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Volkswagen Passat Maintenance and Repair



  • cranfordcranford Posts: 1
    I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have sunk just about everything I own into my 99 Passat GLS. The lights that illuminate the three temperature control dials come on only when they "feel" like it. The power mirrors, locks, interior lights and gas door don't work anymore. In order to fill up my gas tank, I now have to tear down the trunk interior and manually pull the little motor cable to release the door to the gas tank! I have checked all of the fuses, but they are fine. I had a dealership look at it and they told me they couldn't help either w/o tearing apart the entire electrical system to the tune of over $1000.00.

    I have 55K miles on this car and it sounds to me like the CV boots are going out. Everytime I come to a stop or go over a bumpy road, my suspension squeaks and whines. My power steering feels like it is going out too. Does anyone have any insight for me? I owe 8K on the car and am getting ready to sell it to the highest bidder just so I can get it off my hands.

  • djarosdjaros Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. My car is in the shop again and this time they're replacing the wiring harness (a $2,000 expense that is fortunately covered under warranty). Not sure if this will fix it, but judging from your diagnosis it just might. It's extremely frustrating as the service departments can't really be sure they have fixed a problem, they simply run a bunch of tests and look for failures. If all passes, the car is good to go and they may never know what was wrong.

    I'm picking up my car tomorrow. I'll post again to let you know if the problem has been fixed.
  • hanfordhanford Posts: 2
    My water pump failed after 52K miles.(Just out of warranty as you know). Very expensive repair followed. As with a timing belt change, the whole front end had to be removed. Question: Anyone had this problem with such low mileage? I will write to VW of America and express my disappointment and ask for some kind of reimbursement. Good luck to me.
  • hanfordhanford Posts: 2
    My mistake regarding the age of the GLX. It's a 2002. Still in shock over the repair cost. Sorry.
  • I have a 1999 1.8 passat, 112K miles that i changed to mobil 1 2 months ago. oil lite came on, no oil ! no leaks ! I was told the synthetic oil was too thin ? the dealer wants megs bucks to check it out. anyone heard of this. thanks.
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    Make sure the synthetic oil complies with the VW 502.00 specification (they should have it posted at the service department in your VW dealer). There's only two oils that are 5w-30 and one 0w-40 (Mobil 1). The rest are 5w-40. If you are using any other viscosity than those listed or if you use dino (conventional) oil, you are risking engine damage and sludge.

    Also check the exhaust pipe for any signs of oil residue. If you find oil residue, that could mean anything from worn piston rings to failed turbocharger bearing seals.

    Most importantly, make sure you check the oil level each time you pull into the service station to get gas. It will give you a better idea about the engine's rate of oil consumption. And get your oil changed every 3500 - 5000 miles (and not 1 mile over the 5000 mile limit).
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    What viscosity of Mobil 1?
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    Mobil 1 0w-40 is on the VW 502.00 specification
  • hello....Being forced to go to dealership because of OBDII& Emissions failure. Just looking for some advice, as 1) They don't have a reputation of honesty/fair pricing , esp. w/ females.

    The inspection receipt specified these two failures... would those be the only things req'd to pass inspection or will they do their own, and claim that other misc. repairs need to be done?
    Also, I called VW to check warranty, and some emissions related repairs are covered, will they still charge me a diagnostic fee/and or hourly labor fees at dealership? thanks.
  • jradjrad Posts: 1
    I have 2000 Passat GLS with all the bells and whistles. Sadly I have a repeat problem with the front fender wells. The plastic part that goes inside the wells keeps getting rubbed and ripped up by the front wheels. I brought it into my dealer (terrible service by the way) and told them what was going on. After making a huge stink they said that they would cover labor and that I would have to pay for the part. Now the problem arises again. I just got my wheels rotated and they are now rubbing again and tearing the crap out of the wheel wells. It only happens at speed since I can not see the wheel touch the skirting any other time. Has anyone else found this problem and what has been done about it. I have seen many other Passats with this problem but the dealer keeps saying it is my problem. It is clearly a design flaw. What do we have to do to get VW to recall or take action on this? Please help. I am scheduled to go into the shop again next wed to see what can happen. Thanks for the help. JRAD :mad:
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    It's not a design flaw.

    My guess is that the plastic shield (also known as the "belly pan") that covers the underside of the engine is missing or not properly attached. The belly pan has about 14 attachment points, two of which are at the bottom of each front wheel liner.

    The reason this only happens at speed is that the air pressure pushes the wheel liners back. The attachments to the belly pan at the front bottom of the wheel well liners prevents that from happening.

    The belly pan is a notorious part, as quick lube places don't deal with it well. For that matter, even some dealership service departments have been known to lose the quarter-turn connectors.

    If yours is missing, and you opt to replace it, I suggest that you price the belly pan for the W8 model. Seems that, for some reason, it is less expensive and possibly of a better grade of material. Or you just may need to buy the connectors, if you are lucky. Some owners, in an emergency (or even longer ;) ) use zip ties to hold the liners back from rubbing.
  • jake20jake20 Posts: 5
    i'm trying to find a good, reliable, and affordable used car (preferably under $18k). want room but also good gas mileage. so have shifted search from SUV to wagons.

    so now considering either:
    * '00 passat glx wagon with 40k miles at $15,998
    * '01 saab 9-5 wagon with 30k miles at $16,998
    * '01 volvo v70 wagon with 60k miles at $19,599

    based on price/mileage, style, and edmunds reviews, i'm seriously considering the passat glx wagon.

    questions for those who have experience with passat's and buying used cars in general:

    * any other wagons,i should consider based on price, style, gas mileage, and reliability criteria?
    * as for the passat wagon, is this a good price? (it's high according to tmv)
    * is the passat going to last another 5-6 years at 15k miles/year?
    * is the passat reasonably reliable with relatively low maintenance issues/costs? (e.g. how much difference b/w the passat and the hondas/toyotas of the world in terms of reliability?)
    * anything i should know about the passat wagon before i buy it?

    many thanks for your experience/insights on any/all of the above questions...
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    I would avoid any Passat earlier than 2003 (2002 and earlier were very problematic). My wife has a 2003 Passat that has had absolutely no problems at 35,000 miles (Consumer Reports rates it as a Recommended pick with a projected reliability rating of average). As far as the 01 Volvo, I would be wary of that as well (electrical issues). Go with the Saab. I'm looking at the latest Consumer Reports guide, and the 01 Saab fared the better out of all three in the reliability verdict department (average reliability vs. below average reliability of the other two).

    Hondas/Toyotas are reliable cars, but they lack the upscale factor of the three cars that you are considering.
  • Hi, I own a 2001 VW Passat 1.8T and it has around 62K miles on it. When I am in drive, sitting at a stoplight, the idle lunges up and down. (between .75 and 1.25) If I slightly take my foot off the brake, then the entire car lunges forward. The dealers are unclear as to what it is, they checked my car "computer" and it had nothing wrong with it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • klh3klh3 Posts: 18
    I have 05 Passat GLX Wagon 4motion, 6k miles. I am very glad I bought it. I looked at Volvo,Saab,Subaru and Audi. For the $$$$ the Passat is a bargain. It looks great inside and out,has all of the features others pay extra for and it drives fantastic. As far as problems,none so far. I did purchase an extended warranty 7yr/100k. I know of other brands that have been "shop queens" as well. The most reliable transportation I have found so far is, my own two feet and they sometimes have problems. My point is anyone looking at a NEW Passat, buy it. No matter what brand you buy used, you are probably going to inherit some issues. :shades:
    my 2 cents
  • mnewson1mnewson1 Posts: 1
    My left rear power window motor will not lower the window, only raise it (after you manually push the window down). My guess is that whatever grabs the window (to lower it) isn't grabbing.

    I would appreciate any tips on a) removing the inside door panel, and b) fixing this problem.
  • I know this answer is a bit belated, but I had the same problem (crunching noise) when I got my 04 GLS 1.8T wagon over a year ago. At first, the service tech was dumbfounded, but finally came to the conclusion that it was the ABS. Mine still makes the noise, and I've had zero problems to date, so I guess all is well and it's nothing to be concerned about. However, I am wondering if others have experienced this issue?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    I hear what sounds like a crunching noise when I first start out in the AM in my 3 week old wagon.

    I chalked it up to ABS/ESP doing a self test - it's a common sound in ABS equipped Hondas which I've driven for many years.
  • klh3klh3 Posts: 18
    Does this "sound" happen like during the first 50 feet or less from a dead start first thing?If yes, it is NORMAL.
    I too was concerned , then found out it was normal!
  • leviza117leviza117 Posts: 1
    Hi Japher:

    I am trying to change the oil for the first time myself on my 2001 1.8L Passat. I cannot find the oil drain plug and it looks loke the plastic thing is hanging on by 1 bolt. I also read in another posting, you have to remove the something to get to the filter. Did you figure this out ? What did you find?
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