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Nissan Titan



  • hacker18hacker18 Posts: 2
    Hi and thanks for your post. Just took delivery of my 2004 Titan LE with Rockford Fosgate package, Big Tow and Off Road. LOve IT!!! But I need Tonneau. I have just heard about the Torza and I an curious. I have heard you need adapters. What adapters. The Toraza sites do not seem to mention any adapters. Where do you get them. I do not have the bed extender so it would not be an issue for me. I also hear of the TruXedo. What do you all recommend?? Thank You in advance for any response.

  • li_titanli_titan Posts: 7
    I ordered the truxedo tonneau (should be here today) I have the SE Smoke with Big tow, Off road, popular with Captains chairs and side air bags. I just had them install side rails (looks great). If you have any questions call the cover people up they are very helpfull. Sorry but I do not have the part number with me for the truxedo. It comes with specail clamps for the utilitrac system. Same thing with the torza cover. There are pluses and minuses to each one.

    Good luck..

    PS. Thanks to everyone that answered my questions regarding the tire presure and the tonneau cover.
  • bknightbknight Posts: 5
    I have an LE CC and recently went through the exercise of reviewing available tonneaus. The best site I found and eventually bought from was in Dallas. They have a good comparison chart, were very helpful on the phone, were very competitive on price, and drop shipped to my house. I bought the Access roll-up cover designed specifically for the Titan CC because it required no drilling, even though it is advised. It looks great, has a lifetime guarantee, and will allow use of my utili-tracks and extender with a little work. Nissan has a soft cover due anytime and said a hardcover will follow later this year but I could not wait since I was heading to Colorado. By the way, the Titan kicked butt in the mountains. Good luck.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    we ordered a color-keyed hard lid from A.R.E. looks GREAT!! it also has enough clearance for the bed extender. our cost was $855, so i would imagine that retail would be around a grand or so, installed.
  • liquidliquid Posts: 1
    I can't agree more, I have had my titan for three months and it has been in the shop 6 times. To call it a dissappointment would be an under estimated statement, I have driven alot but never had half the brake problems with my ford as I have had with this truck. In conclusion the brakes on this truck are not the quality they should be and need to be replaced.
  • hacker18hacker18 Posts: 2
    Just returned from first trip with my Titan LE with Bit Tow, Off Road and Rockford Fosgate/Captain Chairs packages. What a beast. Towed my hybrid camper(a little lighter than regular camper) uphill at 65-70 MPH without even a downshift. Thanks for the responses on the covers. Leaning toward Truxedo at this time for a cover.

  • mccdon1mccdon1 Posts: 32
    The torzatop is supplied with 4 adapters that slide into the utilitrac rails. Just remove the rear stoppers and slide them on. very easy.
  • Tiltboy, did you ever buy a Titan? I'm in AL also (Montgomery) and I'm trying to find someone who will give a great deal...hadn't found 'em yet.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Don't get jammed by a dealer !

    Dealers in my area of waay upstate NY area are advertising new Titans for $5000 off msrp. Incl.
    One dealer has 40 in stock !

    Use the Nissan web site to locate one and save $$$!
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    $ 5000 off the factory sticker is a good deal on TITAN as there is only a $ 1000 rebate on the truck. Most dealers here in Florida will discount only up to $ 4000, if they have some trucks in the inventory for more than say three months, they will mark them down $ 5000 off.

    You have to be careful though, because you may end up paying a lot more for the truck than the discounted price. Here is why:

    Dealers will play games and do everything to steal your trade-in if you have one. If you do not have a trade, they will magically come up with a dealer's fee, which can be as much as $ 800. This is nothing but an added profit. I was disgusted the other day when I was getting my 95 Nissan SE V6 4X4 truck appraised. The truck is in mint condition with only 84K miles, no accident history, one owner, runs perfect, ice cold A/C, four new Michelin LTX tires, no dings or scratches, no rust. The dealer claimed that he will follow the Kelly Blue book trade-in value. For my truck, in excellent condition, this trade-in value by the book was $ 5000. Imagine my anger when this guy comes back with an appraised value of $ 3250. This was for a truck in "fair" condition. If my truck is in fair condition, then their new TITAN I was looking at was worse, bacause it had more paint flaws than my truck. Kelly Blue book also has trade-in values for vehicles in "good" category and most dealers will use these to appraise your vehicle. Keep in mind that a vehicle rated as "good" has visible wear and tear, tires in less than perfect shape, etc. Fair condition means that the vehicle may need new paint, has some rust, A/C is not working, tires and brakes are in need of replacement, etc. Kelly blue book retail price for my truck is about $ 7500. If I let this truck go for $ 3250, they would have a kid wash it and put it on the lot for $ 7.5 or 8K and think nothing of it if they made $ 4K on it. This vehicle truly could be put up for retail sale by a dealer without doing anything to it. Make no mistake people - dealers make money on used vehicles. There is no way they will make $ 4k on a new TITAN because of fierce competition. I do not mind if a dealer makes $ 1000 on my used vehicle. After all, they have facilities to maintain and personnel to pay. But they do not deserve a $ 4K profit on my vehicle. I have bought a lot of new cars and trucks in my life but I have never seen it so bad and so many shameless people doing everything possible to rip you off. It was never so difficult to get a decent trade in for your car or truck.

    Since then, I had people offer me $ 6k on the spot for my truck. This truck in this condition is a very rare find because Nissan did not make a V6 pickup between 1996 and 1998. So there will be no trade-in if I decide to buy another truck.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    In my neck of the woods it is 4000 off sticker plus 1000 rebate. I thought they were throwing in 1.9% int. too. Have to check the paper again!

    As far as trade in......Its worth what its worth!
    That truck is a wholesale piece !
    Heck, I traded my 96 Caddy for a 03 Caddy. Book said $10,000....Dealer said $6000...........

    Terry over at Real world trade value thread here at Edmunds said.......high 5s to low 6s
    He was RIGHT on too.........

    My 01 Chevy truck trade (mint LOADED 29k miles 4x4 ex-cab) for a o4 Chevy
    Book said 23k...Terry said 18k......
    2 dealers bid 18,5 the other 19.5.....

    Post your truck over there in the Smart Shopper thread.......real world trade values.
    Terry can give you the RIGHT price !
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    First, there is NO such thing as a 95 84k miles *mint* or *excellent* condition vehicle. To be *mint* or *excellent* condition it would have to be an 04 Lexus with 1k miles in the wrapper.

    Second, books don't buy cars, people do. Used cars are worth what they are worth. The dealer has to take it in, run it through his shop, detail, then put it on the lot, that all costs money. It MAY or MAY NOT sell in 1/2/3 weeks, it may sit there for months. All the time depreciating. Or he may have someone give him a cash offer of $5k and take it. He has to leave some room.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    "First there is no such thing as a 95 84K miles "mint" or"excellent" condition vehicle."

    Respectfully disagree with your statement. If there is no such thing, then why is there an "excellent" category in the Kelly Blue book for trade-in values? Kelly Blue book is very specific about what an "excellent" used vehicle should look like. My truck meets all of their criteria. Dealers simply conveniently got rid of that category for all trade-ins and treat everything as "good" at best. This dealer went one step further and used the "fair" category which is totally not applicable here. This is what irritated me.
    What is irritating is that everything they sell is obviously labeled "excellent".
    Excellent does not mean perfect - no used vehicle is perfect - for that matter most new vehicles are not either. But as used trucks go, this one is exceptional and hard to find in this shape. For example,the seats had sheepskin covers on them since day one and there is absolutely no wear or single stain on the original seats. Original paint in showroom condition. Top of the line new Michelin LTX M/S tires. I see three year old trucks with worse paint than this one here in hot Florida.

    Also, even the auction "black book" value of my truck was listed at $ 4700-4900. So where does the $ 3250 offer come from? Simply an attempt to steal the vehicle and resell it at a maximum profit.

    Well, enough said, I believe that if somebody had a truck like mine with 3500 original miles and stored in a climate control garage all its life, he would not fare much better than me. The market is saturated with used vehicles and that makes it more difficult to get a decent trade-in.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    You have a 10 year old truck with 84k miles, its nothing a bank will finance and the dealer can't warranty it, why would he put top dollar in it? At 84k miles things are going to start breaking (even if its a Nissan). Not trying to dog your truck, just let you know how it is........I worked in car sales and currently have a job offer at the Nissan dealer that I'm mulling over. I've NEVER seen a UCM put anywhere near clean book in a vehicle with that many miles on it, its booked at fair condition because that's what it is when the miles are tossed in.

    We can't even get clean book for our 99 Ram 3500 V10 4x4 dually that is super clean, still smells new and has all of 20k miles on it. It gets hit at fair book because its 6 years old.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    That is simply not true..........

    That truck ain't worth squat........
    Any high line dealer won't touch it. Off to the auction it goes..Like it or not.

    In my neck of the woods a late model GM 4x4 3/4 x-cab truck is worth $$$$$.
    Mine was detailed and front line ready to sell when I traded.
    It sold in 2 days for $22,900.

    YES..the dealer grossed $3400 big ones !!!!!!

    Was I ripped off ? NO.....
    Am I gonna bother sitting around waiting/answering the phone ? NO.......
    Am I gonna go on endless test drives by joyriders?
    Am I gonna worry if Mr. X can get a loan for $22 large? NO.............
    Am I gonna have to deal with Mr. X when my PERFECT truck drops the transmission or muffler bearing out next week? NO..........

    Please before ya tell me well put "as is etc. etc." on the sale papers........
    SORRY.....Here in NY it don't work that way. The seller can simply drag me into small claims court.
    If you don't respond..YOU LOSE !!!!!!!!

    It happened to me some years back when I sold a $500 winter rat car.
    Once bitten twice shy I say !

    So ya gotta either sell it yourself or trade it in. Best bet...Get over to that Realworld trade values and post..........good luck
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Yup, that about sums it up. Thanks for the backup. I always hated NY state laws, lol and I ain't been back there in 10 years.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    You still did not answer my question: why did they offer me $ 3250 instead of at least low auction black book price of $ 4700? I probably would have accepted $ 4700 because I realize that the truck is 9 years old. As far as financing older vehicles, our local Credit Union will finance this truck up to its retail value of $ 7800.

    I bet that this truck would not go to any auction but would be displayed on the dealer's lot the next day for $ 7500. I checked asking prices for these trucks and there was a Nissan dealer in Colorado who had an identical truck like mine for sale. The mileage was around 95K. The asking price was $ 9,000!!
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Check with Terry over in Real World Trade In Values, he can give you an idea of what that thing is really worth.

    We can't see your truck so we don't know why he offered what he did. Like I said people buy cars, NOT books. On a 10 year old truck you can pretty much toss the book out the window.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    "low auction black book price"

    thats the problem right there. the number in the book IS NOT A PRICE. its an estimate. a generic one at that. it doesnt see the burn hole in the seat, or the scuffed corner of the bumper. it doesnt hear the funny noise while in 4WD, or see the engine light on the cluster. the door ding on the passenger side isnt factored in, and the fact that its black-on-black in arizona really doesnt help either.

    (im not talking about your truck in particular. im simply illustrating the kinds of things a book estimate doesnt take into consideration.)
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Remember Colorado is SNOW country. Any rust free 4x4 truck there is worth $$$$$$$. A 2 wd is worth nada there.

    Your in Fla. right? A 4x4 truck in Fla. ain't worth much more than a 2wd.

    BEST BET.....The HECK with that EVIL dealer !
    Just drive your truck to Colorado or NY around winter time and sell it yourself and you can get even MORE $$$$$

    Then buy a REAL truck ......a CHEVY.......Show that evil dealer who's the boss!

    BETTER BET.....Take that nice shiny rig to Jolies house in Alaska ! All vehicles go for CRAZY money up there !
    Bet you could get $12,000 CASH money.........
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    You ain't kidding, Nissan and Toyota trucks do ALL the money up here. They bring NUTSO money. If its clean, runs, and is 4WD its worth somewhere around high book. The Nissan dealer would pay decent money for that truck up here.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    I lived in WPB Fla. for 10 looong years !
    I used to see a lot of 2wd with those fat daddy field/mud tires down there.........

    Plain and simple.........A dealer ain't gonna give ya squat..........

    Get a price from Terry over at RWTV threads, shine that bad boy up, put a fat 5 liner in the Palm Bch Post, and wait by the phone !
  • mcscjtmcscjt Posts: 17
    I am one week into my Radiant Silver KC LE with Captain Chairs, Big Tow Package, and Bed Divider. I really wanted Smoke but my dealer couldn't locate one in my trim and I didn't want to wait any longer.
    So far, I have absolutely no complaints. This is a very solid truck that drives real smooth. I have no squeaks or rattles, no brake dust, no chipped paint or bedliner, and the RF radio reception is great.
    I travel through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel each week and I never have lost reception or sound quality in any way.
    This area is Ford country and I get looks everyday...people keep telling me how sharp this truck is and how big and tough it looks...I'm still smiling and enjoying the is music to my ears.
    By the way, I just read a news report stating that Nissan had it best sales month ever in the U.S. ; mostly due to sales of the Titan.
  • mikeomikeo Posts: 5
    One month and 5k on it; and doing a lot of rock walking, the ground clearance and stiffness of the frame on my LE 4x4 big tow are fully as big of features as the power and towing guts. So far the only glitch is the tone loss on the RF radio, but having XM radio makes that a moot point - XM is so fine that we don't even bother with the CD.

    Local dealer of bed caps/tonneau has a SE, and I've ordered the ARE LSII tonneau (1k installed) because its contured for strength (and style) - you need to specify if you have the bed track system or not when ordering.
  • Our Titan has 8500 miles, 2 mos old and has the warped rotor problem. Dealer says Nissan will replace pads (on national back order) but will only turn rotors not replace them. Obviously we don't want this option. Do you have a service bulletin # that authorizes rotor replacement. Also, the above is a moot point if it did not fix your problem. How is your Titan now? We love this truck except for brake problems.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Do not agree to their proposed "solution" to you warped rotor problem. Turning the rotors will fix your problem for a month, and it will only become worse. The reason is that your rotors got warped because they are too thin to begin with. Turning the rotors only removes more metal and makes them even more prone to warpage.

    If Nissan wants to fix this warpage problem they should replace the brake rotors with thicker, sturdier rotors that will not warp easily. Titan truck has substantial curb weight and it takes big brakes to bring this truck to a stop from high speed. This is especially true with a large 300+ HP engine which only encourages fast acceleration and fast driving, and subsequent heavy braking.

    My compact 1995 Nissan truck still has the original front rotors at 86K miles (rear brakes are drum brakes) and they have never been turned because they are not warped or grooved. I changed one set of brake pads and so far have no problems). I drive this truck very conservatively, but I also pull trailers with it which places additional load on the truck's brakes.
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    I think Nissan has issues a TSB (or even a recall) and they are replacing the calipers,pads, and rotors with new ones.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    Hey P100: First off, I'd like to say that I enjoy your simple, honest and to-the-point posts. It seems as if you have some expertise in the auto field.

    Secondly, I've read a few of your posts on the Mazda 626 boards, as I'm helping my friend check out an '01 LX 4-cyl. that she wants to buy. Unfortunately it's an automatic.

    You noted that the V-6 626s from 1998-02 used solid valve lifters instead of hydraulic. Do the solid lifters apply to the four-cylinder version as well? If so then I might as well tell my friend not to buy that '01.
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