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Mazda Protege Owners: Events

protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
edited March 2014 in Mazda
Woo Hoo! First post!

Alberta Protege Regional Meet in Red Deer, September 7th, 2002.

Let me know if you want details!


  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    I want to be first post!

    anywhos, MAPP IV is on September 28, 2002 at Leesylvania State Park in Woodbridge, VA.

    As of today, 21 Proteges of all generations are confirmed to show. Please come check out the event page at:

    and sign up using the form at the bottom of the page if you are planning to attend.

    if you have questions about the event, please don't hesitate to ask it here!

  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Too bad Hank!!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Check the sidebar under Helpful Links. :-)
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    thanks Karen!

    (now if we can get noticed by Mazda USA... wink wink nudge nudge ;) )
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    ...I can't help you with Mazda, but would you be interested in some goodies? I can contact the Jeanine/PRlady and see what they've got to offer. I believe the CR-V owners got t-shirts for their upcoming event. Drop me an email and I'll forward it to her.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Pat sent Meade enough t-shirts for the Western Hemisphere during MAPP II almost 2 years ago. He still has a bunch of them. How about something else? Thanks.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Hmmmm...I'll ask.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    How about something like an assortment of keychains, coffee mugs, magnets, etc.? That could be cool. I appreciate your help.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    You forgot to ask Karen for the authentic Edmund's TH handcuffs and riding crops. I heard the Subaru gang gets authentic Edmund's TH handcuffs, riding crops AND Town Hall "bobbin head" host dolls, for all their meets? I would really like to have my own set of Mr. Shiftright and Pat_Host "bobbin head dolls" for the rear deck of my Protege!

    "I'm a cowboy baby..." Kid Rock

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    ...only hosts/administrators are issued TH restraining/punitive devices. All others are cheap imitations. As for the dolls ...well ...since voodooism is a form of religion, it would be off topic in the Town Hall. ;-)
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    I'm kinda glad that stuff is proprietary to Edmund's. The thought of Meade and Paul running around the Mazda picnic with restraining/punitive devices is really scary anyway!

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421

    (BTW Karen, I'm down to only a couple dozen T-shirts -- and they're all XL, meaning I've never been able to wear one. We could use some more promos if Edmunds is so inclined ... Thanks! And thank you, everyone, for speaking for me!)
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    would be great!

    People ALWAYS like free stuff!!!!

    maybe some T-shirts with different designs? ;)

  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    here's the new car lineup breakdown:

    7 first gen.
    1 2nd gen. :(
    23 3rd gen., which include:
    SEVEN MP3s
    8 Protege5s
    ONE Sport20

    NOW it's an EVENT :-D
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I'd recommend calling the number they list for information input in that "Zoom Zoom" magazine most newer owners receive.

    I'd provide the telephone number or e-mail address here, but the mag's at home. Sorry.

  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    I think the last issue had an article on a Mazda enthusiasts group in FL.

    They also love stories about owners of multiple Mazdas (hey Meade, here's your chance for stardom since you've had multiple generations of Proteges and you and your SO have almost-twins). I guess Larry could get in too, since he and his each have Protege sedans. Soon, my wife and I may joing the twin-Pro club, since she like the current Protege/P5 and would like to get one BEFORE the 2004 Procus replaces it.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Is that why I've contacted them before EVERY preceding MAPP (all three of them) AND left the info and a contact number with the corporate telephone number, and I've never heard a peep?

    I think that damned magazine is just a marketing gimmick, and the articles featured in it tell stories either about fictitious events or, at best, Mazda corporate-organized ones.

    BTW, same experience with the Mazda dealers closest to the MAPPs. In each case, I called and left voice-mails with the dealerships. In one case (MAPP II, same location as MAPP IV will be) I contacted a dealer not five miles from the event and left all the info. No one ever did so much as return the several messages I left there.

    You'd think they would've brought a new Protege by or brought some brochures or something.

    Sorry. Just speaking from experience. I hope someone from corporate visits these discussions from time to time. If you happen to be reading this, you've got great cars -- but your Public Relations department absolutely SUCKS, Mazda NA!!! (I have a degree and 7 years experience in PR, and I've owned five Mazdas now ... I'll consider an offer!)


  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    I don't think most dealers have much initiative unless their regional mfr. rep twists their arms, because they want to avoid spending money sending an employee to baby-sit cars that might get damaged.

    I've seen Chrysler, GM and Toyota take demonstration vehicles to malls, fairs, outdoor concerts and the like. Some have been from dealers (invoice stickers in the window and license plate frames identifying the dealership). Some appear to be "company-owned" vehicles (no invoice stickers and sometimes evidence of wear). I think the dealers were given incentives from the mfr (i.e. $$$) to trot their wares around.

    So, Mazda NA, if you want to really get owners loyal to your brand, bring up awareness of owners that do get into their Mazdas. It might encourage others to do the same with theirs and get non-owners interested in what all the hooplah is about.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    I heard from Jeanine and she needs an address to send the goodies. So who is the official Grand Poobah for MAPP IV (meade?)? Please send me an email and I will forward it on to Jeanine.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You won't have to worry about me running around MAPP with a riding crop or handcuffs. I am not coming anyway.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    KarenS HOST, I think it is great that Edmund's has provided door prizes for the Mid-Atlantic Mazda Protege Owners Picinic! Thank you on behalf of all the regulars at TH and the picnic goers.

    Larry Kline
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    I wasn't too worried about you and Meade running around MAPP with a riding crop and/or handcuffs. I've seen you two do that at MAPP I and MAPP II, many, many times. As a matter of fact, Jason Krotine has edited a video of your and Meade's escapades. It's called "When Good Protege Owners Go Bad" and it's available at, for two easy payments of $11.99. To bad your not coming, this time. I will miss you, if I can go. :-(

  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    "When Good Protege Owners Go Bad"

    ROTFL :)
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    As of tonight, there are 40 confirmed Proteges that will show up for MAPP IV. With still 3 weeks before the meet, we might get yet more signups as people clarify and open up their schedules!

    this may end up being, by far, THE BIGGEST Protege enthusiast meet, EVER, in the US....

    check it out if you haven't done so already!

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    8 MP3s signed up! You guys have quite the event planned.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    That's almost 1% of all the MP3s ever sold in the US! Fabulous!

    Hopefully, I'll be able to make it too - will sign up when I know for sure! Is there a deadline/last day kind of thing - to ensure you guys have enough time to plan the logistics etc?
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    and with 3 weeks to go, we should have more than enough time for logistics planning.

    although we may be filling up the parking lot quite a bit....
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    this is the new URL:

    Karen if you can update the Helpful Links section it'll be great, thanks!

    40 cars! in less than 3 weeks!

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Link updated! :-)
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    Sounds like fun. Have a good time. Sorry I'm missing it. :(
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