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  • for those interested in the audio adapter...

    the part alone is $39.99...part + labor is $150...they drill a hole in your glove compartment and connect the audio adapter there...
  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    Can anyone who has received delivery of their X3 3.0 (non-heated steering wheel) tell me if it has a 3-spoke or 4-spoke steering wheel? All the brochures and web say it should be a 3-spoke, the dealer insists it will be a 4-spoke.
  • doctdoct Posts: 20
    my understanding is that it is a four spoke, three spoke for sport package, four spoke for heated only, no heated three spoke
  • I have the 3.0 and it is 4 spoke
  • I've been tracking my new X3 through the Owners Circle. Today it changed the status from en route to at the Vehicle Prep Center.

    Does anybody know where this is (I live in the Chicago area)?

    How long can I expect from the date the status changes to at Vehicle Prep center to getting delivery?
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    I just received my X3 Saturday, after ordering it in late November and thought I could provide a few comments to the questions I've seen on this board over the past month.

    This is my 5th BMW since 95, my trade was the 95 M3, and our other car is an 01 M5.

    Owner's Circle reports that the car has just today reached South Carolina, so I think the dealer's info is a little more up-to-date.

    The car came with a 6 speed, tinted glass, luxury and sport packages, terra cotta leather, mystic blue exterior, HIDs, Nav, stereo upgrade, rear bags, almost everything. I had been looking at the more luxurious X5 V8, but my better half preferred the smaller car. In this comparison, the deference in MSRP was actually over 14K with similar equipment. I know this is a strange comparison, but I personally would have had to go with the new X5 V8 drivetrain.

    Note that BMW NA won't let you order this combo, but it came exactly as ordered through the dealer. The dealer was great to work with, though my discount was not what I've seen quoted on this board - they did throw in black mats, BMW sun screen, and a 6 disk changer. I've seen several comments about the carpet - mine is black, not gray. In fact, the interior holds up well to the standards set by late model 3 Series sedans, and I've put a lot of miles on them over the past year. Fit and finish exceeded my expectation after seeing some of the comments here and noting some rough spots on the test vehicle back in November.

    So far this is the cleanest of my BMW purchases from a quality and dealer performance standpoint; I really haven't found a problem. We personally prefer the manual tranny, for the fun and the added performance. For us the 3.0 is necessary, probably because of the M cars we've been driving. We have the all season 18 inch tires, not the speed rated wheel/tire upgrade. The suspension setting is about right for us. The car is so far very tight.

    It does have front and rear PDC.

    The Nav outperforms the old BMW CD units.
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    The sport package 3.0 steering wheel is a 3-spoke.
  • jjmanjjman Posts: 77
    m5x3 are you goin to order the alarm? Do you think the dealer would include the alarm in the price? And you didn't say the price you paid for everything.
  • Nice to hear someone is happy with their choice and not getting harrassed by some BMW hater. I also got the Terracotta interior with Jet Black
    exterior and some guy harrassed me about my gray carpet. I now assume mine will have black carpet since yours does. I also got a pretty loaded one with premium, sport, Y spoke wheels, Xenon, heated seats, premium stereo. I have a 2003 M3 and a 2002 M3 both with 6 speeds so I actually wanted an automatic. I'm trading in my 2001 X5 3.0 and also almost went for the X5 4.4 and probably would have if I didn't have 2 M3's. My X3 is en route so I expect it in the next 10 days and will give an update of the sport package with the Y spoke wheels. Everyone says the ride is firm but no one has actually driven one. I'm used to a firm ride with the M3's. I'm
    a little suprised by the comparison of X3's to FX's because personally someone who has a BMW probably wouldn't consider An FX but maybe a VW Tourag, Porsche, Volvo or Bens., Audi or other European brand. I doubt if many people buy German auto's and also Japanese, I would think typically if someone buys Japanese brands they stick with them and the same for European.
  • lcm2lcm2 Posts: 1
    M5X3 or anyone else...where can I find pictures of the terra cotta interior? I ordered an X3 3.0 with black sapphire paint and terra cotta interior but I do not know what the interior looks like. Can you direct me to some web pics? I ordered through overseas military sales and they have limited resources but they do offer $2k off and you can special order the options. I live in Asia, so I do not have access to a dealer. I will be picking up the X3 late Spring in the States.
  • mjmx3mjmx3 Posts: 17
    M5X3 and Scotth6: I have an X3 3.0 on awaiting transport with the Sport Package. I am anxious to hear about the ride quality after so much bashing by the automotive press. Please let us know what the final production version rides like with this option.
    Congratulations on your purchase!!!

  • If you go to the BMW USA website and build a vehicle on line it will give you a picture of the interior. Your dash, console and doors will be black. I got the dark wood interior so I don't know what trim you got. The picture really doesn't show the carpet very well so that is why there is confusion as to the color. My dealer says gray but m5x3 says his is black so I say black, my dealer is wrong most of time anyway.
    I wanted to get the Sirius radio option but my salesman says it a rip off and I would be better to go to Best Buy and get XM radio installed.
  • "I'm a little surprised by the comparison of X3's to FX's because personally someone who has a BMW probably wouldn't consider An FX"

    I can understand where you are coming from. However, I think you should go down to the Infiniti dealer and take a test drive. I didn't even know about the FX until last summer when I went to run an errand with a friend in his FX. I couldn't believe how awesome it was. When you read the reviews on various sites, 9 out of 10 rave about this "bionic cheetah." They accolades are very BMW-like.

    Some people do buy both German and Japan cars as we have the 99 528i and 97 Pathfinder LE. I keep wanting to get rid of the Path but that damn thing doesn't cost a cent repair-wise, and with the leather interior is a pretty nice ride. It's hard to part with something like that!
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    jjman - I don't plan to get the alarm, and haven't talked to the dealer. The remote and key security meet my needs unless I come up with some new issue.

    Sorry, I don't have the price stuff with me, but I did pay pretty close to MSRP. As I said, the dealer threw in some nice extras (mats, 6-disk changer, BMW sunshade...). I might have worn them down for a few hundred dollars, but this was their first X3 order, they were fair on the trade, it's the 4th car I've bought from them, and I happen to be one of the few people that thinks he gets value for his money from the dealer. These guys have really worked with me in the past. A few hundred dollars would not be worth my time nor the loss of goodwill with these guys.
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    Scotth6, I think you have an accurate description of the terra cotta combo. Some might describe the black dash as charcoal, but mine sure looks black to me. And even my wife likes the way it looks.

    Again on the sport package ride, I'm glad I got it. I like it better than the softer setup. But then I traded the E36 M3 and my other car is my second E39 M5. It drives a little more like a truck than the M5, but I expected that. And the real advantage of X3 is its handling compared to other, mostly heavier SUVs. I happen to think the FX is a good choice and got very close to buying one. The decision changed last fall when I finally got my wife, who will drive the X3 as much as I do, to go shopping with me. She liked the FX and MDX, neither of us liked the Toureg, Porsche, Volvo or Mercedes, but when she compared them to the X5, BMW was her first choice. By the time they came out with the new V8 drivetrain, and I got her to drive it with me, our salesman actually introduced the X3 to the equation (this was in November), and that's what the boss decided we wanted and I liked the idea of saving the money. One thing to note, the X3 appears to have a little more EPA cargo space than either the FX or X5. And its performance is pretty close with the 6 speed and sport package.
  • Is your carpet gray, charcoal gray or black. I believe my M3 carpet was described as another color other than black but sure looks black to me.
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    The carpet sure looks black to me. I don't know how to get the part number without bugging the dealer. The salesman said he chose black because he thought it looked better.
  • Well, this will be my first BMW and I was wondering if the average driver (currently driving RX300) is going to notice the difference in engines. Is the 2.5 really sluggish or does it provide zip that the 3.0 offers? Also would like any feedback on prices paid- anyone get a discount? Thanks
  • I think the general consensus is that the 3.0 is "decent" and there is a bit of concern regarding the "zip" of the 2.5. The 2.5 automatic does 0-60 in 9.3 sec, that is not really "zippy", the standard is a bit quicker. Of course, nobody has reported yet on a test drive of the 2.5 so maybe we will be pleasantly surprised.

    If zip is a concern, better go with the 3.0.

    Regarding discounts, most posts indicate MSRP or very close with discounts of maybe 1000-1500 at best.

    Good luck!
  • my scheduled date for prodn was 02/08 but the status has not changed in OC as of today (2/11).

    Do any of you have any idea what is frequency of update? I am just curious.
  • The update in owner's circle is anywhere from a day to a few days late. Also, your next phase is awaiting transport. That time is actually from factory to port/ship. enroute is from ship to prep center.
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    after almost 3 weeks of awaiting transport, my status just changed to en route to vehicle prep center. guess i have to wait 3 or more weeks before i can drive my x3.
  • thanks mark_lp and ulep.
    This process seems very slow.
  • m5x3m5x3 Posts: 23
    I found the Owner's Circle updates to be of marginal use. Several times my dealer had info that showed the car much further down the path than the OC showed. In fact, I had to rush final money and trade details because the car arrived last weekend while the OC was still reporting it en route to South Carolina. After taking delivery from the dealer last Saturday, I continued to log on for kicks - the status yesterday (Wednesday) was that it was at my dealer in final preparation for my arrival.
  • I've searched through the posts and cannot find anyone who has driven the 2.5i. Is there anyone out there who has? I am about to order, but would like to keep the price down, so am leaning toward the 2.5 in order to get other options that would otherwise be out of grasp. Any opinions on leatherette compared to leather?
  • My 2 cents...

    Leather vs Leatherrete
    I have seen cars with leather and leatherrete but was unable to distinguish between them until I checked the sticker or asked the owner.

    The sales person also said he gets confused between them most of the time.

    However, I should warn you that I have never had a car with leather. I believe leather will have more wrinkles(in a good way) when compared to leatherette.

    2.5 vs 3.0
    I believe the dealers in NJ already have 2.5 so you should be able to test drive one of those. I think the base price diff between 2.5 and 3.0 is 6K but most of the options that are part of the prem. package in 2.5 are standard in 3.0 (except moon roof). So, If you are going to order 2.5 with prem. package you should consider 3.0 more seriously. Also, gas mileage is slightly better for 2.5.

    Good Luck.
  • mamgtmamgt Posts: 67
    Here's another 2 cents...

    I've had several cars with leather. I have to say, the Leatherette for the X3 looks very good and the dealer even says it will outlast the leather. I did consider it at first but then decided on the leather for the following reasons. First, when you get into a car that has leather, it has that distinct leather smell, especially when the weather is warmer. Second, I like how leather starts to look after it's been worn a bit. It acually gets softer with age (assuming you take care of it). Third, it's a bit smoother, i.e. when sliding into the seat, the leatherette seems to stick a bit more. These are perhaps all small points that may not mean much to someone else. Good luck.
  • ulepulep Posts: 63
    hate to ask dumb questions but i never had a car with leather seats. how do you take care of it? i have recaro seats so the only cleaning i do is vacuum.
  • By the time you add the options to the 2.5 that come with the 3.0, the price to step to the 3.0 is $4000. For that difference, I stepped to the 3.0.
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