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Nissan Armada



  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    "nothing will change in 2005 other than the name"

    You mean the resonance will still be there too?

    Just kidding.

    Do you have some advanced notice about these things? Most manufacturers change something even if it's cosmetic such as, tail lights, front grill, trim, etc. Something to distinguish the 05 from the 04. I'm holding off for the 05 in hopes that Nissan will just add retractable rearview mirrors. Is that too much to ask for?
  • I live in Texas and I was considering lemon law. So are you saying that there is nothing I can do? Am I stuck with this "Lemon"?
    I have been having the resonance issue since day one. I have been in contact with Nissan's consumer affairs department since the week after I bought it. I have done what they asked and gone in for their Guinea pig repairs. I am convinced that they don't know how to fix the problems.

    I don't know if you have experienced the resonance problem or not but in my vehicle it is very bad, and it does not make a sound or noise at all it is a lot of pressure that you feel! in your head and ears that causes your ears to pop like when in a airplane. It's enough to drive you nuts. I have had people say that it gives them a headache. Sometimes I have ringing in my ears after driving for a while on a day when its really bad. So that causes me to wonder if it could have some sort of long term affects in my ears or more importantly on my three children.

    Now that sounds like it would "substantially impair" the use and the "safety" of it to me, and as far as the value I have heard that once the word really gets out about all the problems that they are having they are not going to hold their value very well.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059 REALLY want to get the SUVs off the road dont you?

    LoL! Just trying to be helpful!

    tidester, host
  • Just a thought, but aren't all Nissan SUVs going to be based on this platform? Maybe someone with more knowledge and intel than me could speculate on the Path and Xterra.

    (Someone wanting to buy an Armada or 05 Path)
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    I've around Edmunds for 3 years and I wasn't trying to advertise - in fact, I don't deal with consumers directly, except to help answer questions here on Edmunds and when I meet a consumer at trial or arbitration. I evaluate vehicles as they compare to others in the market. I only contact consumers through my job, for official purposes. I would gain nothing through any form of solicitation - my business doesn't work like that.

    Lizzie - I'm not saying you have to live with anything - I've seen stranger things happen than a vehicle getting lemon-lawed for a vibration or noise - I'm just saying there's no legal basis for it. The manufacturer can do what they want, but usually won't step up until they're sued.

    There are laws in place in every state that allow consumers to contact the manufacturer and report their recurring problems and get relief under the law- it happens VERY rarely, actually, and usually when a lawyer is involved.

    Ironically, it was the unions representing the manufacturers that wrote the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act, which is the basis for most state lemon laws - this act allows that the manufacturer of ANY product with a warranty (not just cars, we're talking toasters and TVs here) to give the consumer relief - unfortunately, although those laws are in place, it takes an act of Congress to get a manufacturer to do something about your problem.

    Most people tend to scream, holler, freak out, make threats, etc, and by the time someone with authroity looks at your complaint letter, they assume you're off your rocker.

    Stay calm, even though you're annoyed, don't mess with trying to get this resolved at the service advisor/service manager level, and document everything. Your best contact is the regional warranty rep - they're the first person in the chain with true authority -

    Remember also, the dealer DID NOT make the vehicle and DOES NOT warranty the vehicle - they are simply a sales and service point for you. trying to get the dealership to buy your vehicle or the service manager to handle things for you is NOT reasonable.
  • I was thinking the same thing, will the new Pathfinder be built on the same line/factory as the Armada?
     I'm in the market for a new one and am thinking an 04 may be a better choice, made in Japan and not a first year vehicle and right now probably can get a great deal on a new 04.
    I have a 97PF with 104k previous to that a 92PF and an 87PF all have been very reliable vehicles.
    I guess for a first year/ brand new vehicle you expect to to have some problems/growing pains although my 87PF was a first yearer and had very few problems with it.
  • liveeasyliveeasy Posts: 1
    I am not able to get much of a heated air flow to the back seat in my LE unless the front vent is set on the upper position. The bi level or floor position setting for the front vents does not produce much of an air flow to the back seat. The dealer is telling me " thats the way it is, they all work like that". Is this really the case? According to the owners manual, I should be getting air flow in all vent positions to the back seat. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • messmess Posts: 26
    The owners manual does state that the foot outlet air flow will not be normal when the engine coolant and outside air temps are cold, for a maximum of 150 seconds. Page 4-23. Maybe the sensor to let it go back to normal flow is bad. Cehcek other Armadas on the lot or check at another dealership. Mine seems fine.....wife and kids thought it was too hot on a recent trip. Good luck.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    No, 05 Pathfinder would be built in the award winning Smyrna, Tenn, not Canton, Missi. The latter is a brand new factory, newly trained workers. I suspect some of the noises and rattling are due to poor workmanship from new workers. No offense, but it is usual.

    Smyrna plant on the other hand, has good reputation, and more seasoned workers. I hope 05 Pathfinder would be rid of such noise/rattling problem.

    Resonance problem, on the other hand, is a design problem.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    sorry, i was mistaken. yes he is.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    Wasn't he barred by the hosts? He must have atoned successfully for whatever he did to get barred in the first place then.

    I may not agree with his manner all the time, but he does have useful information on ocassion.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    stick to the topic! :-)

    tidester, host
  • Does anyone else's middle seat's (in the middle row) cup holder tray fall down whenever the middle driverside seat is adjusted/folded up? It is driving me crazy. Nissan supposably fixed it and then said that it is how all of the Armada's are. I find that hard to believe. The tray is so loose!!

    Also, anyone know if installing an aftermarket (MOTION SENSING!!!) alarm can go against the warranty or anything? Having an alarm system that only goes off when someone opens a door doesn't help when you go to school with a bunch of vandals who don't have a problem beatind the crap out of someone else's vehicle.
  • big0147big0147 Posts: 15
    Not a bad idea lol. I did get in trouble for driving in the bus transit lane in Waikiki lol. Hey does anyone know what aftermarket dvd would fit in the overhead of the Armada
  • messmess Posts: 26
    No problemos with mine. It's almost too tight, the little ones can not bring it down by themselves...requires a parent....something must be wrong with yours. Good luck.
  • Big,
    Myron&Davis makes a monitor housing but for the price I would suggest finding a monitor and going to a custom install shop to modify your existing housing. I did that and they only charged $125....after seeing it done I could of done it but the 2-hours they worked on it would of been 4-hours for me probably(plus the anxiety of cutting the plastic)so the $125 was worth it. I've seen a all-in-one unit that mounts on top of the overhead console and is suppose to be built specifically for the Armada....(I thought it looked like a universal one though..not a clean look). I put in a 7" monitor but I bet it would fit something bigger like a 10.4".
  • 81trekker81trekker Posts: 51
    After months of study, reviewing these formums and others, and three test drives, finally bought it today. We wanted the cloth interior due to our dog, so we were limited in the extras we could get. Just got the Bose system and tow package. Posted pricing details on other forum but basically got it for invoice.

    I can't detect any problems at this point as it has only 30 or 40 miles. Not sure if it has any resonance or not. I could not detect any today. I did detect it in another one during a test drive.
    I would not usually pay for the extended warranty, but given it's the first year for this model, thought it was a good insurance policy.

    We plan to use it primarily for traveling and possibly to pull a trailer if we get one next year.

    81 Trekker
  • rosie726rosie726 Posts: 40
    had rotor problem at 3700 miles, Nissan "fixed" it. Now we have 6000 miles and the rotors need "fixing" again! This is not good and would appear to be a major problem.
  • big0147big0147 Posts: 15
    What kind did you buy and did you buy the monitor and the dvd player? Where did they install the dvd player if so? I have been asking around and one place quoted me $600 dollars, thats with buying the dvd and screen from their shop. Ok folks no problems yet I did hear a little feedback thats what it sounds like to me when I initially started it up one morning on my way to the base, but not enough to be alarmed about. One more question Im looking at installing and aftermarket intake or exhuast or both to improve gas mileage and to bring cooler air to the ac any suggestins anyone?
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    I have driven the Aramada close to 10K miles. The brakes sometims tends to vibrate if they are too hot or when they accumalate brake dust. Once I clean the rotors let say after a wash the vibration when stopping goes away.

    The brake dust that accumalates on the rims is a little annoying. When I had the Acura MDX it wasn't that bad, in fact, it performed well with minimal dust. Sounds like Nissan needs to beef up their rotors and maybe use a semi-metallic brake pad similar to the MDX to minmize dust.

    I'll keep an eye on the brake rotors. So far I'm happy with my Armada.
  • adjmcloonadjmcloon Posts: 70
    Anyone notice an increase in Armada ads over the weekend? I was only in front of the tube for a couple of hours total, but I must have seen 4 or 5 Armada commercials. I'm curious if they've ramped back up the advertising because the resonance TSB came out and they figure it's fixed?
  • ksloan77ksloan77 Posts: 28
    not sure what amanda is tell you there....but the nissan regional director for the midwest called me at home last night and he said the following:

    the parts for the roof fix have already been disigned, approved, and are now in production...and will be available to the dealers/public in about 4 weeks.

    as to the lemon law --- every state is different, but just in minor ways. the point being, that if you have a vehicle that has a problem (i.e. the roof problem on the armada) then the manufacturer/dealer has the right to fix it. if it can't be fixed (the amount of tries they get vary from state to state), then you can persue the lemon law.

    to all those people out there researching or considering buying an armada, please re-consider. you don't want to be in the mess i am in now (as many others are as well.) they brought this vehicle to market without de-bugging it folks. we are all beta-testing this vehicle and most of us paid top dollar for the right to be frustrated, upset and without the use of a vehicle in my situation.
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    I want to pull the trigger and buy the Armada, but looks like there are to many problems. Hopefully they will all be fixed for the 05 model year. This is too bad for Nissan, looked like they were getting their act together, style wise, but now they have reliablity problems.
  • popinjaypopinjay Posts: 50
    Anybody else have this light go on for no apparent reason? I've had it twice now..and both times on trips to the mountains in Arizona. As soon as I hit the road for Phoenix, it goes out. Wondering if it's due to the altitude, temperature, or possibly both.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    "The noise, vibration, and harshness shortfalls are unfortunate, because the Armada offers a lot of value for the dollar. Our SE-trim 4x4 came standard with such items as 18-inch alloy wheels, rear-proximity sensors (the only SUV in this group to make them standard), dynamic stability control, tire-pressure monitoring, three-row seating, an overhead console for all three rows, adjustable pedals, front-seat side-impact airbags, full-length head-curtain airbags, gated shifter, runningboards, six-disc in-dash CD player, and lots more. Yet it costs thousands of dollars less than many of its comparably equipped competitors. And it's the only full-size SUV available with a choice of XM or Sirius Satellite Radio."
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    "if it can't be fixed (the amount of tries they get vary from state to state), then you can persue the lemon law"

    You're mostly right, if the condition is a significant impairment of use, safety, or value -although this vibration may be very annoying, it does nto affect the use, safety, or value - a vibration or noise is not significant in the automotive legal world.
  • I will have to respectfully disagree with you there. Having pressure buildups in the cabin cause some people headaches (half of my family) that can and will distract from safe driving techniques. Also, how many people will want to buy a used Armada with a vibrating headache-prone roof? I would have to say that the roof also detracts from resales/value. Above all else, this is my major issue.

    Those of us who payed cash have no backdoors or loopholes to get out of. While I might not be paying monthly, I have a vehicle that's investment value might be less than that of a Tahoe - and you can get a one-year-old Tahoe for half the price (not bashing, I love tahoes, but their resale value can be a bit lacking due to the amount of them on the road).

    As of use, I could bring up the rattling DVD players or any aftermarket roof-type customizations. This is a serous problem that should not have left the Nissan factories. Coming from my mother's 1990 240SX that does not have a single problem, I am a bit skeptical...

    I love my baby and I hope that my issues are just flukes that won't come up again, but if she continues on the path she is currently treading, I wouldn't be surprised to see her wheels fall off in a few more years... :/
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