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Dodge Ram



  • sakosako Posts: 25
    my qc truck didn't come with the rear underseat storage 'n i'm having a bear of a time trying to order it. the dealer can't find the part #. anybody know the #. the thing costs like $51.00 'n it's black molded plastic. thanks beforehand. ram it baby
  • stokerstoker Posts: 4

    I'm getting ready to mount 285/75r16 on a 16x8 rims on my 99 Quad Cab 4x4 2500HD. I've seen 305/75r16 on trucks at the dealers, but I don't what rim size they were on. As for speedometer influence, I'll get back to you on that.

    As for the under seat storage, the dealer option code is CUE, dealer cost $51, msrp $60. Check the Edmund's site out.

    Question, what is the stock lift from the factory on the 4x4 2500HD Quad Cabs? I measured mine and got about 4 inches.

    Stoker sends............
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    One big regret is that I DID get that option. I lose valuable floor space when the seat is folded up and I'm loading things in the rear seat area. I only use it for very small, flat things, like my work gloves, a flattened roll of paper towels, etc. I've been thinking of removing it. Want mine?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    The chirp on shutdown is normal - it's simply the fan belt coming to a quick stop.


    Patriot Blue (which happens to be a beautiful shade) replaces Deep Amethyst - Intense Blue is still available.
  • brett039brett039 Posts: 56
    I've found a truck (Dodge 2500, diesel, auto, 4WD, shift on the fly, 3.54 ratio) that I'm seriously considering purchasing, but it doesn't have two options I'm looking for. It doesn't have the Anti-spin differential and 4 wheel anti-lock brakes.


    Does the Anti-Spin Differential mean that when I'm in 4WD, I'll only have power going to one front and one rear tire? I'll be pulling a heavy boat out of the water on wet boat ramps and I'm thinking I'll always have to put it in 4x4 to get enough traction.

    This truck does not have lock out hubs. If I'm in 4x4 and switch to 2WD, do I have to stop for the front hubs to completely dis-engage? My Bronco has to be backed up for a few feet to completely dis-engage them and was wondering if Dodge's was the same.

    Any comments on NOT having 4 wheel anti-lock brakes?


    Thanks in advance for any comments...
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    One thing I didn't like the F-150 Super cab is that the rear seat fold down rather than up like in the Dodge and GM. I like a clear floor to set tools and boxes on.
  • richram123richram123 Posts: 35
    Hello LadyBlue,

    I am interested in the underseat storage.

    How much do you want for it?

    I usually have my rear seat down with my 2 baby seats on it.

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    The anti-spin differential (aka limited-slip) would give you three wheel drive when in "4x4" under a low traction condition. As far as boat ramps, since you're going in a straight line, 4-Hi or 4-Lo with the Cummins will do you proud.

    You do NOT have to back up to release the front axle. When you shift from 4Hi to 2Hi, it's out. I hated backing up my Ford, plus the front axle would stay engaged for blocks after I shifted.

    As far as having just the rear ABS over 4 wheel ABS, you'll be fine except in possibly a high-speed panic situation where the ability to change lanes migh avoid stopped traffic in front of you when you don't have the distance to stop withiut contact. It shouldn't be that much of an issue for you.
  • sakosako Posts: 25
    well rich is pretty fast with the offer to purchase your underseat storage, so hats off to him, but if rich doesn't want it i'd buy it from you ladyblue, but he gets first dibs.

    i'd still like the part # if anybody has got it handy, just in case.
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    Keep us in the dark DC!!
    "Bad News for Diesel buyers who don't want to shift.Despite what's been previously reported in this column, it looks like DC has scrapped their plans to offer a six-speed automatic transmission for the Ram. A representative from Dodge Truck reported today that Dodge will not offer a six-speed automatic and that they never planned to."

  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Rich & Sako:

    Maybe I should flip a coin!

    First, I have a 99 1500, so I don't know if a different year/model would matter on if it will fit in your respective trucks.

    I haven't really taken a good look at how to remove the storage compartment. I know it's bolted to the rear seat, and I'm not sure if it's part of the support for the seat when it's in the down position. If I can figure out how to take it out without wrecking the thing, I'll let you know.
  • goldrushgoldrush Posts: 20
    Hello all,

    Haven't posted much since I got my 99 QC cummins w/ 6 spd. I've been having too much fun driving. The truck has almost 5k on it and no problems yet! Got rid of the whine/warble noise in the cab by removing the restrictor in the heater hose. Avg. mpg is between 18.5 and 19.2.

    Sorry to read about your door problem and DC service ineptness LadyBlue. Hope it gets resolved.
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Thanks. The door is working and the paint has been repaired. Only problem is the inside panel is not completely snug - it moves a little. Guess what? The original sqeak is still there!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    I looked those up (when you mentioned them in the other topic).

    Those TSBs came as a result of all the initial drivability complaints with a fairly large perecentage of 24v engines. The people who have had this procedure done or the PCM reflash with the revised emissions codes (for the early 98s with the 24v) have reported improved performance. The new engine due in January will have taken these TSBs into account among other revisions.
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582


    Truck Force web-page needs some Ram Pic's to eye up
    e-mail to [email protected]
  • richram123richram123 Posts: 35
    The 99 and the 98 have the exact same interior. To remove the underseat storage there are 2 bolts on each side under the seat. They are located right on the mounting brackets. The job seems simple.

    If you really do not want to sell it, just remove it and re-install it as needed.

    Please let me know what you decide.

  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Check your e-mail.
  • Blong1Blong1 Posts: 17
    Question: Has anyone installed dual exhaust on their Ram 1500? if so which is the best?

    Looking for:
    Ease of installation
    Best sound (macho thing)
    cost - parts and install.

  • sakosako Posts: 25
    ladyblue-if you take the under seat storage out could you see if it has a part # on it & post it here for me. if i can get the part # i may be able to order it--that is if rich buys yours i will have to order one. thanks ahead of time. sako
  • trucklovertrucklover Posts: 51
    I have just purchased a 99 ram quad cab 4x4 sport and the brakes are horrible. I have being doing some research and the dodge stops about 30 feet shorter than the ford or the chevy. I came from a toyota and I am not use to the stopping distance has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone else upgraded their brakes?

    Also, I find the Dodge to have a lot of knocking when I run regular gas ( as recommended) The only time she quiets down is when she is full of supreme. Has anyone else notice this?

    Overall I love the tuck, but I am getting worried that I may have made a mistake, and should have gotten that soft looking chevy.....
  • brett039brett039 Posts: 56
    I think I have finally decided on what truck I want to purchase and have also found one with almost all the options I'm looking for. It's a Ram 2500 QC, Diesel, Auto, 3.54 diff., etc...

    Question: I do a lot of traveling and 40% of the time is OFF of the interstates. I'm concerned that while traveling on non-interstate roads, I'll have difficulty finding a station that sells diesel. Any comments or related experiences?

    Also, does anyone have info on an auxilary fuel tank for this truck (or a replacement with more capacity)?
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Trucklover, Dodge trucks are known for needing a little more leg in your brake than the others. Also they will wear out sooner. Stay on top of the adjustment of the rear shoes or it makes things that much worse. Wake up dodge , we want 4 wheel disk brakes!

    brett039, There are a lot of diesels out there and not just pickups. Finding fuel should not be a problem.
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    You might compare the weight of the Toyota you had to the Ram you have now. That Toyota might have been significantly lighter which would stop quicker.
    Just a thought.
  • brett039brett039 Posts: 56
    The truck I'm looking at doesn't have the Anti-Spin Differential (3/4 ton, Diesel, Auto, 3.54 ratio). Anyone have info on installing this at a later time? Do they use the same axle housing? How expensive?

    Also, what's the difference between the "Shift on the fly" transfer case and the standard one (besides being able to shift without stopping)? Is one "Beefier" than the other or one more reliable than the other?

  • I am looking seriously at buying a 2500 quad cab short box with the 5.9L diesel, has 3:54's. When we test drove the truck, my wife and daughter sat in the back seat and although they said it was very comfortable, there was a deafening pulsating noise that was hard on the ears at highway speed, 65mph. Has anyone with a diesel quad cab noticed this on their truck? Would sound deadener sprayed on the undercarriage make a difference? Any comments would be appreciated.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    Before spending considerable money on such a vehicle, take my advise and drive 4 or 5 vehicles to iron out questions such as this. I drove 5 or 6 similarly equipped Ram's before choosing mine, and none had a problem such as the one you experienced.
    Go to another dealer and find an exact duplicate, equipped identically, and take it for the same drive. There may have been something wrong with the first one. Try one with the 4:10 rear end to get a feel for the different charactistics, although you would only choose this if you have frequent HD towing requirements.
    Feel free to be completely satisfied with your final decision, having taken the time to drive the various models to determine the ride, power, and driving characteristics of each type. That's the best way to eliminate things you don't need or want, and the best way to insure a good nights sleep after you have put your signature on the dotted line :-)

  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    Ooops, I forgot to add that the Cummins Package comes with the Extra Insulation Package. No other additional insulation is needed, IMO.
  • I have a 2500 4X4 Quad Cab with the 24V 5.9L Cummins Diesel and it is quiet inside the cab. I have not heard this pulsating noise. It is very nice inside with the AC going and the stereo playing. I can hear the Diesel with no stereo and AC on low but it is not bad. I kind of like it. This is my first Diesel.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    Just because you asked, I drove home on the expressway with the windows up, radio off and A/C on low, at 65 mph pulling 1900 RPM's with my Cummins. Quiet as a church mouse... and no vibration.
  • sakosako Posts: 25
    '99 2500 qc cummins diesel tire update--bfg mud terrain 33/12.50 x 16.5(rim) size tire will rub on the front wheelwell unless you use a 2" spacer kit on the front & four new shocks, well at least 2 new front shocks, but it'd be wiser to use four of the same make for the front & rear. i found this out 'cuz i got a great deal on four 16.5" weld rims($250) & worn out tires, so i went to buy some new tires 'n the guy said i think they might rub, so we took one tire off 'n put on one of the ones i had just bought 'n by god they would clear, but just by a 1/2". now those tires are worn down to nothing 'n the new ones will be 1"-1 1/2" bigger, so beware.
    so now i'm buying the 2" rancho spacer for the front, new tires & 4 new shocks for $1500 installed or $1100 if i install the system myself. i wouldn't do it but i bought the 4 rims for a good price. beware if someone tells you differently i saw the proof. ram it baby
  • Thanks all for your responses. Good advice, I have lined up another test drive. I too, had heard that there was a super insulation package with the diesel and that at highway speeds the diesel was hardly noticeable. I'll give a couple more a try and we'll see what happens. Thanks again.
  • eric16eric16 Posts: 38
    Just a thought, I would look at going with 31" tires, to see if they would fit.

    Just a thought

  • sakosako Posts: 25
    i did but they're only about 1/2" bigger than the stock ones. still to small for the truck i think.
  • brett039brett039 Posts: 56
    Does anyone know if the Cummins Diesel (and the entire drive train) requires a break in period before towing a trailer?
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    I just ordered a 2000 V10 QC with (among other things) the snow plow prep pkg. I was planning on running 33x12.50x16.5 Kelly DTR's (which I currently run on an 88 GMC-had the BFG mudders but they suffer from sidewall separation when they get some miles on them-and the Kelly's are light years better in the rain and about $30-$40 cheaper per tire). What size wheels were you using 10" or 8"? Did the rubbing occur on the inside or the outside of the tire?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    The official answer is "no" - Both Cummins and DaimlerChrysler state that the Cummins is "ready to work" from delivery. Most people do wait about 1000 miles or so before pulling trailers.
  • sakosako Posts: 25
    markcord-good question about wheel size-the answer is i don't know, but i think they were 10", but i wouldn't bet on it. they're at the shop so i can't tell you for sure. outside of the tire is the answer to rubbing, but only when turning. the guy who sold me the rims told me he got 53k out of the tires 'n was pleased with them 'n the guy at the shop said 30-40k, what did you get before sidewall troubles? ram it baby
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Theres more than just the engine to breakin. How about break pads getting set, differential gears breaknig in to. And the transmission. I would wait till at least 500 miles no matter what any manufactuere says.
  • I have a 95 cummins 4wd ext cab LWB and tow a 6500 lb trailer at highway speeds, 2000 rpm - 70 mph, and it is quite. There will be a little more noise at low speeds in town where the engine sound can bounce back to the cab from buildings ect. but for the fuel milliage, 22 on interstate (not towing)match that on gas,and the pulling power,no way I would change back to gas. I was pulling with a 3/4 ton GMC 350 bored and high torque cam, had 200 k mi on two engines and three tranny. Where I was in second gear and 40 mph I am now in 5 th gear and 70 mph. Go back to gas--shoot me first! A little noise-- thats the sound of POWER.

    Go for it.
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    I got about 45,000 out of them (which I was pleased with-much better than the All-Terrains I ran before). Then I had a separated sidewall (couldn't keep air in the thing for more than a day) on the right rear and had bubbles between the knobs at the outside edge of the right front. The Kelly's are just a shade narrower than the BFG's and just a shade taller. They have a straight thru groove similar to an aqua-tread that makes them great in rain, puddles, etc. I would highly recommend them (especially at $120 per tire).
  • markcordmarkcord Posts: 113
    Sorry about that-they were $112 per tire.
  • 4myjob4myjob Posts: 19
    Hi There
    LadyBlue...I thought you said you were leasing your vehicle - you might not want to sell the undersear compartment if that is the case as they may expect the vehicle to come back to them with it (sorry guys).

    Re Diesel Fuel of the reasons that I bought the diesel was so that I could go farther between stops. I'm running around out in the boonies of Montana and have never had a problem finding fuel (although I may have to look a little harder). And even the smallest towns have 24 hour pumps anymore.

    I special ordered my truck and it was missing a couple of the options (99 QC 4x4 SWB Cummins). To make a long story short, I made them order another truck for me. As I had sold my old truck and needed the new one for work, I kept the "new" truck until the "new new" truck came in (picked it up Saturday). In the interim, I put 7800 miles on the "new" truck, most of that off road. At about 7000 miles, the front shocks had loosened up and I was told that they needed replacing. I've since heard rumors that folks are having trouble with the front ends on these things if they do anything other than drive on paved roads. Anyone have a similar experience?

    Finally, I named the truck (license plate). Can't remember who suggested "EWE", but that got things started. The result is "1TUFEWE"...coming from the phrase "Built Ram Tough". I've since heard stories of folks that I've never even met talking about my plates!

    Oops, one more thing. There has been a lot of talk about tire sizes, but one question still what point do you need to adjust your speedometer/odometer? Once I wear these tires down, I want to go with a good set of 265/75/R16 M&S.

  • sakosako Posts: 25
    markcord-thanks for the info.
  • sakosako Posts: 25
    anybody know of a good place to get chains for your tires, i.e good chains at a good price?
  • tuff2tuff2 Posts: 1
    I want to order a 2000 dodge ram diesel 4x4 auto. I also heard that dodge might be coming out with a new diesel engine sometime soon but when?
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    Break in Period,
    As Kcram said, the official answer is no, but Cummins advises against using the Cruise Control for long drives for the first 500 miles or so. They recommend using the pedal, varying the speeds and loads, and generally operating the vehicle over a wide range of throttle and load conditions.
    You should adhere to an adequate cooling down period on the new engine after a run.

    This is the best web site I've found for winter Tire Chains of any description. Whether you own a car, truck or payloader, ( or Dodge Duallie ) they have 'em all.

  • sakosako Posts: 25
    thanks for the lead--rk. i'll check 'em out.
  • jloucksjloucks Posts: 1
    I'm trying to buy a 2x4 2500 diesel Quad Cab short or long bed but nobody seems to have one available. I don't need 4x4 ability, but wouldn't mind if the mileage differences were minimal. Anybody know the mileage difference between 2x4 and 4x4 models?
  • sakosako Posts: 25
    rk--i ordered my chains from the site you posted. thanks again.
    kcram--can you find the part # for the rear underseat storage for a qc ram; i'm shootin' air otherwise. thanks rammin' it
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Good to hear from you! You're absolutely right - I am leasing. However, barring any major problems with the truck, I plan to buy it when the lease runs out. Glad to hear you got your "new new" truck. And I love the tag! I believe it was kcram who suggested "ewe."
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