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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wildcat8wildcat8 Posts: 2
    I drove a new one home last Friday with:
    - only 50 miles
    - Premium Package ZPP
    - Xenon Adaptive Headlights
    - Sirius Satellite Radio (1 yr)
    - iPod and USB Adapter
    The drive-out price was $42,500, which includs everything.
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    edited June 2010
    I am sure that Edmunds forums helped me to get fair prices when I purchased a Volvo S80 in 2000 and a Lexus RX330 in 2003. Same for the 2008 BMW 535i I purchased last fall. And, I posted about my BMW buying experience then, including the price I paid. If someone found that helpful, good. If not, also good. I appreciate all the helpful info disclosed here and encourage others to make use of the forum as they see fit.
  • Since the deal was done already, what good does it do to hear that I paid too much. I love the car, felt it was a fair price and am totally excited, so why put any negatives into the equation. Had I found the forum earlier, I am sure I could have paid less-but hey I am just pumped to get this car and can't go back to worry about the price. Got $7500 for a 2000 Lexus ES300 trade in, which seemed more than fair. We bought very quickly-this dealer had 2 others that we had looked at and were sold before we could even blink an eye, so did not want to miss out on this beauty.
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    I have received an invitation to attend the BMW Ultimate Driving Event in my area. Not sure if I will attend, but am glad that you can report such fun. The event invitation claims that there is a "gift" that can be redeemed toward the purchase of a new BMW. I am curious -- do you have any info on what that part of the promo entails?
  • rrusso1rrusso1 Posts: 23
    You will receive an email with a code# that you can redeem (must be in possession of car by 9/30) for a $1000 discount. You apply this discount after you make your deal. Unfortunately the $1000 cannot be used on the new 2011 5 series but it can be used on any other 2011 model and also the 2010 X3, 535i Gran Turismo, 550i Gran Turismo, 550i X drive Gran Turismo and all 6 series models.
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    rrusso1, thanks for the info.
  • 03qx03qx Posts: 33
    How long after the event did you receive the email with the code ?
  • lakilaki Posts: 2
    Hi, new to this forum and new to bmw . Have an offer from a dealer on a new 535xi with premium package and navi. The msrp is $56,875. The dealer wants to sell it for $47,451.
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 308

    2010 is an outdated style.
  • 03qx03qx Posts: 33
    Is it good at any BMW dealer ?
  • lakilaki Posts: 2
    The offer on 2010 535xi with premium package and navi is $47451 and $369 doc fee and tax. How much lower could the dealer go.
  • rrusso1rrusso1 Posts: 23
    It's good at any BMW dealer.
  • jasonz1jasonz1 Posts: 3
    forget about the older model at any discount they try to get you, once you testdrive it, you will understand the difference. my dealer at chicago land said even new 528i will be shipped around sept, 2010, they all been reserved already, i can't get my hands on one most likely by Jan of 2011.
  • slammieslammie Posts: 38
    Looking to buy a 09' 535 wagon with 15k in miles along with following equipment: premium, sport, nav, cold weather, park distance, comfort access, 18 wheels ($600 new), manual shades, ipod, etc. Car stickered @ $68k. Car was bought @ auction by non BMW dealership in April 10'. Story is car was driven by a bmw staff person. Any suggestions for what price to shoot for? I have no idea what the auction sell price was, which makes it difficult to negotiate...
  • coolmarucoolmaru Posts: 3
    Well, bought it from BMW concord, CA. It is reasonably below msrp and it is very good. My wife who drives it mostly is thrilled at the way this handles over her honda accord which she promptly sold off. Overall, I'm pleased with the deal and the way the dealership has treated us. They have been calling every week inquiring about the car etc and are super responsive via email. This the first BMW we've owned and might not be the last.

  • coolmarucoolmaru Posts: 3
    wildcat, that is a great deal. All those would have set me back by another 2k I think. Taxes etc here in CA are huge. I paid exactly what you paid for your new car with taxes etc. My drive out was about 42.3k. So yes you got a good deal.

    What was the color.? My wife liked the black sapphire metallic and we were lucky to get one quickly.

  • dandydoniidandydonii Posts: 45
    Have been looking at CPOs for a while and I know every dealership is different...However, how much room for negotiation do you guys see in an 08 certified 528/535, assuming the dealership has not lowered its inital price yet?
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    jd -
    Good luck and congratulations! Enjoy your new car, I'll be waiting to see how you love driving it............take care.
    Gardis - CT
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,588
    Dealers make a lot of money selling CPO BMWs. I'd go into the dealer, drive the car you want, then make an OUT THE DOOR offer including sales tax & DMW fees. Don't be afraid to walk out. Don't let them bump you up. They have to sell the car just as badly as you want to buy it. CPO E60 5 series are a dime a dozen.

    Make sure you get a copy of the vehicle's service records.

    Aim for $5000 off asking price + tax + DMV fees.

    Good luck & let us know what happens. You're going to LOVE your BMW.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • carbirdcarbird Posts: 12
    edited June 2010
    Considering a 2011 528- Edmunds MSRP $53,175 Edmonds invoice $48,915. Since
    the car is new Edmunds has no "what others are paying".
    Any insight on how much of a discount from MSRP ( forget all other dealer tack on's)
    can be negotiated ? I can buy in NY or CT. Any recommendations for dealers who will
    give the best deals.
  • drgumsdrgums Posts: 51
    I have been a loyal BMW customer for over 25 years. My 535i 2009 has had 2 dangerous "engine failures" while traveling at cruising speeds on major highways and bridges. The first repair was considered a" fuel pump defect." I was lucky not to be hurt in that first engine failure. However , the same thing happened again last week on the George Washington Bridge traveling in the left lane at 65 miles per hour. Luckily, I was able to move to the right lane and put my blinkers on going 15 miles an hour. Fortunately, there were no cars/ tracker trailers on my tail.
    The dealer has been very good with maintenance, however they suggested that I see if it happens again for the third time, and I said " not anymore". My safety and my familiy's safety is on the line here....I received my 328 loaner and called BMW of North America explaining the situation. It seems they know about this problem and I hope they will work this out with me to get me out of this dangerous car and re lease another one without these issues. Funny...I really liked my 2009 535i with a 6 speed etc....I hope to get another one. Maybe customer loyalty will really mean something here?
  • nsoltznsoltz Posts: 8
    Pace BMW in Mamaroneck or Greenwich BMW (same ownership and shared inventory) are the best. Just go in, offer them invoice (which includes training and maco) + $500. Tell them you do not want the $299 window etching which they seem to do on every vehicle. You will most likely get $1000 over invoice.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    I bought my 2007 530i at Greenwich BMW, I'm not really sure I got a great deal, but the car was exactly what I was looking for and then some, so I was satisfied.
    I'm amazed at some of the comments, some dealers calling to make sure everything is OK after the, I never had that. Maybe I got a survey via email from BMW, that's it. And sales crap. Never a personal phone call. I had it serviced at 30K miles at Darien BMW which is where I got my two previous vehicles, and it was wonderful to walk out of there and not pay a cent for the service.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Could this be a problem with the twin turbos? Isn't that a new engine for BMW? I saw a beautiful 2008 535i at Bridgeport CT BMW that was sitting on the lot for about 3 months but I passed, because I just had doubts about those turbos. I went with the 530i, standard in line 6 cylinder and I love it.
  • drgumsdrgums Posts: 51
    edited June 2010
    As much as I love my 2009 535i 6 speed, this is a MAJOR problem for this car.
    Apparently, I am finding out now that many owners of the twin turbo engines have had fuel pump issues. When this happens to you on the road, it is very scary and can be life threatening. Good Luck and smart driving kept me out of the hospital. It has happened twice and you know the phrase " three strikes and your out! "

    I am not taking anymore chances. Buyers beware of this potential issue.
  • carbirdcarbird Posts: 12
    Thank you nsoltz, I will check out Pace. Anyone have input on CT BMW dealerships
    and pricing ? Also, I notice all the 2011 5 Series have run flat tires. In the past I saw some bad reports on the tires, poor milage and ride and cracked rims. Are the tires/rims improved ? Or reports a minority of owners ?
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    I bought two 3 series at Darien BMW and one 5 series last year at Greenwich. I like the service Dept at Darien, I've built up a good relationship with the service tech and I trust them. Listen, they all want to make money. Try them out both and good luck. Also try Bridgeport BMW, they have a huge inventory.
    I've never had any serious issues with my cars, thank goodness. But then, I stick with basic vehicles, I don't go for the real high tech stuff (twin turbos, etc.)

    Re RFTires. I have them on my 530i, with sports pkg. I'm not sophisticated enough about the technicalities, but I've had no probs whatsoever with them. You cannot take one or two negative comments to mean that the class of tire is no good. Take the advice with a grain of salt.
  • carbirdcarbird Posts: 12
    Thank you gardis, I will try your suggestions. I have decided to buy an XI 528 and noticed that Edmunds does not have MSRP or Invoice for this model. I found the numbers on a Yahoo cars site. 528 xi MSRP 48,250 Invoice 44,390 , plus options.
    Any other site I missed with accurate MSRP/Invoice pricing ??

    Also hope someone will reply about the run flat tires. The base 528ix comes with 17"
    run flat tires, no spare. 17" ok for a basic driver ???
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,588
    Drgums - it seems you've experienced the dreaded hpfp (high performace fuel pump) failure, not once, but twice. This is not only a major problem, but a well known problem. People are having their cars bought back & even leases bought out. Check out the 335i board here on edmunds & bimmerfest.

    I'm glad you didn't get hurt. Let us know what you get next. Keep us informed of your dealings with BMW.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

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