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Lexus RX 330



  • dorothykdorothyk Posts: 31
    Where did you see elevation and altitude information? If it was in the upper left hand corner of the map view screen, that number is the map scale not the altitude.
  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    No it was on the top right hand corner. I was asking the salesman to show me the new navagation. I have an 04 with the older nav in it. As he was showing it to me it made me think of a post on here where someone was asking if it showed altitude & elevation. He showed me it when we were looking at it. Trust me it does show it. If you question what I am saying call up or go to a local Lexus dealer and see it for youself. Im 100% positive it has it.
  • dorothykdorothyk Posts: 31
    Sorry if you misread my tone. I own a 2005 RX 330 and have read the navigation manual a few times. Obviously, I missed this nice feature. Do you by chance remember what screen the information was on? I still cannot find any altitude data on my system.
  • elixiselixis Posts: 1
    Prodn starts in Sep 06. The engine is likely to be bigger - 3.5 liter is what the journals say. Expect to hit the market soon after.
  • gardencargardencar Posts: 293
    Hey, legendman. Great helpful info on the complete TSB's and tire choices.

    About AWD, I would get it. Whether you get snow or not in your area, I know that even in SoCal, it rains. I know this year you guys got drenched! AWD is great to have on slippery asphalt when it's raining. Besides, it's better to have it and maybe not need it, than to need it and not have it. So, I'd get it! ( I did.)
  • This morning, while doing about 75 on windy I-10 in the Palm Springs area, I heard a sudden loud metallic banging noise coming from the right rear. On stopping for inspection, I found that the black plastic trim piece around the far aft triangular window had come mostly loose and was banging against the upper fender. The trim piece is positioned by three plastic studs and fastened by double-sided tape. I've replaced it using new sticky tape, but am wondering if I should have the dealer look at it. Any experience or opinions on this?
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Doesn't that quote also apply to horsepower? ("Better to have lots of it and maybe not need it...")

    Hey, gardencar! Good to hear from you after all these months.

    Whether AWD or FWD, I wouldn't want to drive an SUV without dynamic stability control. (I believe Lexus refers to this feature as "VSC".) I've read several reports that conclude Dynamic Stability Control plays a major role in preventing single vehicle accidents and, most importantly, rollovers. I'm sure AWD helps further, especially in circumstances when controlled acceleration is required on slick surfaces. Here in AZ, I think we're ok with 2WD.
  • louiein99louiein99 Posts: 33
    Quick question. I have checked the Lexus website as well as several others trying to determine whether the RX330 is supposed to get premium or regular unleaded fuel. I thought I had it figured out...the FWD receives regular and the AWD receives premium. But, then during my search I found sites that contradict each other and even themselves. Edmunds even mentions that it is regular in one spot, but then a review says that it takes premium. Thanks
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Our Standard Features pages say both 2005 models require regular unleaded fuel and you should be able to confirm this by reading the label on the fuel flap or looking in the owner's manual. (AWD link)

    The 2004's required premium - maybe this is the review you saw that mentioned this.

    I'm sure actual owners in here can verify this as well. (hint) ;)

    Steve, Host
  • '05 RXs specs call for regular unleaded.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    Here's what my 2005 RX 330 owner's manual says, verbatim:


    "Fuel Selection:
    Select Octane Rating 87 (Research Octane Number 91) or higher. For improved vehicle performance, the use of premium unleaded gasoline with an Octane Rating 91 (Research Octane Number 96) or higher is recommended."

    My manual has "2005 TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION" printed on the back cover. The letters "kU-4" are prominently printed in bold black letters on the upper right portion of the back cover.

    Do they mean that we are to "select" (choose) an octane rating of 87 or higher, or does "select" mean something else in this context, like a technical term?
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    "Anyone know the difference between a "Select Octane Rating and a Research Octane Rating"?"

    I believe they are telling you to"select" octane rating 87. This is the pump Octane (M+R)/2

    This may help explains the way octane #s are calculated

    link title Scroll down a couple of pages to see the calculator
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The What about fuel types & gas mileage? discussion may also be of interest. Check out this post if you don't want to skim the whole board:

    shipo, "What about fuel types & gas mileage?" #136, 2 Apr 2005 11:42 am

    Steve, Host
  • louiein99louiein99 Posts: 33
    Thanks for all of the info guys, and Steve you were right on with the review I referred to. Not to beat a dead horse, but in reference to the guy with the manual. So by using regular, we should not expect to attain Lexus' performance claims? Or should we expect to exceed the performance noted by Lexus and others if we choose premium? Finally, isn't the RX330 basically the same mechanically from '04 to '05, so why would the fuel recommendation change from one year to the ploy??? By the way, I am in the market for an 04 or 05 luxury SUV and naturally I am trying to learn as much as possible about all of my front runners (BMW X3 and X5, Volvo XC90, MDX, Treg...would check out the Infiniti FX, but my brother already beat me to that one) first.
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    OK, I followed the link thanks. But, I still don't know which fuel to use because we don't know the MON number they tell you to plug in to their calculator.

    So, bottom line, will this 2005 RX run ok on 89 octane (at the pump) or do we need 91 for performance AND mileage?
  • legendmanlegendman Posts: 362
    Here's a link to a very helpful article explaining gasoline and octane ratings:
  • louiein99louiein99 Posts: 33
    Next Question. I am debating on the upgrade to 18" tires. Do these size tires affect miles per gallon? Also, what about the the air suspension option (sport package). Bottomline, do either of these features increase or decrease gas mileage when compared to the 17" tires or a vehicle without the air suspension package? If anyone has a quick explanation of the best way to utilize the air suspension option when driving, I am all ears as well. Thanks in advance.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    Technically speaking, the larger the tire the less the rpm that it would require to travel the same distance (tire rpm, not engine rpm). Whether it would actually reduce gas consumption or not, is anybody's guess!

    I believe the air suspension system will improve mainly the handling of the vehicle, then secondarily the gas mileage (depending on how you drive). The suspension has basically three settings for traveling: LOw, Normal, HIgh. The LO will offer you the best handling, and probably the gas mileage as well, because it lowers the vehicle by about 0.6" than the normal height (even though when the vehicle goes faster than 62 mph, it would lower itself automatically by 0.3" anyway). Hope it's helpful!
  • jfzjfz Posts: 45
    Has anyone removed the cross-bars on the current RX330? Additionally, can the rails be removed; and is there a replacement part for the attachment points?

    Is there a significant reduction in wind noise with removal of these accessaries?
  • jfzjfz Posts: 45
    I solved the cross-bar question. The endcaps of the rood rail snap off by sliding longitudinally. I removed the cross-bars from the rear after removing the endcap and removing the remaining screw from each side. I have not driven the RX330 , but I have noticed a significant reduction in wind noise with prior minivans.

    Has anyone removed the entire roof rail?
  • All,

    Is this option available in the 2005 models at all? It would be a shame if Acura and MB have it but the Lexus doesn't.

  • mmm1mmm1 Posts: 54
    Just bought an RX 330 this weekend. Have a very unimportant question but am curious about this. There is an "adapter tray" in the center console box between the two front seats. It has very unusual partitioning inside it and there is no mention in the owners manual as to what it is for. Just says to remove it, pull up, which I did. Salesman didn't know what it was for (surprise, surprise). Anyone know what this is? Perhaps something to do with the DVD entertainment system which I didn't get? Thanks. Thanks also to all for the helpfull info that I read prior to buying. Replaced an RX 300. Good move.
  • kenlex41kenlex41 Posts: 18
    Hey mmm1, I was wondering the same thing. It doesn't really fit anything well. I figured out the the low shallow try fits my gas credit card well, though.
  • mmm1mmm1 Posts: 54
    A couple years ago when I had another model of Lexus someone posted a link to get the Cbest settings. Does anyone know what that link might be. Need settings for 2003 LS 430 and 2005 RX 330. Thanks.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "Seeking to build customer loyalty, upscale brands Lexus and Mercedes-Benz last week unveiled their new affinity credit cards."

    Lexus and Mercedes-Benz Launch Credit Cards (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • finch3finch3 Posts: 113
    I assure you that 87 octane, regular gas will work fine in the RX330. Don't waste money with different formulations, especially with these high gas prices.
  • sssstevessssteve Posts: 49
    Yes - 87 works. I just find that the car runs much, much better with a higher octane. Seems to like Chevron. Depends on my (finacial) mood when I pull up to the pump I guess!
  • louiein99louiein99 Posts: 33
    Speaking of high gas prices, what kind of mileage are owners getting in the AWD version. I know what the EPA estimates are for the AWD, but lets get real. I am pretty sure the 2004 RX330 road test said Edmunds observed 16mpg.

    In city and mixed driving, what are you guys getting?

    Also, Lexus claims 7.8 seconds 0-60, but is anyone actually attaining this?
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    Interesting. We use 87 also but don't notice any difference when trying 91 here in so. CA.
  • johngreisjohngreis Posts: 70 Then click on # 1
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