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Nissan Titan



  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    The over half it's first 3 months in the shop. I'll never buy another Chevy. Rail dust in the paint, bad rotors, bad rear window seal, and bad throttle body. Happily took a $6500 loss on it 8 months later for a 1994 Lexus.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I'd buy another Chevy, have owned 5 (1990 Suburban, 1994 K2500 454, 1994 K3500 6.5L TD, 1994 S-10 Blazer, and 1996 K2500 6.5L TD), the 2 diesels were horrible, the Suburban was tired, the Blazer had been in a bad wreck, and the 454 was one of the greatest trucks I ever owned. I foolishly sold the 454, still kicking myself over that and the Suburban.


    Although if this new Titan continues to be good it will probably stick around, I enjoy driving it, enjoyed the other one too it just enjoyed the shop more.
  • slaineslaine Posts: 2
    when you say 7000 lb what exactly do you mean? GVWR, or what you think you were towing? I ask as I have a 26ft TT (7000 gvwr) and I am trying to decide between a 2500HD or a Titan, If I go with the Titan will I be able to tow into the mountains or will it not have enough oomph? (I am considering a diesel just to err on the safe side - or is that overly cautious?
  • Slaine, I responded in the other topic, but didn't really answer your question. My $0.02 is that there is plenty of power, but will it last? The Titan has a dinky little Dana 44 pumpkin out back, and is already a problem spot on a number of Titans with NO towing to account for. Nissan has modified the diff cover with finned louvers for better cooling, and gone to a synthetic rear end lube.


    The other problem for a 7000 lb travel trailer is tongue weight on the hitch. A weight distributing hitch is a forgone necessity, and the Titan payload (passengers and cargo) is only about 1500 lbs, compared to a 2500HD with about 4000 lbs, plus floating truck axles, and you should start getting the idea it's not just about having enough power to pull it, (which Titan does), but chassis and braking is equally important or more so for hauling in safety and comfort.


    The Titan is a lot more fun to drive normally, but there's no joy in squished rear leaf springs, sagging rear end, and weak brakes which the Titan is already famous for.


    With those observations, expect the Titan faithful to jump in with anecdotes about towing and hauling, but my $0.02 is that a 5000 lb (dry weight) travel trailer would be about right, and about the limit I would want for my Titan.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Yup, what he said. While we did tow a 7,000 lb travel trailer with it and it did fine, its not something I would do long term. The truck has plenty of power, handled great, BUT its still a half ton with all the half ton limitations.


    Thus the reason we went with a 2700 lb gvwr popup camper, tows great, I can back it up (I'm trailer backing challenged), and the Titan still manages 17-18 mpg.


    For heavy towing we have a 99 Ram 3500 4x4 V10 dually.......will tow just about anything, but needs its own gas station attached too.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    the only trouble with going to a HD or SD truck is the fact that there will be in excess of $10k difference in price. i can see where people want a 1/2 ton for that simple reason.


    BTW...dana-44 isnt THAT


  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I don't think its a $10k diff, depends on what you want. I can buy an 05 F-250 CC shortbed diesel XL trim for right around what the MSRP of my Titan was. Sure its a base model compared to a fully loaded model, but at this point I think I'd rather have the Ford.


    We are at 2 weeks and no truck, parts are still 4 weeks out.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Right, then you get the difference, however, you didn't specify


    I got my truck back today, figured I'd just take it home, our Dodge went in the shop today and will be gone for several days. We needed the Titan back. Runs like an old Chevy right now, but seems ok other than that. I forgot how much fun that truck is to drive!


    We are number 6 on the list for the part when its released.
  • I needed today repairs to my truck (Nissan Titan) which is covered under warranty. I paid a visit to the dealer about three weeks ago so they were able to check for the necessary parts. Today, at the repair appointment date they refuse to give me a rental car so I can take care of my businesses while the car was repaired. As the rental car is covered under the Protection Plus plan I have with Nissan I considered what happened today as a breach of contract. As I wasn't able to stay all day long the repairs were not done. One of them is the left (driver side) outside mirror which was not properly glued to the support from the moment I bought the car - I still have the "I Owe You" paper from the dealership were I bought the car from. The other problem is a soft brake pedal at certain moments during the driving: I have to push the pedal to the floor in order the have some braking. Anybody has any suggestions what to do next.

    Also, of importance is the fact that I live 40 miles from the dealership and I don't have the time to go on and on and play games with these guys.

    As a question, can a normal body and mechanic shop take care of the repairs under warranty?

    Thank you everybody for the input
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    "Protection Plus" covers rental cars only when it is a drivability issue. (powertrain or safety)


    take it in for the brakes, and you should be OK...but the argument is that the repair isnt of such crucial importance that you cant come back at a more convenient time for you.
  • 774774 Posts: 101
    I am in the market for a new quad cab4x4 pickup. I own a 2001 Sequoia which has by far been the best vehicle I have ever owned. My wife has a Infinti I 35 a Nissan product assembled in Japan which has been problem free and a pleasure to drive.The Titan is a sharp looking truck, is bigger and more powerful than the Tundra.The Tundra has enough room and power for my needs.The 2001 Sequoia I own had a tsb on the brakes and the entire front braking system was replaced by Toyota at a cost of 2000 dollars paid for by Toyota.I am hearing of problems with the Titan due to quality control as it is built here. How is Nissan doing in the way it treats customers once they buy the vehicle.The Tundra also is built here so the quality problem seems to be with the mangement of Nissan.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    beleive it or not, the most reliable cars are built here in the US. the accord, camry, and civic are the highest rated vehicles in the world in terms of reliability and longevity. the hondas are built in ohio, and the camry is built in KY
  • Hey Oby, what style, options, color etc. do you have?


    I always get silver (boring),

    '04 King Cab 4x4, LE, Off-Road, Tow, Nav, Utili-Trac, VDC, side curtain air bags, bed extender, sliding tool box.


    I would like to have had the CC and sunroof but I need the extra 6 inches for motorcycle(s).


    I'll put up a picture...I'm gonna put the Z71 emblem Ryan gave me on it...Z71 Titan LOL...


  • I guess this pic was before I got the sliding tool box, but it's a good looking tool box, and sweet because I can easily slide it out to make room for motorcycles.


    Nice to have some back seat room too, since my last two Chevs were regular cabs.


    This comment may be hard to take for Titan owners, but my Silverado DuraMax Diesel would run away from the Titan from about 60-105. The Silverado had oversize tires (P255/85/16)so it exceeded the 97 mph speed limiter. The above was checked with a GPS receiver. That said, the Titan keeps on going once it gets to 105, limited to 114 it's said. I ran out of room at 110 and back'd her down. (And now that I have a speeding ticket, I won't be trying again anytime soon.)


    The turbo-charged Silverado was very highway friendly, expecially at the high altitude where I live, Colorado. There wasn't a hill it couldn't take in 6th gear. The Titan 5 spd is good too but it needs to shift some. The Titan is more peppy around town, more fun to drive, tighter steering and more road feedback.


  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Nice truck!!


    The regulator on the drivers side power window went out on the rado and the extended warranty covers only the motor. The following week, the passenger's side went out. I figured someone was trying to tell me something so I decided it was time for a new truck. Visited several Chevy, one GMC, and one Toyota/Chevy dealership looking at crew cabs. GM was offering $2k rebate with another $1.5k current customer rebate totalling $3500. Something must have been wrong that day as none of the Chevy dealers were willing to come down off of MSRP before rebates on the crewcabs. Guess they figured let GM give all the discounts.


    I was in no way about to pay MSRP for a GM product, no way no how. As a last ditch attempt to buy a truck, I stopped at a Nissan dealer looking for a black Titan. Guess what? No black Titans lol. Luckily another color caught my brawn...looks real close to carmine red. Must be an age thing. Only problem was it wasn't optioned the way I wanted it though it had a bedliner and bed extender it was a stripper model but had the power windows and door locks. I'm thinking maybe I should visit another Nissan dealer. My daughter disagreed saying we had been to enough dealers.


    I didn't care for the other colors so I bought the red brawn. I was hoping that since it was a '05 model (manufactured 11/04) it wouldn't have inherited the problems that plagued the first year Titans. So far so good with only what seems to be a tire out of balance or with a flat spot which provides me with that "warm fuzzy feeling" that my rado had given me over the


    This is where it gets good. Going into finance, I figured I'd let them handle everything. I will never do that again. They tried to sell me an Echomaster reverse sensor system which retails for $149 for $675 installed. Gap insurance for $500 which you can easily get on the net for $300. Mudflaps for $190 sheesh....and the worst was the monthly came out to $669 and I said whoa!! What's the selling price again? We confirmed that and I said that being the case the monthly should be around $400 with no down (company vehicle). After looking over the paperwork I found the apr to be 17.25%. I immediately called my banker and had him handle the financing.


    All in all a good truck. Installed some weathertechs, westin nerfs, billet grill, and had the front windows tinted. Now all I have to do is find some 25" rims and a 4/6 drop kit for the bling bling lol.


    Did your truck come with the Rockford Fosgate system? I'm assuming so at that trim level. If so, I'm more surprised that it would have reception problems as Rockford is pretty good stuff.


    I'm also thinking of changing out the front brake pads to ceramic cause I can't stand that black brake dust. What is that brake kit that everyone is waiting for/having installed?
  • It's Rockford Fosgate in name only. The head unit is Panasonic, and the speakers I think are Clarion on the RF package, and no-names on the regular audio option. The RF package gets the subwoofer also. I had the head unit replaced once (there is a TSB for it), for the fade-in/fade-out reception problem on FM. The FM works okay now, the AM like before is near useless. My fix was to get a plug and play Sirius SAT tuner for it.


    There is a TSB for the brakes that includes new anchor bolts, sliding pins, pads, special grease, and they turn the rotors with a special lathe while on the vehicle. They say this is better. Basically, the Titan has the same brake woes as the Tundra. It seems to happen for most at 7-10k miles. Anyway, I just had it done. The ceramic pads I'd like to get, too much brake dust also.


    17.25% ? Lol...funny!


    On my '01 'Rado, with the Izuzu designed diesel and German ZF designed 6 spd manual, I wondered what was left for GM to screw up. Well, it turned out to be the flywheel...Doh! GM puts in a "Dual Mass" flywheel that starts to fail about 35-45k miles, it's covered under the 100k Duramax engine warranty, but you need a new pressure plate which they don't cover. I made up my mind I wasn't putting up with any more of that style of non-sense. And then the Bosch injector problem affecting about 15-20% of 2001-2002 LB7 Duramax Diesels before 75,000 miles. This problem I didn't have yet, but I felt it wasn't a matter of "if" but when. The injectors were covered under the Dmax warranty, but when they leak, the crankcase fills up with diesel fuel and it pukes the motor oil out the overflow vent all over the road, driveway etc. The injectors are located under the valve covers. That's why that happens. Smart!


    But I wanted the Titan, made an offer and they actually let me walk, first time that's ever happened. Three days later, still hadn't heard from them so I figured my offer must not have been realistic. Looking for a different tac, I browsed the local dealer inventory on the Nissan internet website, found about 4 dealers that had Titans equipped like I wanted, and I went about faxing them offer sheets. Before I got the 4th offer sheet faxed, the phone started ringing off the hook. Every offer was accepted. I called back the first dealer and crowed a bit, and they changed their tune.


    Basically though, the 'Rado still was in pretty strong demand resale-wise because of the diesel, a nice hook. But because the trade-in value was still good on it, there wasn't enough purchase difference after trade to motivate the dealer, so I sweetened it instead by going for a more expensive truck. So I made offers on the most loaded king cabs I could find that combined off-road, tow package, and Nav in the right color. I would have loved the CC with sunroof, but I needed the 6 inches in the bed.


    So obviously, you have the 2WD version, making perfect sense for you. You were unbelievable forgiving of GM for those early vibes, whereby they made weld-ments to your frame etc. That was about the most horrific story I had ever heard on a '99 Silverado.


    Ryan thinks we've both flipped, and YOU getting the Carmine Red (er...Red Brawn!)


    Does your truck have the Utili-Trac system? You mentioned bed liner, (they offer a drop-in) but also said you have the bed-extender which I thought was only available on the Utili-Trac option, no?


    Anyway, your 2WD ought to be lots quicker, and get better fuel mileage too. The 4x4 off-road has a numerically higher rear axle ratio, and it's heavier with big tow mirrors that act like para-sails. My fuel mileage is not good. I had one tank where I almost got 400 miles, wind aided highway. Best 16.0 (once only) most other tanks between 14-15, and several under 14. My 'Rado long bed with 34 gallon and Dmax would range to 700+ miles...nice.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    as far as the high interest rate goes, most banks cap the rate markup to 3 percentage points. so i think in the worst case scenario, they had a buy rate of around 14.95%. is that more like what you got from your bank?
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I'd like to post a pic of his new Titan LE 4X4 CC which just got a topper today but I don't know how. Truck and topper look real nice!
  • >>>as far as the high interest rate goes, most banks cap the rate markup to 3 percentage points. so i think in the worst case scenario, they had a buy rate of around 14.95%. is that more like what you got from your bank? <<<

 recollection was that my loan was like 4.9%. I got it at E-Loan, they approved it in about 5 minutes. They FED-X'd me a "Power Check" which I just carried with me, and wrote it out at the dealership for the purchase amount, really easy. I think Nissan financing was 2.5% or $2000 rebate. At the time, I did the math, and it was cheaper for me to take the rebate and the E-Loan financing than to go for the lower Nissan APR.
  • Click on the help link at the top of the page, and there's a FAQ on how to post a picture.


    You use an HTML tag.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    You're kidding on the *dual mass flywheel* thing right?? We had to replace one on our 94 K3500 6.5L TD, what a !@$#@$!!!!!


    Well, that makes my Titan look like a saint! Not sure I'd consider GM if they are still being boneheaded about stuff like that!
  • >>>You're kidding on the *dual mass flywheel* thing right?? We had to replace one on our 94 K3500 6.5L TD, what a !@$#@$!!!!!


    Well, that makes my Titan look like a saint! Not sure I'd consider GM if they are still being boneheaded about stuff like that! <<<

    Well...they redesigned it. But if they had that problem in '94 and they still had it in '01, what confidence is there in that? I was warned not to get a manual transmission, but Ford uses the same ZF S-650 medium duty 6 spd manual in the Super Duty and their diesel. And as far as I know, they've got a clutch/flywheel combo that works for them. That ended up being the only disappointment for me, if you don't count the letter from GM about the fuel injector problem. I didn't feel like sticking around waiting for that to happen either, although day to day I liked the truck. I like the Titan more though.
  • Fact of the matter, is it's very hard to buy a manual transmission from GM anymore, anyway. They want you to buy the Allison automatic. Manuals are hard to find.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    as far as the high interest rate goes, most banks cap the rate markup to 3 percentage points. so i think in the worst case scenario, they had a buy rate of around 14.95%. is that more like what you got from your bank?


    About the financing.....On my last two vehicles I worked with GM dealers that I have a buying history with. My '02 Denali was financed at 0% 5 years no down. My '00 Silverado was financed at 7% no down through my bank. The Denali was a personal purchase, the Silverado through my company.


    The Titan is for business use therefore purchased through the company and not me. When asked to fill a credit app I explained it wasn't necessary as I have my own financing. Still they insisted on working the deal saying they could get a better rate. How they determined the rate of the loan is beyond me. It appeared that the dealer financed the deal as there seemed to be no bank involved, not on paper anyway. Our insurance company asked who the loss payee would be and at this time I have no clue. I'm assuming our banker is working with the dealership.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    then their rate was based on your personal credit, and not on the company's credit? am i assuming correctly?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    That's what I don't understand. I didn't fill out a credit app, stated I had my own financing, and figured F&I would work the details with my banker. It also seemed important to the F&I person that I put a deposit down.


    If a customer came in and told you that they had their own financing and that the loan would be worked through the company, what info would you require? I assume nothing more than the banker's name and phone number.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Does your truck have the Utili-Trac system? You mentioned bed liner, (they offer a drop-in) but also said you have the bed-extender which I thought was only available on the Utili-Trac option, no?



    I have a drop in liner with the bed extender. I would think the bed extender would work either way as it's aftermarket and available for most trucks.


    After reading the other forum, it appears that the brake issue hasn't been resolved and I should expect it to happen around 7-10k miles? Dang.....


    If that is the case I shouldn't tinker with ceramic pads as it would definitely void the warranty on the pads for sure...and the dealer would try to use it as an excuse to get out of performing the tsb. OR am I thinking like a GM owner? LMAO!!
  • On the brakes well, hope for the best...maybe '05's won't have the problem.


    The dealership I purchased from (Tynan's Nissan) works hard to please, the service is good and fast...albeit EXPENSIVE.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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