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Kia Sorento Maintenance and Repair



  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    ivrygrnsorento...are you talking about the the lift up cover in the rear or the small bins that are under the cover. My cover is made out of formed plastic thought it is hollow. I have had wet items on it as well such as bathing clothes and towels and I mean it was wet and no problems. Just asking but was there any type of cleaner or gasoline mixed in with tents or even some kero. These items could warp the plastic. Let us know how you make out.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I was just responding the host's comment that Michelin has more than 70 manufacturer sites in 17 different countries, including the United States.
  • The rear cover I am referring to is the large rear compartment floor/cover that can be lifted up to reveal the hidden cargo tray beneath. The cover in my Sorento is a high-density compressed fiberious material that is colored black on the underside and then has the vehicles interior coloring on the top (beige or grey). The water was really almost insignificant. There was no puddeling of water or anything like that. And no chemicals. Just moisture that may have seeped out of the tent bag or sleeping bag compression sacks. Also, I have the plastic cargo tray, which I thought would protect the flooring carpet, etc.

    My personal theory is that the wet materials in the rear of the truck and the high heat inside the vehicle (when it was sitting in the sun while we rode our bikes) caused the moisture in the materials to vaporize and seep into anything that would absorb it. With all the wieght of the camping gear, food, water, etc...I would say I had about 200-250 lbs...sitting on the floor, this caused the warpage.

    When we opened the doors after our ride...I was amazed at how humid the air was...and how hot it was. I did not realize the floor had warped until we drove home that night and I removed all the camping gear.

    And just for reference, I have gone camping in the Sorento with the same gear about 15 times since I bought the truck, and never had this problem before.

    The plastic hidden tray beneath is not warped.

    Oh, and by the way. My dealership is replacing my front Michelin tires because of out of roundness issues and a failure to balance them. I've had all 4 tires rebalanced 2 times. And it seems like each time they rebalance them, the shaking at speeds of 75mph and above gets worse. Hopefully the replacements fixes the issue. Because when the truck was new, I could drive at 90-95 mph with no problems at all.
  • ivan4741ivan4741 Posts: 24
    I put a thick rubber mat on top of the rear compartment cover. Just to be sure I had no problems.
  • mcoylemcoyle Posts: 3
    Well, I've been a very happy Sorento owner, but as I near 10 months of ownership and 10K miles, I'm getting some problems.

    Specifically I am now getting the vibration at around 75-80 miles an hour that didn't appear before - I have rotated tires, etc. but am concerned having read about drive shaft issues, other Michelins being out of round, etc. My car does sit at the airport for 3-4 days at a time and wonder (almost hope) it is the tires.

    Seat tear - I have the leather package in the Sorento. The passenger side seat is tearing in the bottom cushion - as it has opened up, it appears there is an extremely thin layer of leather with a thicker vinyl backing. The KIA dealer is replacing, but I am concerned about how fast the seats will deteriorate over time.

    Finally, my rear hatch occasionally will not open after using the keyless entry (all doors are unlocked, but it will not open.)

    Has anyone else seen these issues?
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I just brought my Sorento to my dealer (service dept) for an unexpected repair service. Here is my story.

    I drove my Sorento EX 4WD with TOD (just over 7500 miles) into a parking lot yesterday afternoon. When I made a turn at low speed to a parking space, I could hear a noise and felt a variation. It sounded and felt like I was engaged the 4Lo when making turn. I checked the switch and it was on AUTO (not 4Lo). It was a first sign of trouble.

    Then I went home and went out again after dinner. It was even worse. I was checking my Sorento by switching it into 4Lo. I drove some distant and stopped. Man! I couldn't switch it back to AUTO. I tried so many times by shifting it in "N" and turned the knob from "4Lo" to "AUTO". It was stuck in "4Lo".

    I drove it around the blocks at very low speed. Then I stopped the car and somehow it allowed me to shift it back to "AUTO".

    I drove my Sorento to the service this morning. By the way, they replaced the mast antenna (for poor radio reception) and ordered a new horn rely. The horn was not working most of the time even when pressing the PANIC button on the remote.

    In the meanwhile, they offered me a rental car while my car is in service. Of course, it is a 2001 Kia Sephia. The horn rely will arrive tomorrow and they are still in the process of diagnosis what is the problem. I don't know what is wrong and I hope they will fix it by the end of the week.

    Oh! This 2001 Sephia reminds me my 1992 Toyota Corolla DX. I sold it almost two years ago with 180K miles on it. This car looks like a base model with no power windows, locks or mirrors. Just 4 wheels & tires and 4 doors. My personal opinion about Kia is the 2001 was a year of change. I would say some 2001 & prior Kia vehicles are like few years behind most Japanese cars until the 2002 model came out.

    I thought I read someone had a similar problem with the 4WD system. He had to call to tow his Sorento.
  • jha2jha2 Posts: 5
    Maybe you'll get lucky and the problem will be tires. My Sorento was back in the service dept again for a vibration and various other things.Once again they did the force variation balance as well as moving the back wheels to the front and the front wheels to the back, but guess what, the vibration is still there. This proves to me that its drive train related, because I still feel the vibration in the seats and floorboard. It's a rhythmic, pulsating feeling. At this point I am just ready to give up and pursue the lemon law. The dealership is unwilling to help get me out of the vehicle. I know its a truck and it won't ride like a car but I drove another Sorento while mine was in the shop and it had a great ride. I've got 23,000 on mine. Do they fall apart after the 1st year ? HELP
  • mcoylemcoyle Posts: 3
    Does your vibration occur at any speed, or at higher speeds? Do you feel the vibration through the vehicle, or more through the steering wheel?
  • lilac0422lilac0422 Posts: 51
    I don't like the sound of this board. I am having the same problems. My rear hatch would not open one day. I tried locking and unlocking and that was not the problem. I opened the glass with the remote and could see the lock go up and down. I know it was unlocked but it would not open. I drove home and turned the car off and then tried again. Nothing. Then I pounded my fist right above the mechanism and it opened. I have noticed that it is harder to open now but at least I can get it open.

    Also, I have been getting the same vibration between 75-80 mph. At first I thought it was coming through the steering wheel mostly but now I am convinced that I feel it most in the floorboards.

    I haven't lost my faith yet but it isn't a good feeling to hear other people experiencing the same exact thing as me. Keep us posted if you get anything solved.

    I have 6200 miles and seem to be experiencing my problems a little earlier than some. Definitely not good.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Several Sorento owners were first started talking about this vibration problem long before I bought my Sorento back in December, maybe in November. It became a most popular topic these days. I wonder why Kia still can't figure out what is the problem. When I mentioned my bumpy ride issue (I have no vibration problem) to my service people back in May, the only and expected answer from them is the truck based SUV. Well, I don't blame my service people and so far they have been helpful and willing to solve the problem. Tonight is the night without my Sorento. She has to stay in the service for the 4WD problem.

    lilac044 - I think you are not the only one with the rear hatch problem. Did you bring this to the service? It looks like something wrong with the rear hatch lock.
  • jha2jha2 Posts: 5
    The vibration or shudder that I feel is present at lower speeds but really presents itelf at 75-80 mph. I drive mostly interstate so I feel it pretty constant. I'm wondering if its an axle problem. I remember seeing a post about a rear axle bushing being replaced, but I'm not sure if that corrected that persons problem. I feel this vibration throughout the seat and floorboards.Like I say its almost if the whole vehicle shudders, in a rhythmic pattern.Its an SUV, but it shouldn't feel like its about to fall apart, while your driving down the highway.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Maybe the driveshaft.
  • lok888- Sounds like you have the same problem with your TOD transfer case that I experienced this past spring. The dealer only noticed it once and then it went away. They returned the Sorento to me and the problem was gone, nor has it resurfaced. Go figure!
    BTW- they gave me an '01 Optima while the Sorento was in the shop. I was not overly impressed and considered it equal to a '95 Dodge Neon that my daughter owned for a while. The '03 Optima in the dealer's showroom was much more impressive.
  • sl0971sl0971 Posts: 1
    I am in the process of researching the Sorento. I want to buy within the next 2 months. After reading some of the issues on this board, I have to the Sorento worth buying? Other than this board, I have heard nothing but positive things and am going to test drive later today. I absolutely love the body style and price. With this being a KIA and not having heard alot of positives about them in general, I have to admit, I am a little hesitant now about this vehicle. Does the warranty make a differnce with all of the issues coming up?
  • dbgindydbgindy Posts: 351
    I'm sure you will find problem postings on just about any make or model. I've had my EX 4x4 since early April and have over 5900 miles on it with no problems. All I can say is so far it's been great.
  • Just remember that even though people are listing their problems, there are alot of us new Sorento owners that have had no problems so far. I have 12,500 miles on my Sorento and am extremely happy with it. I have had mine since Dec 2002. My sister bought one two months after I did and she loves it too.

      Have you had the opportunity to test drive the Sorento yet? Try it!
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    brooklyn1951 - Just found out from my dealer on Saturday afternoon that they have ordered a new transfer case for my Sorento. They told they simply order a new part rather than taking the thing apart and look for problems. The part is coming from CA and will be here by Tuesday. Hopefully, they will replace it by Tuesday afternoon. Again, I was driving my Sorento (EX 4WD with TOD) in "AUTO" mode. The car drove like in "4Lo" when turning. The "AUTO" and "4Lo" switch wasn't responding. It is unusual at 7500 miles because I only used the "4Lo" mode couple times in the winter. Why me??? So, they didn't find out what's wrong with your car (transfer case) and didn't make any repair. I will be happy if they give me another Sorento (like a demo from the dealer's showroom) for a rental.

    Hicaffa - I am trying to think if the thumping feeling and noise from the rear wheels is the first sign of problem. Do you remember we had a discussion about when the car is at the light and you can feel the force from the rear wheels once you are releasing the brake pedal (when the brake pads are leaving the disc rotors)? It began like few months ago and I wasn't unaware of it.
  • jbrew7jbrew7 Posts: 17
    We've had our EX 4x4 all the bells and whistles Sorento since November, with 7100 miles on it. Anyways, no problems other than the LED display on the automatic AC/Heater display seems to be out of whack. Sometimes it's readable, other times it goes in and out. Anyone else having a similar problem? Probably a lose wire or something like that.
  • PlacemanPlaceman Posts: 44
    I had an isolated problem with the cruise control about two weeks ago. I was about half way through a 4 hour drive, using the cruise control. I had so slow down, so I cancelled the cruise. After I had wide open space again, I hit the resume, but nothing happened (no "CRUISE" light, no nothing). I turned the cruise control master switch on and off, to no avail. I kept motoring down the highway for about 30 min. (the hard way), playing with the cruise buttons occasionally. Finally it worked. No explanation, after hitting the set button for the up-teenth time, it finally engaged. Anybody else have this happen?
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    luvmysorento.... I remember that at one time either you or your sister had some popping noise issue with the front windshield at one point it was mentioned that it was to be replaced. I wrote in a post that ours was doing the same but having it tested it was thought to be the duct work and or the plastic expanding or contracting when the defroster was on.Seeing that this only happened in the winter. What were the results.
    lok888.... I don't really now if the problem related to the thumping is related to the transfer case problem. I'm anxious to see how you make out and see if the thumping continues. different opinion on this some people say its the differentials some say it the rear brakes. We'll see what happens. I do know that (we have TOD as well) when I tried to engage the 4 lo it takes about 10 to 20 seconds for the light to come on and the same when disengaging. I wonder if this in mormal. On my Ranger 4x4 it comes on instantly.
    placeman....I haven't had any problems with my cruise but I did notice that it is different than other manufacturers in the ooperation. I have tried this on several cars and trucks... when engaged lets say at 60mph and I step on the brake it will disengage or if I coast for a while in lowering the speed and then hitting the resume button it goes back to 60 mph. On the Sorento it will not do this. If you coast and hit resume it will not increase the speed that it was set to and if you hit the brakes you have to speed up then ingage the set button, strange.
    jbrew7... we encontered this once. On a very humid day when we turned the temp on with the Auto button we noticed the LCD display strated to blink and then it cleared itself up. No idea.
    One thing I did notice is that all of sudden when you press the passenger side front window button at the drivers arm consol it acts as an express down window I thought cool but it's not supposed to do this and it does it occasionally. Leaves me little baffled. My wife says it UFO's
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Just an update on my Sorento. A new transfer case came in this morning. They just installed in this afternoon. But I still miss my Sorento for two more days because they scratched the front bumper when they did a test drive.
  • hciaffa ~ that was my sister that was complaining of the popping windshield. First she told me that they were replacing it. When I asked her if they replaced it (several months have gone by) she said that they are looking into it to see if it is coming from the dash. This is after she said they were definitely replacing the windshield. I have not talked to her in a few days so I have no idea what the results were. I will let you know as soon as she gets things straight!
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Is the transfer case a part of the T.O.D. which made by Borg-Warner?
  • I also have problems with the cruise control. Sometimes the Cruise light won't come on, other times after slowing down I notice that it's gone out. I've had the cruise master switch replaced, but that has made no difference. The only way I can get it back is to stop, switch the ignition off and start again.

    Also when I am using cruise it occasionally cancels itself (I know I haven't touched the brake or any of the buttons), and I find myself suddenly slowing down. If this happens I just have to hit Resume and it's fine.

    Is anybody else having either of these problems, and could they be related?
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I missed my Sorento for more than a week. And I finally picked her up on Saturday. They replaced the radio antenna mast, horn rely and the transfer case. The service manager told that they are only replaced the antenna but the whole in-dash 6CD changer unit. I tested the horn right after I left the shop. It wasn't working. Then I went back and they replaced the horn. Why don't they just get me a new horn at the first place?

    hicaffa - About the thumping feeling from the rear wheels... I feel less thumping after the transfer case replacement. I still don't know if this is related. They told there was an internal failure.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Yes this is made by Borg-Warner.

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    paisan - My dealer replaced the transfer case control module, transfer case and few more items which I am not familiar with like electronic T/F control and T/M & T/F assembly. I am not sure if this early transfer case failure was caused by driving the car with 4Lo at slow speed and few turns when I first got my car and didn't know how the AUTO and 4Lo work.
  • Hi,
    I'm new to this site. I was looking for other Sorento owners who have had problems with their windshield. A month and a half ago a crack appeared in our windshield. We assumed a rock had hit it and had to replace the whole thing.

    Last week I too heard popping noises that I swore were coming from the windshield (although this is the replacement). Yesterday a stress fracture started to the left of the rear view mirror and by noon was halfway across the glass. Today it was replaced for a 2nd time (no charge).

    We're just wondering if there could be some type of structural problem, or if this is just an isolated incident.

    Other than that, we absolutely love the SUV.

  • bushtcbushtc Posts: 1
    I just bought my KIA Sorento 3 weeks ago and so far love it. The only problem that I am experiencing is when the brakes are applied and usually when turning to the right there is a popping noise either from the brakes or steering, I can't seem to figure out which one its coming from. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks!
  • drieddried Posts: 36
    smithc64: I've been following this forum since December and I think you problem is unique. Some people have commented on ticking noises from the windshield with the defroster on, but this sounds different.

    bushtc: Again, this is the first I recall on an issue like yours. You might search the forum but I'd suggest a trip to the dealer. Take the service manager a little ride to SHOW him the problem. This is a great way to get them engaged.

    I've had my Sorento (4X4, EX) since December and the only problem I had so far is a check engine light that turned out to be a connector problem. Hard to find, easy to fix. I am really enjoying mine, hope you do too!
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