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Chevy Malibu Maxx



  • Glad to here that your 06 Maxx is all you expected. I'm having the same experiences with my 05. After just over 8,000 miles, still haven't any reason to re-visit the dealer. It's been all that I hoped for and more.

    Couldn't agree with you more about the comments on the motor. Very smooth and responsive and great MPG. On trips I have consistently averaged 32 to 33 MPG.

    One final word about professional reviewers. I have to keep reminding myself that they are just people. As such, they can't help bring their personal preferences into it. IE: Seats too hard - too soft - Leather/Cloth etc. As for the magazines they write for, there can't be any doubt that some are absolutely blinded by the Japan twins, (H & T). Before I purchased my Maxx, I test drove both of the Japan twins. They drove and performed well enough but one had an interior fit and finish that I could write a book on, it was that bad. As I said, they drove well enough but nothing outstanding. After the test drives, I found myself thinking, "What was so special about that"? I had to be honest and answer, they are both look-a-likes and cost more than a similarly equipped Maxx but didn't drive any better. Since I purchased one of the first egg cars (1986 Taurus) and have driven eggs for nearly 20 years, I was looking for something different. So far, very happy with my choice.
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    ugh, I wish you had left that last bit of info out of your report ;) I sure hope your string of bad choices ends here, since I plan on owning mine for at least 10 years.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    53.5 on my Maxx LT....and none of the problems listed.....normal wear and tear on the tires..but freq rotations probably will get another 20 K on my tires...but no complaints at all concerning the other items you listed....would say...75% of my mileage is long distance cruising....probably about ready to replace the OEM brakes...but will have them checked this weekend
  • I don't know what exactly the reviewers tested but all the hype about how great Honda and Toyota car interiors are just doesn't make sense. Other than the back of the Maxx, which does have a fair bit of cheap plastic (the hatch stuff is a joke), the Malibu interior compares well with all but the very top line Camry and Honda, which cost thousands more.

    Still, there are a lot more rattles in the Malibu than there should be.
  • My father-in-law recently purchased a 2006 Camry SE. I went along for the ride, as he would not test drive ANYTHING else (he wanted a Camry and that's it).

    The Camry's a nice car, with a nice ride and nice materials/seats, but nothing special. The next day I test drove a 2006 Maxx LT to compare the two (I'm not currently in the market, but, with prices the way they are, a 6 month old, and the utility/safety/economy of the Maxx, I could be tempted). There was little discernable difference between the two.

    The interior of the Maxx was all black - and it looked/felt great. The only area here where the Camry (also all black) was better was the center console - materials a hair better and it has a cover for the cupholders. In the Maxx I was thouroughly impressed with the new steering wheel (and the contrasting stitching on it and the shifter), the chrome around the clear, simple guages and shifter, the quality of the plastics, and the seats.

    The Maxx was QUIETER on the highway than the Camry, which had some excessive wind noise at 70-75 MPH. The ride was comparable, and handling/body roll better. The V6 in the Maxx was quiet and smooth and had much more of a punch than the 4cyl of the Camry.

    At a price of over $4000 less than the Camry, and similarly equiped (both had ABS, single CD, sunroof, but no side airbags) the Maxx/Camry are equals. In fact, even at the same price an objective person would have a difficult time deciding between the two (not taking into account the Camry's resale value - which is the only area where it has a clear advantage).

    Now if I can get the wife into a showroom.......I'd have a Maxx in the driveway!
  • Kurtamaxx - Any luck mounting 15" wheels on the Maxx?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    as I've said many times, the Maxx (and probably the sedan too) is an incredible highway machine. I was doing 90 again this weekend; the car is so quiet and is a treat for long distance driving (I'm sure pao can attest to this even more than I). I just wish the front suspension could take city bumps better than it does. I've been using the remote starter already even though it has not been bitterly cold yet. One cold morning, my ABS light came on and stayed on for the one mile trip. It has not come back on in the past week.
  • I feel and hear a thump when I turn the wheel at slow speeds ie turning into a parking spot. Is this a sign of a bad power steering unit? The performance is not affected, and works fine otherwise. I have a 04 with 27000 miles on it. Anyone have any ideas?
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    think mileage goes up a bit when I get "country gas" without oxygenators, but I don't notice drivability problems.
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Well here in Iowa, winter is approaching. We are having some rain and snow. Its about 30 out, and the snow is starting to stick a bit. My wife just got back from work and doesnt think our new MAXX handles very well. Our previous vehicles were an 03 Grand Prix and a 2000 Dodge mini van and those handled so well you had to remember to go slower! Anyway, we just got our MAXX in the end of Oct, and was wondering if anyone cal advise on how they do in the snow, rain and ice? THANKS! PS we have the OEM Bridgestones.
  • drejdrej Posts: 119
    On our 05 Maxx I get the same, but more of a clicking "ratchetting" type noise. Very loud!...mostly when the wheel is turned hard left and backing out. What could this be?
    I took to the dealer for a number of things not long ago and mentioned we had this clicking from day 1. They said they couldn't duplicate it! Now with 20K on the odometer, its still there.. not getting worse but anoying. D~
  • Sometimes my Maxx thumps as well if the steering wheel is turned. No idea why GM screwed up so badly on the EPS and front suspension design of the surprised how many people are having problems with this.

    Sorry to hear Chevy is bowing to bling-bling and sticking more chrome in the Maxx interior (chrome door handles excepted - those look nice and are no problem wrt reflections). I recently drove an HHR and found its gauge chrome trim annoying - made it harder to read gauges and occasionally subjected me to sun glare.

    The Maxx is a nice car overall, but too bad GM's not going to follow through with some once-hinted-at features like AWD. Toyota borrowed some of the Maxx for their '06 RAV4, and that one's looking like a real winner.
  • Wow a V6 powered Maxx sells for 4 grand less than a 4 cylinder Camry? Is GM actually making any money selling these ? It looks like they practically have to give away their cars just to get people in the showroom. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  • redmaxxredmaxx Posts: 627
    On our 05 Maxx I get the same, but more of a clicking "ratchetting" type noise. Very loud!...mostly when the wheel is turned hard left and backing out. What could this be?
    I took to the dealer for a number of things not long ago and mentioned we had this clicking from day 1. They said they couldn't duplicate it! Now with 20K on the odometer, its still there.. not getting worse but anoying. D~

    I get that as well. In my case however, it is pretty recent. It is now progressing to where it feels kind of like a door that is stuck. You know if you try to move a door that is partially open and it doesn't want to go at first? Like that. Plus it variably looses power when turning into parking spaces. Sometimes it is fine, sometimes it gets a little stiff, sometimes it gets very stiff.
  • redmaxxredmaxx Posts: 627
    Wow a V6 powered Maxx sells for 4 grand less than a 4 cylinder Camry? Is GM actually making any money selling these ? It looks like they practically have to give away their cars just to get people in the showroom. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    Keep in mind that there is probably a lot more markup in that Camry than the Malibu. Plus you are paying for the Toyota nameplate. Also, the V6 is a relatively old technology, whereas Toyota's 4cyl is more up to date.
  • Well, winter here in Wisconsin arrived a few weeks ago. Mileage on the Malibu LS sedan fell about 6% (2mpg) to 36 mpg when I put the Goodyear Tripletreds on. then it got cold. the cold weather has my mileage down to about 33.5-34 mpg. This kind of sucks, but what can I do? I am considering blocking 1/2 of the radiator with cardboard for the winter. This should help keep the car warmer and increase mileage, but I am not sure on these newer cars if it will help. When the temps dropped to the single digits and we got the snow and wind a week ago, mileage really fell.

    Back to winter handling...My 'Bu has about 33k on it now. The factory bridgestone 450s were squirrely and a bit noisy on dry pavement, and hydroplaned on 1/4" of water. I tried a new 'Bu at a dealer right after a rain storm and the results were similar, so I figured the tires were just plain poor. I bought the Tripletreds a few weeks ago and now have about 3,500 miles on them. They are smoother and quieter (at 35 psi) than the factory Bridgestones at 32 psi. They corner much better and do not hydroplane like the Bridgestones did.

    Then the snow came...We got about 5" of snow at home after some rain. The roads were slick, to put it mildly. When I got to work (62 miles north of here) we had almost 10" of fresh snow over ice. To keep this in context, the roads were poor, but not impassable. A lot of the snow had been driven off the roads by high winds, so it was really like driving on maybe 3 or 4" of snow over iced roads.

    The car handles WAY better than my old Chevy Prizm (Corolla twin). The tires held well and brakes were perfect. It was really not like driving in snow has EVER been before.

    Then came last night. We got freezing rain. I drove to work this morning and it was 18 degrees. the roads had been greased by a bit of freezing rain. When I got to work, which is at the top of a hill on a back country road, I did not realize how slippery it was. There were at least 20 cars in the ditch during my 60+ mile commute, but I had figured that it was from rain earlier at night.

    When I shut off the 'Bu and tried to stand up, I slipped and nearly fell. Mind you, I have worked construction for over 20 years and am very aware of how to move in ice. I simply did not know it was slippery.

    The Tripletreds are amazing. They really are very good on ice. I don't think I will drive 90 mph on a solid sheet of smooth ice, but I was none the less amazed at how well they did grip on the treacherous roads this morning. Both of the people I work with had a tough time getting in this morning.

    Tires make all the difference in the world. The 'Bu takes advantage of these great Goodyear tires. I am really amazed at the first few weeks of winter with the Malibu sedan and the Tripletreds.

    I hope this helps you. By the way, I would hate to have been driving on the factory tires during either of these storms.
  • Will scary, how do the triple treads compare in _ride_ quality to the stock Bridgestone Invictas?

    I've had experiences where a new pair of tires make my car ride like an old truck - harsh, noisy. The stock tires do ride pretty well. But their grip is not all that good.
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Thanks to Willscary and kurtamaxxguy for the replies. So fat so good on the OEMs. We have had a little snow and mostly ice. We had BF Goodrich Traction T/As on our Grand Prix, and you could fly through anything with those. I think I will try them out or the first few snows and see how they do. There is 30k on them. I was thinking about the triple treads or the BF Goodrich Traction T/As. Thanks again for the info!

    Larry :-)
  • Kurt,

    Sorry, but I can't help you in the Invictas. My OEMs were Bridgestone 450s, an extremely light tire with apparently an excellent rolling resistance. Unfortunately, their grip is poor (and I drive VERY sensibly) and they squealed around corners if going more than about 5 mph. I had 28k miles on them when I got really worried about how bad they could potentially be in snow. As bad as they were in rain, I was truly afraid of snow, and I put about 40k miles a year on my work vehicle. The tripletreds are much better (so far) than I had expected. They are easily the best tire I have ever put on a vehicle, and I generally run Michelins. They are not a soft tire, yet they are not overly stiff. They handle like the car is on rails. Rough roads are conveyed as such, but with a dull thud rather than a sharp jolt. The tires are slightly more quiet on rough roads than the OEMs, but they are MUCH more quiet on smooth pavement. The OEMs have a bit smoother ride. I was looking for a smoother, more quiet ride than the OEMs, but what I found with the Tripletreds was a ride that was firm enough to be better handling (instead of spongy...which is how I would now describe the OEMs) yet not rough and stiff.

    I am trying to describe them to you the best I can. I have always liked a serene, soft and comfortable ride. Perhaps the stiffer Tripletreds mate better to the Malibu sedan's suspension. Although they feel stiffer and much better controlled than the OEMs, their stiffness is conveyed more to me as a feeling for the road than a harsh ride. This may not make sense, but it is my only way of describing it.

    If I had not taken a roughly 6% hit in overall fuel economy when I had them installed, I would be giddy with glee over these tires. Instead, I will just say that in 22 years of driving, I have NEVER been as amazed with a tire as I am with these (so far...I will make a better judgement in a year or so). The mileage is the only thing I can grumble about, and I would bet that switching to a lot of other tires would have produced the same results. These tires are much heavier than the OEMs and can not be expected to roll as well.

    Sorry about the long winded response, but...I would give these tires an "A". The "A+" will come when the rolling resistance on these tires decreases to what the OEMs were.

    By the way...I HATED Goodyear. Every Goodyear tire I ever tried was aweful. That is, until these Tripletreds.
  • Willscary, I believe your mileage drop when outside temps are cold is more a result of the fuel control maintaining proper stochiometric balance (air/fuel ratio). As the air gets colder, it gets denser (holds more oxygen) and so the fuel control puts more fuel to compensate. Peak power (assuming no other limiting factors) should increase , but alas, mileage will drop. If your car were air-cooled blocking the air inlet would help (my crew in the navy had a Citroen GS 1220 Club in Iceland and it was provided with a blocker for winter driving- very functional). But a liquid cooled car's radiator thermostat should shut off flow to the block until up to operating temperature, modulating thereafter to keep it running at an efficient temperature. I suppose in extremely cold weather the thermostat may open very little, though I've never seen a tech report breaking down OAT, car speed, and thermostat openings. I'd be curious.

    Having said all that, it really weaves me that the law requires (as a favor to the oil companies) that oxygenated fuel still be sold during the winter time- this gas was formulated to reduce emissions of older carbureted cars, but modern fuel injected autos are inherently cleaner. Oxygenated fuel tricks the fuel control modules of these modern cars into thinking that the air is denser, thus requiring more fuel input. That is at least one reason why oxygenated fuel gives us poorer fuel mileage. Another windfall for the oil companies- the cost of development has already been accounted for, so instant 6% (plus or minus) increase in profits per unit volume during the winter time.

    Or maybe the above is all a bunch of malarkey...but I don't think so.
  • I have noticed of late what I call a flat spot on acceleration. As I slowly push the accelerator down there seem to be no corresponding increase in speed, until I get to a certain point and it downshifts and launches me into warp drive. Seem to be mostly around 60 - 80 Kph (40 - 50 mph) Anyone else have this????? 05 Maxx LT
  • Willscary, thanks for info. Do you have 17" wheels, as those have showed up on newer Maxxes? (I have 16" which was largest wheel available in 2004 - plenty big enuf IMHO as it lets the car handle the many LA Potholes very well).

    stock tires for 2004 were bridgstone insignia se200

    The Leading Consumer Magazine thought highly of the tripletreads...only minus was Ice traction (only fair).

    and I agree, I have had bad luck with Goodyear before (my Prism had those - every one of them went bad long before tread was supposed to wear out.
  • I have driven on extreme ice covered roads this week. I have NEVER had a car handle and break as well as this one with the Tripletreds. I live in WI and have driven for 22 winters, these tires are amazing. The wheels are stock 15", the tires 205-65-R15s.

    My Prizm (1999) came with Goodyears. I put Michelin X Radials on it. They were good tires in everything except snow. They also gave great mpg. After these tires, I am not sure anything else will ever go on a car of mine. Of course, the truck will still get Revos.
  • Plus compare the Toyota Camry or Honda Accord to the Maxx after about 4 yrs and ~80 to 100K miles. The Camry and Accord will have been almost trouble free and they will still drive as if brand new with no rattles or shakes. The Maxx, well I wouldn't bet on it. That is one reason why the resale is so poor.
  • Not sure what tires the Malibu/M.Maxx's come with on the LS's and LT's for MY '06 (16 inch wheels) but my LTZ came with Continental Touring Contact's (17 inch). No idea what to expect of them with respect to winter driving conditions here in the northeast....has anyone had any experience with these tires?
  • maxx4memaxx4me Posts: 1,340
    yes, they are absolutely awful. They came on my Pontiac Vibe. The treadwear is quite poor, and they are fairly loud. You can probably check out what other's have said on the Vibe website. I don't think I kept them on my Vibe for 2 years. I was happy to go get my beloved Dayton Daytona H rated tires. Enjoy your Maxx nonetheless. It is a fantastic car.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    waiting on our first will see how the maxx does this year.....have my OEM bridgestones back on for dont want to run the custom rims in the snow and salt/sand.....hope all is well...54k here and going strong....
  • mybooomybooo Posts: 92
    Well, after driving in about 4-6" of fresh snow saturday, I have determined that the OEM Bridgestones SUCK! I was all over the roads. I am a very cautious winter driver - have been driving in the winter for 21 years. I ordered som BF Goodrich Traction T/A's and they will be in this week. I had those on our previous car, and it never had any problem what so- ever. Thanks for the replies to my other thread about winter driving. Gave me a good heads up!

    Larry in Iowa :-)
  • I searched this forum and did not find that this has been reported here. Kudos to the Maxx designers, engineers and assemblers. The Pontiac G6 is also CR RECOMMENDED.
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