about $2200 more. By the time I factored in all the fees, I'd better off getting the car in PA. (Plus, fees must be paid up front.)

    When getting a quote, make sure you check all the fees. Window etching, car cleaning, doc fees, tire fees, etc. can quickly add up.
  • verybeegverybeeg Posts: 19
    Does it have the entertainment pack? do they charge other fees besides doc fee? which dealer did you get that quote from?
  • Hi All, I was interested in buying a 2012 Pilot EX-L and have a quote of $33225 in San Diego. Is this a good price? It seems to be what I've gotten from a few different dealerships in my area.

  • summer31summer31 Posts: 3
    Just leased a 2012 EX-L Honda Pilot in NY for $440 per month, $1500 down, 12k miles per year for 36 months. Did I get totally taken? I'm really dissapointed - I think I didn't do enough research. Any thoughts?
  • eccwongeccwong Posts: 1
    Just purchase a 2012 Pilot Touring 4WD on Saturday in NJ, after 2 hours haggling, paid
    $830 Destination and Handling
    Plus NJ sales tax

    Is this a OK price? MSRP $41,800 ($40970+$830)

  • Just brought 2012 Pilot in IL from Bill Kay Honda. Out the door price was 35620 (with installed premium running boards).
    base 32356
    running boards 765 (installed), ttl 2500

    Is this a good deal??

    They are in Kankakee county in IL, where the tax rate is pretty low as compared to Chicago (6.25%), you will save some money.

    The dealer was great to workwith, no pressure, all communication thru email until day of purchase.
  • Purchased from Atlantic Honda In Bayshore, NY. Base price 32027 plus 830 destination & tax. My salesperson was Yves. Declined their extended service contract. Purchasing Honda Care through Hyannis Honda. If you're buying A Pilot read through the posts. Definitely helpful.
  • hondamdhondamd Posts: 2
    Paid $31540 base (with dealer options) plus $810 destination fee & tax etc. July 4th sale. Email around before you go into a dealership; make sure quotes includes all applicable fees.
  • kapskaps Posts: 2
    Paid $30845 & tax for Pilot EX-L FWD (No Dealer Options Installed)
  • drbaddrbad Posts: 3
    What was the sticker price and what dealer in ca?
  • sonotsonot Posts: 4
    edited July 2012
    how much did you pay not including the dealer options and where did you buy from? Oursman Honda quoted me 30495.00 before fees for a 2012 Pilot ex-l 4wd! thanks
  • sonotsonot Posts: 4
    any advice on how much I should pay! (2012 Pilot 4WD EX-L )

    please help me buy my first car! EVER!
  • sonotsonot Posts: 4
    you should be able to get 30495.00 before fees
  • hondamdhondamd Posts: 2
    I went to Ourisman in Bethesda. Sticker price for dealer options is $995, so I effectively paid $30545 for the base 4WD EXL. Although, I didn't pay the $200 processing fee either, dropping it to $30345.

    I tried to get a model without dealer options, but they claimed all of those were invoiced after March (so they could jack up the base price by 1.8% and charge $20 more for the destination fee).
  • onecar1onecar1 Posts: 4
    Just purchased new 2012 Honda Pilot EX-L 4x4 MSRP $37,150 for $32,433 only other fee was $206 for tag and title, and 6% sales tax for PA. Hope I got a good price. I called 5 dealers around the Philadelphia area and $32,433 was the best price.
  • onecar1onecar1 Posts: 4
    Just purchased new 2012 Honda Pilot EX-L 4WD MSRP $37,150 for $32,433 only other fee was $206 for tag and title, and 6% sales tax for PA. Hope I got a good price. I called 5 dealers around the Philadelphia area and $32,433 was the best price.
  • dls1977dls1977 Posts: 2
    What dealer in the philadelphia area did you use. Looking to buy one myself.
  • kapskaps Posts: 2
    Maita Honda, Citrus Heights (Sacramento)
  • onecar1onecar1 Posts: 4
    Martin Main Line Honda Ardmore PA. Also, Sussman Honda. Both offered the best price.
  • yaleratyalerat Posts: 2

    I am about to make a deal and just wanted some feedback. The dealer is asking $470 per month for 35 months on a 36 month 12,000 mile lease. All fees are included. Cap cost seems high at $34,780 but residual seems right at $19689. At the end of the day do I care if others have lower Cap cost but cant match the monthly payment? Just curious if the price seems high or low? Thanks
  • sonotsonot Posts: 4
    would you mind giving me the name of the salesperson so I can try to get the same deal? and any other advise would also be helpful!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jaatjaat Posts: 14
    I get following rough quote in email from a dealer (its in south california) through email negotiations -

    MSRP $35,550 2012 Pilot EX-L
    Dealer Invoice $32,890.58
    Holdback $694.40
    Dealer cash $750

    $31,446.18 Our net cost for the Pilot

    $30,819 sale price
    $419 Pro pack (wheel locks, all season mats, rear cargo tray)
    $80 Doc fee
    $2427.14 State sales tax based on my city's tax rate
    $333 DMV fees
    $8.75 State tire fee

    =$34,086.89 Out the door

    Is it a good price or should I wait for couple of weeks when 2013 model is out and 2012 will have better discount?
    Also, what do experts feel about coming labour day weekend will have better or not on Pilot 2012?
    Last question, invoice include $419 Pro pack (wheel locks, all season mats, rear cargo tray), isn't these are always included in the price or should I negotiate on this?

    Thanks in advance !
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