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2013 and earlier-Honda Pilot Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    I am finding prices vary wildly in Washington, DC also. Some dealers are telling me the prices people are quoting on are far-fetched. Some dealers will match the prices so I know which dealers are not being truthful. The same is true with the Accord. I may just buy an Accord from one dealer and a Pilot from another at this rate.

    Are you happy with your purchase from Bill Page and how long did it take to negotiate with them? Did you get all options? How much did they quote for the 4WD model (if you asked)?
  • Looks like a good deal (very comparable to what I got here in So. California) one question though, does your negotiated price include destination charge? Seems like you may have forgotten to add it in.
    Also, acquisition fee should be $595, no?

    2006 Honda Pilot EX-L 2WD
    36 months
    12K miles
    MSRP: $32,395
    Negotiated price: $28833 (includes $550 dest. charge)
    Cap reduction: $2075
    No security deposit
    Capital cost: $29428 (price + $595 acquisition fee)
    Money factor:.00022
    Residual: $16845 (52%)
    Monthly Payment: $324.75

    I had them throw in crossbars and lifetime oil changes(every 5K miles) as well. I'm happy with deal and my wife loves the car. Good luck!
  • Hi vlipgyore!

    You are right on the money. The acquisition fee is $595 (sorry about the typo)

    The negotiated price of $28,247 includes destination.

    I'm also not paying any cap reduction.

    What was your total driveoff costs on day of purchase? Sounds like you got a lower monthly by reducing cap and paying security deposit.

    Thanks and happy Piloting!
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Got a quote for $26,649 plus tax, license, and $45 doc fee. Should I take the plunge, or wait a bit more?
  • Take the plunge tinatina - that's a good deal! Or you can gamble with year end model clearance and possibly get a better deal on whatever is left in the lot.
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Thanks for the advice. I agree. Do you own this vehicle? I tested the 2005 model, and I almost bought it last year.
  • rsfrsf Posts: 15
    Would like to hear about buying experiences in South West Florida (Tampa/St. Pete area) and what dealership is easiest/best to deal with.
  • I just came back from a dealer and placed an order on EX-L 2WD. The base price is 26752, which is $1,900 under invoice, plus freight (550) is $27302. Total out the door price is $29018.05 (include doc fee 99, TTL). The car will be in the dealer lot on Monday and I will test drive it first then sign all the paper works. The buying process is very smooth. The salesman just gave me the price up-front. I am in the MD area. I test drove the car with my wife and both of us were very satisfied with it. It is a wonderful SUV. No vibration at 70 -80MPH, and I will test drive the one I will buy. The VCM works silently and you will see a "ECO" light on in the instrumental panel when it is engaged automatically. We couldn't feel it was running on 3 cylinder and switch back and forth. Hopefully this will improve some mileage.
  • Hi goingonce,

    I believe you did real good on your Pilot lease.

    You beat my deal by almost $600 and I worked the salesmen, Orange County may be more competitive than your neck of the woods, who knows!

    I paid no security and my total drive-off was $2868 which included a $2075 cap reduction so $793 in T/L & 1st months payment.

    Some posters here state you should never Cap reduce, I've never been clear on why that is, the lower monthly would seem to make it a wash in the long run.

    Best of luck with your Pilot & thanks for the input!
  • puppup Posts: 9
    Just purchased a 2006 2WD with RES for $29,041 (price included destination and ends up being about $1600 under invoice). According to the dealer, the $1000 incentive is given to the dealer if they meet a certain sales goal for the Pilots for the month of March. If you have a dealer that hasn't met the goal yet, they most likely won't be willing to give up the extra $1000.
  • ncpilotncpilot Posts: 1
    Oops, didn't see the part about not posting names of salespeople.

    This week we purchased a Silver EX-L 4WD for 28,800 from Leith Honda in Raleigh, NC. Plus $398 doc fee, tax, title, and license, it was $30,136 out the door. A pleasant buying experience...I got several internet quotes from other area dealers (even went back to the first one with a lower quote and they lowered their price), and took the lowest I could find to Leith and they matched it. I told them up front I didn't want to haggle, if they would give me that price I would sign a PO and bring a check the next day. Also told them I wasn't interested in an extended warranty or financing and they did not try to sell me on that at all.
  • Did all my haggling my e-mail, and Bill Page was a late entrant in the game (see earlier post). I ended up talking by phone with the internet manager once I got to my "last shot" price checks, and he said he's go $100 under Fairfax for invoice. When all said and done, it was about $250 lower. With purchase price agreed upon, purchase/pick up was a laid back 60-90 minutes (even took their shuttle from East Falls Church Metro). Demo of vehicle features, test drive, paperwork to see if Honda finance could beat my credit union (came close, but didn't beat it), sit down with the leather treatment/paint protector upseller (thanks, but no), visit with manager to close out paperwork and decline extended warranty purchase. Even let me pull the car into the service bay to get a look at it under the lights for marks/leather flaws, then away we go.

    Happy experience for me, although appalled by a dealer-added window sticker on the car I took home. With Market Adjustment of $1995, Wheel Locks at $199, Mud Guards at $199, and Regional Advertising at $150 all on top of $32395 MSRP, it totalled at $34953 -- more than 6k above my on the road price.

    Never checked on AWD. It's EX-L with wheel locks, mud guards, and a simple cargo net thrown in, but no RES, NAV, or other add-ons. Love it, so far.
  • thebillthebill Posts: 194
    They quoted 1900 under invoice ON A LOCATE up front with no negotiation????????

  • I'm in process of buying this car, what would be the best price for this car? Bill Page quoted for $32,207 plus taxes, title, freight, wheel locks and fees.
  • guru1020guru1020 Posts: 6
    I picked one up this weekend for $31998 "out the door" at Northwest Honda in Owings Mills. I would check with Sport Honda in Laurel which is much closer to you.
  • bobgubobgu Posts: 1
    guru, you say you bought a 4wd Navi for $31998 'out the door'. 'Out the door' usually means it includes taxes, freight, license, processing fees, etc. Could you please verify this. Thanks.
  • Does anyone know if the $1000 dealer incentive available for purchases (but not for leases) is available with the Leadership Purchase Plan?
  • guru1020guru1020 Posts: 6
    Final Price was $31998 including tax, tags, processing fees, etc... including mud flaps, cargo net, and wheel locks. I decided to get the extended warranty from another dealership. I was told by the dealer that there was only a $40 net profit on the deal. Odonnell Honda had offered it to me for $32,222 out the door. I am tracking this forum so feel free to ask if you have any more questions about the deal. Oh, I believe Sport Honda is actually in Annapolis, not Laurel. Best of Luck!
  • i have to say that is one hell of deal!
  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    The argument against paying a cap reduction is that if the vehicle is totalled, you don't get that money back. So if you total the vehicle early in the lease you can be out a significant sum.
  • drjcool1drjcool1 Posts: 45
    Guru, that is one heck of a deal! I just purchased a 2006 EX-L with Navi on Long Island for $31,800, plus tax, which I thought was pretty good, but your deal is outstanding. My wife loves the vehicle be the way!!!
  • guru1020guru1020 Posts: 6
    My wife and I love the vehicle as well. I know that I would have not gotten as good of a deal without reading tons of post in this forum. Knowing what others are paying sure helped me negotiate. I hope all who read this will know that, at least in the Baltimore area, dealerships will offer great internet deals. Many thanks to all who participate in this forum!
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Thanks novaexl2wdhunt! Your experience will help me with a purchase! 60-90 minutes sounds wonderful. I bought from Fairfax before and they tried the treatment package upsale with a little undercoating included for "free." So funny.
  • Hi All, hoping to get an opinion on the price($28230 ) quoted for EX-L 4WD in LA with standard options only. Destination Charge not included. Below is the invoice & MSRP for this trim
    Invoice - $29,730.36 without Destination Charge
    MSRP - $33,045.00
    New Car Blue Book Value - $31,915.00

    Another question, what is govt fees? the dealer stated it is 10% minus 8.25% (Sales Tax) i.e. approxiamtely 500$. Please advice!
  • Does anyone know when the next generation Honda Pilot will come out? Thank you
  • Here are the "out-the-door" price I got so far:

    Fairfax Honda - $34,374.50
    Bill Page Honda - $34,366.08

    What am I suppose to do now?
    Any negotiation tips will be appreciated... ;)

    Thanks guys.
  • Fairfax Honda - $34,374.50
    Bill Page Honda - $34,366.08
    Hersons Honda - $33,012.63
  • Fairfax Honda - $34,374.50
    Bill Page Honda - $34,366.08
    Hersons Honda - $33,012.63
    Ourisman Honda - $34,332.50
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833

    What do you do next?? you ask?
    Go buy the one at Hersons Honda.

    FYI: stating OTD pricing is hard to compare for anyone unless they have the same tax rate as you do - best to leave that out when asking opinions from people who live coast to coast.
  • cirrinc1cirrinc1 Posts: 5
    Great price if this is a 4WD EX with leather! Add about $550 for destination and that gets you to 28,780. I live in the Chicago area and just paid $29,730 for the same car with no dealer installed options.
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