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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Also- no add-ons. Should I try to get the dealer to throw some stuff in? Other than tinting, don't know what else I need. I'm considering ditching the stereo for an aftermarket navi system.... don't like Honda's, esp since it's 1700 w/o bluetooth or ipod integration.
  • You can do better. Honda just released some dealer cash. Do not agree to the add-on. If you give me an email address, or if there's a way to do a private mssg, I will give you the names of two dealers in SoCal who will do less. Looks like we're hunting for the same car...
  • I'm looking for the same car up in norcal. At an 8.25% tax rate I got quoted ~25900 OTD.

    EX-L w/o Nav FWD

    Which puts my car price around the 23500 range as well.. CivicUpgrade, have you got any lower?
  • I finally worked out a deal for a 2009 CRV EX-L AWD for $25,000 (incl. destination) + Tax + DMV on Long Island, NY.



    I'm going with the "Alabaster Silver Metallic" with Black Leather interior, should be very sweet.

    I will also order all my Genuine Honda accessories online as follows:
    - All-Season Floor Mats (Black) *** A Must Have Item ***
    - Honda Cargo Tray *** A Must Have Item ***
    - Honda Chrome Exhaust Finisher
    - Honda Wheel Locks
    - Pack of 6 oil filters w/locks

    *** Remember Always Use Genuine Honda Parts ***

    Happy New Year!
  • I'm within $100 of that... but they're insisting I take delivery by Sunday. Problem is, I am out of the LA area until next week... might have to risk the price disappearing by then. Don't know why they can't take a non-refundable deposit.
  • npsnownpsnow Posts: 1
    Thanks to all of your posts, I just picked up our new 2009 CRV EX-L AWD without navigation. I will try to be complete so you have full information.
    Pricing includes appearence package, door edge guards, wheel locks, mud flaps, wheel well guards, and pinstripes

    $ 25,264.00 Includes destination and dealer processing charge
    836.00 Va tax (3%), and registration fees
    $ 26,100.00 Out the door

    Thanks to this forum for providing the tools to complete this purchase in record time with a minimum of haggling and no driving around thanks to the internet.
    How far below invoice should I be able to buy a '08 LX CR-V right now, including with dealer cash? What about an '09 CR-V? Thanks.
  • Thanks to everyone's advice, I finally purchased an '08 LX CR-V (Royal Blue) over the past weekend.

    I am in South Florida, but drove to West Florida (300 mile drive) to pick up the vehicle from Love Honda, Homassasa, FL.

    I paid $20,700.00 OTD (including 6% taxes, $200 tag + title etc). My base price (approx) is $19,500.
    I could not be happier with this dealer. Very pleasant. Steve VanAlstyne (internet sales manager) is very professional and treats customers with respect.

    I highly recommend this dealership to anyone in Florida. You will not be disappointed.

    The South Florida dealers, especially Potamkin is one of the most unprofessional dealers. They do not understand the concept of customer service and negotiation. It is a car, the same car that thousands of other dealers around the country it is natural to expect that the customer will negotiate. Wake up, Potamkin Honda, smell the coffee.

  • Thank you, everyone, for all the numbers and ideas.
    Just bought my new CRV EX-L FWD w/ roof rack.

    $26,785 OTD
    (7.75% tax)
    San Diego, CA

    Took advantage of the 1.9% financing.
    I was told by a dealer today that Honda is now offering $500 cash on 2009 CR-Vs and $1000 cash on 2008 CR-Vs.
  • I was told this by a socal dealer, but they said it was only good for the weekend.
  • lukeRTlukeRT Posts: 2
    Purchased 2008 CRV EX today in Bellevue, NE
    MSRP: $24820
    Invoice: $23142
    Internet Price: $22158
    OTD (- TTL): $22000
    Very, very, very satisfied with the transaction. :shades:
  • i read honda sales were down 35% in December. Does anyone know of any new incentives being offered in January? I want to by a 2009 CRV-EXL FWD w/Navigation. I recently learned that American Express has a buying service which quoted me $750 under invoice.
  • Just made the deal at Sport Honda in Maryland. After all was said and done, I paid $13,200 for it including everything (tax... i paid NY tax 8.25%, TTL, destination charge, processing fees) Got them to throw in a roof rack, splash guards, wheel locks, floor mats, and cargo net. This is of course after I traded in my '06 Civic with 38k. On the paper, it says that I paid $22,000 for the vehicle including destination. Just as a tip... I found when I went in there with the bottom line number I wanted to pay/finance... it kinda threw them for a loop but ended up being the best thing you can do rather then negotiate each price for the new car and for the trade-in.
  • Chuckster--

    Did you buy at this price? I couldn't make it back to CA this weekend- now dealer says the price might be $24K. Just curious what happened in your case...
  • hi, pls i wanna buy from the dealer that sold you the CRV 09 2wd lx for 20400OTD. can i hav the address and website? how close is it to baltimore? you really cleared my error of judgement. my e mail is pls reply
  • Yes I did, I got out the door for 25800. The salesman told me me the same thing about the $1000 cashback for 2008 and $500 cashback for 2009 -- he said its supposed to end yesterday but also mentioned that it might get extended.
  • Is 21,900 a good price on this?
  • Was this with or w/o leather seats? Also where are you? I'm in Oklahoma. I got quoted $21,900 today on a 2009 Honda CRV EX 2WD/Cloth Seats. I don't know if that includes destination charges?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I would try to negotiate it down to $21,500 (dest chg incl) for EX FWD fabric seats
  • hi nairbsod, pls send the dealer's name in MD you bought from. i want buy for a friend in baltimore. my e
  • This is my first foray into negotiating a price for an 09 CR-V EX-L w/Navigation (2WD).

    My local dealer is offering 26,337.00 (factory invoice) + TT&L. Is this a good deal, or how much lower do you think that I can get?

    Thank you.
  • I think it's best you scroll back the last 3-4 pages, to view what offers people have received from various dealers.

    I would say people have received offers from 300 - 1,200 below invoice, with the best offers being received in Illinois and Massachusetts.
  • You can probably do better. Right now, with dealer cash being offered by Honda ($500), you can get the same car withOUT navi for between $23,400 and $24,000 (in California). Navi adds about $1700. So it seems logical you should be able to get that car with navi for around $25,700 or lower.

    Of course, costs vary from state to state.

    A really good site that I got advice from was The guy who owns it will even get on the phone with you if you have follow-up questions (if you buy his $85 package).

    But you might not need to pay since I just gave you most of the pricing info!

    Good luck... I'm hoping to finally buy my CR-V this weekend.

    I'm actually gonna buy my own navi system and install it later... saves a lot of money over Honda's system, which I wasn't fond of. Hoping it turns out OK...
  • gy66gy66 Posts: 10
    this price should include destination fee at least.
  • Hi, I am in the market for a CRV ...and I just got an email from a dealer about their latest incentive...

    Hersons Honda
    15525 Frederick Road
    Rockville MD 2088

    Honda just released the following incentives
    good 01/06/09 - 02/02/09.

    2009 Civic $500 incentive

    2009 Accord 4cyl $750 incentive

    2009 Accord V6 $1,000 incentive

    2009 Odyssey $1,250 incentive

    2009 CR-V $500 incentive

    2009 Pilot $1,500 incentive

    2009 Ridgeline $2,500 incentive

    2009 Element $1,000 incentive

    2008 Accord V6 $1,500 incentive

    2008 CR-V $1,000 incentive

    2008 Element $1,500 incentive


    Since 08 got more incentive then 09, I may consider a 08 crv ...

    Good luck to you all
  • Looking at the deals people made on this forum, seems the financing incentive is more valuable then a cash back incentive, since 1.9% & 3.9% are no longer offered by Honda.

    I picked up my CRV on Tuesday, that I purchased over the weekend and people were just walking out of the dealership, since there is no special financing available on any Honda models as of now.
  • Hi, Civicupgrade:

    Can you share with us your experience with DIY on installing navigation system? where to get that system and how complicated is it to install it?

    Thanks in advance
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    There are many DVD, Nav system integrated with aftermarket head stereo units. Best place to start is if you buy from them DIY install instructions will ship with shipment and also offer after sale expert phone support and a search feature to find the nearest expert audio installers if you need one.

    As for Tomtom and Garmin, they are just plug-n-play NAV, easy as 1-2-3.
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