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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You're right. I didn't even notice the lack of a dest. fee in his. My mistake. That said, the overall rarity of the LX FWD in the mid-atlantic area made things a little harder to negotiate.

    Hey, if it's legit, good for him. I'm just glad that I got a decent deal. The stress on this car was crushing me for months. :-P
  • suzmacsuzmac Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    I hear you...I have been looking since Aug 2011. Today I walked away from the perfect car for me, 2010 certified one owner,silver crv-ex, awd. with 10,500 miles..the manager wouldnt budge on $21, 899. i was prepared to take it out the door for$22,500...I think this is a realistic offer..I dont think they really care if I buy it...darn it. any thoughts?
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 119
    I also considered the X5. I think it is a really nice vehicle. There were a couple of points that steered me toward the Honda. The hump in the center back floor on the CX. The three color dashboard lighting (reddish orange, white, and blue) in the CX5 was a little busy. The Direct Injection system was a little sloppy and may lead to cylinder problems. The extended warranty is through a third party, not Mazda.

    Hope you get something you like.
  • What was your total OTD, including all the taxes and fees?
  • What was your price OTD including taxes and fees?
  • Where did you purchase your CR-V? Was the total OTD $24,655, not including taxes, titles and fees? OR did it come to $24,655 including taxes, titles and fees?
  • No taxes, title or fees attached to your purchase? Just $24,269?
  • 2012 CRV EX AWD 24155
    ert fee 25.00
    Doc fee 161.39
    Il Sales tax 1521.35
    New plates and title 194.00
    Total otd 26057.01
  • That seems like a really great price for cr-v EXL. Did you have to work them hard on it?
  • I was hoping to walk in (or email) dealer and say, I'll pay 27,100 OTD and finance at 2.49% (they provide or i get it at Credit Union).

    Any idea of my chances. I would like a pearl black, which likely won't help me as they will probably take the deal as long as i take the puke orange model they can't sell.
  • padypady Posts: 10
    honda of fort myers
  • rob4691rob4691 Posts: 7
    We were able to get a 2012 EX-L AWD for $26,539 at Jeff Wyler in Cincinnati. This price included body side molding, wheel locks, cargo tray, and all weather mats. Total out the door was $28,424 and included my 6% tax, $250 document fee, tags & title. No trade. They also matched my credit union at 1.99% for 5 years. I couldn't find another dealer who would come close to this. One dealer probably thought I was lying as they told me "if they are offering you that, you need to run over there and get it today!!". I waited a few days but did get the vehicle from Wyler. It's the color my wife wanted (twilight blue). It's interesting how some dealers are over flowing with Odyssey's, some with Ridgelines, and some with CR-V's.

    I now own 3 honda's ('04 Pilot, '06 Ridgeline, and this 2012 CRV - all are AWD).
  • jara51jara51 Posts: 1
    Have emailed/talked to a few dealerships about buying a CR-V EX-AWD and received an email this AM. Received quote of $29,500 with all season floor mats, splash guards, trunk tray and cross bars. This is an out the door price to include all fees (destination, documentation), taxes (6% MI), registration and 15 month plate fee.

    Salesman says he'd give me that price if I buy today. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Picked this up for my elderly mother last night. $23,700 including destination and mudguards/all-season mats, and dealer fees. Cash deal, no trade. Overpaid by a solid $1,000+ assuming others on here aren't smoking something, but I could find no dealers within 100 miles willing to go even remotely close to what folks here are posting. Couple dealers said they are getting MSRP and not negotiating at all. Many said they would negotiate much harder on an EX-L because there is far more supply, but that's not what we wanted. This is my preferred dealer who has given me terrific service in the past including multiple warranty repairs well beyond the warranty period. They also have free loaners which is a huge plus in my book. I'll pay more for superb service and no hassle, but I still feel like there should have been more money on the table. They claim half of all the cars they're selling are CRV's and they aren't negotiating too far off msrp on any of them. Oh well in the scheme of things $1,000-$1,500 isn't the end of the world, it's still a tremendous value in my book for what you get even on the stripped down model.
  • rob4691rob4691 Posts: 7
    If you are getting excellent service like that from your dealer then you didn't overpay a thing. I agree with you, paying for better service is worth every penny.
  • That's a great OTD price! Including the accessories you are at least $500 below invoice. Enjoy your CRV.
  • Been working on getting a good price for a few weeks. Here's what I have:

    Cost 25,880
    Dest 810
    Tax 1,868 (7% NJ)
    Tire fee 7.50
    Doc fee 299
    DMV fee 299
    OTD 29,164

    Another dealer offered me basically the same price but added 200 for VIN etching, 100 for clean/prep, and an extra 100 for both doc and DMV fees for an total OTD of 29,650 on a base of 25,880ish.

  • rob4691rob4691 Posts: 7
    Either deal is probably a good price. Push to see which one one would add some "extras" to get the deal signed. It really is nice to have the body side molding, mud flaps, cargo tray, and all weather mats with your new purchase. I use to live in NJ - wouldn't hurt to get the wheel locks thrown in on the deal as well.
  • mck588mck588 Posts: 12
    Did you finance it? Would love to know your monthly payment...looking for the exact car and I finally see one in my local dealer's lot.
  • rob4691rob4691 Posts: 7
    I did finance - with Honda. I was pre-approved through my credit union @ 1.99% with 20% down. Honda wanted to finance @ 1.99% with no money down. I decided to go with Honda and put $2,500 down so $26,593 - $2,500 left me financing $24,093 for 5 years at 1.99%. Payment is $422.19.

    We could have put more down but at 1.99%, the interest rate is so low I would rather keep my cash for a rainy day.
  • My wife and I bought a 2012 CRV EXL (Twilight Blue) today for $27,000 OTD. That includes tax, title, everything. Texas tax is 6.25% on a new car sale. The car includes dealer adds like tinting, mud guards, pin-striping, etc. We bought for roughly $1,700 below invoice. I think you should be shooting for this price, if not slightly better. I think we did real well!
  • njbrmnjbrm Posts: 2
    edited April 2012
    I'm working with a fleet dealer in Golden, CO that has a fixed $500 over invoice which includes any fees (including dealer handling and doc)
    So I'm looking at $28,545 + tax out the door for an EX-L AWD with RES. Financing is 2.15% through my local credit union.

    What do you think? I haven't been able to get to less than $200 over invoice with any other dealer (walk-in and internet team haggling) and all of those still have the $499 DH/doc fee on top.
  • asm20854asm20854 Posts: 4
    edited April 2012
    Internet price through credit union buying service:

    $25,900 before destination, $200 processing, tags and fees
    DC area dealer. Other dealerships were $600 to $1200 higher

    60 mo financing at 1.49% through Pentagon Federal Credit Union.
  • newago1newago1 Posts: 2
    which dealer, the one in troy is higher. city name would be fine. thx
  • newago1newago1 Posts: 2
    I'm looking to purchase a CRV EX L minus the nav and rear entertainment. I'm looking to buy cash and in MI. Any help would be appreciated.
  • uclauclauclaucla Posts: 1
    You did really well! I am in Dallas too, would you mind sharing where you got it from as that is definitely better than some of the quotes I am getting...did you finance or pay cash?
  • Go to Frank Kent Honda. We bought ours with Jerry Wofford. We financed through the AA Credit Union, as he is the rep for them. If you mention my name .. Brett Cassel .. you'll be doing me a favor. Thanks.
  • asm20854asm20854 Posts: 4

    MSRP: 29,904
    Invoice: 27,775
    Dealer price: 27,015 (with $200 dealer processing and $20 electronic registration fee)

    $2889 under MSRP
    $760 under invoice

    Total OTD (with Maryland 6% sales tax and other fees): 28,886.70 OTD
  • njbrmnjbrm Posts: 2
    That sounds like a really great OTD price. Are you sure about invoice? I've been shown an invoice of 28,045 for a EX-L AWD w RES from several dealers this last weekend.

    Still an excellent price if it's $500 under invoice. I'm at invoice now through a credit union finder service.
  • Hey, can you tell me what dealership?? In MD & would love to get below invoice! Thanks.
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