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Porsche Boxster and Boxster S



  • Hello all --
    Any thoughts on a 1998 that according to Carfax was landed in California in 1997, moved to North Carolina for 2 years and now is sitting in Ohio. It has ~31000 miles and really most of what I want. I still need to get it through pre-inspection. My understanding 30000 mile mark is a dangerous one. 5 speed manual, hard top, Zenith Blue, black cloth/Blue hard top, grey interior. Its dealer inspected by a know Porsche dealer in Cleveland. They are asking $18000, but its been on the lot for a while.

    I'm thnking if I could get them to 16000 ish it may be a good buy. One of my concerns is that its been siting there as others have been sold. Maybe its waiting for me or possibly something I don't know.

    Thanks for any input.
  • Paying for an hour or so of labor to have your own pre-purchase inspection conducted would be my advice. I'd prefer to go to a reputable Porsche shop, not an authorized (new car) dealer. Before committing to the inspection, make sure they have a prepared list of items to inspect and comment on, in other words you don't want a from-the-hip inspection. The tech who inspected mine maede the comment that it was positive to see that the water pump seals hadn't leaked, which he said occurred often on that vintage Boxster (99 in my case).

    Good luck. It's a marvelous car.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'm not sure if you are buying this car because you really want to drive it daily, keep it as a weekend car, or just because you are interested in owning a "vintage" Porsche. However, for whatever it's worth, my thoughts are as follows:

    This is a 10 year old car that only has 31,000 miles. By comparison, my 911S Cab turns 2 years old next week, with 16,800 miles on the odometer. The risk is great that this Boxster has sat for long periods of time, and that is not good for seals, gaskets, engine oil, etc. etc. A car that has a good service history and evidence of being driven regularly, even with considerably more miles, would be preferred by me. My 1995 Nissan Maxima has cost me more in service over the past 2 years from sitting than in the previous 11 in which it ran up 155k miles with hardly a single repair.

    The price, $16,000 is more than half what you would pay for a brand new Honda S2000. When I tested the 2002 Honda S2000 against the 2002 Boxster, there was no comparison. Both have superb handling, but the Honda was exceptionally tight and vastly quicker. The 2002 Boxster S was a better comparion. The 1998 Boxster would be even further down the performance scale, having the weakest engine in the Boxster evolution. Clearly, you are not buying high performance here - which is fine, as long as you are aware of that. And as long as you are prepared to pay extra on the maintenance side. My 2002 S2000 cost me less than $400 in routine service (4 Mobil 1 oil changes and a 12k service) in the 2.5 years and 20k miles I had it, although it was ready for new tires.

    I love my 911 and appreciate all Porsches. But when it comes to a "fun" car, I am wary of buying a "vintage" car that could turn into a money pit and, more importantly, undermine my whole objective of having "fun". At the time I bought my S2000 six years ago, a friend who collects cars, tempted me with an older Acura NSX at about the same price. Had I bought it and driven it sparingly, it would still be worth as much or more than I would have paid for it. But that's just not me, at least not now.

    Good luck whatever you decide.
  • Thanks Habit --

    I am not a high mileage driver, so even my 1986 Audi is a weekend car. ;-) My wife's 96 Audi is the daily driver but it has less than 9000 miles between inspections. I am a big advocate of maintenance. These cars are serviced by a Porsche garage and go in about ever 2500-3000 miles.

    I understand that car and human bodies respond the same to regular exercise. So I want my new Weekend car to be a lot of fun. My fun will not come off the line but in the curves. Plenty of curves in Western PA.

    I am out looking and driving on the weekend for the right car. I will try out the S2000 to see how I like it. I love the feel of slapping the bottom mounted pedal to the floor and the 4000-5500 rpm power band on the Caymen and Boxster make me flat out giddy. The way these to feel through the turns are flat out effortless and exhilarating

    Thanks for your input!
  • gtx1gtx1 Posts: 1
    As a new owner of a 2007 Boxster I have been considering purchasing an extended warranty. Does anyone have any experience or advice?
  • I bought an '01 Boxster a couple years ago and have been very happy with it... Recently however I've been thinking about replacing it with a Boxster S. Mine has 59K miles on it, so I'm right at the time where I will need to do the 60K mile service, an oil change and would need new tires if I decide to hang onto it for another year or more. I think I would like the additional power and speed of the S, and figured I could probably find a deal on one that's a couple years newer with less miles on it. I got a great deal on mine two years ago so I should be able to come out ahead if I play my cards right considering the couple thousand I probably have in front of me with the upcoming service needs... I'm wondering if anyone out there has a good amount of experience with both models and can help convince me one way or another!

  • just bought a 97 boxster with 25000 miles.Driving the car from chicago to minnesota, i experienced an unexpected jerk,(an automatic tiptronic) and my gear when from 5 to 4, and a red light flashing on the 4th gear.I stop, turn the motor off and drove for the next 6 hours with no problem.the next day drive over to see a friend, it did thesame thing.Anyone has any ideas why is doing this.thanks
  • All I can do is to tell you my story. I had a 2000 Boxster (not my first Porsche)that I leased for 3 years. Lease expired in '03 and the bank and I could not get together on the price. I let the car go and sat out for almost 4 years. This past spring my local dealer got an '06 Boxster S in on consignment with about 6500 miles on it. I thought "this was it." Price being asked was about $47K, car had a $60K window sticker.

    My wife & I went to the dealer and drove the car. Had it out for over an hour. We were both disappointed;. Do not really know why. Might well have been us as we were 7 years older than we were when we leased the'00 Boxster.

    Dealer had an '04 911 cabriolet on the lot that had just arrived. We drove it and bingo, that was the car. Spent about $20k more than the Boxster but so far I have been very satisfied with the car. It still has about 17 monrths of factory warranty so I am protected against catastrophic disasters. Might well get rid of it just prior to the warranty expiring. Dealer prices of brakes at 1K per axle, $1400 for tires, $1700 for a clutch do concern me.

    But for me, at my age (north of 60), the 911 cab was the way to go.

  • Greetings,

    I'm currently looking to lease a new porsche boxster and have had several conversations with the dealer's internet sales manager. They don't have the color I want in stock, but he has located one in the color I want which he says he can order for me. He is now asking for a deposit to secure the vehicle for 48 hours, which means he would need a firm commitment with a signed buyers order and a deposit (which I calculated to be almost 5% of the sales price). I asked whether the deposit is refundable or not and his reply was that if the vehicle is damaged or something is wrong, then it would be refunded back to me. Is this a binding agreement and would I loose the deposit if I decide not to go through with the deal? In other words, we have yet to negotiate the price, etc, so I don't know if this is really going to be a good deal for me or not. All I know is that I like the configuration of the car. Also, what is the typical or reasonable deposit in a case like this one? Can someone give me some insight on all this?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Don't make a deposit, before negotiating the price of the car.. There is nothing wrong with them asking you to make a binding commitment, before acquiring the car from another dealer.. but, you should know what that commitment entails.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Does that mean that the commitment may very well require that I either purchase vehicle or consequently forfeit my deposit? Why ask for a deposit though, if when push comes to shove, they're the ones trying to get my business and not the opposite? I understand that they may incur some costs and so forth, to purchase the vehicle from another dealer, but they can always sell the vehicle to someone else if I don't end up buying it. Is there a standard amount or percentage range for these kinds of deposits or is that strictly to the discretion of the dealer? Thanks for your help!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Does that mean that the commitment may very well require that I either purchase vehicle or consequently forfeit my deposit?

    It seems that's what they are saying..

    Why ask for a deposit though, if when push comes to shove, they're the ones trying to get my business and not the opposite?

    They probably don't want to flat-bed a car in from another dealer, without a sure sale.. It's not like swapping cars with the Honda dealer across town.

    Is there a standard amount or percentage range for these kinds of deposits or is that strictly to the discretion of the dealer?

    If they were just trying to get you invested in buying a car, then $500 would be plenty.. It seems they don't want to go get this car from another dealer, without a certain sale... In that case, a couple of thousand seems reasonable..

    I might be wrong, but from your questions, it seems you aren't sure about this.. Maybe the dealer has picked up on that, as well.. and, is asking for the large deposit to ensure you are serious about buying the car. Test drive a car like the one you want, and make sure... If you aren't sure, you shouldn't ask them to acquire the car for you...

    And, as noted above... Make sure you know how much you are paying, before committing to anything.

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  • I am considering buying a 2000 2.7 litre Boxster with 52k miles. The car was professionally inspected and it was reported that there was clutch judder in first gear on pull off but otherwise the clutch did not slip. Also there appeared to be a noise from the exhaust like there was a loose baffle but went away on warm up. Should I be concerned?
  • The 2003 Boxer has 16,000 miles. It looks good. Looks like someone who works pretty hard bought it and never got to drive it for more mileage. I would like to ask those who know Porsches if this is a possible good deal. If I purchase a 2003 Boxer what kind of things should I need to know? Just a great overview would help me. They want about 29,000 dollars for it. Should I be suspicious? Or is all of the above sound about right? I'd treat her like that class of car should be treated. Any help or advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  • Upper range for 2003 Boxster pricing is $28,500-28,700 but I imagine the seller is considering the extremely low mileage. Is he throwing in any extras, or is the Box stock as a rock? For top dollar, you can get picky, but it will probably pass a pre-purchase inspection with flying colors. I envy you!
    For more info on buying, check out mike focke's web site and the articles archived at the Boxter babblers.
    I have a 2004 Box in my sites and Mike has helped me a lot. I also have a blog on this site outlining my adventures in the search for the perfect sportscar.
  • The November issue of Road & Track has a great article about purchasing used boxsters. I think the best advice given was to bring the car to a dealership or shop that specializes or is vary familiar with them... The top things they suggest looking for (and they talk in more detail about each of these) are:
    -Examine the engine for oil leaks and coolant leaks
    -Be aware that the mass airflow sensors fail frequently
    -Run through the gears noting whether shifts are smooth and quiet
    -Carefully note the condition and proper operation of the convertible top
    I would definately recommend the article, it's a great read...

  • Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful and if I am very grateful. Honestly, I know you can't trust gut instinct when it comes to buying cars... but I look at this car and I just think the owner bought it and then never had time to actually drive it. I will look into the website you mentioned. Many thanks! ZR
  • Thank you for your post. It was all very good information and I appreciate your replying to my original post. I will read the Road and Track article NOW. Thanks.
  • zainazaina Posts: 5
    I purchased a 2006 Boxster in November 2005, and have only driven it around 18,000 KM (11,200 Miles) in the past 2 years. I took my car in for it’s first service (every 2 years or 20,000 km) and they claim that I have to change my brake pads, brake discs and brake cylinders on all 4 wheels; which will cost around 2000 USD (including servicing the car). Isn’t that a bit excessive? My best friend has a carrera for 3 years and still hasn’t changed her breaks, and she has over 40,000 km on it. I don’t race my car or drive it everyday, why would they need to do all of that?

    And if this all depends on how I’ve been driving or maintaining my car, can someone give me some tips?
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Depending on how you drive, I could maybe see needing new pads - although it does seem unlikely given such little mileage. Of course, the dealer and manufacturer will always recommend new rotors whenever you replace the pads, so that's why they're telling you that.

    As for the cylinders - I've never had to replace them. They should last the life of the car (or at least 100K+ miles).

    Something does sound fishy about the diagnosis you received, but since I can't see your car, I can't say for sure. If I were in your shoes (no pun intended), I'd look at the brake pads myself and see how much pad material is left. If they look even a little low (say less than 1/4"), take your car to a reputable independent shop for a second opinion.
  • I have located a boxster with 30K in "mint condition" and maybe it is but would you porsche veterans advise either buying an extended warranty for 3k or saving that money for my repair/maintenance fund?
  • zainazaina Posts: 5
    if it's a 98 boxster, i would just purchase it and save my money for repairs. I hate warranties, they never cover what you need anyway! where i live, the warranty only costs 1200 dollars, and i still refused to get it!
  • zainazaina Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 Boxster, with barely 18,000 km on it, and I've taken it in for the 2 year service, and they've claimed I need to change my breaks, and the break discs because they are fractured. I am a very careful driver, I've never raced or driven my car in any environment other than your regular town streets... should I have reason to beleive my breaks were defected to begin with?
  • marygimarygi Posts: 7
    I'm a Box owner also, and plan to do some of the maintenance. As a general rule I believe Porsche recommends new rotors with every 3 brake pad replacements; as you know the rotors can't be turned. It's a good idea to have the mechanic show you the damaged/replaced parts. He might have an idea as to why this happened. For competent answers, visit, a place for more technical aspects of P-care care and maintenance. Good luck.
  • I want to replace the CD storage unit on the dash with a cubby or pocket. Any ideas? Thanks
  • I have an '04 and I simply replaced the CD holder with another storage shelf that I purchased from the dealer. Here is a link. Code=shelf986&Category_Code=POTEBXIN
  • Thanks! That's it exactly. Much appreciated!
  • My 07 Boxster only has 20k on it - I haven't driven it now for 3 weeks and the battery is dead - called Porsche Roadside and they said they'd have to send it to the deal on a flatbed truck! Gee, didn't think the battery would die THAT fast. I'm going to try to old jumpstart - will be very disappointed if I have to spend $400 on a new battery - I love this car but sometimes feel like it's a money pit.
  • zainazaina Posts: 5
    jump start, drive it around for about 45 minutes without teh lights or stereo on.
    take a break do it again
    if you have a car battery charger, that should do the trick..
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