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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lobelobe Posts: 10
    I said refinance, but really I have a home equity loan line of credit that I can put it on (and will). So the new vs. used loan rate issue doesn't apply in my case, and I never thought about that aspect.
  • The previous months rebates have been extended through at least Nov 2nd. Its not listed on mazdausa, but the dealers I've talked to said they got the new rebates and they are the same.
  • I was looking at the Mazda site where they list the incentives for the Mazda 6 sports sedan. I am confused by the wording as it states that the $219 a month leasing incentive is not good on the Sport, Grand Touring and Grand SPort models. What is the Grand Sport model and does this mean it applies only to the basic i Sport sedan and not to the VE Sport, or Grand Touring model and in that case does it apply to the regular Touring model?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It still is not listed and very well may be the same. It is likely they will end on 10/31. The old ones ended 10/02 becuase they never want these things to end/change on a weekend (prime car selling time) so they wrap them around to Monday.

    I would say on the 06 models the amounts may go up at some point or they will remove the tie in to MAC financing. Usually after that they remove the rebates give the dealers $xxxx per car as a final buy down and then it is up to the dealers to get rid of the old cars. Usually about this time, the car search on the MUSA web page quits letting you search for 06 cars and will not show anything in any dealer inventory except 07 cars :D

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The $219 deal is just a special, pre-configured lease price based on $xxxx out of pocket from you and assuming you sign over the $2,000 rebate to the dealer (and they discount the car to the proper price). It is just a starting point and often you can negotiate a better deal - same payment with less out of pocket or lower payment - but negotiating the price of the car down.

    The dealer and MAC can lease you any other mazda6 model. It may or may not be as good a deal as the special, you have to just look at the numbers and see.

    So all the deal tells you is at a participating dealer you can walk in with a certain amount of money and drive out with a certain payment (plus TTL). Of course the other models are not included in this deal, since if they offered a GT for the same price as an i everyone would pick the GT :D

    At the bottom of the specials page are the rebates with footnotes

    2006 MAZDA6 Sports Sedan and 5-Door Up to $3,000 Customer Cash

    2006 MAZDA6 Sport Wagon Up to $3,500 Customer Cash (1)(3)

    1) Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by October 2, 2006. See dealer for complete details.
    (2) Includes manufacturer's customer cash plus $500 MAC bonus cash to qualified buyers when financed through Mazda American Credit. Manufacturer's customer cash of $2,500 on all '06 MAZDA6 Sports Sedan and 5-Door; $2,000 on all '06 MPV; $3,000 on all '06 Tribute; $1,750 on all '06 B-Series.
    (3) Includes manufacturer's customer cash of $2,500 plus $1,000 MAC bonus cash to qualified buyers when financed through Mazda American Credit.

    So you can get a rebate on any 06 mazda6 the amount varies with model and if you finance with MAC.

  • How easy will it be to try to drive the dealer down to invoice for the price of a Mazda6 2006 at this time of the year? I assume I get a better deal by financing from my bank then through the MAC, but the rebates appear to end at october 2nd, will there be more incentives to come? My goal is to buy the Mazda 6 Sport (preferably the i touring or grand touring with monthly payments of $200-230 for overall invoice cost of the car. I would put $6000 down.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If they have a car you want it should be fairly easy to get invoice less all the rebates. Use the search feature on the MUSA web page to find the car like you want and then see if they have a web page. You want the "internet sales manager" or some such to deal with. Also check their online or printer specials, they can be a good indicator of their pricing.

    Mazda has update the rebate info on their web page (and as I predicted) it runs through 10/31.

    (1) Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by October 31, 2006. See dealer for complete details.
    (2) Includes manufacturer's customer cash plus $1,000 MAC bonus cash to qualified buyers when financed through Mazda American Credit. Manufacturer's customer cash of $2,500 on all '06 MAZDA6 Sports Sedan, 5-Door and Sport Wagon; $2,500 on all '06 MAZDASPEED6; $1,500 on all '06 RX-8; $3,500 on all '06 MPV; $3,000 on all '06 Tribute; $1,750 on all '06 B-Series.

    It is now $2,500 on all mazda6 models plus $1,000 for MAC financing for a total of $3,500.

    Are you talking about a sedan? The invoice for an 06 sedan grand touring is $23,372 then less the $3,500 = $19,872 plus dealer fee, tax, title, and tag. Say the dealer fee brings it to $20,100 without TTL, the MAC rate may be 8% for 60 months or higher. You pay $6k down so you would borrow $14,100. At 8% this would be $285.90 a month and this does not count your taxes and stuff. Even at a primo interest rate like 6.35% this would be $274.89 per month. So I can tell you with taxes and stuff it is not going to happen.

    If you settled on the i sport w/auto the invoice is $21,486 - $3,500 = $17,986 + dealer fee and TTL less your $6,000 down. Again without taxes this would put your payment at 8%/60 months at $247 so with taxes a bit more.

    So, you either need to settle for less car (the base 6 or maybe a mazda3), pay more down, or pay more per month, or perhaps a lease. If you do a lease, then avoid putting ANY money down at all - it makes no sense to do so.

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    The mazda site is also showing $1000 rebate on the 2007 models.
  • I read this site a lot and just finally bought my 6, so I figured I'd contribute that I just bought an '05 Mazda6 S Grand Touring automatic with 12k miles for $17.4k + tax in Central Ohio. I'm not sure which options packages it has, but it has bose, leather and no spoiler.
  • Congrats! That appaers to be an excellent price on a car that's just broken in :) What dealership in Central Ohio? I bought from Mazda Direct and had a great experience with them.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Must be a regional thing, for my ZIP code the only rebate money on any 07 model is $1,000 of the 07 b-series truck - nothing on any other 07 model. Just re-checked it - as everyone car shopping should do with their own ZIP code.

  • I'm trying to figure out the money factor and residual value but for the Mazdaspeed 6 Sport. I'm looking for a 36 or 48 month lease with 10,500 miles (lowest available)(I have a short commute). The dealer is quoting me about 350 with 1500 down. Any thoughts, info or prices paid would be really helpful.

    Thanks for your help,

  • heel2toeheel2toe Posts: 149
    According to Edmunds, the 2007 Mazda6 models have a $1000 manufacturer to dealer incentive, whereas the 2006 models have customer cash.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The factory sponsored "Deal" is for a 24 month/24k lease:

    2006 MAZDASPEED6 Sport $269/Month, 24-Month Lease, $2,544 due at Lease Signing after $3,500 cash back. Includes 1st Month's Payment and Security Deposit. Excludes taxes, title and fees. ** * The Amount due at Lease Signing is higher in the following states: Arkansas ($2,888); Kentucky ($2,991); Louisiana ($3,094); and Missouri ($3,215). ** Dealer participation required. Not all lessees will qualify for lowest payment through Mazda American Credit. Some payments higher, some lower based on residency and other factors. Lessee responsible for excess wear and mileage over 24,000 at $0.15/mile. Total payments of $6,456. Purchase option at lease end for $17,193. Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 10/31/06. See participating dealer for qualifications. Includes $500 MAC lease cash.

    Step 1 is to negotiate the price of the car. You should be paying around invoice for the car (it is a left over 06) or a little less, then take off the $2,500 rebate everyone gets. Then if you do MAC financing you get another $1,000 off and then $500 more off if you do the lease. So you are looking at invoice - $4,000 or a little less if you do a captive (MAC) lease or $2,500 under if you do not.

    Step 2 would be to decide on a term, if leasing - I would be tempted to do the 24 month "special" lease to try out the car. At lease end, you can buy it for $17k or just turn it in and get something new. Otherwise I would go for the 36 month lease. 48 months is a LONG time and it can be very difficult and expensive to get out of a lease should you decide you want something else.

    Invoice on the speed6 sport is $26,393 so $23,893 w/o MAC, $22,893 with MAC financing, and $22,393 with a MAC lease.

    Step 3 would be to get a firm lease quote based on your negotiated price and selected term. Check the residual to see how "real world" it is and see what money factor you are offered. You are not limited to what the dealer offers you, either. You can go through a lease broker like LeaseCompare and they will buy your new car at the price you negotiated and then lease it to you. On a left over 06 model that is a slow seller, captive lease banks like MAC will likely be cheaper - but you should still get a quote so you can know how good or bad the dealer's offer is. At the link for LeaseCompare you can get an instant and free online quote. Based on a 730 score, $28,555 sticker and $23,893 purchase price on 06 speed6 comes up $400/mo for 36 months or $390/mo for 39 months with residuals just under $14k.

    If the dealer does not disclose the money factor (it normally never appears in a lease contract anyway) if you post the rest of the numbers we should be able to solve for it.

    Keep in mind on the lease special (or any other lease) the amount you put down is up to you and just changes the monthly cost. Also some or all of the $2,544 due at signing on the MUSA lease special can be made up in discounts from the dealer. So you might be able to do a lease that cheap for nearly nothing out of pocket. MUSA does not show the new cap cost on their lease deals which makes that something we can't figure.

  • I just bought a 2007 Mazda 6i 5-door sports value edition with cargo net and wheel locks for $18388 + dealer fee and TTL. Does that sound like a reasonable price paid?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Automatic or manual? How much was the "dealer fee"? Is there a rebate or cash to dealer in your area? (2007 has $1000 rebate in my area, others have said there is $1000 cash to dealer, and some have said that there is neither)

    But, why ask...when it is too late to do anything about it ;) :confuse:
  • It was automatic, and OTD price was $21K.

    "But, why ask...when it is too late to do anything about it"
    I'm just curious.
  • *edit: $21K - $1000 rebate applied as down payment.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Well it still is not real clear what you really paid, since you did not quantify the "dealer fee"... but according to edmunds invoice on automatic hatchback SVE is 20,327 minus $1000 would be $19,327.

    Unless there were some outlandish fees added on or there are some hidden incentives, hard to believe they would sell for $1000 less than this.
  • Bought an 06s leftover demo with 5k on it. Bought it for 500 under invoice plus the 3500 rebates. Price was $18935. Feel like I got a great deal. I love the car. The dealer I bought from is fantastic. My wife has an MPV and this dealer has always given us great service. Part of the reason I chose the 6. They have a great service department. They also gave me $7300 for my trade. Two other dealers told me $5500 was most they could do.

    Bought at Faulkner Mazda, Northeast Philadelphia.
  • Congrats rickypaul! Isn't it surprising how some dealers can be so much better than others? My wife and I got our MPV and Mazda6s from the same dealer, and in each case they gave us a great deal on the purchase price and trade-in; significantly more than other dealers. It definitely pays to shop around.
  • I just purchased a 2006 Mazda6i 4cly 5M today, which is probably the last 4cly one of our local dealer. The paying price is $14990+tax after all the incentives. It seems to be the lowest price I have ever seen here, but considering this is a very base model and 4 cyl I think the price is reasonable. The car has 71 miles on it, so I guess some ppl might have test driven it before.

    so far the shift feels ok to me, I saw someone here mentioned a clutch burn out after 45k miles in his Mazda6, which suprised me a lot. usually a clutch should be able to work for at least 100k miles. anyway, good luck to my mazda6. zoom~zoom~
  • Do not waste your time on Grecco Mazda... unless you like being treated as an idiot!
  • By base I mean the Sports Sedan. I wanted to get the VE, but wife wanted the color and that was the only one in it. Come to think of it, down the road replacing 17" tires would be more then 16" anyway.
    The price, quoted over the internet, was $17,400 and some change + TTL (6% and about $120 in fees), MSRP was $20,395. Included in the price were $1000 cash back and $1000 bonus cash if financed through Mazda Credit which we did. The $995 off the MSRP came from special dealer pricing, which pretty much meant invoice - incentives. Buying experience was excellent, and that's the first time I say that, although we didn't get offered a coffee or a drink, shame ;) Bought it from Hamilton Mazda in Irwin, PA. I threw them a curve ball to make the deal. My wife's old car needed a detail job, so when the infamous "what would it take to...." qustion came, I said, full detail on that Alero will do it. Just picked it up this morning and it looks brand new. As far as the 6 goes, I am yet to drive it (it's 5 days already), but I do like it as a passanger. Wife doesn't like it, she misses her lemon Alero... she will come around once she can zoom zoom, after break in period is over.
    I just wanted to mention, that I got another internet quote from local dealer and it was 19,300 and included $2000K cash back, but did not include TTL.

    Last thing, more of a warning:
    I though I did my research, but apparently I didn't consider insurance to be a factor. My agent gave me a little shocker the next day, when it turns out that 6 is high on insurance. The Alero is a 13, and the 6 is 18, which translates to $350 more a year for full coverage. I guess the zoom zoom doesn't help in this case, nor the Sport Sedan in the name. Makes me think, if that 5 star rating and all the safty gear that 6 has really mean anything to the insurance companies.
  • I was a little shocked when I got my insurance quote for my Grand Sport V6 Mazda6 as well. I found out from my insurance agent that the reason for the spike in the rates was because there are so many more airbags on the Mazda6 compared to my other vehicle (a Chevy Equinox). More airbags = higher rates because more airbags to replace (if they deploy) if you get in an accident.
  • You numbers do not jive with reality!

    '06 Speed6 Sports have been selling between 7-8.5k off MSRP for months! I have also seen '06 Mazda6 about $8k off too. Invoice less incentives is only a starting point for dealers at this stage of the game.
  • '06 Speed6 Sports have been selling between 7-8.5k off MSRP for months! I have also seen '06 Mazda6 about $8k off too. Invoice less incentives is only a starting point for dealers at this stage of the game.

    Check post dates before engaging fingers.
  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Hello all,

    I have a final offer of $17,500 (roughly $7,000 off the sticker) for a 2006 6s. This is a auto in silver with grey cloth interior, also with no options. Price is including destination, but no taxes and fees. It is including the $1,000 MAC Cash. I think I could push them for another $500-what are your thoughts?
  • lobelobe Posts: 10
    In September I bought a 2006 6S version with the manual transmission, cloth interior, and no options. I paid 17,800 with destination and fees, and not tax. That was 3,500 in incentives at the time, plus was $500 below invoice. I am guesstimating that the automatic would add about $800 to $900 to the invoice. So that would have been $18,600. Say that included about $200 for fees. So $18,400. And you are at $17,500. So I would think that is a very excellent price. But seeing what time of year it is, I wouldn't be bashful for going for another $500. And here is what I would tell them: "OK, if you don't want to go for that price, then I will just wait until August or September of this year and come back and see you. Because the 2008 Mazda6 is going to be dramatically different. So whatever 2007's are left, Mazda will have to do huge incentives again to get rid of the 'out-of-date' models. And you will have to be dealing, too, to move them. So I'll see you in a few months and we can talk these same prices again at that time. I'll be in touch."

    The 2008 is supposed to have the new Ford/Mazda 3.5liter V-6 engine. And it is supposed to be roomier in the back seat. And the styling has changed--substantially as I recall.

    I used that same logic last September regarding the 2006 I got, and I didn't have to haggle or argue. I just named the price and told them to tell me yes or no, and if no, I'll see you in fall of 2007.

    Let us know what happens. Honestly, either way, in my opinion you are getting a lot of car for that price. But, hey, $500 is $500.
  • saabskisaabski Posts: 57
    Thanks for your input. We did buy the 2006 Mazda 6S automatic this Monday. And I actually did about $1,375 better than $17,500 that the dealer had quoted. It is a base White 6S sedan with black cloth interior. It also had a six speed auto, wheel locks, and sports grill added for $24,600 (including destination). The dealer gave me $2,750 in rebates and $4,250 in discounts. Then by going with Mazda American Credit, they were able to take additional $1,000 off! ;) I know, MAC finance rate is rather high at 9%, but I will refinance with local credit union in three months for 6% or so. All in all, the purchase price was $16,225-almost $8,375 off original MSRP! This is absolutely the best deal that I ever had on any vehicle! A V-6 midsize import nicely equipped for a price of Toyota Corolla LE! Mazda has really done a great packaging on this car-curtain airbags, Traction control & ABS, and a smooth V6 are all standard! Love the punchy V6 and way it hugs the road. On another matter, we did ask the dealer for a free window tint, and they refused rather politely-explaining that they are barely making anything on the car. ;) Anyways, I appreciate everyone's input, and look forward to talking with you guys again in about 15,000 miles.
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