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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jethro23jethro23 Posts: 9
    debsteve, I am interested in using carbargains, but the offers would need to recover the carbargain service fee to make it worthwhile obviously. Did you have any idea carbargains was going to fetch such tempting discounts before signing up? We only have 1 dealership in my area, so I'm skeptical they would offer anything below invoice. However, I'm very close to Dallas which has several dealerships.
  • Thanks for your info. I will try to get quote form them. It is a great deal you have got.
  • heyroccoheyrocco Posts: 7
    $31,995 is what I was quoted for a 2006 Honda Pilot EX NAVI, MSRP $35,795 in Westchester County, NY. I have mainly been looking for a 4WD EX with cloth interior so I have not gotten a lot of quotes on the EX-L with Navi but I think $31,995 is a good deal................but you might be able to get them down a few hundred more.
  • debstevedebsteve Posts: 6
    We wouldn't have offered as low a price as Carbargains got for us as we thought Hondas were hot in our area. The other factor is the cost of our personal time. For us (two working parents and 2 small kids), it would have taken forever to get 5 or more serious bids. You can call Carbargains to discuss where you want bids from to see if they can do that -- we asked them to include a specific dealer near us. There's a phone number on the web page to ask for the service.

    If you bought your car in Dallas rather than your local area, I'd be amazed if the service manager from your local dealer would not give you warranty service, as it's money in his pocket. I have friends that have crossed state lines to by Hondas at better prices but still get them serviced close to home.
  • jdocjdoc Posts: 1
    I've been quoted a price of just under $30K (including destination charge) for an EX-L 4WD in the Boston area. Does that seems like a good number? Thanks.
  • Thanks for your info. I will check with my Credit Union too. They currently have 4.5% for 36 months and 5.2% for 80 mon. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  • I got a quote from honda of Lancaster, California for a 2006 Pilot 4wd ExL(no Navi or DVD). They called within 15 minutes of my posting to the Costco Auto purchase program. The Price quoted was 30,280 which the salesman said was invoice, plus 550 destination charge for a total of 30,830. I just said "Oh Really!! thanks but I trying to decide what I want". I did not mention to him that The actual invoice for this configuration is actually 30,280 with the 550 destination charge included. My goal is to find a Navi system model close to the price he quoted me for the non nav model. Let's see how close I can get. I will update my excellent adventure here. Sorry about the long post I'm new at this.
  • Can you tell me which dealers had good prices in Chicago? I'm just starting to look in the market. Thanks.

  • rushmerushme Posts: 22
    I was shopping for a LX in the Chicago/Suburb area. Not sure if the EX would be discounted similarly, but here you are...

    McGrath Honda in St. Charles quoted $500 below invoice, Honda of Joliet was $500 below invoice, Valley Honda in Aurora was a few hundred below invoice - but I believe willing to deal and were very nice via email. Schaumburg Honda was willing, I believe, to match the price we ended up paying - $600 below invoice, which we got in Loves Park, IL at Napleton Auto Werks.

    Hope that helps. I just went to the Honda website and typed in my zip and went to each dealer's site in the area. Not all responded back via email, but most did fairly quickly. Only a few took several days.

    Good luck!
  • I am shopping for a new 2006 Pilot EX-L 2WD in Southern California. The dealer quoted me $27,400 (which includes destination), sounds like an excellent deal. What do you guys think?
  • laxcoachlaxcoach Posts: 36
    i just got an email from hillside honda in queens offering $31,258 for an 06 awd exl with navi. worth a try. good luck.
  • 2006 EX-L lease for $1999 + tax ($2868)and $325(includes tax)/month for 36 months @ 12k/year. 52% residual, MF=.00022. I'm in southern California - I'm interested in any feedback you all might have. Thanks, Brian
  • sharpaxesharpaxe Posts: 9
    I belive that is very good deal. Go for it :)

    Make sure you visit the dealer during the daylight and while doing test drive, don't turn the music on, carefully listen to any noise, especially from the rear doors.
  • I'm looking to make same purchase in NoVA/DC area. Where did you go and how did it go? First round of Internet pricing replies for EXL 2WD from Fairfax Honda and Arlington/Brown came in right at 30k. Have been shopping in person at Honda of Tysons, but not yet talked price. That's for my next visit there, ahead of a credit union event at area dealers next weekend (3/25).
  • djbeardjbear Posts: 4
    I received a call yesterday from a dealer that Honda just announced (3/18/06) an additional $1000 "Marketing Incentive" to the dealers. Has anyone else heard of this?
  • drjcool1drjcool1 Posts: 45
    Does your price include destination charge? Are there any other hidden charges? I got a price of 31,999 for Pilot EX-L with Navi from Honda City.
  • Sounds very good. I'm currently at $28,800 for same EX-L 2WD vehicle in Northern Virginia, with requests for prices out to a couple more dealers tonight. Initial Internet queries came in at 30k, but pushing back ("friends and msg boards tell me we can do better") has knocked $1200 off, so far.
  • cogencercogencer Posts: 1
    Hi there heyrocco - I'm seeking an EX-L in the NYC area and possibly with nav. I think $31,995 is basically invoice. How did you get the quote (i.e. via email bid or walk in) and how did you handle a trade-in if you had one?
  • laxcoachlaxcoach Posts: 36
    i saved the email and checked. it states "the customer is responsible for tax, title, and fees". no mention of destination charges. i'm sure the fees could mean anything, but it's still a good price in my opinion. good luck.
  • thebillthebill Posts: 194
    Now begins the Spring buying season and we all will be hitting advertising very heavy over the next few weeks. Internet, print, radio, TV, etc..

    Costs are rising for those mediums and the "marketing Incentive" is given to us to offset those costs. It is NOT a rebate.

    Honda has never given a rebate and never will.
  • rxmartinrxmartin Posts: 2
    This was mentioned when we took a test drive last Saturday (03/18/06) at Bobby Rahal Honda (Mechanisburg PA).
  • jethro23jethro23 Posts: 9
    How are dealers offering significant discounts below invoice if they are not using "marketing incentive" as a dealer "rebate"?
  • Did you get a price quote for the Pilot after test drive? I am in the MD and wanting to buy a Pilot too.
  • heyroccoheyrocco Posts: 7
    I got that price via e-mail from Curry Honda in Yorktown Heights, NY. I did not give them any trade-in info.
  • I just got a price quote for a 2006 Pilot EX-L 2WD for $29617. Should I expect to pay below invoice pricing? It sure looks like lots of people are getting 400-600 below invoice in some areas....
    Thanks for the help!
  • rob55rob55 Posts: 3
    Does anyone know the best dealer to buy from in Northern California? I'm looking for the '06 4WD EX-L w/ Nav.
  • rsfrsf Posts: 15
    What is the invoice price for the 2006 Pilot EX-L 2WD w/DVD compared to the 2006 Pilot EX-L 4WD w/DVD?

    Is the dealer holdback 3.2%? Any other incentives?

    Are the 2WD more or less difficult to find than the 4WD?

    In Southwest Florida (Tampa Bay Area), which dealers are easy to work with? Anyone here getting below invoice?

    Thanks guys!! :)
  • Absolutely correct. I just received a quote for EX 2WD, $24955 plus destination, $100 dealer fee and TTL. Out the door will be about $27105.
  • rxmartinrxmartin Posts: 2
    No I didn't. Was just shopping around at that point.
  • gregb7gregb7 Posts: 1
    I am in Charleston, WV and have shopped all over WV.

    I am looking @ a silver with grey 06 EX-L AWD (no navi/res).

    So far these are the offers ...

    $28789.01 OTD (tax 5%, title, reg.) $30,351.19

    I was told of a $1000.00 "back" offer by only 1 of the salesmen.
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