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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bethpabethpa Posts: 34
    I bought my wife's diamond white AWD EXL for $27400 with mats, wheel locks and mud flaps. My advice is to shop with the sales mgr and not the salesman. I shopped two other dealers I bought cars from in the last two years ( same sales guy) and I couldn't get my price. I called my third dealer and asked for the sales mgr. he gave me my price in 5 mins over the pone and faxed me the paperwork with my price. When I went to pick up the car the finance guy said Honda made some changes to how the staff are paid. The sales mgr is paid on plume and the sales guys are paid on the profit in the deal. So my experience backed that up as e two sales guys I worked with knew I was buying a car and figured me for a push over (not sure why as I walked away and told them I wanted my price or no sale.).

    Bottom line go to the sales mgr directly and ask for the sale to go to who needs a sale that month. Good luck shopping for our CRV.
  • bethpabethpa Posts: 34
    Sorry for the bad spelling. I did the earlier post from a tablet in at night. The sale mgr gets rated on volume (not plume as I typed). Sorry if that sounded like a stupid post.

    Good luck shopping for your CRV. I hope this is helpful.
  • 2012 CR-V EX-L AWD w/NAV
    lease 15K/36 months
    Msrp $30,785
    Invoice $28,943
    Selling price $28,595
    Residual $18,471 which is 60%
    monthly: $425

    monthly is too high IMHO. Do these numbers seem in line?
  • chinita78chinita78 Posts: 4
    Let me try this again
    $27,700 w/spoiler included in the price.
    1,094 LoJack
    350 Virginia' auto theft protection $25,000
    150 all weather mats
    55. Wheel locks
    300 registration and inspection fees
    12.50 tire fee
    75. Dealer fee
    = $29,190
    2065 tax
    $31,642 OTD
  • mnav8tormnav8tor Posts: 1
    Hey all,

    Wife and I are looking for a 2012 EX-L in the Houston, TX area. We've received several online quotes with the best being $28,845.17 out the door. Does this seem like a good deal? I'm hoping to negotiate down closer to $28,000 even or better; just wanted to see what you all think.

  • rameshcmrameshcm Posts: 8
    Could you please let me know what's your base price and OTD price you got and from which dealer you got 2012 CRV LX-AWD.

    Awaiting for your response. Your quick response will be appreciated.
  • rameshcmrameshcm Posts: 8
    Please let me know if any one bought 2012 CRV LX AWD in NJ or in surrounding states recently and what is the best OTD price that I can expect.
  • dgissel_98dgissel_98 Posts: 16
    22,275, includes dest and mudflaps. chicagoland area,, very happy with the buying process
  • Seems high to me. For your reference, I leased a 2012 AWD EX-L with Navi from a MD dealership in February at $392 per month for 36 mo/15K with nothing down.

    I was able to negotiate a lower selling price than what you're quoting there- I dont remember the exact numbers but I think we ended up agreeing on an OTD sales price of 27,700 or so. From there, the lease money factor was .00185 and the residual 60% or something like that. Note that the $392 also includes taxes, which are pretty high for me (10% in DC on leased vehicles)

    There is a Honda dealership in MA that offers a pretty clear guide as to how the lease calculations work and they come up with $382/mo based on a 6.25% tax rate. I would take a printout of this worksheet with you to the dealer and see if you can't negotiate a similar deal:

    If the link above doesn't work, just google Weymouth Honda lease calculator and you should be able to get to it.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  • sorry that link I posted was to the 2WD not the AWD. The AWD with 15K is below:

    They come up with $398 incl. taxes. I'm paying $392 all-in with a higher tax rate (10% vs. 6.25% in the online worksheet) so you should be aiming for something under $400 (IMHO).
  • sunstatesunstate Posts: 1
    Can you please provide me the dealer details. Iam looking for HONDA CRV 2012 EX Model in FL.
  • thank you! I'll see what I can negotiate..
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 181
    edited June 2012
    Has anyone been able to get the special Honda 0.9% on their new CR-V? If so, what was the term (48, 60, 72 months) of the loan? Thanks!
  • indigo1indigo1 Posts: 8
    Sorry for the late reply, I havent been on this site for a while. I did end up purchasing my crv lx awd from Honda of Lincoln my final price was $23,200 that includes the destination charge and mud flaps. Honda of Lincoln does not charge any other fees such as doc fee, they only charge the destination charge, unlike the dealerships in Omaha they all charge additional fees. I worked with Larry the $23,200 is $63 above invoice. I did get a crv lx awd, only one dealer in omaha could beat his quote that dealer quoted me $23,199 needless to say I didnt drive the 55 miles to omaha to save one buck. I purchased mine on 4/28/12 and absolutely Love driving it, so far I am getting even better miles then when I first got it, now I am getting 25.3 miles per gallon in the city.
  • indigo1indigo1 Posts: 8
    From what I understand, since there is such a big demand for the CRV, that type of special finance offer will not be offered until possibly late summer or early fall or when the 2013 are close to being shipped out. I got 3.54 % and that was on 72 months, I could of gotten a better percentage if I did a lower term. I'm in Lincoln, NE.
  • indigo1indigo1 Posts: 8
    Sorry for the late reply, I dont often check this site regularly. I only gave my dealership $100 as a deposit which is then deducted off my downpayment when I buy it. He just happened to of had one coming in with the color I wanted polished metal. I purchased the car on 4/28 so it only took less then 4 weeks to come in.
  • hawaii007hawaii007 Posts: 12
    Hey I was wondering if anyone is willing to post their purchase prices on any 2012 CR-Vs in Hawaii. I am primarily interested in the 2WD EX Trim but any information on any trim levels would be greatly appreciated.
  • tegal3tegal3 Posts: 13
    My wife just bought 2012 CR-V LX AWD with mud guard in NC for $23900 OTD including tax, destination fee, document fee, etc. I forgot the break down.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 181
    I'm torn between whether to purchase a FWD or AWD CR-V? I live in the Tidewater area so we really don't have a big problem with snow, but we do tow a jet ski and occasionally will travel to the mountains of NC and TN. Any help is much appreciated.
  • I did my seach and read about the past inventory questions from Dec, Jan, March, etc. Ok, we can say the earthquake in Japan or the flood in Thailand. My dealer's inventory for example. 80 Civics, and 7 CR-Vs. So we can't tell the same story still, right? The other dealers have 5 and the other 4. They are all made in North America. So if they can produce tons of Civics, why no CR-Vs?

    If I'm looking for a CR-V, how am I suppose to choose even if I'm picking from current stock?

    Have you read anything "official?" Are there more 2012 models to come, like the last batch? If so when?
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    Some random thoughts -

    $1094 for lojack, $350 for auto theft protection. You already pay for auto insurance which covers the cost of a stolen vehicle. Why pay $1,444 for lojack and auto theft. If you are worried about insurance not paying what is owed on the vehicle, pick up some GAP insurance, but not from the dealer which will cost too much.

    Regarding lojack, if you vehicle is stolen and misued (quite possible) do you really want it back in that condition? Lojack might be good for a high end vehicle but for a CRV, perhaps not so much.

    I would question "inspection fee". Having bought cars for decades, I have never seen an "inspection fee."

    Also, most dealers will throw in the wheel locks. Just tell them to take them off as you don't want them. My bet is they will not bother but won't charge you. Happens to me all the time.

    The $75 dealer fee is just profit but is not excessive if other parts of the deal are acceptable. I thought Virginia dealers always try for a $399 fee?
  • My wife & I bought a 2012 CR-V EX last Sat. (6/2) for less than $24,000 (including dealer fees) at Hennessy Honda in Woodstock. It was the best buying experience we've ever had!

    You can also check with Milton Martin Honda in Gainesville who was also selling the EX for less than $24,000. They're also a great dealership & very easy to work with. In my opinion, these are the best two Honda dealerships in the metro Atlanta area, and the only ones that I will ever purchase from! :)

    Good luck.
  • thamesnetthamesnet Posts: 1
    2012 CR-V EX-L with Nav 2WD Polished Metal
    $27500 Inc dest
    $30000 out the door
    Financed 10K with Honda, no trade in
    Hardin honda, Anaheim
  • hawaii007hawaii007 Posts: 12
    Hi, I just wanted to know if your $24,000 price was just for the car and fees, not including the tax and title and doc fees? If you are getting it for $24,000 OTD, I may have to fly up there to buy. :shades:
  • jcb12jcb12 Posts: 7
    Is $22275 including tax and ttl? It will be the best OTD price if it was. :)
  • mary116mary116 Posts: 4
    Is @22275 out of door price? Did you purchase CR-V LX AWD?

    Could you please let me know the dealership name and city so I can get a quote from them? .

    Thank you
  • mary116mary116 Posts: 4
    Could you please let me know the the name of dealership and the city? Thank you.
  • mary116mary116 Posts: 4
    Could you please give me the city of Honda of Lincoln or address of Honda of Lincoln? I could not find the contact information of Honda of Lincoln. Thank you.
  • dgissel_98dgissel_98 Posts: 16
    Ok 2012crv lx awd. 22275 + tax and title
    Bill Walsh Honda in Ottawa il. Jared was
    My salesman. Price include mudflats
    Note it's a awd very happy with dealerrship
  • chinita78chinita78 Posts: 4
    The finance mgr. was very convincing and when I decided that I didn't want it he told me that they were installing it as we speak, the auto theft just seem like a great idea at the time..
    As for the inspection fee I forgot it also included registration.
    I'm not sure what the Virginia fee is?
    This is my first time buying a new car...
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