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Porsche Boxster and Boxster S



  • I am new to the Porsche world as well. Right now I am looking at a 2004 Boxster. Any idea on how much of a discount I could expect on that? The price on the lot is $40,300. How much lower do you think they would be willing to go?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I don't have much of a feel for the 2004 Boxster prices - but they should be at least $8-10k off list, since the 2005 is a very dramatic improvement in both performance and interior quality.
  • What are these Edmunds Test drivers on????
  • lorin5lorin5 Posts: 5
    I'm considering a 2001 Boxster, dark blue, excellent condition, 30,176 miles (Warranty 50/50). I've never owned Porsche before, so a little nervous ab maintenance cost (I noticed in JD power long-term 3:5 rating for mechanical). Considering offer 25k for certified pre-owned (fair price?). maintenance costs are a concern (noticed buzz on chat re oil and engine), so considering extending warranty via Warranty Direct ($2140 w/$200 deductible 4yrs/100k miles). can someone tell me what i might expect to pay for annual maintenance (I'm guessing $1k/year). thanks!
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'm heading towards buying either a new 2005 Boxster S or 2006 911 S, so don't take what I am about to say as anti-Porsche.

    If maintenance costs are a major concern, I would suggest that you at least consider a brand new Honda S2000 for around $30k in lieu of a 4-5 year old base Boxster for $25k. The Honda will significantly outperform the 2001 base Boxster (is a closer match to the older Boxster S) and will go for the next 4-5 years and 30k+ miles on oil changes and a cheap occassional routine service. I had a 2002 S2000 for 2.5 years and 18k miles and my grand total for maintenance was a whopping $300.

    I really like the new Boxster S, with its much improved interior and performance. And I'm prepared to pay nearly $60k for it, or nearly $100k for the 997 Cab S. But unless you have a real need for the "Porsche" label in your garage, you might want to check out the Honda S2000. In my opinion, it remains the most frugal way of experienced exceptional performance without exceptional maintenance.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    A 2-3 year old 'vette is not a expensive car to maintain or buy either.

    I still want a boxster, though. ;)
  • Hi I am looking at a used Porsche Boxter at a used car dealer in the Chicago area (Villa Park, IL). Does anyone know some good porsche specialists/mechanics in the Chicago area? I'm looking for one to do a pre-sale inspection. If u know any, I'd greatly appreciate the info. Thanks in advance!
  • brit4brit4 Posts: 2
    The Boxster cames with a radio code card (looks like a credit card) should come in the Owner's Manual. I also have a 1999, and know well that 9k is a reasonable price to rebuild it to a "new" engine. This is not really a new engine, but the cost of completely remanufacturing the old one. Knowing the problems Porsche had with the 1998's and 1999's engines, I bought a used complete 2000, very low mileage engine for less than $2,000.00 from an enthusiast that had swapped his out for a carrera engine. It might take you a while, but you should be able to do this just as I did. My old engine has now done 105k and is still running great. I did snap a serpentine belt, replaced two ox sensors, have changed the oil and filters regularly, etc. It always starts right up, runs smooth, and is darn fast. If you can snag a used engine, you should save about 5k on the swap out, or if you swap out the clutch as well, 4.5k.
    This is not my first Porsche, and I am lucky to have a local Porsche certified mechanic that just loves this car. My maintenance costs have been running me less than $1,500.00 per year - including oil changes. (The two ox sensors ran me about $800.00). I'd like to get a new soft top. Of course, if you want to sell your car as it is .....................
  • dyldyl Posts: 18
    Got an offer for a 2005 S with 6000 miles - invoice was 56000, MRSP was 64300 and now asking 54000. Is it a good price ? if not how much should it be ?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    That's a decent price, but not great. There are a fair number of brand new 2005 Boxster S's out there that can be had for $6,000+ under MSRP. You would be saving an additional $4,000+/- by going the used route. I wouldn't, but that's because I like new cars that I know I have taken care of the car myself since day one.
  • Looking at both models. Have driven the base vehicle w/Tip and loved it. If I had to complain, I'd say it was a little underpowered off the line. (I've read it's because the Tip starts out in 2nd gear). I live in SW FL where you can spend a good deal of time in traffic and don't think I want to shift. The paddle shifters on my test drive were lots of fun though.

    The reviews I've read say you HAVE to go with the S. Others have said the base is plenty fast and the ride is much firmer in the S.

    If I go back to my younger days, I remember my two Corvettes and enjoying the small block more, maybe because you had know the torque curve and pick your spots instead of brute power.

    Would appreciate any input.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    May I respectfully encourage you to try the 5/6-speed manual transmissions before you go with either the Boxster or Boxster S. All of the serious reviews I've seen of the Tiptronic give it poor marks.

    We live in the DC area, not exactly known for mild traffic, and neither my wife nor I owned an automatic transmission until our 2005 MDX. That's in a total of 62 years combined driving between us. My wife drove a 5-speed Isuzu Trooper as the kidmobile for 8 years and 85,000 miles before the MDX and, had the MDX come in a smooth shifting 6-speed like my Acura TL, that would have been her choice. Heavy traffic has never been any less annoying to us in an automatic, nor any more difficult to take in a manual.

    I say this because I seriously believe the Boxster is a far better sports car with the manual transmission. The performance numbers of the base Boxster with the manual nearly match the Boxster S with the Tiptronic.

    So, before you spend $3k+ on a slushbox and another $8k on an upgraded Boxster S engine to compensate for the slushbox, try the real thing. You might like it enough to save yourself $11k. I'd still go for the Boxster S myself, if I hadn't cut a deal tonight for a 2005 911 Cab S.

    P.S. The suspension and ride on the Boxster S is highly civilized. I have not driven a base Boxster, but if it were any softer, I'd be concerned. The PASM option of the Boxster S I drove adds another dimension to the handling, and gives you a sport and normal otpion to suit your preferences.
  • Thanks for your insight. I will definitely test drive a 5 speed base Boxster before I make a decision.

    Am curious how the Boxster S and 911 S compared?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "Am curious how the Boxster S and 911 S compared?"

    Well, now that as of 10:00 p.m. last night I am the proud owner of a 911 S Cabriolet, I guess I should say "they don't compare!". ;)

    Seriously, the Boxster S and 911 S are each exceptional, but different cars. The 911 S is bigger and heavier, and considerably more powerful. The Boxster S is exceptionally nimble (especially with the PASM/sport chrono) and handles more like a highly refined version of my old Honda S2000. I like that. If I were single and didn't have two daughters that look really cute in the backseat of a 911, I think I would be very happy with a Boxster S. But alas, I had to spend the extra bucks to get a family car.
  • Your the only person I've ever heard describe a 911 S and a "family car". Well, I'm married, but no kids. I went back to the dealer today and drove a base boxter w/5 speed and the only car he had w/Tip was an S.

    Sorry to report sir, but I had way more fun shifting the Tip on the steering wheel in manual mode. Can't really explain it. At 55 years old, I guess my manual days are behind me. It was interesting. The dealer said about 85-90% of his customers preferred the stick, so I'm definitely in the minority.

    But, am not prepared to drop the extra bucks for the S. The search continues.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    You're my hero! Congrats on that beautiful new 911 Carrera S Cabriolet! Enjoy it (I know you will)!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    Thanks much. I certainly don't deserve "hero" status, but I do appreciate your kind words.


    To each their own on the manula vs. automatic/Tiptronic transmissions. I don't think my manual days will ever be behind me, but never say never, and I just heard that Ferrari may do away with the "traditional" 6-speed in lieu of their F1 transmission for future iterations of the 430.

    Obviously, I am a Porsche fan, but if you are broadening your search, have you considered the SLK280/350? It's definitely not as much of a true sports car as the Boxster, but it's considerably better than the older model. I have only driven the 350, but I understand from someone that the 280 is still pretty peppy with an automatic.

    Also, as you compare prices, keep in mind that there are still quite a few new 2005 Boxsters and Boxster S's out there. A discount of 10%+/- is readily achievable, if you shop. The Boxster S's that I was considering had sticker prices of $60,600 and $63,500 and I could have bought them for $54,500 and $57,000 respectively. Good luck


    Thanks to all that put up with my Boxster Vs. 911 vs. Boxster debate with myself over the last couple of months. The Edmunds forums were very helpful to my decision and I appreciate all of the insights, comments and good humor that you all offered. Free rides to anyone that makes it to the DC area! :)
  • A buddy of mine also suggested looking at the SLK. I have never been much of a Mercedes fan, but in fairness to myself, I should take a test drive.

    Because I have been focusing on leasing a vehicle, I have been looking at the monthly payment instead of negotiating the price. But it's difficult to push too hard until the evaluation period is over and you definitely know what you want.
    10% off sticker, good to know...
  • So i decided on a boxster but I am having a hard time justifying the upgrade to a Boxster S. My current car is a chipped S4 with 310hp and 366lbft of torque so i am used to power. I'm afraid that the Boxster will not be fast enough but $10k is a lot of money. I would go with an s2000 but i don't fit at 6'4"! Now I'm looking at 60K before taxes and high service costs. I can probably afford it but will i be happy with the base or will I long for that 40hp on the S?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I suspect your post will get moved to the Boxster/Boxster S forum, but since it hasn't yet, here's my response:

    Get the Boxster S.

    I owned a 2002 S2000 and, although the base Boxster now has 240 hp, it doesn't feel as quick as my old S2000. The 280 hp Boxster S that I thought I was going to buy was 2-3 rungs up the ladder in all regards - acceleration and handling. The added torque is probably more significant than the increased horsepower. The Boxster S was a brand new Speed Yellow 2005, with sport chrono, 19" Carrerra S wheels, PASM, sport steering wheel, sport seats, and the preferred package plus. Stickered at $63,480 and I could have gotten it for $57,000 even ($6,500 discount). That is a nearly fully loaded car. You should be able to do the same or even slightly better on any remaining 2005's.

    I think if this was someone's first sports car, the base Boxster would be adequate. But if you are coming out of a performance car, the difference between the Boxster S and Boxster is significant. Probably more so than the difference between the 911 (325hp) and 911 S (355 hp), and I still paid about $6k additional (factoring just the engine difference) for the latter.

    P.S. Regarding "high service costs", Porsche has increased their service intervals to 20,000 miles. In fairness, I expect to pay more than the $330 in total service for 2.5 years and 19k miles on my Honda S2000, but not anywhere near the "exotic" prices of some sports cars. And reliability, assuming proper break in, appears very good.
  • I have an opportunity to buy a 2004 Boxster with 5800 miles at 30K. I got excited about the price, but then when I do an Edmunds appraisal, it lists it as 33K private seller with "typical" options added. I've been told Edmunds is conservative on their appraisals, much more so than, say, NADA.

    I still think it's a good deal, but not as good as I had thought originally.
  • I am new to the Porsche experience but am excitedly on the way to owning my first one... a Boxster! I have an offer from a dealer in my area (southern CA) and was wondering if some of the more experienced members of the forum could give their opinions on the price:

    2005 Boxster manual transmission
    red exterior/beige interior
    Bose upgrade
    colored crest on wheels
    heated seats
    msrp: $48500 negotiated: $47750 (including taxes, license, etc... out the door)

    is this a fair deal? Or am I better off spending a bit more for a 2006? There's a 2006 with the same options plus xenon lights, 18" wheel, and Tiptronic for msrp $52485 (havent negotiated final price yet). ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, it seems like the consensus is Tiptronic is a downfall in this forum but my dealer said that in southern CA, since stop and go traffic is a big deal, the Tiptronic is actually preferred??? Fishy??
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    On your 2005 Boxster deal, how much of an actual discount are you getting off the MSRP? It is impossible to tell, since you are comparing MSRP to "out the door" price and I don't know what the taxes, tags, etc. are in California. But, if you are getting anything less than a 10-11% discount on the 2005, you need to push harder. The 2006's are here and there is plenty of inventory of leftover base Boxster's to choose from. Go to Porsche's homepage and you can see each dealer's inventory.

    On the 2005 vs. 2006, I would say the increase in list price (3% +/-) is worth getting a newer model year, all else being equal. But in my case, I got a great deal on a new 2005 911 S Cab, that no one would come close to for a made to order 2006. With the Boxster, the supply of 2006's is already pretty high, so you may be able to get a good discount, even on a 2006.

    Tiptronic: Unless you have had your left foot amputated, please, get a stick. You will save yourself $3k+, get much better performance - especially out of a base boxster - and will have a more desireable car on resale. Your dealer is feeding you a line to sell an undesireable car. We live in Washington DC and in 30 years of driving, my 5'1" 105 lb wife never drove an automatic until we broke down and replaced our SUV with an MDX earlier this year. And if Acura offered a 6-speed like the one in my TL, she would have paid extra for it. So the idea that stop and go traffic is a reason to put a performance sapping slushbox in a sports car is just B.S. Period.

    P.S. Come to think of it, amputation is no excuse for a Tiptronic. A guy I played softball with had lost his leg below the knee in a boating accident and he could still play center field better than me. My apologies to any amputees that I might have offended.
  • I dont know if this will help with your decision. I just bought a new 05 boxster on 17(september) with the HID headlights, upgraded bose, and the navigation system. I paid 47,000 even for it. Sticker price was a few dollars short of 53,000. I hope it helps with your decision.

    If I could make a comment about the Boxster versus Boxster S decision.
    There is no doubt that you can really tell the performance difference between driving the two. After buying the non S version and driving it through the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas I realized that at 52 years old I dont have the reflexes I had at 25 and having the non rocket version is probably going to add years to my lifespan. The Standard boxer has more ability than I have skill so the extra 10,000 dollars on the price tag would not have been utilized in my case anyway.

  • Just starting to research. 1st - I'm 6'5", 240 lbs. Tough to get a handle on specs online, but I remember I couldn't fit in a 1999. I've read the later models are bigger? 2nd - car would need to be a daily driver. Some stop and go traffic and NJ/NY winters and want a manual. Edmunds review states not a daily driver. 3rd - somewhat price conscious, so thinking used or maybe lease for newer model. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'm 5'7" and 160, so I can't help you on the fit. Nor am I aware if the 2005 redesign increased any interior dimensions.

    However, I would personally disagree with Edmunds if they think the Boxster is not capable of being a daily driver. I came very close to buying a 2005 Boxster S. I owned a 2002 Honda S2000. The S2000 was a great little sports car and offers tremendous value, but as a daily driver, many would find the high rpm, low torque engine a bit too noisy and high strung. The Boxster S on the other hand, had ample torque, and was much quieter and downright luxurious inside compared to the S2000 - without compromising its world class handling and performance. When I did buy a 911 Cab S a couple of weeks ago, the dealer mentioned that he had taken a 1999 Boxster with 160k miles in on trade for a 911. Somebody else obviously thinks the Boxster is a daily driver. The base model doesn't offer the torque of the S, but if you stick with a manual transmission, it still has adequate power and performance.

    That said, you will likely need snow tires and rims, or, my preference, a third car to serve as a winter beater for the worst weather.

    Hope this helps a little.
  • Thanks for the info. I also appreciate the comments on base model. I'm sure the performance would be great given I'm driving a big sedan now. It's also strange I can't find interior specs for "head and legroom" even on Porsche site.

    Also curious if you had any thoughts on used models and maintenance. Doesn't appear the cars have changed much year to year. Although the 2005 Edmunds Long Term Test review does state more room for taller drivers. I've read reliability is pretty good for Porsche even at higher mileage.

    Thanks again.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    6’ 5” is really pushing it for a Boxster or any roadster. I’d simply go sit in it and drive it, testing it for fit and basic comfort before doing any more paper research and getting your hopes up. Also, most Porsches are second or third cars. You really have to be cut from certain cloth to have one as your only car and drive it in the winter.
  • I'm 6'4 and fit nicely in the boxster. However, i am only 175lbs. Your fit might be different. My brother at 6'7 does not fit but he can drive it. The boxster is the only roadster i fit well in. I can fit in a corvette but my head hits the roll bar in the back if I lean back. This could be a safety issue so i had to eliminate the corvette. This daily driver thing has me worried. I am really looking for a GT car but i don't fit in the mercedes. This is my only car though i might get a beater for snow ( I live in california and like to ski). Though i love cars that handle i don't normally push a car around corners. I like power but don't drive exceptionally fast. Is this the right car for me or should i get another fast 4 door for comfort. Maybe i should wait for the cayman and get a roof. I've done the convertible thing and it has its ups and downs. I LOVE driving the boxster but will i tire of it and end up with a 60k mistake. btw, I'm looking at $6000 off 2005 and $4000 off 2006 without haggling too much. Some dealers have a fit if you talk price. I skip those.
  • Thanks, habitat1! I actually ended up getting a different boxster from another dealership. I got 17% off msrp and the out-the-door price was still 11% below msrp. If others are looking for new 2005's, this is the kind of reduction you should be expecting as well I guess. I am now the happy owner of a manual boxster! Glad to join the club! :P
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