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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdx- thanks for the prompt email - fixed my email id and reposting here.

    I brought a 2005 6i silver for 18,199$ from quirk mazda in quincy mass.He is selling all of his stock at invoice + 100 and then i added 2000+1000 rebate and zoom zoom 500$
    to get to that price - sticker was 24,599.
    He threw in lug locks for free and i put a lo jack.
    with tax/tile otd was 20,500

    I got a free oil change and when i went in they even cleaned and took care of some black spots on the body work
    for free.

    I got a bad rate from dealer but AAA refinanced it for 4.99 so it was a good deal and got to pick up the 1000$ rebate.The 90 day the above post talks about is for the dealer to get this incentive and not for us.I refianced 3 days after purchase as it was a friday evening purchase.

    Now they reflashed the ECU and on my first gas fill i just hit 30.8 mpg...impressive i do some aggresive 2nd gear redling run on a little 8 mile stretch on the way to work.
    and drive 30-40% back roads.
  • Hey banditboy!

    So, you are saying that you financed with Mazda, got the 1000 rebate, and then refinanced 3 days later! I was told that for ME to get the rebate, I had to wait 90 days, or I would be charged a penalty. They did tell me that I could pay off in full at anytime with no penalty. I have to go back today to finish some paperwork, so I will double check.

    I would also still love to know how yall think I did with my purchase. It is my first one and I worry that I didn't do good, I think that is my mother's fault!! haha...
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    the early payoff causes the dealer to be charged back for the the dealer and the salesperson paid the price of the guy not waiting 90 days/3 payments....The rebate police don't come to your house but it's kinda low rent to screw the dealer and the salesperson like that...

    Your did fine...enjoy your new car.
  • zzzoom6zzzoom6 Posts: 425
    well done on your deal! i just bought a 05 5door w/ v6, moon, bose, 5spd manual for 19.5k. the discounts right now are just huge as long as you can find the model you want. in oregon, there's not a lot left at most of the dealers except for wagons and 4 cylinder engines. i think i could have done a bit better, but i'm still really happy with the deal. the finance part was a quite bit high (around 9), but i plan to pay it off in 120 days anyway. according to the finance guy, minimum amount financed to qualify for the rebate is 10k. anyone know if this is true? but again, no prob for me.

    anyone else find that getting into gear smoothly is more difficult than other cars? my honda was much easier to shift without lurching...maybe i just need to get a bit more familiar with it.

    has anyone bought the organizer for that goes in the hatch area? looks like it might rattle a lot on bumpy roads... would be nice though since there aren't any grocery bag hooks in the back (dumb design if you ask me...).

    also went to car toys to see about adding other stereo. with the big plate that has the stereo controls and HVAC controls, have to buy a 200$ plate then buy the stereo and install on top of that! ouch! too bad no rca or headphone jack input for walkman/ipod. this can be added aftermarket though...thinking if i can put the input in the armrest area would be perfect.

    before buying the 6, drove accord v-6 w/ six speed, altima, subaru legacy non turbo and turbo. accord and legacy really expensive (probably 6k more for similar power). thought interior of both better than the 6, but no hatchback (which looks awesome imo and is really functonal). altima was too floaty in how it rides. not tight and responsive like the 6 or legacy. warranty on the 6 is also very good (hope i don't have to use it...).

    so now, just have to get windows tinted and i will be done! just love driving this car!

    also, if you're in portland, check out premiere mazda in oregon city...seem to be great guys. not high pressure at all and were very helpful. also good guys to talk to about other stuff.

    sorry about this being so long, but hope it helps some of you who are looking.
  • okay the funny thing is i rechecked with the salesperson.
    I was told by the salesperson that that was okay did not effect him...
    i am now even more confused as why would a salesperson say so and then loose money?I rechecked with him on the 90 day clause which he refused existed and asked me to refinace in a week.

    Price wise you did a good job. Pricing on a car is dependent on many variables and also the people need to make some money .
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Sat in this car in the dealership a few weeks ago and was quite impressed with the new dash layout...much better than all that silver stuff. Tasteful but elegant is how I'd describe it. I will test drive one when I give up my '03 Sentra, as now the wife plans on keeping her 3. Women...go figure!

    The Sandman :)
  • zzzoom6zzzoom6 Posts: 425
    i like the new dash too, but since i could get such a sweet deal on an 05, i went with it. you'll also like the new fabric they are using on the seats. plus it looks like replacing the stereo will be much easier (i just got back from a few stereo stores and it looks like installing the Metra Kit with new speakers and amps will cost a pretty penny :cry: ).

    but i think that the styling of the car has been softened a bit which for me was one of the appealing things about the 6; the aggressive stance it had fit it's driving personality.

    in the end though, you have to be happy with the car that you decide to buy...i just have to wonder how much they will be discounting the 06. keep us posted if you get a quote.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    It looks like in some areas of the country the incentives are getting pretty sweet on the 2006 models - $2000 plus a $500 gas card.
  • Any golfers out there? Can you carry your bag in the trunk of the sedan?
  • Glad to hear you are enjoying your car...

    I get that weird lurshing type of thing when switching gears too. i'm attributing that to it not being as refined as a toyota or honda. But who check engine light came on a few days ago for two days, then went back off...really weird. So I'm bringing it in tomorrow and see if they find anything. I thought you needed to plug the car into turn the engine light off.
  • I got 2 Questions:
    I am planning to buy a mazda, so here are my options:

    Option 1: Mazda6, 2006, V4, the cheapest of the Models, but I am gonna have them add Leather Seats and Rear Spoiler, out of the door price (including taxes and all that junk) is $19K

    Option 2: Mazda6, 2005, V6, its the 5 Door Model, it comes with every extra posibble, moonroof, leather seats, etc, etc. Its a Demo car, so it has about 6k miles.
    The out the door price is 24.5k (Which I am hoping to bring down to at least 22.5K)

    Are these good prices for these cards?
  • I just came from a dealership today in the pensacola, FL area. I was looking at a 2006 Mazda6, V6 with the sport package, bose/moonroof package and the 6spd-auto transmission. The MSRP was $26,820. They offered me the car at invoice of $24,566 minus the $3000 in cash back. The out-the-door price would be $23,569.79 Any thoughts??
  • zzzoom6zzzoom6 Posts: 425
    i think i'm starting to get used to the tranny now, though sometimes i still have probs getting into third smoothly (strange since in my honda, getting into third smoothly was a given). sux about your ck engine light...keep us posted as to what the prob was.

    one thing to add to my experience so far...just did a thorough detailing of my car today (wash, clay bar, wax) and found a huge amount of black tar-like spots all over the car (my car is a dark grey and was not very visible...perhaps i was too attached to my "baby" to see the blemishes). the dealership i bought the car from had recently had the road paved in front of it so maybe this is where these came from. use goo gone and this seemed to take these spots off very nicely. after the wax and clay bar (if you haven't used a clay bar before, it's amazing! makes the finish so much smoother by removing contaminates from the paint) all is well. the longer i have this car, the more i'm appreciating it's handling.
  • Where'd you get that deal? I'd love to swing something like that in my town.
  • I am looking at a demo '05 Copper on black 6i 5 door, manual trans with the Bose and Leather package, MSRP is 25,055. The car has 38XX miles on it (my salesman drove the car for 3600 of those) in good condition, car does have a small dimple on the hood, a door ding on the door edge (paint chipped) and a few scratches on the interior.

    I am thinking of offering $16,500 (including 3500 rebates) due to the condition and demo status. Am I lowballing far too much?
  • zzzoom6zzzoom6 Posts: 425
    personally, i don't think so. some dealers are offering 8000 off all 05's now, and i think they have added some special financing as well. in the end, this car is used (you don't know how they drove it and there is damage on the car). basically, you're asking for 500 off a brand new car w/ no damage or miles. but the thing is, that copper color is really rare now. it's a sweet color that makes the car stand out, especially on the 5 door. that would have been my first choice had it been available when i bought mine a few weeks ago. by the way, i got mine for 7k off of msrp w/ 300 in accessories thrown in (looking back on it, i think i could have done a bit better). i would keep an eye on mazda ads in the paper of the nearest major city, and bring in copies of the deals to show the dealership with this car. this may help you get the best possible price. anyway, good luck. and if you do decide to get it, you'll love the storage space of the five door. plus the handling is pretty sweet to. as you can tell, i'm pretty happy with my purchase.
  • Went to the dealer today for 2006 Mazda6 i sport with 5-speed sport AT and wheel locks.

    MSRP 23,310 (with destination and regional adjustment)
    Edmunds invoice: $21,518 (with destination and regional adjustment)
    Area: 50010

    The dealer offered $21,000(out of door and without $1000 MAC and $500 gas card). Dealer wants me to respond by Jan 2.

    Could you please give me some suggestions for this price?

    Thanks a lot!!
  • Have you checked out the pricing on Also isn't there a $1500 rebate on the Mazda6 right now? Unless it's an issue of whether or not you'll get this rebate in time, I wouldn't let the friggin dealer pushing you to buy by a certain date. In norther cali, carsdirect quotes a V6 Mazda 6s Sport with the Bose, Sunroof, etc. package for about $21.3K.
  • Thanks for your reply. Forget to mention that the $21,000 is after the $1500 rebate but before MAC $1000 and $500 free gas card.

    Also checked The price it quotes for a same model in our area is $19268 (after 1500 incentive, 500 MAC and 500 bonus). I don't understand why they provide a different MAC and where this 500 bonus comes from.

    In the previous message, I didn't make it clear that it is not that we have to respond by Jan 2. We actually went ot the dealer today and got a agreement for 21,000 (outofdoor price, will be 20,000 after MAC). The payment is subject to finance and test-drive, which means that if we are not satisfied with the test-drive, we don't need to make the payment.

    So, what do you think? If the deal sounds not good, can we refuse this price?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Sounds like a pretty decent deal if $21K "out of door price" means including TTL. I think the 500 bonus you see on is the $500 gas card, which I believe you can take as cash rebate instead of a gas card. Although I also don't know why the MAC rebate is different. I'm a little confused by the numbers you gave me, but $20K after TTL seems pretty good.
  • SHOULD I JUMP ON THIS DEAL??? This is initial quote from a local dealership and it sounds pretty sweet. These are just the options and color I want (minus the sports grille I plan to add for looks). This is right out of the salesman's email to me, I haven't responded or asked any questions yet:

    2006 MAZDA 6I SEDAN
    Color (Exterior/Interior) TUNGSTEN GRAY /GRAY
    Port Installed Accessories: WLK - WHEEL LOCKS

    MSRP $21,110.00

    Internet Special Price $16,433.00 (INCLUDES ALL REBATES)

    Not sure yet what rebates he's talking about, but anybody know of any more rebates coming up later in '06 that I should wait for (like zoom-zoom or Gerber)? I've never bought a new car before so I'd appreciate any help/advice, thanks!
  • May I ask where are you located? I got a quote from a dealer in Cincinnati, OH with exactly the same configurations as yours but the price is $17,110. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal.
  • I am in Washington state
  • clasleyclasley Posts: 16
    Hello all,

    I was thinking about getting a mazda6 last year but decided to hold out. Now i am reconsidering and am glad I did since the rebates have increased for '05's. I think its up to 4 grand if you finance through mazda. I am looking at a 05s grand touring, sticker price $27,195. The only extra options it has are wheel locks and floor mats.Since they are trying to get rid of last year models and I'm apart of the xplan , I am sure i can get at invoice which is about 24,602 minus rebates leaves around 20,000. Do you guys think i could get it any lower since its last years model?
  • If you're X/S-Plan... non-negotiable pricing is at your disposal.

    You'll receive your X/S-Plan price minus any applicable incentives available. There are, at times, additional programs only available to X/S-Plan eligible purchasers.

    Just ask the dealer and provide proof of your X/S-Plan eligibility... they are required to show invoice and accomodate you with the current programs and incentives you're entitled to receive.

    You're on your own regarding trade-ins and aftermarket products. Accept if it all works within what you're seeking to accomplish.

    ZOOM ZOOM!!! :)
  • Just purchased my 2006 Mazda 6i today! It has the Rear Lip Spoiler, Cargo Net, Convenience package, and Frt/RR Side Airbags in Tungsten Gray. Bought it from Fitzgerald in MD. They have a system where you do not haggle they simply have their lowest possible price advertised...That said That price was $18,677--Great Deal IMO, with TTF it was 20,099 then I purchased the extended warranty...What do you think? I think it was definetly a decent deal the $2000 rebate from Mazda really helped me out! :)
  • Just wondering whether anyone else has found a problem w/a dealer not being able to locate a Mazda6i hatch w/leather seats? I did eventually find one, but why would a dealer lose my sale by not finding me one? I'm in upstate new york, and there is one in downstate that another dealer near here is willing to get... just wondering. Also what did you end up paying for yours, if you have one (an 06). This one has a sport package, I believe, and sun roof...I'm not super savvy here, so any help negotiating would be GREAT! Thanks :D
  • That sounds like music! Well done :D I think too that you got lucky being near a dealership that has that kind of policy. We don't have one here. :(
  • tinzitinzi Posts: 1
    Basic model 2006 MAZDA6I


    CA, Los Angeles

    My friend got one with this price. How can she talk this price to reality! I am thinking about getting myself one as well.
  • Got that great deal at Pinnacle Mazda in Seattle ... it'll probably be tough for them to match those discounts again since it looks like rebates from Corporate are going down but staff is great, prices are competitive to say the least, and they valued my trade-in at close to KBB-quoted *private party* value (that's a good thing). MAC rebate terms allow you to pre-pay without penalty after 90 days.
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