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Dodge Magnum



  • Can't comment on all of your concerns, but when parking on an incline:
    * First set the emergency brake
    * Put the trans. into N.
    * Take your foot off of the brake and let the car move so that the emerg. brake is
    holding the car.
    * Put the trans. into P.

    This or a variation will prevent the transmission from 'hanging' on the parking pawl and causing the clunk you hear when you move from P to D
  • Well I'm back to report my 2005 smoking magnum is gone. I got a 2006 replacement. Sworn to secrecy on the details. It went real good and I am very happy with the new one. No smoking.

    i do have a small problem with the dash dimmer, it doesn't dim. Thats not so bad, it can be fixed. The problem is the Dealer. Thomas Sales and Service of Bend Oregon has refused to sevice it. A little history: On my 2005, they screwed me around on the oil smoking, rebuilt the wrong part of the engine, put chemicals in the oil to make seals swell. I never wanted to go back...but they are the only dealer in Central Oregon. So I went there with the idea I'd watch them every second so they can't sabotage my new 06. They refused to let me watch or be in the back seat. I know they have insurance reg's to follow but this is a special case. So now I have no dealer within 200 miles to go to. It will take a day or more off work to go to anohter dealer, like the one I got the 06 from (they are good,200 mi) but will Dodge pay for lost wages to go this far?? TS&S is not a 5 star dealer. I have heard many bad stories about them. I would think Dodge might yank thier right to be a dealer and find someone else to run it. So for now, I put a towel over the gauges at night.
  • i purchsed my 06 rt from cerritos dodge in cerritos ca and i have to admit that they are first class in service ....they address any issue no matter how small.......i would reccomend cerritos dodge with out
  • redsxtredsxt Posts: 2
    I have over 7,000 miles on mine and other than replacing a totaled windshield it has been fine.
  • After reading the many messages regarding the OEM Continental tires, I began a search for replacements. I even e-mailed several manufacturers including Michelin who advised they did not make a replacement and advised me to look to Continental. Today I found that Goodyear manufactures the P225/60R18 99H in their Assurance ConforTred line. They have an 80,000 mile Tread Life Limited Warranty with a MSRP of $185.95. I don't know if they are stocked nationwide, but the Goodyear Store at 9927 Atlantic Blvd in Jacksonville, FL has them available. The service manager, Bill Evans, invites you to contact your Goodyear dealer if you want replacements for your RT. If you do happen to contact Bill, please mention my name, Dave Dunlap, maybe he'll give me a "good deal" when my Continentals bite the dust. Hope this might be of help to those of you looking for Continental replacements. :)
  • after reading post of Dave Dunlop wanted to know if similar tire available in Canada. Contacted Fountain Tire chain in Calgary and was informed that these tires are available for order.Dealer also says that all reports that he has received, both from customers and his techs on the ConforTread line have been excellent. Asked about using these tires on rear wheel drive Magnum RT on light snow and ice. Informed me that there should be good performance providing that the driver is used to driving a RW drive car , does not overpower the vehicle and drives according to road conditions. They have installed these tires on two 300C's
  • Has anyone else experienced any electrical/electronic related problems with the '05? Specifically, while driving with the lights turned on, the headlights will go out, and then come back on. Only the headlights go off. All the other running lights and instrument cluster lights remain lighted. It usually occurs during the first 5-10 minutes of driving (but not always). The lights may go off and on several times during this period. The headlights will remain off anywhere from 2 to 15 or more seconds before coming back on. I've had it back to the dealership 3 times now. Of course , as with most intermittent problems, they are never able to duplicate the condition. The dealership's service department have been very cooperative in attempting to fix it. The engineers a DC have not offered any explanation (or possible fix). The dealer has reluctantly started "throwing parts" at this problem in an effort to correct it. They changed one of the electronics control modules on the last go-round but it is still doing it. Any suggestions?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A reporter with a major daily newspaper is looking for parents who bought a car and then realized their kids can’t see out the back. The reporter is wondering what the parents are dealing with now and would like to talk to people in this situation by the end of the day Tues., Nov. 8, 2005. Please respond to [email protected] with your daytime contact information.


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  • Are you frustrated, I have all the same problems you describe including very hard shift in the transmission @ 20mph,and 40 mph rear end bangs hard.dealership will flush
    transmission.also tranny was flashed twice previously.still
    bangs into gear.

    1.Pulls to the right;
    dealership replace steering assembly. still pulls

    2.loose noise front end over bumps;
    dealership replace front struts. still loose

    3.Rough idle;dealer flashed engine twice.idle periodically stated ,need to replace rear tires only out of round.
    5.Audio 4 speaker system turn up volume loose bass and system seems to shut decrease overall volume.
    basicly vehicle in and the dealer 10 visit-2 dealers,by the way there's more I have stack of invoices on file.

    Magnum29 05 SE Magnum
  • Did they pull the screw and pump it back to pressure or just give up and sell new tires?

    I had the same experience last year - Dodge tech started to try a patch - a more knowledgeable said no - pull it and pump. I'm now replacing at 30,000 miles - the screw was at 15,000 miles.

    I'm not happy with 30,000 but sounds like I'm in better shape than most. I'm going with Goodyear Assurance.
    05 Magnum RT rwd
  • I've just found this thread and have to report that I am happy with my '05 RT and experience none of the problems that have been reported.

    I only have 3000 mi on it so tire wear is not apparent. The pull to the right: well, yes and no.

    As has been noted, some roads seem worse than others what with ruts and all. When I'm in the "tire grooves", it does seem to want to drift right. But then I will put the left tires on the "crown", the right tires in the middle of the right driving lane and the car tracks straight ahead.

    I did manage to find a "level" stretch of road (amazing how little level stretches there are) and the car tracked straight.

    I have no issues with this car.
  • Has any one had a bad smell when you turn on the A/C. It smells for about the first 5 or 10 mins that it is on.
    It smell like the worst BO any one could have.
    thanks romannumal :confuse:
  • My V6 Magnum is now in the shop for the 3rd time. This time, they told me to disconnect my alarm with the automatic start because it COULD be causing the problem. For a couple of months now, the car would be driving just fine and then all of a sudden it would shudder like you call it, my engine light would come on and my throttle would have no response. I would then have to turn it off. Only after attempting to start the car would it would then jump to life but leaving the engine light on. The light will stay for a few days. The car would drive just fine. Sometimes the light would go out. Well the first time it was in the shop, they said they reprogrammed the computer. It worked for a couple of weeks. The second time it was in, they said they replaced a crank sensing unit or something like that. Now they're replacing the power control module. Does this sound like a common problem with these cars?
  • Well, I have an 06 now after a defunct 05 and it has toyo 20" tires and i have no pull. I think its fixed in 06. Runs great to.
  • Best source for tire research (and, they hope, for purchase) is
    You can plug in any parameter/application you want to find all the choices. Also has tests and reviews.
  • Just registered here but I saw an older series of posts re where can a Magnum be rented. FWIW I rented from Dollar the next best thing on 11/4/05, while in Las Vegas for SEMA: an '06 black 300C with 1,226 miles on it, nav, sat radio, rear seat DVD player, etc. One sweet ride. Here are links to three pix in case anyone'd like to see evidence. You might have to paste the URLs if they don't light up when you click on them. I had some problem on preview with the first one.
  • I just bought a 2005 2.7 V6 Magnum SE in September. I have brought it back to the dealership twice already concerning alignment issues. I have already read up on how to fix them and will be faxing some info I found in this forum to the dealership. I also brought the car in because of transmission problems. This seems to be a common occurance with the '05 SE. Anyway, they replaced a gasket and flushed the transmission. I got the car back and it drives a little better but the car still clunks when I go from Drive to Reverse to Park. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Also the car has 9k on it and I was wondering if I should demand a whole new transmission? I was also thinking about throwing around the :lemon: word. Any insight would be appreciated, I really love this car and want to keep it!
  • I bought my 05 Magnum SE 2 months ago. since then i have added a K&N cold air intake, Magnaflow exhaust and am looking to add the Jet Stage 2 performance chip. it reccomends i add a 180 degree thermostat before. the guys at the dealer parts dept. just looked completely baffled when i asked for 1. i cant find 1 at any regular auto parts store either. anyone know where 1 can be obtained?
  • Any one here has electric problems with there magnum RT? My car if I don't drive it in 3 days it kills the battery. So the dealer blamed it on an after market DVD player that I had installed. So I had it disconnected. same problem and the dealer is still saying because it was installed in the beginning its still causing problems with the car. But they want to sell me there DVD player for $1400. I realize that the dealer is in business to make money off you no matter with they just want to sell you something.
  • Okay!
    Where on God's green earth is the friggin oil filter?!?!? I've taken the bottom rear panel off and I can't find the damn thing! Do I need to take off the bottom forward panel off too?? Would it be easier to drive the RT onto ramps when changing oil (provided I can find the elusive little bugger)? One other question-what is the consensus on high performance air filters like K-N? Are they worth the money or is it all just so much hype? :confuse:
  • I change my own oil, but I can't remember where the filter is. Is is not hard to get to or I would remember. The only shield you need to take off to change the oil is the big, main one.

    As for the K&N filter, I run them in all my vehicles. Some report better performance, some better gas mileage. I haven't experienced anything noticable. However, I buy them for the longevity. You only buy one and clean and reoil it as needed. Saves money in the long run.
  • I am a happy owner of an 05 Hemi Magnum. My wife drives it to work every day and I get to play with it on weekends.

    We just turned 30,000 miles and replace the tires at 26,000 with the tread indicators nearly flush. I am not going to whine about the poor tread wear. Let's be real here folks, we got the HEMI and we use it. With the ESP on it corners like a snake and we take it out on drives nearly every weekend and try different roads every time.

    Great fun but if you do like I do, you will be lucky to get to 25,000 before laying out the 600+ for new Continentals. I have run flats on my Vette and they are a darned site more expensive and don't wear any better.

    So if you got a HEMI, have fun and be careful. This car can get you in trouble!

    When we first got it, it pulled to the right like some of the other entries I noted here at the site. My dealer flagged a warranty fix to the front suspension alignment components and installed the fix. It has bee straight as a die ever since. We rotate every 6,000 and no alignment problems as yet. Great car from my standpoint! Won't haul those 8 foot 2x4's like the commercial says easily, but it can be done. My wife loves it!!!

    No other problems in 30,000 so it's a keeper for me..
  • I have been dealing with the service department of my dealership regarding the quality and fit of the carpet on the front passenger side of my Magnum RT. After 1500 miles, I noticed the carpet fibers had completely worn away and the transmission housing was visible from the front passenger seat under the center console. The dealership advised this was the second instance they had encountered with the fit problem, and advised they would replace the carpet, but were not optimistic that the new one would solve the problem, since, in their opinion, the carpet was too small. They were right - after installing new carpet, transmission housing was still visible. We checked new Magnums still on the lot, and found the problem in all of them. Seems that DaimlerChrysler needs to make a bigger piece of carpet, or make a center console that is longer from top to bottom to fix the problem. The Dealership has been super, but the manufacturer needs to address the issue. It is currently at the District level. I doubt I'll see any solution in my lifetime. Applause to the Dealership; boos and hisses to DaimlerChrysler. :) :(
  • Try Jegs or summit racing. both have web sites
  • guess most are used to bolt on slotuion,will be to leave the factory enginered resonators and do a little inprovisation on other parts of the system.these would not be any different than a dealer installed $600-1000 installation for the same horsepower.i wanted that srt-v,5.7 cant compete,but close if upgrades are made intelligently,,chip,filter,exhaust,reartires.betterstiffer rear shocks,frt will launch like 90/10's now-only need forward after frt raise's.maybe and if one might want,a dab of nitrious through the manifold might bring it up to srt spec.and for a bunch folks when is chyrsler,gonnna put one of these bad [non-permissible content removed] magnums on the nhra circuit?picture the graphics that can be put on this plastic body..and who's gonna be the kool [non-permissible content removed] funny car/
  • I agree...what is so hard about putting length and depth in inches in the specs. I have a harp to transport and cu-ft doesn't matter as much as how long and wide the flat area is.
  • I wish I could add a cd changer to my one cd radio. Do you have any suggestions? The new 6 disk is over 500 dollars. Thanks for your time.
  • Look on eBay or in other Magnum Forums with For Sale sections. Many are replacing them with navigation systems or aftermarket radios. The can be had for cheap and they are simple to install with no additional parts needed. Just plug it in.
  • I have a 06' AWD R/T Magnum and when I turn on my wipers the digital part of the dashboard disappears, along with the navigation system or whatever else is on the screen. :confuse:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A reporter from a national newspaper would like to speak to consumers who have purchased a high-end or high-performance wagon, such as the Audi A4 Avant, Mercedes-Benz E55, Dodge Magnum RT or the Volvo V70R, as examples . If you would to speak with the media, please respond to [email protected] with your daytime contact info. and city/state of residence no later than January 6, 2006.


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