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Acura TL

cianfichicianfichi Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Acura
Anyone have any information on the 2004 TL and TLS? I hear about more horsepower and RWD but am looking for any specs and pics?


  • Yeah, it is going to be 8 cylinder 340HP, RWD with 4WD as an option, plus a night out on the house, all included in MSRP starting at 30,500K without Nav. But wait, you should see what they have in store for 2005. If you ever planned on going to moon, I'd suggest to wait till 2005.
  • I heard about RWD but a 340HP V8 !!! Thats a little too much, I think Honda will stick with a V6 ( 3.5 perhaps with about 260HP ), all rumors point to a March/April 2003 release. I didn't hear anything about 4WD as an option, who knows ? Honda's new generation DVD navigation system will be available on the 04 TL. I also believe XM satellite radio will be an option.

    I hope Honda adds a MP3 player to the TL ( like its Accord cousin ) I was considering the 03 Accord but I think I will wait for the new TL just in case I like it better.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I doubt RWD. 3.2/V6, 240-260 HP will probably be the standard engine. More features, with price tag staying put.

    Type-S could get 280 HP from the 3.2/V6.
  • It is 260 V6, AWD possible. You would think they need to do better than 260 since the Accord is at 240 now. But does it make any sense to go that high of a HP consider the ES300 only have what 220? What I really hoping, is that they offer stability, 8 airbags as standard, and AWD as option.

    BTW, when is the release date?
  • I think Goldkey was only joking with that description.
  • Now, finally someone with his irony detectors on. Of course it was tonque-in-a-cheek remarks. My point is people get carried away. They turn their wishes into speculations, and their dreams into rumors. People should be mindful that each car has its mission and fills particular market niche. If someone wants a RWD , that's fine, but TL is just not that kind of a car. If RWD is what you crave, look at IS300 or Infinity or BMW. TL is just value-oriented front wheel sedan, and for those who crave performance there is S trim. That's it. Anything else will be a different car. Acura is the most conservative outfit, they are not about chasing ghosts of racing by tempering with very successful and popular configuration. If they decide to chase RWD market, in my opinion they would do what Lexus did (with IS300) - come up with new model.
    Just get real, I think, all they might put is 6-speed tranny and boost hp to 240 for base, 280 for S.
    But for my money, all they have to do is to get that damn low roof higher by inch or two.
  • I agree with goldkey, I wish they would make the roofline just 2 inches higher. I'm 6'2 and every time I would sit in the TL ( in the showroom ), my head was too close to the top.

    Not a problem in the new 03 Accord, perhaps there is some hope ?
  • akal50akal50 Posts: 112
    What I keep hearing is that the new TL may be a smaller version of the new RL and that the new RL will be RWD with an AWD option and that it'll come with a V6 and you can upgrade to a V8. The last part I doubt because Honda doesn't seem to like V8s. If they really had a V8, I think they would've put it in the NSX. I think it's safe to assume the new base TL will have everything the new Accord has. At least 240hp, curtain airbags, dual-zone climate control, the lighted guages, and the integrated key. I just hope they don't botch the front and back like they did with the Accord.

    The TL is already great. I just want to see them add the following on top of what the new Accord has:
    - AWD
    - at least 300hp for the Type-S
    - better wood accents
    - more room in the back seat
    - lighted controls on the steering wheel
    - folding rear seat
    - and a better color selection including a gray interior
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    TL will retain its Acura look. If Euro Accord is an indication (looks like baby RL from the front), TL would follow on the same footsteps. There may be some differences in the headlamps, or the size of the grill, but my guess is, it will be very close to TSX/RL from the front. The rear should continue to be reminiscent of early 90s Legend.
  • esswebessweb Posts: 51
    The new Ford S type come equiped with 6 speed auto, I think Honda will try to stay ahead of the pack and offer that in the new TL. AWD might not be standard, but stability should be.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I think the TL is already a good looking vehicle - both interior and exterior wise. The only thing they would have to do is spruce up the interior a bit, i.e. stop sharing parts with the Accord.
  • I own a 2000 3.2 TL and live in Manhattan and my light has been stolen . the cost for this was $5,500 . has this ever had happen to anyone? is it happening to the new 03 TL ?
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    The TL's headlights are notorious for being stolen. Thieves steal the HID bulbs. Why they pick an Acura, specifically the TL, I don't know...
  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    could it be that the TL's HID lights are easy to install on all of those "flashy" civics up in the Bronx
  • First off, to properly combat the IS300 and 3-series, etc. acura will be releasing the euro-accord looking Acura TSX, a RWD 4-door slightly smaller thant the TL true sports-sedan. trim levels possibly include 240hp 2.3? liter turbo 4banger. Since honda decided not to move the 3.2v6 into the '03 accord, I don't think they will put the 3.5v6 in the '04 TL. Instead, as some have said they will probably just bump up HP numbers to like 240ish for the TL and 270-280 for the type-S...
  • as if our transmissions problems weren't enough to endure on a model of Acura. the HID's have become the latest and greatest item for thieves to boost and retro-fit for their civics and such. Be careful, especially in NJ and NYC...
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Your TL has been hit by somebody who wants to dress up his 1998 Honda Civic CX hatchback. That person probably already stole somebody's air conditioner, Stereo and maybe more halogen headlights from an Integra. Be on the alert and install a really good alarm on the exterior and interior in case this guy is thinking about that CD Changer in the trunk. Especially in NJ and NYC. Maybe you should get another vehicle and use the TL outside of NYC. Get a Yugo and the thief will stop.
  • steedmsteedm Posts: 14
    I had a problem with driver's headroom in the TL (I am not that tall, just have a long back). It is easy to solve, try the TL-S; the seats are lower due to their different shape. Spending 2K for slightly more headroom does feel strange.
    Of course none of the specs mention this...
  • all i have to say is that acura better fix their tranny problems....i've heard so many bad things about it that's prolly the only thing that will make me hesitate to buy the TL once it comes out....also it better not look like the new accord.....freakin ugly....keep the exterior styling similar to the current version
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    They better spruce up the interior too. The Accord's interior is only lacking real wood trim on the dash and doors, otherwise it'll be more luxurious than the TL's interior and on par with a Lexus ES300.
  • - 2003 TL Price will be down more than $2000~$3000...
    ==> Think about the Accord 2002 price went down almost $3000..

    - 2004 TL price goes up higher, because of they will put more new features...

    If you bought Acura TL 2003 at $30000,
    2003 Acura TL will goes down after 2003 year.

    *Acura TL 2003 in 2002 : $30000
    *Acura TL 2003 in end of 2003 : -($2000~$3000)
    *Resale Value: -($1000~$2000) when compare with 2004

    When your sell your Acura TL 2003
    30000-(3000)-(2000)-(X=how many years that you have driven)= 25000-X
  • steedmsteedm Posts: 14
    I agree. It is a good car but a bit boring.
    Buy a TL-S, it looks cool, has great handling, and blue headlights. There is no better car for <$30K.
    I am not sure that TLs will drop $3K next year, since it is not a large volume car like the Accord.
    You should wait until 2007, then they will be discounted just before the 2008 model comes out.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    The new model is expected for Fall 2003.
  • Does anyone know when the TL is due for a complete overhaul and when the new version will be released?
  • otis123otis123 Posts: 438
    And will it have AWD as an option??
  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    the 04 TL should be available in Aug or Sept, FWD only, have about 260 HP ( base ), have a better interior than before, We should all know more by the Spring when all the major auto shows take place.

    check out the following website from time to time ( the TL is called the Honda Saber in Japan and may be released a few months before we get it )
  • I work for Honda and I have heard nothing of the new TL. Anything out there is only a rumor. Honda keeps the lid on new vehicles so tight we get the brochure no more than three days before we see the actual vehicle. As to a V8 it is very unlikely Honda will ever produce one. The cost of developing one would never be recouped due to Honda's limited amount of platforms to use one in. Honda also prides itself as being one of the cleanest auto manufacturers out there and a V8 would not be a step in the direction they are heading. If the Pilot,MDX,RL, and NSX don't have a V8 why would the TL get one?
  • Has anyone had a problem with a squeeking sound when you turn the wheel. The noise is like a door hinge that needs WD-40 when I turn the wheel back and forth even if the car is sitting still. The sound will also occur if I push up and down on the front of the car leading me to believe it is definitely coming from the suspension. I am supposed to take it in tomorrow could anyone let me know what to expect from a similar experience.
  • dimariadimaria Posts: 42

    I have the same problem as you. I have taken it to the dealer on 5 seperate occasions. They have replaced the left front strut, upper control arm bushings, all associated bushings that connect to the strut, greased the front-end, and re-tightened all bolts. I still have the problem. Has yours been fixed yet? I am meeting the Distict Service Manager on 2/17/03. I would like to know what they did to fix your problem.
  • I took the car to an independant shop and they replaced the ball joint. I have not had a single squeek since. Acura said it was the strut that was blown causing the problem but they would not replace it because the car was in an accident. I found the body shop where the work was done and the accident was before the car was ever sold and only a minor ding on the passenger side. The bad ball joint was on the drivers side. I guess a ding in the passanger side can make a ball joint on the drivers side go bad 46000 miles later. I had a case worker assigned to me about two weeks ago but of course I never heard from them so I guess I am just out the money for the ball joint. At least I am not out the money for the extended warranty that I know better than to buy now.
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