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Porsche Boxster and Boxster S



  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Oh, that's not nice!! Your first Porsche and you got a deal about 5-6% better than I was quoted!

    Congratulations on a hell of a deal. 17% is more than the full mark-up (about 12-13%) on the car, so unless they played some funny business on you - like $3,000 pinstripes - you managed to get the car under dealer cost. And you got the right transmission to boot.

    Enjoy your new ride.
  • flugelflugel Posts: 34
    What dealership in which city (and phone number)? I'm looking for a leftover 2005 boxster S with tiptronic. Any leads?

    The dealer in Fairfax, VA only would give me $1200 off on a 2006 w tiptronic and Xenon and heated seats. He wanted $61,400 after discount(it was $62,400). He had already installed a $1,000 option called "Road Block" which is suppose to prevent road and stone chips since it provides a clear vinyl like coat over the front hood instead of the unsightly bra.

    Where should I buy from near Northern Virginia and how do I get $6,000 off a 2005 S WITH tiptronic AND WHERE DO I LOOK?

    None of the places (on the internet) I have looked show the dealers inventory with the itemized price of each car (like it does with American cars).

    Please advise asap as I'm getting the impulse to do something soon.

    Don't hesitate to e-mail me privately or give me your phone number, especially if you live in Northern virginia.


  • I JUST Got a 2000 BOXTER... everything seems to be going well, i was just wondering what i should be looking out for... any problems whatsoever?? cause originally i wanted a Audi TT but heard many problems with it so i decided to take the BOXTER....please help thanks
  • Sorry, Flugel. I'm on the other side of the country, southern California. I went to a dealership in San Diego... which was a 100 mile trek from where I live but I suppose it was worth it! Are you sure the dealerships in your area don't list prices online? Quite a few of them here list inventory and msrp (including options added). From the Porsche website I just searched 100 miles away from my city and it lists all the dealerships and takes you to their websites with just a click. Actually, I just looked at the 6 dealerships in Virginia right now for you and they all have prices listed online...
    With Tiptronic it may be a bit harder to get a deal... at least it is here where I live. Most (if not all) of the 2005's I saw were manual transmission. I probably got such a great bargain cause the car I got was probably a customized order that the customer ultimately passed on. It only had 15 miles on it when I got it so I'm guessing that the options it had turned a lot of customers off the price (close to $57k for a manual base Boxster IS a bit much... even w/nav, Makassar wood, power seats, xenon, etc etc).
  • Habitat1, you mean those pinstripes and clear bra shouldn't have cost $5000??? Just kidding. I think I did manage to get an awesome deal.
    One question, how come sometimes when I'm stopped (ie idling at a traffic light), it's very difficult to get the gear shift from neutral to 1st gear? Happened a couple of times. It literally would not go into the first gear slot... had to do a bit of fidgeting and jiggling. Normal? I havent driven a stick for about 6 years so am I just being nitpicky? Maybe I have to break it in....
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282


    Porsche USA

    Click on "Find a Dealer" and put in your zip code and 250 or 500 mile radius. Then start clicking away to check each dealers inventory. For what it's worth, I contacted or visited all 4 dealers in the immediate DC area - HBL, Rockville, Arlington, Tischer - and none wanted to deal much on a 911 Cab.. Prior to deciding on the 911, I almost bought a 2005 Boxster S from HBL. But they only reluctantly matched the discount I had gotten elsewhere and still didn't seem that interested in closing the deal. I bought my 911 from Porsche of Hunt Valley, in the Baltimore area.

    Also, the bad news is that you are looking for a 2005 Boxster S w/Tiptronic. I know of several dealers that will not order or accept any Tiptronic cars, except by customer order, with a substantial deposit. So the supply of leftover 2005 Tiptronics is much more limited than 6-speeds. The good news is that, if you do find one that you want, you may have even better bargaining position than on a 6-speed, since it may be viewed by the dealer as a white elephant.

    On the Tiptronic, I am sure you have your reasons. However, FWIW, I found the 6-speed Boxster S exceptionally smooth and easy to drive, even in heavy traffic. The Tip costs $3,400 and reduces the performance of the Boxster S to the base Boxster. Not to mention it will have diminished resale value compared to a 6-speed. My wife would have castrated me if I got "our" 911 with a Tip. I just mention this in the event you are flexible in transmission choice.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Well, congratulations again on a great deal. :)

    On the 1st gear engagement difficulty, I wouldn't call that "normal" if it happens frequently. I have had 1-2 occassions in 1,100 miles on my 911 where it didn't slip into first easily; however, I am still getting used to reverse being to the left of first and chalk it up to my missing the slot.

    I'd call the dealer now to put them on notice that, if it continues, you want them to check it out. But my guess is that you are just a little rusty.
  • barbbbarbb Posts: 1
    I'm thinking about buying a 2002 Boxster, excellent condition, 6,000 miles, 1 year of warranty left. LIke you, I've never owned a Porsche either, but my nephew has had six of them and swears by them. This is from a private party and he's asking $29,500. After looking at some of the other posts, it looks like it may be a fair deal, but perhaps I should look at the Honda S2000. I'm really confused, can anyone clue me in? Thanks.
  • Hi,

    I have a question regarding leasing. I am looking to purchase a 05 Boxster due to the fact that the dealers in my area are offering $5,000 off msrp. I am planning to negotiate even more, perhaps $6-7000 off and would like to know how much my month leasing payment would be. The msrp of the car including destination charge is about $49,500, so with the discount, let's say $6000 off would be $43,500. I am planning to put no down, do a 3yr and 12k miles/yr lease, and my sales tax is 8.25%. If you can help me come up with some figure on how much it will cost me, that would be greatly appreciated. I have always pay cash for my cars and this is the first time I am considering leasing. Thanks!!
  • I am looking at buying a used Boxster S. How much better of a car is the 2005 Boxster S than the 2003-2004 models? Lightly used 2005s seem to be listed in the low $50's and some 2003-2004 models are in the low $40's. Is it worth the difference?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    IMO, yes, it's worth the difference.

    The extra power in the 2005 over the 2004 is noticable. As is the crisper handling and faster throttle response, assuming you get a car with the PASM and Sport Chrono options which I highly recommend. Looks are subjective, but I personally think the 2005+ Boxsters are much sharper looking both outside and in. The interior materials, dash design, etc. are now worthy of a premium roadster, which I didn't feel was the case in the previous model.

    If you were on a limited budget, I would suggest a new Honda S2000 at $31k over a 1-2 year old Boxster S. I went that route in late 2001 and didn't regret it. I had less than $400 in total routine service expenses over 2.5 years and 19k miles. I traded it last spring and got $22k in trade-in. But if you can comfortably afford the 2005+ Boxster I would go for it. If I were in the middle, I would take a 2005 base Boxster (240 hp) with PASM and Sport Chrono over a 2003-4 Boxster S without those options.
  • After a month I finally got my DVD with the maps on it for my GPS navigation system in my boxster. To say I am disapointed would be a severe understatement. I live near the second largest city in the state of arkansas. When I attempted to put in the address of the Main Post Office in that town I found out that although the address is on 74th street, the highest number street the map lists is 62nd street. most of the towns buisnesses are on streets higher in number than 62. The main post office, The biggest hospital in town, etc etc are all not listed on the map. I dont expect the maps to have the newest subdivisions in it, but the postal service and the hospital have been in their locations for 20 years. If they cannot update this town in 20 years how accurate can I depend on any of their maps to be if I want to take a trip
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "I live near the second largest city in the state of arkansas".

    What's "arkansas"? ;) Sorry, I had a friend move there from the DC area awhile back and that's the question he asked his law firm partners when they asked him to set up an office in Little Rock.

    In any event, it sounds like you might have a deffective DVD. I was in the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania this past weekend, and the nav system even showed the private roads inside a cemetary and adjacent country club. Are you saying that your nav system didn't list the 63+ numbered streets, didn't show them on the map dispay, or neither?

    I find the Porsche nav system to be lacking compared to our Acura systems in terms of ease of use, lack of touch screen or voice recognition capability, lack of a mouse to morve the curser around, etc. But so far, I haven't found the actual information on streets and POI's to be missing. You might want to check back with your dealer.
  • I'm in NE Ohio, and wondering what kind of deal I should expect to get on purchase of base 2005 Boxster with minimal options, and 5-speed manual transmission now that its both the end of the warm weather months and the model year? How much under MSRP would be good deal? 10%? More?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    If you can still find what you want, I think 10% to 12% off would be a good deal. When I was considering a Boxster S in August, Stoddard Porsche in Ohio offered $6,000 off on a 2005 with an MSRP of $60,500, or roughly 10%.

    You might want to use the Porsche website's dealer locator to check inventories within your region. Also, although you indicated you are looking for a base car, don't turn down one with the Sport Chrono package if you can get a good deal. It's one of my favorite options on my 911 and should make a base Boxster 5-speed even more fun to drive.
  • It did not show them on the map display or list them for setting up a destination. When I drive through the area it shows up a state highway but nothing around it. The map shows older sections of town but not anything in the area I am talking about. The street addresses it is missing is for Hospitals, Post offices etc that have been there for over 20 years. Google uses navteq maps and I can find all of the missing streets when I look on google. Google actually lists the small street in rural arkansas that I live on and the street name of that was changed about 6 years ago. I called porsche, they in turn told me to call my dealer. I called my dealer who told me to call navteq. I called navteq they informed me that if there was something wrong with my disk that the whole system would not work. The lady at navteq was at least a little helpful. She wrote an email to her tech depeartment to see what they had to say. I am waiting to hear back from her.

    It is good to know that if I go to pennsylvania looking for cemetarys and country clubs that I can use my navigation system. Since most of the places that I go are in arkansas, oklahoma and missouri I am not sure how valuable the maps will be.

    Navteq told me to submit a request for them to look into it and that I might see the missing areas in a future update. I will wait and see what happens.

    In response to the question "What is Arkansas" having lived near DC for several years I can answer what it is not. It is not waiting in a traffic jam for hours at a time. It is not a place with a high crime rate. It is not a place where the schools have metal detectors in the hallways. It is not a place where for $500,000.00 will only enable you to buy a small 2 bedrrom 1 bath fixer upper.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "It is not a place where for $500,000.00 will only enable you to buy a small 2 bedrrom 1 bath fixer upper".

    Where's that deal?? We are looking at tear-downs in our current and target neighborhoods that start at $750,000 for a 7,000-10,000 s.f. lot.! Fortunately, no metal detectors in our kids' school, no significant crime in our neighborhood and I don't have a daily rush hour commute, but your point is well taken. And a reason why we keep our second home in Pennsylvania.

    Sorry to hear the run-around you are getting with the nav system. If you want to give me a street name / location to look up in mine, at least we can verify if your disk is missing data.
  • Does anyone know anything about the porsche alarm?? I recently purchased a 2005 Boxster and it doesnt seem to have an alarm in the traditional sense (flashing lights, horn beeps, etc). The dealership said that Boxsters do not come equipped with such alarms and only come with the immobilizer. Is this true? And what about the flashing LED on the dash when the car is locked... only for deterrence purposes? :confuse:
  • My 2000 Boxter runs well but i notice that the TEMP. gauge goes a bit over the half mark where usally cars are, but under the 250 mark.... THis occurs driving normally.....anyone else have the same temp reading???? please help thank you
  • Thanks for the input.

    Another question--how about satellite radio installation in the Boxster? Has anyone done this? How--through the dealer, or third party installer? Where does the satellite antenna go? (A bit worried about how that would look.)
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I had XM Radio installed by a third party - individual recommended by my Porsche Dealer - in my 911. He used the "Commander" receiver that you can view on XM's website. It fit neatly in the slot at the bottom of the center console, which I think is there in the Boxster as well. The antenna is invisible, he ran it through the back of the console up to the inside of the headliner. There is nothing that mounts on the outside of the car. It also comes with a remote control, which my 7 year old has mastered from the back seat, so now I have to negotiate between my music and Radio Disney.

    Overall, the look is very good, as I was very hesitant to mess up the look of the 911 interior. I have taken a digital photo, and am awaiting an e-mail reponse from Edmunds as to how to post it.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    posted for habitat1
  • I am seeking to break out of the conservative sedan mode (currently a BMW 325xi - nice car, but not so exciting), and move into something more interesting (mid-life thing, I guess). I am considering the following: new 350Z, slightly used Boxster S or more used 911 cabrio. I live in the Philly area, and need to use the car as my every day driver. Any suggestions? Would any of these be better that the others in inclement (rain, light snow) weather? For a commute that is 30 miles of mixed highway/local roads? Any other cars that I should consider? Also thinking about a G35 coupe, but woud prefer to have a drop top. Any input (including if there is another forum that I should visit) would be welcomed. Thanks.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Personally, I'd stay away from the 350Z. I am assuming you are considering the roadster version. All 350 Z's are overweight, of average interior quality, and unexciting to drive in my book. I had a 2002 Honda S2000 that was far better built, more tossable and precise handling and overall more fun to drive than the 1/3+ ton heavier 350Z. I'd actually recommend a G35 coupe over the 350 Z, as a coupe, the G35 is quite respectable. As a sports car, the 350 Z isn't, IMO.

    Any of the cars you are considering - throw the S2000 in the mix as well - are not going to fare well in very cold rain, sleet or snow without snow tires and rims. I had no trouble driving the S2000 year round in DC on DRY roads, but one brief adventure on packed snow was all I needed to keep the car parked from then on.

    I am very fond of the new Boxster S. The interior and engine upgrades for the 2005 model year are excellent. It would definitely be a more civilized daily ride than the S2000 and it's a car that is easy to drive. However, if you were looking at a pre-2005 Boxster S, I'd be tempted to get a new S2000. The 2005 Boxster imporvements are that good. So much so, that I'd probably even go for a 2005 base Boxster (240hp) over a 2003/4 Boxster S (258 hp). As far as an older 911 Cab, I guess it depends how old to get to your budget.

    These are just my opinions and keep in mind that I've always had a backup car for the bad weather.
  • Thanks very much for your response. As far as a backup, I do have one (a 2003 Frontier) for when things get bad. I was pegging the $35k-40k, so that's why I mentioned those particular cars. I don't know whether I could find an '05 Boxster for that price. For any of these cars, I would consider a set of winter tires. Does that change your view regarding rain and light snow? Also, a friend of mine has an S2000 (first year it was available). Nice car, but I find it very cramped, and in order to have any fun at all, it seems you have to have really drive it on the edge (8-9k on the tach). Also, I found the ride to be extremely stiff and jarring. Not really what I had in mind for commuting.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    “Also, I found the ride [S2000] to be extremely stiff and jarring. Not really what I had in mind for commuting.”

    If that’s the case I think you will find the Boxsters “stiff and jarring” also. These are performance cars in terms of suspension and are nothing like the 325 you are coming from. But as far as room and storage the Boxster is the best among roadsters.

    Considering your criteria I would suggest thinking this over because any roadster could wear you out very quickly as a daily driver. And yes, winter tires are in order. Driving with the OEM performance tires on frozen roads and white stuff is a death wish, but I would hope you already know this.

    One more thing. The equanimity of the Boxster engines is much more suitable for daily driving than the S2000. However, the Boxster clutches have the bite of a Pit Bull compared with normal BMWs so this could wear on you also. And if you are thinking about the tiptronic, it also is not nearly as smooth as the BMW automatics.

    Good luck. I am sure you will love the Boxster. The question is, can you love it every day?

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    In 2004, the S2000 got a bump in displacement to 2.2 liters, so it has more torque at lower rpms and redlines at a more "tame" 8,200 rpm. So, although it may still be too edgy for your preferences, don't go strictly by the 2000 model. It didn't even have a glass rear window, which is an absolute must, IMO.

    Designman makes some good points, but I found the 2005 Boxster S was a dream to drive with the 6-speed. I had driven a 2001 911 Turbo several months ago and it was a workout. My 2005 911 S is much more "user friendly", but the Boxster S was even more so. So given that subjective opinions can vary quite a bit, I suggest you test drive everything you are considering - a couple of times, if possible.

    On the winter tires front - you may need to check out the availability for the various cars you are considering. The current S2000 uses 17" wheels with 215/50 and 245/45 series tires. Probably not too difficult to find winter tires that will fit. But the 2005 Boxster S comes with 18" wheels and 235/40 and 265/40 series tires. (My 911 S has 19" wheels and 235/35 and 295/30 series tires). I don't think there are many ultr low profile snow tires out there - and you may then need to budget for a winter set of wheels and tires, not just tires. The 2005 base Boxster comes sstandard with 205/55/17 and 235/50/17, so it's the easiest of the bunch to "winterize".

    Your $40k top end budget may be hard to meet with a new leftover 2005 base Boxster. Check the Porsche web site for each dealer's inventory in your area. Some dealers list the MSRP's - you can figure on getting a 10-12% discount at this point, given 2006's have arrived. Demo's or low mileage used ones should go for even less, and be at or below $40k, reasonably equiped.
  • Habitat1 and Designman, thanks again for your valuable comments. Just a few more questions, if you don't mind. I've heard that a set of golf clubs can fit in the trunk of a Boxster. Is that true? For 2003, '04 and '05? Also, is the cloth top fully lined? I'm trying to get a feel for the noise level at highway driving, and also how warm to expect the car to be in winter. I realize that these will all be compromises over my current 325 sedan, but nonetheless, as convertibles go, how's the Boxster fare in top-up comfort? As you can see, I am torn between wanting a flat out roadster and the compromises that I have to make as a daily commuter. If these cars tilt too far in the sports direction to make it as a daily driver, where should I be looking instead? I mentioned the G35 coupe in my earlier posting. Is that a good choice? What else could you suggest? Thanks again.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    My clubs in a medium size cart bag fit in the back trunk of the 2005 Boxster, although it was a little tighter than in the S2000 which has a deeper trunk. The rear trunk of the Boxster is shallow, but the additional front trunk is deep enough for a medium size suitcase or larger duffle bag. Given the two trunks of the Boxster, it has total capacity that's the best among roadsters.

    I didn't drive the Boxster S with the top up, but I think it's constructed similarly to the 911 Cab. Which means that noise is quite moderate - I went back and forth from our second home in PA two weekends ago (800 miles roundtrip) without any noise discomfort. Heat shouldn't be a probelm at all - even my S2000 got warm quickly in the winter, and it's headliner was much thinner than the Porsches.

    If I were buying a coupe, I'd have gone for a new M3. You ought to be able to pick up a 2003 or so used one for $40,000 or under. The G35 coupe is very nice, but not that much more exciting to drive than my 6-speed Acura TL. You may be burnt out on BMW's, but I still think the M3 is the best coupe out there.
  • Hello all,
    I am looking for a weekend convertible, in a Harley-Davidson kind of way, and almost settled for a 2006 S2000 at ~$33K.
    I know that the 2005 Boxster invoice is ~ $38K, and could be had for that, if a car could be found.
    Does Porsche really make a base model, or they are all loaded with option?
    Can I get a base 2006 for ~$42K?
    I do not want to spend more for a car to be driven around 2K miles a year.
    I am in Portland, Oregon, but wiling to buy from the Seattle area.
    Badge is not a concern at all. In fact we are moving from two Mercedes sedans to some Japanese sedans. Exception can be made for German sport cars, however. :)
    Thank you for your guidance.
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