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Nissan Armada



  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    they did on mine 2 times already but I guess it depends on your dealer and service advisor.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    nissan's warranty doesnt include trip interruption reimbursement, but you can lobby with them. sometimes they will, sometimes they wont.
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    yeah but still, they gave me a rental ( kia ) on the very first time I brought it in and at about 12:30pm they called and told me they have to order the part so I returned the rental car after only 4hrs. brought back my armada ( for rattles on the doors ) as soon as the parts came in and gave me a rental car again ( a brand new hyundai sonata )to drive while it took them only 4hrs.
  • Well it's been 11,500 miles and I just had the brakes replaced and while I was there I told them about the roof TSB and I wanted it repaired as well..... They (nissan) order the parts and I will post if I notice any difference. For those of you who think they may have this problem but it's not that noticeable DO NOT OPEN your back windows it only makes worse. I didn't have a "real" roof issue but I drove home one day to show the wife what the roof noise sounded like, so i rolled down only my rear windows for about 5 miles before she couldn't take the sound anymore, but since then the noise has gotten progressively louder in the cabin. So keep them up until you are ready to have this fixed.
  • We purchased ours on May 1st. It was built in March and is the basic SE. I did add the remaining skid plates and fog lights as I go off-road.

    In the past two months, we have been to New York's Adirondacks and New England. Logged about 2600 miles on that trip. Just returned from trip to NC and WV mountains. Similar mileage and no problems, other than a lot of brake dust on front wheels. Will have brakes checked out next week at oil change.

    I posted in May or June about my experience of taking it off-road in the GW National Forest on a road intended for ATVs, but wide enough for the "beast". It did fine and think I'm a good judge as I'm owned mostly 4Runner previously and have driven off road for 25 years.

    Also, find it to be very comfortable for cruising on the Interstates. We're happy with our "beast".

    81 Trekker
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    I too went from a 4Runner to my Mada and was surprised at the agility and 4WD capability of these beasts. I have to say though that my Runner had far less problems than my Armada.
  • vikramvikram Posts: 1
    I bought the ARMADA October '03 (Sold my ML320) hoping to get a better and bigger vehicle. Besides engine power, this vehicle is pure junk (or worse - useless junk). Everything inside falling apart. Bought the LE without DVD and the DVD panel came apart in 6 months (never even touched it). Even worse is the Nissan service, absolutely useless and irresponsible people at 3 of their dealerships (in DFW area)....took them a month to order parts for the panel and sunroof....the sunroof they put in is a secondhand is just a disgusting experience......while I should not compare Nissan service to Mercedes or BMW .... the customer service at Nissan is totally sub-standard ...... I will never ever buy a Nissan again ......
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    dont hold back...tell us what you REALLY think.
  • Well we have an appointment for October 19th to bring our Armada back for the 3rd time for the brakes. 1st time,machined rotors, 2nd time, replaced rotors and pads per TSB. Don't know what they can do different as we already have the "new upgraded" rotors but will let you know when it's done. Just for the record we now have 14000 miles and while we have other minor complaints, this is the big one!!
  • sub9904sub9904 Posts: 72
    Bowke28 just out of curiousity does the dealership you work at seen many brake problems?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    there have been a couple that i know of, none of them from my customers (about 14).

    as far as repeated problems, i cant speak to that because i dont know.
  • Bought my Armada in March and it has been problem free up until now. It is going in for the first time to get the brakes fixed. I love this vehicle, but the brakes are definitely a weak spot!

  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Does anyone know when the 05's will start rolling in?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    end of oct to mid-nov.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
  • It appears that some owners are providing positive feedback to J.D. Power --- at least in the first 90 days. The Armada topped the Full Size SUV list in owner satisfaction. Go to this link to see the results:
  • wlewwlew Posts: 1
    Well I am about to purchase the Nissan Armada and from reading about all the problem I am thinking twice about buying. I really want to purchase the vehicle but i am kind of scared because of the problems. Can anybody help me I am confused and don't really want anything else I have my heart set on that particular vehicle.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    look at the link in post #3240.

    the problems, while legitimate, are very small in number compared to the non-problematic vehicles.
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    wait for the 2006 model if I were u.
  • MAKE SURE YOU TAKE IT FOR A LONG TEST DRIVE. We were also "about" to purchase the Armada. After two test drives (different dealers) we found the vibrations unbearable and even painful. Even though we loved everything about the car, we could not fathom 5 hour car trips with that resonating on our eardrums.

    Bought a Sequoia instead and we are very pleased so far. I would definitely consider the Armada in a few years, just not now.
  • rshershe Posts: 236

    I believe that survey is based on initial appeal, layout and design... Of which I have to agree the Armada wins hands down...

    In overall quality and mechanical problems it did not fare as well...You can look up the vehicle on the JD Power site and it will give the overall results.
  • There are some down side to this truck, but I think there are more positives. If I had listen to all the stuff I read on this site and others, I wouldn't have bought this truck. Use this as a guide when you test drive this truck, go in with the knowledge that there may be some repairs to the brakes and roof and make the decision if you live with these faults. Some complaints are individual preferences (ie knob are weird) and not facts and some don't even own this truck. Get out there and make up your own mind. If I had to do it all over again I would still buy this truck in a heartbeat; (red) rather than "Deep Water Blue" ;) My last bit of advice is to make sure your Nissan dealer is hard-core about customer service; ask some of the people in the waiting areas if they have been treated right and if they were giving a hard time on repairs. The fixes are out there don't let anyone scare you out of good opportunity.
  • See my previous post #3229 about our recent trips in the Armada and off-road experience. No problems what so ever, other than lots of brake dust on the front wheels. Now has 11K so had them check the brakes again and they were ok. Heading out to WV and TN mountains this coming week.

    If you are considering a large SUV, certainly give it a try. The later builds have largely taken care of some of the earlier problems, including the vibrating roof.

    But, in addition to test drives, do your homework
    before you make a decision. I spent months on research before I went for it.

    81 Trekker
  • davemandaveman Posts: 19
    Any one else had any controller problems? My service engine light has gone on intermittently for a number of weeks. Last week the vehicle would not start initially a couple of times, so I took it in. The dealer has been very responsive, but has been working on it for about 10 days now. They replaced the controller, reprogrammed it, replaced it again, changed some sensor somewhere, etc, but the light wouldn't go away. Now the Service Engine light is off, but the VDC Off light is on. They think they can fix that on Monday.

    I hope my controller issues are just a fluke. I have 7600 miles and no other issues. Anyone else had similar experiences?

    (Fortunately they provided me with a rental Murano - the Murano is also great vehicle)
  • Anybody heard if Nissan is doing anything about the hard/shiny/slippery/stinky/crappy leather in the Armada for '05? Or captains seats with cloth?

    The Armada leather looks/feels/smells like the cheapo leather in my wife's old Jeep Cherokee...the one that had such a smell it made her puke when she drove it when she was pregnant with our eldest son. Such luxury.

    I drove an LE the other day and the front seat was already showing lines that will be sure to be cracks in a couple of years, and the leather was nowhere near as comfortable as the cloth in our '04 Quest (which we absolutely love).

    I need the captains chairs because I have four kids and the middle row will be occupied by car seats (no flip 'n fold). The kids need to be able to access the rear from between second row captains chairs.

    Any good news for '05? Or is Nissan going to have to continue to throw cash at people to buy what should be the top model in its class (that $2K rebate just about pays for the crappy leather)?

  • bscottbscott Posts: 7
    Go to corp. you will find what you are looking for under the 2005 Nissan lineup - Charting the changes ( Sept. 1, 04 ).
     Hope this will answer where questions.
  • bscottbscott Posts: 7
    Go to Vehicles/armada and it will take you from there. And yes nissan did revise the sand interior color.
  • Becareful driving that Armada. Mine had done the same thing, then all the dash lights were on and the engine would just quit at any speed it felt like. The brakes would also fade. The dash cluster began to stop working twice. The dealer replace it both times. Also the 4x4 system low engages on it own. The dealer has had the suv for 41 days total. I filed with arbitration to get my money back. Nissan as a company really sucks,not to mention they lie like a son of a gun. My story is short but my experience has been LONG and miserable. Be careful driving the thing. I will never buy another Nissan product. When this is over I'm getting a Sequoia.
  • davemandaveman Posts: 19
    Thanks for the insight. I will let you know if my dealer is able to get mine corrected. Good luck.

  • Anybody see any 05's out there yet? I've heard that they are supposed to be out there between now and the beginning of November.

    Anybody care to guess what the dealerships will be asking? I can't imagine that they will be wanting MSRP's like they did when the 04's came out at the end of 2003.
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