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Chevrolet Equinox



  • My wife and I bought our 2005 AWD Equinox in April of 2005 and it was great until it snowed. This is our second winter with it and we are very disappointed with the awd system in the vehicle. The awd doesn't kick in fast enough and we got stuck a couple of times. It is the worst awd system we ever had. It was not worth the extra money to get the awd we should have just the the front wheel drive with the traction control it couldn't have been any worse. We had three Subarus before the Equinox and the AWD sysytems blew chevys away. Even with the sport tires we had on our 2002 impreza outback sport it went way better than the equinox. We wanted to buy a nice afforadable suv which Subaru was not offering at the time because all of there suvs look like wagons.(subaru that is)I'm not knocken all chevys because we also have a 2006 Silverado 4x4 and of course it's great in the snow just like you would expect just put it in 4 wheel drive and go.
    My wife don't like how you have to lock the truck in to 4 wheel drive yourself so thats why we look for awd on our second vehicles and next time we buy one it won't be a chevy awd it might be a subaru again or maybe a honda or toyota.
  • Now I'm puzzled... My wife loved the Equinox 2007 (we have a Forester 2000 that is a dream in snow), but after reading these postings I'm seriously considering not buying it. Subaru Tribeca is ugly as hell and I have read that Ford AWD systems are not that good, so I guess I'm pretty much out of options. CR-V is pricey (the new one) and RAV-4... well, not willing to pay Toyota's premium price.

    Any ideas whether GM has made improvements in the Nox'07 regarding AWD?
  • My experience maybe is different than yours is. I maybe jaded after driving my old manual shift 4 wheel drive S-10 blazer. Honestly, i admit that perhaps i'm a old fashioned purist when it comes to 4 wheel drive.

    Temper our results and go test drive one the first chance the you can when the roads are not at their best in YOUR area. Only you (and your family) can decide how it handles compared to your experiences and conditions. You will make the final decision. I just posted to let people learn from my experience and foolishness. It was absolutely foolish of me not to have test driven the vehicle during the winter months when i live in an area that gets considerable winter weather.
  • I agree about how ugly the Tribeca is my wife don't like it either and it is very expensive.
    I don't know if Chevy made the 2007 Equinox AWD any better but don't trust what the dealer tells you. My wife asked the general manager at our dealership how the Equinox went in the snow and he said great. We knew not to believe him but boy was he lying. The best thing to do would be to drive it in the snow if possible or find someone who has one and ask them. If you really want an Equinox it is a nice vehicle but just don't expect Subaru winter performance with it just expect it not to go well in the snow.
    Best of luck to you.
  • Wow I had a totally different experience, I just bought a new 2006 awd 2 weeks ago right before a huge winter storm. At least huge for ohio. The traction was great. I felt unstoppable in heavy snow.
  • noxroxnoxrox Posts: 22
    You seem to be in the majority.
  • angie7angie7 Posts: 3
    We went out to check out the Equinox LS because the dealer was running a special. After seeing the 2007 Equinox and test driving it we liked it so much we purchased it. It has lots of room to be comfortable. It handled very nice and smooth. I do hope it will give us many years of being a great vehicle :)
  • dconnordconnor Posts: 20
    There are not many choices for the 235/60/17 tires, and the choices there are aren't the greatest in terms of reviews. Has anybody tried a differnt size, for example 215/65/17 which would keep the sample overall tire diameter within 0.1 inch? I know this is a narrower tread, by a little more than 3/4 inch, but I don't know how much that would compromise ride/traction. There are more and better choices in that size.
  • dconnordconnor Posts: 20
    I meant to say same overall tire diameter.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    Anyone heard anything about GM replacing the Equinox's engine from China with an engine from North America? I would like to buy an Equinox but do not want to own a vehicle with an engine from China.
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    Sound like you are still in the stone ages.
    American companies have been out sourcing consumer goods for ages.
    Whats wrong with GM saving some money by out sourcing the assembly of their V6?
    The 3.4L engine in the Equinox is a proven GM design which is assembled overseas.
    My family have easily put 200,000 miles on these engines.
    It is a reliable engine design, thats easy to assemble, and has a timing chain which lasts the life of the engine.
    I also save $400+ every 60,000 miles, since I don't have replace a timingbelt/waterpump, like you have to, on those so-called reliable "Hi tech" foreign engines.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    You have put 200,000 miles on engines from China? I don't think so.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Equinoxes have been sold since 2004 (2005 model year). The V6 in them has always come from China afaik (link). Plenty of time to put some miles on them.
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    The 3.4L has been in GM cars since the late 1990's. My bother currently has over 100,000 miles on his.

    The Nox transmission is "made in Japan".
    Oh, Oh, Oh, then it has to be a Great transmission!
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    You're right. Before my Equinox 05 LT FWD I had a 1999 Chevrolet Venture and it had a 3.4L in it. I was up to 70,000 milles and no problems at all. If it wouldn't had been for the damage caused by Hurricane Charley in 2004 I think I would still have it. The only thing I noticed my Equinox is a bit harder on gas than my Venture but no problem with the 3.4L. and I'm up the 28,000 milles.
    Just to say that the 3.4L engine is very dependable.
  • noxroxnoxrox Posts: 22

    Near the bottom. However this is a good summary of the GM V6 engines
  • I am looking to buy a 2006 and test drove it yesterday. It has leather interior, 26,000 miles and rides real nice. It is FWD not AWD, which I am thankful of because i have read the problems about the AWD. Any words of wisdom..pleas help
  • a918doa918do Posts: 9
    I agree about the 3.4. I have had my Nox since 05 and have not had any problems, (short of mileage), from it. I hope it lasts as long as the last chevy I owned which was a 96 Corsica with a 3.1 V-6 and I put over 200,000 on it without any problems. :)
  • a918doa918do Posts: 9
    I have owned mostly Gm vehicles. and have never had any major issues with them. My last was a 96 Corsica with the 3.1 V-6 and it went over 200,000, and they were not easay miles. For the last 6 yrs I drive 80+ miles to and from work each day and that little car never broke a sweat. I had the little monster up to 110 before the govenor kicked in on several occations. The one thing that I have noticed is that GM engines get better mileage at higher speeds. In the corsica at about 70-75 mph I was getting 32 mpg even with the high milage. So if this is an indication of a chinese engine I say keep building them. The commies will fall someday. :)
  • I bought my Equinox in 2004 Since I have 21 repair receipts with various problems. Growling in front end (4 receipts)....Trim on door panel falling off when it is hot outside & I open the door(6 receipts)....fuel sensor was replaced....Brand new rotors because mine were warped (I only have 21,000 miles)....An oil leak that the dealer told me was NORMAL....False start, but I can't get it to duplicate for the dealer (sometimes it with try to turn over for an extended amount of time and won't start)....Hard shift from 2nd to 3rd gear....I have been to a couple different dealerships that have refused to touch my car....Once they pull my VIN, they say I would rather not take on the headache of your vehicle....I have recently spoke to a lawyer, and they have all of my paperwork; I am thinking maybe I am not the only one with all these problems :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Purchased our New LT FWD Equinox Jan 31. MFG date: 1/05. Equipped with Sunroof and Leather. After 23,000 miles and about 2.4 years I am happy to report no problems. I'm impressed with the paint, build, fit and finish. It is a nice looking vehicle. Recieved lots of compliments. My wife loves it. I'm impressed with the ride, handling, and acceleration. No abnormal noise. Antifreeze is still a nice looking light red, and no odor. Transmission is smooth and responsive. Currently getting about 19 mpg combined. Wife and I luv the vehicle and its universal features. :) :) :) :) :)
  • philwphilw Posts: 5
    I have a 3 week old 2007 Chevrolet Equinox. This has the "D" level trim - sunroof, leather etc... Going through my 1st car wash, I noticed that the sunroof leaked water through the rear part of the sunroof seal. A further observation revealed what appears to be an inproper positioning of the window when closed. The car was in the shop for 2 days. They originaly said that the mechanism was warped.Then they said that a cable was defective (too long). There were no parts available in all of America. They took some parts form a stock unit.
    When I picked up the car, I noticed the window was still in the position that they originaly said was not right. When I took the Equinox through the carwash guessed it, the sunroof leaked.
    I called back to the service dept. and they informed me that all of the Equinox windows sit that way. They also said that the Chevrolet Equinox equiped with a sunroof should not be taken through a touchless type car wash. They claim that the water pressure is too high.
    So, whatever happened to the original diagnosis. Sounds to me like they can't fix it and that I should just avoid the wet spots.
    Feel free to comment.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    It is time to find a new dealer. Sunroofs installed correctly do not leak in a car wash--touchless or otherwise. The present dealer does not know how to fix the problem.
  • emanchenemanchen Posts: 5
    You are not alone, here's my list:

    Won't start
    Rotors resurfaced (now needed again)
    Violent shaking in column (rotors)
    jammed CD
    paint coming off radio/dash
    told to not open the sunroof if it rained unless I drive 3 miles first!

    I don't want the car anymore, submitted my story to a lawyer. I don't mind getting a newer nox, just not a 2005.
  • I have been dealing with my lawyer for about 2 1/2 to 3 months. I was supposed to hear something back by the end of the week----2 weeks ago. Basically I got an offer from GM of $2600. I had three choices: 1. take the offer 2. refuse the offer and file a lawsuit 3. make a counteroffer. I chose to make the counteroffer on June 1st. The rep handling my case at GM went on vacation, and apparently she is the only person that can handle what is happening...Anyway, if I filed a law suit, by the time it was over the car would be paid off, and I could just sell it. Basically the problems I am having with my car are getting worse. The front end has been fixed 4 times, but different things have been fixed - can't be considered a lemon - the service engine light was on - it need a fuel pressure sensor - the rear differential has been replaced - if the humidity is high (it always is in Cincinnati) the door panel trim will fall off when you open the door - the smooth shifting is not smooth at all between 2nd & 3rd gear and I was told it was normal. The servicing dealership put 1 too many quarts of oil in and gave me an oil leak, which they said was normal....2 dealerships have refused to work on the car....IT ONLY HAS 24,000 MILES ON IT!!!! One dealership told me I needed to send it back to where it was do I do that, it was made in Canada? I got a quote on trading it in, and they would only give me $11,000 because they looked up the VIN number. I owe more than that on it, and I have been paying on it for 3 years.....I am done with General Motors. I have been a lifelong customer as well as my husband, his parents, and my parents - his dad is retired from GM - none of them will ever buy another GM vehicle, and they wander why sales are down so low - - - they don't care about their customers....Sorry I rambled, but this has been brewing for over 3 years now!!!!!!!!!1 :mad: :mad: :mad: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • jim_dandyjim_dandy Posts: 94
    I have a loaded 2005 FWD LT, with leather, we bought in January 05. Currently has 25,000 miles.
    We bought this as a family cruiser and as a universal work horse. Still have the original brakes which stops smooth.
    I also have two boys 6 & 12yrs, that ride in it all the time with my wife. She loves the Equinox.
    We had no problems, get advertised fuel economy, and still drives nice. :) :) :) :) :) :)

    I was at the Chevy dealership the other day, talkin to the sevice manager. He pointed to that particular Equinox and told me that customer had his 2005 Equinox in for a 100,000 mile checkup!
    Sure enough, the worksheet specified the mileage and routine service.
  • cectre2cectre2 Posts: 1
    I have the same problems....Equinox has been in dealer numerous times with ignition has stranded me once with the car resetting and not wanting to start. I took it in for the ignition problem...and magically for me the last time they told me to pick it up, the car would not start infront of the service manager. He said that if he hadnt seen it they would have never believed its been in the shop since. Just today they said it was carbon build up from the gas that i was using. Mind you that this has been happening since i bought the car. we'll see how long that lasts.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    The other day for no apparent reason my alarm system went off by itself (horn and flashing lights). My keys were hung on the key rack. I went to check around and all the doors were close and locked, the truck was O.K. nothing had happened so I reactivated the alarm system by unlocking the doors and locking them back again.
    What could have made that alarm go off by itself?
    By the way, it's the factory installed alarm.
  • back firing noise? heres the fix.... after taking my vehicle in 8 times for the sameproblem...backfiring...quiet and loud. my service manager handed me a tsb bulletin 04-06-05-009a. and told me that according to gm this was normal operation of the evap vent solenoid, and there was no fix. i took this all the way to the top of gm headquaters and the reply i got was there was nothing they could do. i informed them under the new york state lemon law that this was a lemon..they disagreed, hoever the lemon law states that any defect that greatly affects the value of the vehicle, and taking it in, for the same poblem, 4 or more times. is a lemon...keep your receipts no one would buy this with it making this noise. i filed a complaint with the bbb in ny .i rejected 3 offers from gm, and two days before my arbitration hearing they agreed to repurchase the vehicle form me under the lemon law. do this asap...i got all my money back. minus interest from financing and a usage fee, after 12k.if you go to the bbb wbsite there is a link on there to file a lemon law complaint and it is free.
  • I have reason to believe that someone in my neighborhood has been siphoning gas from random cars on my street. I own a 2006 Chevy Equinox LS & I wanted to know if it was possible to siphon gas from my car. (some of the newer cars have preventative features for this, I've been told...) If not, is there anything I can buy to prevent this from happening to me?
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