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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jgreerjgreer Posts: 31

    Given what you have just said, I think that's a good deal on an SE.

    The reson I didn't go for the SE is that I live in Southern California and have no use for heated seats, and couldn't justify the cost increase for color coded bumpers. The EX has everything that I wanted in terms of options, so it was the best choice for me.

  • ebill66ebill66 Posts: 2
    Thank you all for your replies to my inquiry about my Father's purchase of a CRV SE. After a few conversations with my father, and more research by him (unfortunately after the fact) he is aware he paid more than he should have. He loves the car, has learned from the experience, and we all will press on a little smarter. I want him to enjoy the car and we both agreed not to belabor the issue.

    I only found out my father purchased the car several days after the fact, too late to arm him with the wonderful information I've found in this forum. Thanks again, I know I'll be looking here again when I purchase a new vehicle. :)
  • bowled_overbowled_over Posts: 14
    Price incl Freight handling and Delivery = 18872.87
    Processing Fee = 279
    VA Title Tax = 574.56
    Other taxes and fee = 101.06

    Incl appearance package
  • bowled_overbowled_over Posts: 14
    The CR-V LX 2WD I purchased last sunday had 48 miles on it. Dealer gave me a signed odometer statement saying so - though I don't know whether it means anythg. Is that unusually high for a new car. Any opinions?

    Moreover is there a thread which dicusses pricing on after sales service
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Just test drive miles and lot miles, I suppose. While we would all like to get a "new" car or truck right off the car carrier with 2 miles on it, it often does not happen. When my wife and I were deciding between an Accord and a CR-V they had an LX Accord demo car with several k on the clock for us to test drive. No LX FWD CR-Vs, so we drove a "new" one and put some miles on it.

    I would not worry about it, the kind of folks who are test driving an LX CR-V (like my wife) didn't hot rod or rawhide it :D

  • :mad: :lemon: :confuse: :cry: OK, now I'm pissed.... I went to pick up my "new" CR-V on Monday night. The minute we walked out of the door to do the inspection, it was obvious that Lia Honda replaced the defective paint cr-v with one that was scratched!! Of course, it was spotlessly clean this time so that we could identify the scratches. I'm not talking polish swirls, but the bumper had a 3 inch gouge and several fine straight scratches down the sides (almost like it was polished with a piece of fine sand paper. We immediately declined delivery. The sales manager was just plain rude to us and told us that they couldn't deliver a new cr-v to us at the price we agreed upon and would refund our money. He wouldn't even discuss other options (like a different color on the lot). My husband and I are flabbergasted, and ask to see the general manager, who wasn't in. The next day all the general manager had to say was come pick up your refund. There was no discussion or explanation. Basically, the sales manager had indicated that there was no way that we would get to choose the vehicle we wanted to buy for that price. Apparently the problem was because they had to install a dvd player on the car. What gets me is that the dealership wouldn't allow me to choose the vehicle BEFORE installing the dvd player, they chose the vehicle, and my guess is that they picked ones with known problems (the 2nd vehicle scratches were painfully obvious within seconds!). The reason for the dealerships decision? My guess is low profit margin. I didn't pay enough for them to consider me a customer who deserves to get a "new" flaw free vehicle. Plus, the "FREE DVD Player with any CR-V purchase" apparently meant "DVD player price is negotiable if you negotiate a car price before talking about the FREE DVD player". Also, I found the "$1495 value" dvd player online for $500, so I know that, while their profit wasn't a windfall from us, we certainly weren't denying them a profit. I really don' t know because I wasn't afforded a decent explanation from the dealership. Another dealership told us that there was a factory dealer incentive during April (when we signed the agreement) that ended on May 1 (we were to pick up the 2nd vehicle on May 3) which might have given Lia Honda more of an attitude towards us, as they got credit for the sale in April and earned their incentive, but didn't see any value in given us an acceptable vehicle now that it wasn't April anymore. American Honda didn't have much to say either, although they were apologetic that Lia Honda had provided me such bad customer service, but that they couldn't make a dealership honor the contract.

    And all this from a dealership that I had bought 2 previous Hondas from!! Needless to say, my opinion is that, with so many choices out there, avoid Lia Honda in Albany New York like the plague. They lie, cheat, and try to take advantage of people who just want to buy a NEW car at a fair AGREED upon price. Customer service is dependent upon the price you pay.

    I'm chalking this up to a really good lesson learned--CAVEAT EMPTOR!! Don't trust any car dealer to be honest, even if you have bought from them before. Inspect your new car thoroughly BEFORE signing any paperwork, and don't take delivery if there is anything even minor wrong with it. Make sure you choose the exact vehicle you wish to purchase (NOTE the VIN number on the dealer paperwork!)

    I am still looking for a new cr-v, but I have to admit that my excitement over the new car buying experience has been severely tainted, as well as my opinion about Honda customer service in general. I'm just happy that I was able to get out of the deal. I guess that's a really good thing.

    Thanks for listening!!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,830
    Far from it!!

    I would like to hear the "other side of the story" however.

    Sounds like you need to find another dealer. This time, try to ask for a REFERRAL from a friend, neighbor or relative.

    And, the price you paid for the CRV should have nothing to do with the service our recieved. the car should be defect free UNLESS this was disclosed ahead of time.

    If you ground them down to a nothing deal, it shouldn't matter. If the deal was unacceptable they should have simply not taken the deal.

    Once in awhile, we will have a "scratch and dent" sale. We will sale tag cars at extremely agressive prices. We will inform the customers UP FRONT that if they find a small scratch, small dent, paint swirl etc that we can't fix it for those prices.

    Of course, the majority of these cars have no defects. It is amusing sometimes watching people going over every square inch of the cars looking for things.
  • soldoncrvsoldoncrv Posts: 5
    I had no problem with the sales people I interacted with at Poway Honda. Of course, I only talked with 3: the sales woman, the finance officer (also a pleasant woman), and the service rep who gave us a mini-tutorial on the car, another pleasant woman!

    On the other hand, Hoehn Honda was quite a piece of work. In 2002, we leased 2 Honda Accords there and bought a used CRV for our son. We negotiated a good price based on volume. Then, they changed the sales person, and we had to start all over. When it came time to sign in finance, they switched the terms and we almost walked out. Finally, they almost met the terms we had negotiated. But I wish we had just left. There was no joy in this deal. From that time forward, we had a negative view of Honda and swore we would never do another lease. The Accords had very poor mileage even though we drive mostly highway. We got out of the lease ASAP, in 2004. Then I bought a 2004 Avalon which I adore. My husband drove his 1989 Volvo for another year and we just bought the CRV. I think Hoehn is a place to be wary of. We would certainly never do business there again.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    You have "scratch and dent" sales where most cars offered have no defects? I'm having trouble computing this.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,830
    We try to sell our oldest units first just like your market rotates their milk.

    The longer a car sits on the lot, the greater the chance it'll get a nick or a small scratch. These sometimes aren't even seen until the car has been cleaned up for delivery. We simply tell the customer that the car ***could*** have a small imperfection and if it does, we aren't going to fix it due to the reduced price.

    Make sense?
  • isellhondas:

    I would like their side of the story, as well. They did make me out to be a picky witch, which by the end of this ordeal I am sure I was. I lost all my trust in them to treat me right at the time of the first delivery. And I would agree that the cars they were trying to pawn off on me were old (pre-price raise stickers), scratch and dent models. They didn't tell me that, though. They just tried to stick me with the vehicle they didn't want. If they had discussed this with me, and maybe threw in a cargo cover or mudflaps, I think I would have been ok with the deal. But I made it perfectly clear that I expected a brand new vehicle, without obvious flaws. I felt they were being deceitful and underhanded. But I'll never know, because although I have spent the better part of the last couple of days writing angry letters to American Honda, in the end I realize that all that will get me is standard form letter informing me that they appreciate my comments and sorry that I was treated wrong. And what else could they do for me? Shut the dealership down?? Force the dealership to give honor their deal with the exact car I want? I don't want to ever deal with Lia Honda on Central Ave in Albany ever again. I would only want my enemies to deal with them ;) I would hope that Honda would at least keep track of customer complaints, but I'm not sure that really happens, so the letter will never get sent. I feel better for writing it though!!

    I've decided to pursue my search online and so far I've gotten an offer for 23,795 for the SE in Pewter Pearl. I'm countering 23500 and see what happens. I'll be happy to buy for that. I have to drive 3 hours to pick it up, but I don't mind if I get exactly what I want for the price I want. That is, as long it is cleaned up when I pick it up, without any obvious problems!!

    thanks for the imput....

  • bricknordbricknord Posts: 85
    Hello, was driving past my local Honda dealer tonight and noticed they have 2 new 2004 CR-Vs left on the lot. So happens, they are the equipment level I am looking for. They are EX 4wd with 5-speed stick. I have 2 requirements for my next small SUV type vehicle: stick shift and ABS. I would take a 2wd if it had ABS. Can't figure why Honda will not put ABS on the LX. Anyway, my point is, since I can't find TMV on a new 04 EX AWD 5 speed, can you folks on this forum give me an idea of what would be a good realistic price to take to the dealer if I want to buy one of these. Only downside, one is Green and one Maroon, both with Tan interior. My least favorite inside and not much better on the outside, but I'd probably take the Maroon on tan. Anyway, any good pricing advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Matt
  • soldoncrvsoldoncrv Posts: 5
    Reply to #1794 from bricknord:
    I don't know about the 2004 CRVs, but the 2005 LX has ABS as standard equipment in both the 2WD and AWD versions. Here is a link to all their specs:
    CRV Safety Specs To find prices on 2004 models, check out Intellichoice
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,830
    All 2005 CRV'S have ABS, even the LX's.

    I'm very surprised any store would have any 2004's left. The EX 5 speeds are the least popular models especially in the colors you mentioned.

    I would go with a 2005 due to the improvements that were made.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,830
    I think you may have overlooked my advise...

    Instead of concentrating on price alone, look at the TOTAL BUYING EXPERIENCE. I suggested you ask someone for a REFERRAL. You probably won't pay anymore and you'll be a happier person instead of trying to chase down the bottom dollar.

    I would imagine that dealership isn't any happier with you than you are with them.

    Good Luck!
  • jsalzjsalz Posts: 28
    Hi bricknord,

    Unless you can get a significant discount, I would just buy the 05. Think about it; one of the best parts of buying new is that you get to pick your own color and that your getting the latest technology.

    The 05 has very nice improvements over the 04 both cosmetic and in terms of technology. I pretty sure that you can get the invoice price on the 05 EX manual. So how much below invoice do you think they will go below invoice for the 04? Is this difference worth it?

    Unless they are desperate to sell it and give to a super low price I would just aim for the 05 at invoice price.
  • jsalzjsalz Posts: 28
    Hi gr8smile,

    Considering your situation I would not recommend that you drive 3 hours to a dealership. Too many things can go wrong. Dealerships always try to squeeze more money out of you, or like to change the apr to something slightly higher than you qualify for.

    If you do decide to take the drive, at least get the out the door price for the car. Ask them for a list of all the fees. When I bought my V the salesman tried charging me an extra $150 for registration and said it was a new state law or something. Luckily I knew what the DMV charges actually were and made him take it off. Little things like that really kill the buying experience.

    I'm happy with the price I paid but I did not like the fact that they tried to cheat me and really still makes me very angry (if they thought the price was too low they should have never offered it). I would just offer a word of caution because once your there (after 3 hours of driving) it will be much harder to walk out if something goes wrong.

    Go to Honda's website and locate dealerships closer to you. From there you can request a quote for the V you want. I did this for the dealerships closest to me and had 5 quotes the next day. It gives you a great idea for the market value of the car in your area.

    Don't do those sites that find the dealerships for you and gets a quote through them because then you're paying a middle man. Go straight through Honda and locate and request quotes from the dealerships closest to you.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,830
    I'm sure your advise is well meaning but why would a dealer sell a popular car like a CRV for invoice?

    These are hardly distressed merchandise.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,830
    Most smart stores won't give "quotes" for a customer to go shop. If you do get a quote, take it to a TRUSTED store close to your home and see if they will match it.

    It makes no sense to drive three hours to "save" a hundred dollars yet people do this all of the time.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I always pay rock bottom prices, but the dealers seem to always give good service before and after the sale. On my wife's Accord we paid a little over $200 more to avoid a 6 hour round trip and get it from a local dealer. The sales manager said "we will treat you just like you paid full MSRP for it" - and they did.

    Nothing wrong with getting a super price on a "scratch and dent" or old stock demo with lots of miles on it - if you know that is what you are getting and it is price appropriately. If a customer is in the market for a new car and the dealer prices them a new car, and then tries to deliver a car with defects just so they can meet the price - that is just wrong. They should do what a lot of dealers told me - "we have no interest in selling you a car at that price" so then I could move to other dealers that WOULD.

  • jsalzjsalz Posts: 28
    Plenty of dealership will give you quotes over the internet. Todays market is one that any dealership that doesn't stands to lose good customers. I received one from every dealer I contacted.

    Invoice price is very possible, but you are right the CR-V is a great car and more often than not customers won't get the invoice price. The opposite I feel is true as well; dealers are not going to get MSRP.
  • The HONDA web site lists the prices for accessories.
    Does the dealer need to provide the accessories at this price? or can go higher?

  • jsalz:

    Thanks for the advice. I'm choosing a dealership based solely on the price, because all the dealerships in this area (the closest is 40 miles) don't have the Pewter Pearl Color in stock, and after my first fiasco, I definitely don't want a black cr-v!

    I did find the names of the dealerships through the Honda website, and emailed them directly. I've had offers from two that accepted my offer (and I thought I was going low- $23500!), but I won't know about the out the door price until tomorrow. But in any case, it is still $500 less then my original deal, and I got my first choice color. No dvd player, but I can get that on my own.

    I don't mind the drive just once, and service can be performed at a local dealership. I checked the locals and none of them would go below $24700. I can get what I want for over a $1000 less and do it all over the internet/phone! I learned alot from this last ordeal-- I am making sure that the dealership knows exactly what I expect (internet helps because it is all in writing). I just hope reality goes the way I hope and I drive home in the Pewter Pearl CR-V SE I should be driving and be happy this is all over!! :shades:
  • slesle Posts: 2
    Where do you live? I am living in Maryland. :)
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If you just have to have stick, you could work a deal for one of these or find an 05 EX w/manual. Keep in mind that for 05 (from the Edmunds page) there were lots of changes:

    What's New for 2005
    All models get redesigned headlamps and front fascias along with antilock brakes, stability control, side airbags for front passengers, head curtain airbags for front and rear occupants, strengthened B-pillars (for better side-impact crash protection) and minor interior styling refinements. A five-speed automatic transmission replaces last year's four-speed unit. The EX receives new alloy wheels, and all models now wear 16-inch wheels. A Special Edition trim debuts that includes heated leather seats, heated mirrors, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, as well as body-color bumpers, side molding, door handles and hard spare tire cover.

    Side air bags, head curtain airbags, and the b-pillar changes should make the 05s a lot safer in a crash. Stability control is another big plus, but not as huge a bonus as on a RWD car. They would have to go WAY under invoice to get me to take an 04 rather than an 05. You resale value will stink too, since most folks on the market will want an auto.

    FYI, the Hyundai Tucson is available in FWD and AWD with a manual - and ABS, stability control, side bags, etc. Too bad the 2.0l I4 is just 140hp. Gotta love the warranty, though.

  • julesvrjulesvr Posts: 2
    Negotiated the deal on-line with Anderson Honda's (Palo Alto) internet division - great experience-$23,026 this price included the destination fee - tax and state fees were additional. I bought some accessories (fog lights, roof rack. day/night mirror, Lo Jack w/ Early Detection) that they did a price match on as well. The staff was very courteous/professional and let me do a test drive to check for the pulling to the right (PTTR) problem which I am glad to say the vehicle did not have. I signed my paperwork that same day and picked up my car the next day after the accessories were installed. :)

    I only found Anderson Honda because of this awesome forum - after a scandelous switch and bait experience with Jim Doten's Honda in Berkeley, CA which I don't reccomend at all. Their internet department is not professional and will say anything to get you into the store and then change things once you arrive - even if you have been negotiating for a particular VIN # - which is highly illegal.

    Know that not every dealership that says they have a internet department really has one. Use your computer and e amil to negotiate and price match a deal. Refer to forums like this one for referrals and you will walk away happy and financially healthy. Anyhow - BIG thanks to this forum for helping me find my great deal!

    The car buying experience can be a big turn-off when you just walk into a dealership especially for the educated consumer. The outdated sales tactics are so obvious and don't work on most people who have done their homework and can walk, think and add with a calculator. Until dealerships stop these cromagnin - predatory practices - "caviet emptor". Use the internet to research and find your good deal-it is out there.
  • murphy9murphy9 Posts: 2
    I am buying a 05 CRV - Dealer is offering an enviornmental protection package
    for $399. This is a one time Armour sealant from ecpinc (www.ecpinc) and upholstery protectant with 7 year warranty. They say you can pour gas on the hood and set on fire and the paint will be perfect.

    Co-workers say it is a rip off - anyone every hear of it? Worth $399?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,616
    Listen to your co-workers....


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Run fast, run far, but by all means stay away from this crap-o-la. Not worth your money for sure.

  • jgreerjgreer Posts: 31
    From what I've read, you can do without almost EVERYTHING that they try to sell you in the finance office. This is where there is the most markup for the dealer.

    As for fabric protection, go to the hardware store and buy a $5 can of Scotch Guard. It's basically the same product.
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